Permit To Carry

Permit To Carry

is another restriction to Gun Ownership

which both sides of gun Control may agree on.

Licenses to buy, own and register a gun

are already in place.

But this Permit To Carry may save lives.

it works this way:

If a person is seen carrying a gun,

either on his personage

or in his car,

he may be arrested if he cannot present

a permit to carry license

which authorizes him to bring the gun

out of the house.

The one responsible for the gun

is the registered owner

and he may be the one to be charged.

People may be allowed to own guns

but this will be for their home defense only.

Bringing the gun out of the house

will require him to have a permit to carry.

He will also have to explain the reasons

why he needs a permit to carry.

Like carrying money, living in unruly neighborhood,

bodyguarding, etc.

Hunters will definitely be required

a permit to carry license.

Good, eh?

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