Nafta To Be Rammed

Comes now the new US Ambassador to Canada

coming through with a chip on her shoulder

and clearly condescends to every Canadian she talks to.

Her attitude gives Canadians the impression that she has come

to ram the Nafta through

and down Canada’s throat.

And Canadians, very polite as they are bred,

and who will even apologize for something they had

nothing to be blamed for,

just kept serenely quiet.

Somebody should tell her that Canada would rather

cancel Nafta than suffer the indignities

and the losses in trade.

Trump, as I said before, has his back on a corner.

His country needs much in construction materials,

particularly lumber and cement,

and builders to recover from the last natural damages.

He  should also be relying on the Norad in Canada

to fire defensive missiles should North Korea

launch ICBMs.

And for his auto industry?

Who buys American cars nowadays?

Texas oil?

It is now pumping water instead!

Without Nafta, both sides will have to pay more

in import taxes.

And which side do you think imports more goods?

OOOPS, sorry.

I apologize for my outburst!

They can ram Nafta down our throats.

But we do have the habit of ramming

it back up the other side!


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