Seniors’ discounts

Tremendous applause welcomes the Senior Citizens’ discounts. But it is still not enough for the Seniors’ Benefits. It is a great gesture, though, and a lasting legacy.

No state of emergency for all Mindanao. People get scared under this situation. It can be attained without declaring it, anyway. There are limits of the state of emergency which can be explored. The Army must be that knowledgeable, though.

The water lies underneath your feet. Dig wells. These should not require too much depth to reach water. It may even flow up by itself and pumps may not be required at all.

Why else would water flow from artesian wells naturally even if these wells are situated above the level of the rivers? As if there were underground aqueducts.

Either that or water would be trucked in from the lakes!


Re-use the water. Store your bath water for tomorrow’s bath!

Don’t flush the pee if it is somewhat clear! 36_1_13


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