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Wupps! Now the pictures come in bunches. But we’ll be selective in putting them up, no?

This is one family that advertises the website on their shirts.


Viardo Family (Germany/Sta. Maria, Bulacan)

In this photo: Jess Angcaya , Annie Viardo-Angcaya , Roberta Lapig-Viardo , Rodan Viardo Angcaya , Hadith Viardo (photos) , Catherine Viardo Angcaya , Prescy Viardo , Dennis Viardo (photos) , Joseph Viardo Angcaya , Ruen Aniversario , Chris Viardo (photos) , Shakky Viardo Aniversario , Lourdes Viardo-Aniversario , Loren Viardo Aniversario , Buenaventura Viardo (photos) , Aida Chico-Viardo

(Do check Facebook for some more photos)

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