The Tahitian

Finally, the highly capable Wowowee improvisation staff thought up of something different—the tahitian dance. And while a lot of the dancers can do this dance after some training, it appears that the regular dancers did not do this tahitian. I know for a fact that the dancing staff aren’t able to do a bellydance, nor a pasodoble, a foxtrot, or whatever. But a tahitian, they can do this.



This tahitian which was performed at Wowowee looks cluttered with bamboo poles and blinded by disco lights  which, unless one is in the live presence of the dancers, would only see flashes of movements by the dancers. Such a situation would diminish the appreciation for the dance itself.

If the dance instructors are still experimenting how to make the TFC subscribers happy, try teaching first the Hawaiian Wedding Dance, if they are bold enough to present this dance without the blinking strobe lights.

Dare you! 36_1_46

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