Big Bang and the Lamp Post

Where did the universe come from?

Nobody can yet answer that.

Perhaps Eisnetin could but he’s dead.

And if he did, he would have done it in simple words.

Let us see if we can explain things in simple words,

perhaps by using a lamp post.

Let us start with the Theory of Relativity,

ENERGY = mass times the square of the speed of light.

Simply, it means that when the speed of matter

comes closer to the speed of light

it becomes thinner and thinner until it

converts to pure energy when it reaches the speed of light.

And conversely, energy will convert to mass

if it reduces its speed to less than the speed of light.

Photons of light therefore turns to mass

when it slows down.

Now comes the lamp post.

If a pickup truck slams into a lamp post

the post may break, but not until it stops the truck.

The velocity of the truck (and the post) is now zero

and the resulting momentum (mass times velocity)  is zero.

But the mass of the truck is still there.

Its momentum is zero because the velocity is zero.

Now, if the speed of light is zero (no light), could there have been

mass present before the Big Bang?

If so, could there have been energy present before the Big Bang?

Now let us say that the truck’s engine have been restarted,

then the force to move it now exists.

 The momentum is still zero because it has yet to move.

The minute the truck moves is the minute its life

is restarted and the momentum now exists.

By analogy, there might have been mass present before the Big Bang,

Either that or Energy, or both.

In all this dormant and quiet situation, something stirred.

Something uncertain, or roguish or a rebel stirred.

 Pretty soon every other thing wants to get into the act

and started a breakout.

And so blows the Big Bang.

And starts time for the universe as we know it.

You may say that this is one crazy idea that I posted here.

It would have been crazier had I said that the Dark Matter,

or that matter that we know is there but is invisible,

is really a super massive mass of a Black Hole

that has been stopped by a lamp post!

(I can imagine my grinning Physics 101 teacher thinking he was right in suggesting to me to drop his subject and take up comedy instead.)

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