American Quandary

From the quagmire that was Ukraine

the Americans now moved to a quandary

that is North Korea.

I could even tell them in a  “I-told-ya-so” manner

that they are aggravating the situation.

Too late for diplomatic intrusions now.

Not when the diplomacy is initiated by Americans,

or anything associated with Americans.

When the North Koreans rattled their sabers,

the Americans unstacked their rifles.

Bad move,

I told you so.

It is a mistake to declare the situation

as an international problem

and which can be solved by the UN.

Well surprise, surprise—

I say again this is a problem between North Korea and the US.

The world has nothing to do with it.

It had been the customary solution for the Americans

to enter the territory of a sovereign country

without asking for UN sanctions.

Why don’t the Americans land troops to North Korea now?


But I do admit there are still some other diplomatic moves

 that could succeed.

But these should not include any American

nor any UN efforts.

And get this—-

Kim Jong Un may actually be thinking

that he is doing the world a good turn!


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