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Tightening The Screws

Canada and the US will meet to tighten the screws

on North Korea in the effort to force

Kim Jong Un to agree.

Now this is the biggest mistake that they can make.

Remember that Hitler went to war

because he was restricted to build his defense.

Japan went to war because of restrictions

on oil to feed its industries.

The restrictions on North Korea would be the worst.

Because any further sanctions against it

will take the form of a siege

that will starve

 the North Korean people.

Tightening the sanctions will be like

tightening the guillotine screws.

Kim Jong Un is mellowing.

There is no need to rub it in.

(there must be some other way

to unite the West against Europe, eh?)

Jacqueline Vouga


Putin’s Revenge


His vengeance focuses on Hillary!

Putin’s Revenge1

Putin’s Revenge2

Putin’s Revenge3

Putin’s Revenge4



This word is very descriptive

and will most clearly describe

a place very effectively

than any other word.

So why call it obnoxious?

I would use this also to describe a place

that I find disgusting,

especially when people advances  to me

that the place is actually not disgusting.

So now I use it

and even print it

do you find it disgusting?

Most interesting country,

this America.

They fight over opinionated words.


Laura Ingraham’s shots

are like billiard angle shots

in that they rebound

with positive effects.



Nikki Aaron

This one’s name I remember.




is the result of an American mistake!

Why penalize undocumented immigrants

for an error not of their own making?

If federal funds that are slated for California

are not to be given to the undocumented immigrants,

why with hold these funds?

Give to that state the money that it

deserves to get.

And then discuss immigration afterwards.

As I said if undocumented immigrants

are undocumented due to an error

of the government,

why deport them?

They should be given amnesty instead!!

A full pardon and citizenship to boot!

“Dong be tyranny!”



With his new-found oriental psychology manipulations

the American Diplomatic Corps exercise a new

method of intimidating

intermediaries into submission.

Primarily in both Canada and Mexico

as regards re-negotiating the NAFTA.

This agreement has not been in favor of Canada,

which has now filed its grievances to the

NAFTA mediator, WTO,

as regards violations of the agreement

by the United States.

Donald Trump is now using threats of

dismantling the NAFTA if the United States

do not attain a surplus on its trade with Canada.


One does not force another country

to give up its trade advantages!

Little do the Americans know

that the Canadians meet any bluff

with a rebuff.

Canadians are inherently friendly

and will wave at somebody new

who waves at them;

even apologizing for anything they had nothing to do with.

But if there is one thing that friendly Canadians

would rise up against is the threat of being had.

If NAFTA be dismantled, so be it!

Canada is prepared to go with the recourse

that will surely not make

America great again!

 Video clips from the Canadian network

will show how Canadians feel

and what they would do

just in case the Americans make a mistake.









Michael Wolff

author of “Fire and Fury”

a book which is more like a gossip

than a book.


Fire and Fury

New Gal In Fox News

A SEARCH-stopper

on Fox News.


It’s not me to forget names,

but I did, I did!


Interview With Mueller?

It’s a trap!

This may turn out to be an investigation.

And knowing Trump,

his own hyperactive mouth will damn him.

And guess what?

It will be on cameras.

When it is so

it becomes a declaration.

Trump has not been indicted for anything.

So why does he have to defend himself?

Mueller must make sure first regarding

accusations against Trump.

Or else he may be guilty of harassment.

Mueller must also prove that his team’s fishing

for evidence is worth the huge expenditures.

I do not believe Mueller has any strong evidence

against Trump, excepting maybe hearsay.

In truth, Trump has fully cooperated with the investigation

in that he has refrained from firing Mueller.

Michael Jordan, Special Envoy

Michael Jordan, Special Envoy?


Now you’re talking diplomacy!

Donald Trump, POTUS

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

He should not be going around

defending his actions

and his qualifications.

What for will people call him


if he is not tops?

If he keeps doing this,

some kid may go to the White House

and ask him to play hopscotch.


Pulling Strings

The United States is withdrawing its foreign aid

from those countries that run contra

to its protocol.

I would not call this act as bullying.

This is more like pulling the strings.

After all, the United States is the giver.

And there is some justification in pulling the strings.

This act, however will re-level the relationship

of the have-not countries with the US.


Canada Geese

Canada Geese flying in formation

with a plane.

canada Geese056

Canada Geese.mp4

Canada Gold



Canada Gold.mp4

Canada Gold2.mp4

Carol Viardo Resma


Bigger Nuclear Button

President Trump’s retort to Kim Jong Un

that he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim

was a master diplomatic reply.


Donald is getting the hang of it.

Kim Jong Un will treat this retort in a humurous vein

because for the first time

Trump has replied to him

on the same term,

button that is.

And perhaps this will be the start of these two

speaking on the same terms.

This may even be the start of

“buttoned up” friendship.

Observe this the minute Kim Jong Un

gives away his intention to honor the Olympic games

on the neighboring arenas

and inform everybody that these games

will not be disturbed by him.

Incidentally, I did post that the best diplomats

to talk to Kim Jong Un would be the South  Koreans.

The reason for this is logical—

the North Koreans and the South Koreans

speak the same language

and share the same jokes!!!

A positive cool off period between Trump

and Kim Jong Un will be noticeable

when one of them calls the other for the first time–