Celebrity Endorsements

There is no concrete evidence to prove that endorsements of political candidates by celebrities has been the main factor for the former to get elected.  Ask the Americans if you will.

Celebrities do attract the voters to come and listen to the candidates who make their pitch for the votes. These voters do listen, and listen only. The bottom line is—- it is still the candidates’ woo that would influence their votes, not the celebrities. Isn’t this good for the country?

There is still a way to get around this law, if there really is such a law. The celebrities may go with the candidates. They would have a presence felt with the candidates. But they would not say anything that would be in line of asking peoiple to vote for the candidate. The celebrity would be assumed to be there for the moral support only, get it.

And as long as the ABS-CBN people do not use the facilities of ABS-CBN, or any of its equipment, to endorse or help a candidate’s campaign, he or she (and ABS-CBN) may not be guilty of politicking.

The Comelec, basking under the near flawless trial runs of the polling equipment, is being carried away by promulgating this celebrity endorsement thing with the stupor of euphoria and in the name of fairness.

If you ask me, the Comelec has done away with its being a nuisance—-it is now on a power trip.

(Heaven help those who gets tripped) face2

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