Journalism is a profession

and as such those who work as journalists

should suffer for themselves

education and training

as required by the vocation.


I am not a journalist

never aspired to be one

never rated myself as a journalist.

They are, I know, get paid

to work as one.

My work as a blogger,

however, may not be as good as a journalist

but maybe even better.

For one thing, I write what I want to write,

from what I believe should be written.

My written works are free

read it or leave it.

My website accepts no comments

but tell me what topic you want an argument with

and I will indulge you.

This website has been on since June, 2009.

It has  yet to receive a contradiction or an argument

about what has been written.

I give myself heavy pats on the back for this

knowing that I am only a blogger

and not a journalist.

I have never received training nor education as a journalist.

And nobody taught me how to write in English.

I am a blogger.

And I like it better that way!


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