Another Chemo Attack, Another Call To Arms

This is one fake news that Trump falls for,

and acts on it actually.

Now why would Assad attack his people

when he has already won Syria.

Ask Iran. Russia and Turkey

who all have agreed to rebuild Syria.

Now who would stand to be a loser if Syria rebuilds?


I will bet my pair

that it was ISRAEL all along.

The Islamic world would be kept busy

as always,

when the US and the coalition comes in

to create trouble.

The Middle East conflicts just about create diversions for Israel`s

continued swallowing of Palestine.

Israel has already created settlements

far beyond its walls.

Now what would happen if Syria decides

to arm the Palestinians.

The Western coalition, specifically the US,

should hold its butts on this purported chemo attack.

Peace is about to descend on the Middle East.

The West is about to break it again,

this time without the NATO cooperation.

NATO members are starting to realize

that they are being had.

Furthermore, they are not about to join any coalition

force against anybody,

now that they are using their own money

to spend for the effort.

Mossad knows that there are still no terrorists

coming from Palestine.

But as things go on,

Mossad should not hold its breath.


Palestine has about lost its faith

on the UN.

It will not be Brennan’s War now.

it will be Bolton’s War.

Same thing—-

$5 Billion.


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