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Forced to Act for TV

Something new……

people forced to perform in front of the camera!

As if there was a chemical attack!

Forced to Act.mp4

Douma Eyewitness

One eyewitness is what is needed

to prevent trigger-happy heads-of-state

to act on their whims.

Now they risk being toppled.



Fact Or Fiction

It’s a fact, man, it’s a f_ _ _!

Fact or Fiction.mp4

Mock Attack

Piqued by Putin’s gaudy description

of his irresistible smart missiles,

Trumped launched  missile strikes on Syria

using the pretext of Assad using chemical attack

on his own people.

Clearly the purpose is to test his own missile

and gauge Russia’s capabilities.

“A perfect operation” is what Trump declares

merrily as he nearly jumps up and down with glee.

Little does he realize that his ships launched 103 tomahawks

71 of these was intercepted.

A pathetic enterprise this was

if not pitiful for a $700 billion defense budget.

Better results were received from his French and British lackeys

with their smaller guided missiles launched from their planes.

Sad to say,

Trump’s attempt to make America great again militarily

has been foiled again by none less than

Assad’s belittled  missile defense.


NATO’s coalition has started to break up.

And Russia has still not displayed the extent

of its missile capabilities.



What the OPCW finds and reports about it

will actually prove

how biased this outfit is.

This report, which is expected to be ignored

by some particular countries that we know,

may actually confirm what I know

that the United Nations is now as irrelevant

as the NATO.


This movie, “China”, is a spectacle.


To Erase The Evidence Of No Evidence

Trump and Macron and May

goes on a bombing spree on Syria

to erase the evidence that the chemical attack

was staged,

especially since the fact-finding OPCW

will start their investigation today.

And consequently, the OPCW

will find that there can be no investigation

on the site that is all shot up

by missiles.

So to report on their investigation,

the fact-finding OPCW

will now agree to report on what

is their farce-finding result.

One lie to cover another, eh?

Assault For Greatness Starts

The assault on the rebuilding of Syria starts

with a missile attack on Homs,

the Syrian air base.

by Israeli warplanes.

It is reported that one Israeli F16 was shot down.

No tomahawk missiles  has been fired yet.

The great American military

is leading from behind as usual,

making the French breach the wall first with drones.

C-H-I-C-K-E-N !

And for what?

The itch to fire the weapons of war.

US Army For Rent

The regular US Army has been offered to Saudi Arabia

as a military force that will stay in Syria

if that Arab country will pay for it.

Army For Rent.mp4

Grandstanding By Trump


After watching Putin’s demo of hi smart missiles

that evade radar sensors,

Trump has to put up his own show in missiles.

He first warns Russia that he will use missiles

against Syria.

What would he want Russia to do,

watch the show?

Little does he know that the closest to a smart missile

that he has is a poorly maintained

F16 that goes down with the pilot.

Trump will now avenge the chemo attacks

on Syrian children

by killing more Syrians.

He will therefore help in the rebuilding of Syria

by further destroying its buildings.

This is a grandstanding comedian

if ever I watched one.


Another Chemo Attack, Another Call To Arms

This is one fake news that Trump falls for,

and acts on it actually.

Now why would Assad attack his people

when he has already won Syria.

Ask Iran. Russia and Turkey

who all have agreed to rebuild Syria.

Now who would stand to be a loser if Syria rebuilds?


I will bet my pair

that it was ISRAEL all along.

The Islamic world would be kept busy

as always,

when the US and the coalition comes in

to create trouble.

The Middle East conflicts just about create diversions for Israel`s

continued swallowing of Palestine.

Israel has already created settlements

far beyond its walls.

Now what would happen if Syria decides

to arm the Palestinians.

The Western coalition, specifically the US,

should hold its butts on this purported chemo attack.

Peace is about to descend on the Middle East.

The West is about to break it again,

this time without the NATO cooperation.

NATO members are starting to realize

that they are being had.

Furthermore, they are not about to join any coalition

force against anybody,

now that they are using their own money

to spend for the effort.

Mossad knows that there are still no terrorists

coming from Palestine.

But as things go on,

Mossad should not hold its breath.


Palestine has about lost its faith

on the UN.

It will not be Brennan’s War now.

it will be Bolton’s War.

Same thing—-

$5 Billion.


The Nerve….

Unabashedly again,

the UK PM,

and whomever is with her ruling party,

refuses to apologize

for the grand and allegedly intentional

diplomatic error in their judgement.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal are now recovering

from what the UK shamefully broadcasted

as Russian poisoning of these patients.

Ye Olde Nerve!

So many times the UK cried wolf.

Who would believe them now?

I guess there will be no negotiations now

for Gazprom to reduce its gas prices

towards the Eu countries

as what the objective was.

As a result

England and Wales will now be

increasingly dependent of Irish oil.

This is exactly the moment

when Irish eyes are smiling!

The Mueller Trap

An interview with Mueller?

it’s a trap!

Knowing Trump

he can get entrapped

just by opening his trap!

If Mueller has nothing against him

Mueller certainly will try to get something

from an interview.

If Mueller is trying to save face

then let him talk to Trump’s lawyers.

Or perhaps Mueller is trying to intimidate him

with something he knows about

Trump’s private life.

After all, Mueller uses FBI methods

to control all situations.

If there be an interview

then Trump should be the one

to ask the questions,

not Mueller.

Don’t trust Mueller.

He wants to vindicate

the FBI.

Trump should know by now

what the whole FBI agency

has on him!

Both good and bad!

Mueller is just trying to prove

that he is not inutile.

Remember also that he may not have

the mandate to investigate!

Publicized Collusion

There is no such thing as collusion

if it has been publicized.

Negotiated Conclusion perhaps.

But not Publicized Collusion.

Putin has been invited by Trump to visit the US.

This is as good an opportunity for Vladimir Putin.

He should accept

and trade vodka and ballet

for fast food chains.

But not before he raises the price of natural gas

for European consumption.


That move should do away with the Mi5!

Easter Sunday Mass

Easter Sunday Mass.mp4