The Ultimate Solution

The Ultimate Solution to the Syrian conflict,

according to America,

is the partitioning of the country.

And again, the U.S. puts out that they have the last say

on the problems of the world.

The last say, you say, well not in my book.

My book says partitioning Korea worsened the problem.

North Korea has become more belligerent,

not counting the sufferings of the North Koreans today.

The U.S. wants to partition any and all

conflicts in this world that they don’t win.

Well, it was too late for Vietnam to partition.

The Americans just plain gave up and left.

Now the Vietnamese are doing good as a unified country.

A partitioned Syria would present more problems

because there are more groups to demand their portion.

This would leave Syria in more divisions than two.

Ultimately, this solution would present more headaches

to the U.S. than the present one.

To wit, which of the “rebel” groups

will they arm and patronize?

Who would own the oil fields?

Which would be Sunni and which would be Shia?

Who pays for the restoration and national defense?

Again, the Americans will be leaving

another part of the world in shambles.

Maybe they prefer the world better this way—in shambles!

(would the Americans dare to mention “partition” to the Ukrainians?)

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