Slow Snow Removal


The total amount of snow dumped on Edmonton was 10 cm.

Snow removal by the city was slow this time around.

But there is a reason for this. The new city administration, headed by the newest and youngest Mayor ever, Don Iveson, envisions the city to skimp and save on things.

The snow removal crew this year are not employees of the city but are actually on contract with the city.

If the crew were employed by the city, they get paid even if there is no snow to be removed. The crew which is now on contract will get paid only as agreed in the contract. This saves the city money. Good logic.

Shades of Rob Ford, I hope Mayor Don Iveson is not in to smoking crack. We aim to keep him.

By the way, the snow removal crew worked my neighborhood only today, Tuesday, removing the snow which fell on Friday.

They did a very, very good job, though. They may take a longer time to do it, but they are not necessarily slow.


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