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Brennan’s Word

Former CIA Director Brennan

(check my post on Brennan’s War)

testified on the Intel hearing

that he does not know of any conclusive evidence of

collusion between Trump and the Russians

regarding the last election

that put Trump up as President of the US.

If this hearing was for the benefit of the public

there were questions left unanswered

which put the public into limbo

as to what conclusions they would make

regarding  the justification of the whole thing.

Two things were clear, though,

and one is that the FBI,

and the rest of the intel establishment,

are scared of Russia.

an Putin especially.

That Putin is trying to bring down the American

democratic system

I say this is impossible.

Ask any American, any Canadian, any French, German, and British,

Swiss, Swedish, and so forth

if this is possible.

Another thing is that blogs and write-ups, and journalists

and twitter, and so forth,

are being paid to do what they do

just like what I am doing now!


I think I am missing on something.

But Brennan never said to whom I should file for compensation—-

to Trump or to Putin?

maybe retroactive pay, eh?

The Russian Sentiment

The attempt of the trumpateers to muddle

the administration of Trump

and criticize his every move to talk to the Russians

has gained the sentiments of the Russian people.

And Trumps is becoming more endeared to the Russian people

more than any other president.

Intelligence Sharing

And finally it sinks in

to the American Intelligence Community

that the sharing of inntelligence

between Israel, Russia, and the US

has been initiated.

As a result, this project, when finalized,

would be ten times as effective

than any intelligence gathering of any country.

It should eventually prove the uselessness of the

FBI, the CIA and whatever.

Their budgets will surely be reviewed.

The American Intelligence Community naturally

would not like such a situation that reduce their usefulness,

and, summarily, their budgets.

So they joined the Trumpateers in their effort

to have the President impeached.

Too late the die is done.

Thanks to Flynn,

he initiated the contact about the sharing of intelligence.

And he is one who would take the fall for the President.



And what do the American press manage to put out?


‘Ats wot it is



when without privy to the event.

eh wot?

The Color of Trump

Leaving the US for official state functions abroad

President Donald Trump leaves behind a lot of anxieties,

mostly from the press and other


It would be surprising indeed should they discover

that Donald Trump has become endearing

to the people abroad.

The fact that he has become the first American President

who actually fights against American bureaucracy

and arrogance

has made a big impression on the Russians

the Muslims,

and the Third World countries.

He has actually become the wealthy President

that they can relate to.

Furthermore, he is one American President

who will not need permission to do

the President’s job.

For some particular areas of the world

he is not one ugly American,

but the one colorful American President.

The Commencement Speech

The Trump speech at the Coast Guard Commencement Exercises

did not mention anything about FBI and lackluster Comey,

giving the impression that the news about

the whole thing

is irrelevant.

Interestingly enough, a lot of Trump’s adversaries

are mostly women.

(mamma mia!)

The Russian Hand…

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President,

has offered a transcript of the meeting between Lavrov and Trump

to help prove that no American classified secret were compromised.

This is not only a gesture to help President Trump

but is actually a handshake being offered by the Russians

to the American wealthy who are hell bent on

proclaiming Russia as an enemy

to further their own personal aggrandisement.

I do doubt that the American hierarchy will accept this goodwill

and offer to accept the handshake.

handshakes, for them,

do not result in monetary profits.



Personally, again, it would be smart for me as an American President

(I wish)

to allow an FBI investigation on matters relevant to Russia

if the Russian diplomats are coming for a formal visit.

Protocol says so.

So does etiquette.

So does hospitality.

Obstruction of Justice

Personally, I would not acuuse anybody of obstructing justice

if there was no crime committed,

otherwise such an accusation is mischievous.


Trump Gives away American Secrets to Russia…..

I knew it! I knew it!

I knew he would give away to the Russians

the American secret of making skinless hotdogs!!!!

and I thought the press was excluded from the US-Russia meeting….

The Middle Class

Remember the middle class?

Most of which belong to the agricultural portion of the country?

These people would rather feed their cows and hogs

than watch CNN or whatever?

Trump speaks for them,

owns their loyalty.

Whatever the press and hostile elements say against Trump,

these people will not believe.

Rather, the attacks strengthen their trust on Trump.

The only party that can bring Trump down decisively

would be that party that belongs to the middle class,

not those that earn a living

without shedding blood or sweat.


FBI Director Sacked!

YUP! Comey never knew what got him!

He only knew he lost his job

when he watched his tv set.

And again, Trump’s people blame him

before they find out why.

The reason can only be

that Comey did not do what he said he will do.

Comey must be gathering more info than is required of his project.

Information, the Americans will find out later, IS POWER.

Remember J. Edgar Hoover?

He held some Presidents under his will

because he owned some particular info about them.

The Americans should also remember that the FBI

has failed in some important events that the country had to suffer.

One of these is September 11.

The Americans should blame Trump on the results of his actions

and not on his decisions.

And maybe, they should once in a while give him some

applause for that which he did well.

As for international criticisms,

the Americans should not worry.

Trump has given the world the impression

that he can accomplish things without the tedious procedures

of asking permissions to act.

Forget about the weirdness in Trump.