Gold and the US Public Debt

The US is up to here in public debt.

That is not a problem

not if they can help it.

 And they can by the usual method.

The destruction brought about by Harvey

has made this problem more acute.

The US can, however, print more money

as a remedy.

Doing so, however, devalues the American currency’

This is probably good also because the Us dollars

that China holds also devalues.

This is no good if only to consider

that the international currencies revalues

relative to the US dollar.

Another method to fix the public debt problem

is to raise the value of gold.

This would also increase the total value of the

 Federal Gold Reserve

thus they can print more money comfortably.

But this would now start a run to buy gold

today when the price is still low.

Harvey did cause a lot more problems

than we realize.

BTW, Texas contractors will now hanker for much

building materials, one of which

is lumber.

And softwood lumber is the best choice.

So now, whiter thou goest, NAFTA?


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