The Trayvon-Zimmerman Scuffle


The Trayvon-Zimmerman Scuffle


This scuffle could have been avoided had the protagonists avoided some mistakes. This analysis is done devoid of racial profiling, discrimination or any ill-feeling that the protagonists could have had against each other. This is based simply on the actions that were done that inevitably led to the scuffle which resulted in Trayvon’s death.


  1. Trayvon relates over the phone that he sees Zimmerman watching him. He did not use the word  “stalking”. If Zimmerman is watching Trayvon to find out whether he will do something wrong, Zimmerman’s  manner of following Trayvon in a vehicle was made  in such a manner that it is conspicuous. This eventually unnerves Trayvon who starts his maneuvers to lose Zimmerman.
  2. Trayvon  ducks into the back of some houses to which his Dad’s house belong. A  mistake on Trayvon’s part because by now Zimmerman’s suspicions about Trayvon not doing good is heightened. The best thing Trayvon could have done is ring his Dad’s house. In so doing, Trayvon gives the impression  that he belongs to this neighborhood. If his Dad is not at home, he should ring the next-door neighbor. At least he could ask this neighbor for help and/or act as a witness to      Zimmerman’s actions.
  3. Zimmerman  then gets out of his vehicle to look for Trayvon using the concrete pathway.  A mistake. He should have left his headlights on, or shine it directly to the pathway where he was going. He probably had faith in himself because he is armed.
  4. Trayvon   came out to accost him. A mistake. He came from behind and sounded aggressively. At that point, a scuffle is inevitable because both of them are at a heightened excitement.

The trial is still going on.

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