A word, just a term, but this one marks the evolution of the civil strife enjoining the black people of America.

This term is now taboo and which, if used against a person in America, it should spell incarceration.

Only in America can this happen, because only in America is the judicial decision mainly based on the words of a witness.

On second thought, this sort of thing happens also in the People’s Court, and the Inquisition.

Mr. Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA Clippers basketball team is banned for life from the NBA.

This will cause repercussions and the whole country that is America may be surprised as to how this event ends.

Of course, the whole country that is America is huffing mad against Donald Sterling.

One of these days this country will be color blind. It will not be able to call black as black!

(was what he said about blacks true?)


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