The Secret Weapon—

this will be your secret weapon—

the referendum.

When California and other states in America

defy the Federal laws and Presidential Decrees,

a referendum could be made

in lieu of a census,

to ask the people of a region

what their choice is regarding a specific controversy.

The result of this referendum is binding over all.

it will overrule the decisions of the state,

Federal government, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

In fact the result of a referendum

will even overrule the Constitution,

if the referendum was nation-wide.

A referendum will require all the residents

of a region who are of voting age,

(16 and over),

and who may have resided in the region

for a specific period of time.

This would include all citizens, immigrants,

and illegal immigrants.

If the American people actually call you

“one of us”,

then you have nothing to worry about

if you ask for a referendum to be made

by Congress.

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