Einstein’s Gravitational Wave Theory Proven?

gravitational waves

The LIGO under the funding of NSF has claimed

that they have proof of this theory

and have published a paper on it!

Now wait a minute!

Wait a effing minute!

The explanation was not convincing

and the experiment as described have all the signs of being faulty.

Give me a couple, or three hours,

to post my views on this….

Don’t get me wrong, though.

Einstein had an uncanny way of being on the right track.

And even if It were not proven, I would believe that he was right.

What I am at odds against is the lackluster way of

explaining how the scientists got the proof.

The device that was used for this experiment is called an interferometer.


This is not a collider, rather it splits a laser beam into two,

 sends one beam towards a mirror and the other to a separate mirror.

Both are bounced back and rejoined at one spot

where their travel time is measured.

Now it so happened that the time travel is different.


So they conclude that a factor shortens the time traveled from one way

and lengthens it the other way.

In other words, they say that there is a shrinkage in one way

and there is a lenghtening on another way.

This is produced by waves of gravity resulting

from the merging of two black holes into one.

This is true. No doubt about it.

But the LIGO people’s explanation has not been very convincing.

In tne first place, the laser beam that was split must each be proven to be

identical at the point of splitting

A lot of properties have to be considered in verifying this.

Also, how can they be sure earth’s gravity,

or even the rotation of the earth,

or tidal waves, or the moon’s gravity has no effect on the experiment.

In the second place,

the graphics have been presented in 2-dimensional pictures.

The heavens are three-dimensional.

The representation might just as well be

an avocado cut in half with the seed still on its seat.

kip thorne

Gravitational Wave.mp4

If the scientists can explain their experiment in simple words,

then no doubt, they are believable.

As Einstein said, “The theory is so simple

that even a child can understand it”

As for me, I would have reran the beam that was rejoined

through another separate splitter and re-collected the beam

twice, or many more times, for accuracy.

Recycling the experiment on the same beam would have a cumulative result

and the final difference in time would have been greater

but more conclusive.

That is, if the interferometer setup is correct.



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