The Weekend Patrol

ABS-CBN’s weekend watch, the TV Patrol Linggo, iterates that the program has always been on the air without fail. Not to my knowledge. ┬áThe TV Patrol Sabado was aired on Sunday, not Saturday as was always on the Video On Demand. This goes to show how ABS-CBN ignores TFCKo in Canada.

But I guess it was Valentine’s Day so they lumped both days off on a Sunday. Somewhere, somehow, somebody goofed. If not, the blasted studio had a holiday. It is a holiday here, by the way, on Monday. The US will have a different statutory holiday than Canada but holidays for both countries, anyway.

Hey, I give credit when it is due, but nothing when it is not due.

I do give credit when  people look great though, and for this reason, I give them flowers.

Well, perhaps only one flower——


You guys look Great!


(I got home on Sunday anyway so I had no time to watch saturday’s, but still, I expected to see Saturday’s VOD there!)

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