The Apple-FBI Row

FBI tells Apple to unlock the terrorists’ cell phone.

Now why would Apple do this

when the publicity is going to make them more money than can be imagined

from the terrorists, of course.

Consequently, a lawsuit is now in the offing

to unlock the phone so that

the FBI can find out what may help

Homeland Security.

And once again points thrown in this argument do not meet.

For one thing, cell phones can be unlocked just by

opening it up to bypass the circuitry for


This is a simple procedure and this is done

to resell stolen cell phones.

But it should not go this way,

this Apple-FBI spat.

All they have to consider is that unlocking cell phones

will be done by Apple only by individual cases.

On pain of legal castration,

Apple will have to unlock the cell phones

which the FBI  have determined to be

owned by PROVEN and CAPTURED,

or SLAIN terrorists.

Apple will not be required to unlock the cell phones

of people who are merely under suspicion of terrorism.

Apple and FBI should talk to each other

eye to eye

and not thru cell phones.


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