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Q – Tip 9 Remdesivir

This drug is said to shorten the recovery

of Covid-19 patients from 15 days to 11,

IF they are on the recovery path.

Well, no bad news is good news.

This drug may not be known much to the physicians,

maybe to the veterinarians,

since it was made to cure peritonitis on cats.

And even so, peritonitis is not specifically

on the lungs.

But this does show

that they are throwing everything in the fight

including the kitchen sink

which may be that good at least for me

since I use much of the kitchen sink

to wash my hands

including the pots and the pans.

But for all my readers,

who happen to be world leaders,

tarry much on the hyperbole

just start carrying the ball

and see if you can get it across

without your people being crossed.



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Lady Hawke


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IL Divo London

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Clint Eastwood

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Multiplying Relatives

Lots of cousins do I have

and they multiply.

Whenever I meet someone I know

I introduce the girl that I am with

as my cousin.

My cousins, they multiply.


Trump’s Disinfectant

It seems that they have misinterpreted,

and took out of context, 

what Trump is saying.

He was merely musing,

giving his opinion on what may help

in formulating a cure for Covid-19.

His mistake was—-he forgot to turn off the microphone

so that everybody thought he was giving the order to

make the cure using disinfectants.

The disinfectant is based on chlorine which kills the virus.

Chlorine kills any virus,

It also kills people.

Chlorine has to be modified and combined with other

chemicals to make it safe for people to take.

Sodium is the best chemical to combine with chlorine

because the product becomes salt, the common table salt.

But chlorine has to be modified further

to put into a person’s body to  kill viruses.

He was on the right track, though,

but he still has to make more tracks on this matter.

Now Trump is embattled,

fighting two fronts at one time.

One front is against the Covid-19,

a virtually unknown and uncontrollable virus.

The other front is against his own people,

who uses the Constitution as an excuse to be disobedient.

He is facing overwhelming numbers from all counts.





The Macho Mania

The slaying of Gabriel Wortman provided the RCMP

with no proof for the NS rampage because only Wortman

may say what his purpose was for the burning and the killing.

Comes again I with my out-of-this-world guesses.

Believe it or not, Wortman’s cause for derangement are CHILDREN..

Or more specifically, his inability to produce any offspring.

This provided him the mania for being macho as manifested

by his collection of RCMP-lookalike vehicles and uniform.

His shortcomings produced in him this grave frustration

and an increasing jealousy of those who are successful

in rearing children.

This was his idea of a good future for him—a good family

with good praiseworthy children.

When he was gathering his weapons, his girl friend escaped,

giving him the excuse to burn the house and the cars in anger.

The search for her brought him

to the different houses in Wentworth

where he continued his vengeful rampage.

Crossroad tale.mp4

Crossroad tale.mpg

At this point, Wortman’s thoughts are filled with guilt and

flight and doing away with those who know what his shortcoming

was, meaning those who knew that he can’t have an offspring.

These thoughts were not to be known, of course,

because he was not caught alive.

If he weren’t slain then, he would have intended to go after

the parents of the kids’ hockey team.

But what was the marked similarity between this case

and that of the Kam-Bryer?

You tell me...

(how’s that for an upstart sechoanalysis)



Four Girls



Hope and Cagney

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NS RCMP Blamed

Why blame the RCMP for the NS tragedy.

They had nothing to do with the killings.

Let them be.

They have a whole load of work to do.

Bodies have to be autopsied.

Ballistics have to be done.

Stories have to be re-examined

to make sure everything adds up.

Personally, I think that not all the stories

add up.






Vegas Divas




Four Feathers


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Heavy Metal


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Heavy Metal.mpg

Nova Scotia Shooting

Please do not believe me when I say this.

This is merely product of my swirling imagination.

I am just itching to take this off my chest.





And please do not ask me why.


Broken Lance


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Basic Instinct


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social distances….

The S.O.S

Trump suspends American funding to WHO.

With the so many excuses that was provided over the media.

It can be deciphered that he actually

is sending out an S.O.S

in the only manner he knows how.

Of course, and knowing Trump,

the world will just ignore him.

He does not have to practice isolation.

He already is isolated.

Q – Tip 8 Fungi

This post of mine has me stumped,

mainly because the main difference between virus and fungus

is that the latter have spores.

Spores are like seeds.

Fungi grow from these spores.

If the spores are dense enough,

it can be carried by the air

and thus can be transmitted to another host by air.

The Covid-19 is considered a virus

and is given this title

by none other than the World Health Organization,

the W H O.

And WHO am I to contradict an organization

with a full panoply of very learned doctors. 

Which is why I am calling this post of mine

a shot in the dark.

If by any chance I hit the basket with this shot,

I should deserve more than three points.

After all I did make the shot

in the dark.

But what is fungus, anyway?

Mushrooms are fungi. Some are edible. I prefer them cooked with my roast beef. Some like, fairy rings on your lawn, are irritants. Molds are also irritants and they can start on old bread, breaded chicken and leftover dumplings. Molds may also appear on your bathroom walls and sinks. Mushrooms are commonly found in forests under dried leaves and grass. What is common to all of these is that they thrive on and over dead and decaying matter, And not only do they grow over their hosts, they transform the hosts to make replicas of its kind. It can thus be said that fungi is nature’s perfect scavengers, in that they convert decomposing matter into another kind of matter.


It is to be noted that the fungi on this fly started its work when they sensed that the fly was very inactive, or that it is dying, but not before. These fungi are also known to secrete juices on their intended hosts preparatory to its ingestion, probably to make it easier to absorb.
Now the covid-19 works similarly like a fungus, in that it starts work on inactive and human cells that are about to expire and have no chance to be replenished. Old people have these kind of dying, inactive, and hard to replace cells. Also, the coronavirus may have sensed lung cells which are tar-covered and dead. and started to work on them.


But why are these airborne spores not found on old human skin? Probably because they are rubbed off by the clothes the old people wear. Or they are washed off. Or they are even scratched off because they produce skin itch. The best way, therefore, to get rid of them is to take away the factors that make them grow, or have them subjected to an environment which prevents their growth. Remember that even roasted bread and breaded chicken can start molds.

In a nutshell,

there is not much to prove that the covid-19 is a fungus,

but there are much to say that it acts like a fungus.

Alberta to Share PPE?

This statement will have some serious

political repercussions.

For one thing, Alberta does not have a surplus supply.

Albertans  are unable to find masks and gloves 

to buy from the pharmacists.

Even the pharmacists don’t have any for themselves.

And the Seniors’ benefits have already been reduced.

Alberta will share its surplus.


My eye,

somebody should have his eyes examined.

As I posted before, Western Canada does not need

leaders of Eastern Canadian descent.

Scheer stays!



Easter Mass


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Easter Nass.mpg

Gladiator Salute

And then the health care workers,

devoid of complete protective equipment

to battle the coronavirus,

formed themselves into ranks

facing the powers that be 

to altogether raise their right hands

to declare

“O  Premiers,

We who are about to die salute you.

We will fight well

but do bury us well

when all is already well.

We who are about to die salute you.”


Good Friday


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