The Spectre of National Broadband

Now arises the growling need for a national broadband when the communications companies of Globe, Smart, PLDT threaten to throw a wrench on the automation project of Comelec in what is clearly a ploy for more money.

It should be realized that these companies would only TRANSMIT the data coming from the precints towards the Comelec Center. These companies will not even process the data. So whom are they kidding? They are just conduits.

The cell phone companies do only one thing to any data relayed to them : they log the user (or sender) and then counts down the time of cell phone usage. That’s it. They just count down your alloted time.

So what is their problem of security? Will they be attacked? Gosh, either they are giving themselves more credit than they deserve, or they are actually asking for combat pay!

These companies do realize NOW that Filipinos would rather spend money to communicate with phones than drink San Miguel beer.

Before, it was the other way around, remember?
Now these private companies have a strangle hold on the communications business.

(note that if there were no PLDT, nor Smart, nor Globe around, the records of the polls are still intact in several data capture methods and could just be transmitted by means otherĀ  than digital. So let them go to wherever!)


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