Who? Me?


What? Who, me a lawyer?

Goodness No! Being a lawyer implies reading law books, and I never touch that stuff. It hurts when I read those. :lol:

You must have read my post on how I argued in court against the charge of “Possession of Imitation Weapon.”

Actually, around here , the accused has the choice of whom to defend him, and this choice may not be a lawyer at all. And he chose me because the defense lawyers assigned to him recommended him to plead guilty. The consequence is that he will have to do so many hours of community work and attend so many hours of lectures on whatever.

This is a pet project of the courts and I pointed out that any lecture will not seep in a person’s mind if he does not want to hear it, adding that “ice cream tastes better if it is not crammed down your throat.”

But thanks for suggesting that I was a lawyer!  Honestly now, I had case laws tucked under my belt when I won the case for the guy. There was reallyn no chance I could have lost that one!!

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