Roller Coaster Democracy

Democracy practiced by the Americans

began its roller coaster event in search of what

its structure should really be.

Mueller’s firing of Peter Strzok initiated this,

after knowing that Congress is about to file

a Contempt of Court against the FBI

for failure to

submit records pertinent to

its investigations.

This would start the coaster rolling

and it will be more fun to watch

than the mainstream media’s antics.

These files, when submitted,

would contain a treasure trove of names

(including Mueller’s)

that may include the stink

precluded by J. Edgar Hoover.

This should remind us of why I keep saying

“Shades of J. Edgar Hoover.”

It follows.

And therefore I may now ask:

Is the FBI,

and the imposing building that houses it,

worth the budget that it enjoys?

Remember that the FBI will fight back,

by informing just about everybody in Washington

about the dossiers that it collected

against each and everyone of them!

How many in the FBI knew

that there will be a September 11 attack?


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