Republican Health Care Implodes

And finally, they realize that not every Senator will approve

of the GOP Health Care Bill.

They should have known by now

that the Obamacare was actually

a mangled copy of Stephen Harper’s

Canadian Health Care.

Most of its features are what I described here in so many posts.

Supplementary adjustments to it was brought about

by profit-motivated lobbyists.

They mangled the system into oblivion.

Allay your fears, though, for the situation can still be salvaged.

Simply deputize the State Governors to remedy the situation

and handle it their own way.

Expect to have multiple methods of providing health care

to their constituents,

but then again the easiest, cheapest, most convenient method

will be adapted.

And thereafter you may have the survey of the best system.

Sort of like a cow choosing the easiest way up a hill.

Treat the State Governors’ systems as your pilot health care.

 you will have two years to study and

adapt that system which everybody

will vote for.

Also, the public will be satisfied instantly that

you kept your promise.


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