Women over 40

Studies show that women over 40 have reduced chances of having children, and even if they did have so, chances are the childrem may be less than normal.

NOW, we should not believe this. The statement is not true!

The moral of this is that statements that begin with “studies show that….” and then fails to mention the group that did the study, the number of people subjected to the study, ¬†and the organization that commissioned the study are misleading. It could go without saying that the people who make statements as sweeping as this and do not offer proof afterwards are not telling the truth. They are only pulling your lovely legs.

Take a gander at this one—a statement that says there are bugs unaffected by antibiotics and these bugs are actually in our drinking water. The proof should be in this video clip:

Superbugs that you drink.wmv


Studies should have conclusions based on facts!


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