The Nafta Trap

Any changes to the Nafta will only benefit the Americans.

In fact, the ensuing negotiations with the United States

seek to entrap Mexico and Canada into what I will coin

as the circle of American Sanctions.

And while the United States is retreating into a cocoon of protectionism,

as I said before,

it will need something of a steady supply of nutrition

for this country to re-energize before it

bursts out as THE prominent power

in economics and military might.

After which I can now call this country¬† of the good ol’ USA

as the United Sanctions of America.

This is a warning for Canada and Mexico.

These unsuspecting countries are heading into a trap.

Little do they know that recent events have created a corner

with which Trump is knowingly painting himself into

if he does not get the upper hand against all the countries

that have signed agreements with the United States.

My next post will explain the reason for the warning.

After I have tested extensively my new lottery programs.


Before I forget I must say

that against all the crises and natural calamities

that have befallen the United States,

this guy Donald Trump,

unquestionably and legitimately elected

President of the United States,

has performed compassionately and beautifully

the duties of that respectful office.

So there!

I must again say

that I have a red line

and this has been reached.

“Belay that stand down!

Stand by to fire first salvo!”

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