Outflanking The Donald

Donald Trump applies his well-earned business ploy

on the NAFTA negotiations going on between

the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Business-wise he may be but not

international treaties-wise.

For one thing,

he does not realize that Canada and Mexico

will not be under the strings of the US.


Outflanking the Donald

There is no foreign aid money that he can hold back

from these countries.

These countries are not dependent on US oil.

There are no effective human rights innuendos

that can be thrown at them.

And furthermore,

these two countries are not exactly dependent on NAFTA.

If in case, it is the US that is dependent on NAFTA.

Donald has to realize that there are States that need

imported materials and expertise for reconstruction.

Even his plans to increase his nuclear capability

will depend on how much uranium he can import from Canada.

And, as I promised, his plans to outwit Canada and Mexico

as regards NAFTA will not end up

in making America great.

He should watch it

when the initial arctic trade startup

is pencilled on the drawing board.


presidents and prime ministers are not construction laborers!

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