CNN Reports Army of Refugees

CNN deliberately reports that Putin has massed 20,000 troops in the Ukraine-Russia border.

These 20,000 troops, mistaken from Ukrainian refugees, are ready

to invade Ukraine, giving NATO enough reason to enter Ukraine, eyh?

CNN also predicts there will be a regime change in Russia and that Putin will fall.

But before Putin falls, he will impose sanctions against the US-EU, banning

agricultural products like meat, fruit, pop, video games and the Ebola virus.

The Russian rebels, of course need help in proclaiming Donetsk and Lugansk as Russian states,

so Putin will have to lead the Russian horse cavalry  formed in WWI,

and lead the charge to Kiev wearing his hunter uniform.

But for the meantime he has to wait for the rebel militia

to bring down more Kiev military jets in East Ukraine

in what they call as turkey shoot,

by “turkey” referring

to the pilots and not the planes.

As usual, the Secretary of Defense, Hagel,  has been given a

lousy intelligence report in calling the Ukrainian refugees

as an invading Russian force.

Either that or the Secretary of Defense of the United States

has been the butt of a joke!

(Of course you will not believe this post.

It is ridiculous!

As ridiculous as what you have been made to believe


(you really want to know what caused the Korean War? The Vietnam War? The Iraqi War?The Libyan War? The Syrian War?)

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