BC Premier Fires First Salvo

True to the embellishments attuned to her feminine nature,

B.C. Premier Christy Clark fires the first shot

against neighbor province, Alberta.

She unleashed a tirade of Alberta’s decisions

that caused the excessive dip in Alberta’s economy.

These censures were not necessarily gossip.

These are actually presented in a speech

towards her meaningful countrymen.

Off hand I can tell her,

with the same respect  she gave the people of Alberta,

to go where it is befitting for her to go.

Alberta’s economy and whatever it implies

is none of her business.

If she believes that it is Alberta’s fault that B.C.

is flooded with homeless people from Alberta,

she is a liar!

Perhaps she should know that year by year

there stand in the middle of the roads in Edmonton

people sporting placards that say they need help

in raising money to go back to Vancouver.

Perhaps also she should know that Vancouver

is the preferred place for homeless people from all of Canada

because of the warm weather

and the low standard of living imposed by

a huge population of Orientals.

And she has debased Alberta’s economy in the midst

of B.C. ads that point out the amazing progress of

her province in employment and economy.

And now she says she can’t take care of homeless people,

If I might add, Alberta still has some  excessive use for the oil

that it produces.

On the other hand, B.C. will be unable to use its

forests and trees which were decimated by forest fires.

Alberta does not really hanker much for

black cherries and red apples grown by B.C.

B.C. must still use the oil produced by Alberta.

Last time I was there in Vancouver,

the price of gasoline was 30 cents a liter

more than the price of gas in Edmonton.

Premier Christy Clark should know that

she should try another way to blackmail

Alberta into giving her a bigger cut from

the pipeline going through B.C.

Either that or we put the PC’s back!.


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