Scotia McLeod/Scotiabank Comes Through

Referring to my last post

regarding the lack of funds to cover the withdrawal

of the Registered Savings,

a glance at my checking account today revealed

the amount in question being deposited.

It looks like I spoke too soon.

Or did I?

Whatever it is,

the Bank of Nova Scotia

and the Scotia McLeod investments

came through.

I was right on one thing though,

it did not require the the Ombudsman to intervene

to get things accomplished.

I have said that while the Ombudsman in banks

exerts  very intimidating proddings to get things done,

the President of the Bank of Nova Scotia

has the more direct drive to see things through.

This is analogous to the Ombudsman using the broom

as against the Bank President wielding a hammer.

Get it?





Bye, Mom……

It is not easy to forget

Those times loaded with regret


When you were not given

More of what you love

And less of what hurt.

Bye, Mom….

Take good care of all of us.



The Kitchen Sink

The losers of the last American Presidential election

have thrown every swipe at the winner,

Donald Trump, in their attempt

de-legitimize the newly elected


which is Donald Trump.

They have thrown everything at Trump

but the kitchen sink.

The components of the American Intelligence Community

have rolled out the rumor

that Russian hacking have influenced the election results.

This is a no-brainer swipe,

meaning that those who thought of this

literally have no brains.

Hacking is one thing.

Hacking to influence millions of voters,

or even change the results,

is another thing,

and is not only next to impossible.

IT IS impossible.

The most practicable way for the Russians

to help put up Trump as President

is for Putin to stand at the corner,

wearing a wig,

to wink and smile with coyness at every voter,

who then scampers to vote for Trump.

The reason for the rumor is that the Intelligence Community

is afraid that Trump will privatize these institutions

and hire the KGB to do its work.

With the failure of the less than Intelligence Community

to rile up Trump,

the Electoral College now steps in

to take up the PRRRRST effort.

More no-brainers.

Their function is to declare the winner of the elections

as determined from the legitimate results.

They are not supposed to scrutinize the qualifications

of the winner.

The voters have already done this function.

Consider now this Electoral College nuisance


But I do not see

Donald Trump ducking it.

He only quacks at it!

Good for him—keep cool, man.

Their beef should be directed to the Constitution!


The Grim Reaper


The Grim Reaper.mp4

Whatever George Soros touches

burns to ashes

and turns to dust.

He’s got economic power already

now he wants political power.

He uses his money to turn people into puppets

that would do all his bidding.

His next ambition :

the Office of the US Presidency.

Now he creates trouble to remind some particular people

that he is still after the Office.

He wants the Americans to bend over

and shout uncle.



This could probably mean using other people’s words.

No big deal.

I use some other people’s words, too.

And they use my words, too.

Frankly I am greatly complimented every time they use my words.

Particularly if thety are Very Important people,

such as Heads of State.

It is all in the matter of having the same thought.

Afterwards words may come out similarly.

IAAF Suspends Russia

IAAF bans Russia from the coming Olympic Games

because of doping in the past.

Without Russia competing means

there will be some monopoly of the medals.

 This implies that the Games

will not be international in structure.

This being so, it demeans the merit

of the medals that will be awarded.

The IAAF announced that Russian players who are “clean”

may compete

as long as they do not do this under the Russian flag.

This implies that there actually are Russian players

who qualify but are banned just the same

because they’re Russians.


A federal Appeals Court in New York City has reinstated lawsuits against 16 of the world’s largest banks, including the Royal Bank of Canada, alleging they colluded to manipulate a benchmark interest rate.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan on Monday restored the lawsuits, which had previously been dismissed by a lower-court judge.

The lawsuits were brought by people who bought investments sold by the banks that were based on a key lending rate known as LIBOR, an acronym for London Interbank Offered Rate, with evidence the banks were lying about and rigging in their favour.

A previous judge had dismissed the lawsuits because he said the LIBOR setting process was collaborative rather than competitive. That judge also found any manipulation of the rate did not cause investors anti-competitive harm.

But a new judge disagreed with that Monday, and reinstated the suits.

“Appellants sustained their burden of showing injury by alleging that they paid artificially fixed higher prices,” Circuit Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote for a three-judge appeals panel.

LIBOR is a lending rate that is the basis for hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of consumer loans and savings rates around the world. It’s a number, calculated and released daily by banks in London, that is supposed to show the rate at which they are lending money to each other for the short term.


The banks are alleged to have lied about their internal rates to put the LIBOR rate at a more favourable level for them. That would move other interest rates for consumers and businesses higher or lower than otherwise should have been.

“A LIBOR increase of one per cent would have allegedly cost the Banks hundreds of millions of dollars,” the judges said in the ruling.

Rigging the rate cost the bank’s customers — large institutions named in the lawsuit such as the University of California, and cities such as Baltimore, Houston and Philadelphia — billions over the years, money they are now trying to recoup.

The financial stakes of reinstating numerous pricey lawsuits for damages are huge. As the judges’ put it in their decision: “Requiring the banks to pay … damages to every plaintiff who ended up on the wrong side of an independent LIBOR?denominated derivative swap would, if appellants’ allegations were proved at trial, bankrupt 16 of the world’s most important financial institutions.”

Individual lawsuits could still be thrown out, but Monday’s ruling means they must all be reconsidered on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to the Royal Bank of Canada, the following banks are named in the suits:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Bank of America.
  • Société Générale.
  • UBS.
  • Barclays.
  • Citigroup.
  • Credit Suisse.
  • Deutsche Bank.
  • HSBC.
  • JPMorgan Chase.
  • Norinchukin Bank.
  • Rabobank.
  • Portigon.
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.
  • Lloyds.

Worldwide, those banks and others have already paid more than $9 billion in fines related to LIBOR rigging, and almost two dozen people have been charged in relation to the story. The Financial Conduct Authority, a regulator that governs banking institutions in London, has said it will look at better ways of calculating the rate in the wake of the scandal.

A lawyer for the banks says they’re considering the ruling.

With files from The Associated Press and Reuters

Scam Alert–Area Code 613

You may receive phone calls from area code 613

asking you to call back.

Don’t fall for it!

This is a scam and either info or money is what they want.

Search the internet for the topic “Area code 613”

And be informed.


The Panama Papers

Panama Papers is more popular than Cayman Papers

simply because it sounds better

and sounds more leisurely.

Wealthy people stash their money in offshore accounts

in this country for obvious reasons.

If this procedure is legal

then it is perfectly understandable why

wealthy people will deposit money in Panama.

It is also perfectly understandable

why I can’t find my name on the published list

of people with offshore accounts in Panama.

 Obviously I don’t make the grade.

(this item did not do much to reduce Putin’s popularity, try again)

Reply to Colin Palmer of OSFI

To : Colin Palmer
        OSFI Communications Officer
Thank you very much for your reply.
That was the most prompt reply I ever had from any big office.
What you have written, however, is common knowledge about what your office does.
It is no different from any of the offices from the rest of the world.
The info you told me is also in the OSFI website, particularly the fact that OSFI supervises
the banks and other financial institutions at a distance of more than an arms length
and certainly very much more than the length of a ten-foot pole.
I must, however, tell you that writing to you about the subject was going to be a mistake,
and that I am only doing what the last office I contacted told me to do.
In other words, some other office referred me to you.
But since I have said that I am going thru channels, I emailed your office.
And hey, I must admit, that you did respond nicely.
Thanks again,
Now if you will only give me the address of that specific office that do actively
supervise and examine banks in a more hands-on manner, I would be extremely grateful.

Supervision and Examination of Banks

Below is a copy of the reply from the OSFI office,

plus my inquiry that brought about the very, very prompt reply from

Colin Palmer



Good morning,

Thank you for your email of May 5, 2016.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) supervises federally regulated financial institutions and private pension plans to determine whether they are in sound financial condition and meeting regulatory and supervisory requirements.

OSFI does not manage the daily operations of financial institutions or private pension plans. Their executive management and boards of directors or trustees are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the financial institution or pension plan.

OSFI regulation involves providing input into developing and interpreting legislation and regulations, issuing guidelines, and approving requests from federally regulated institutions as required under financial institution legislation. OSFI also provides input on accounting, auditing and actuarial standards development, and determines how to incorporate them into our regulatory framework.

OSFI supervision involves assessing the safety and soundness of federally regulated financial institutions and pension plans. OSFI monitors the financial and economic environment to identify issues that may adversely affect these institutions. We assess an institution’s material risks and the quality of its risk management and corporate governance practices. If potential problems are identified, OSFI intervenes at an early stage based on our guides to intervention.

More information on these processes can be found here, on our website:

I trust this will be of assistance.


Colin Palmer

Communications Officer / Agent des communications

Communications and Consultations / Communications et consultations

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions / Bureau du surintendant des institutions financières

255 Albert St. Ottawa ON  K1A 0H2 / 255, rue Albert, Ottawa (Ontario)  K1A 0H2

Telephone / Téléphone 1-800-385-8647

Facsimile / Télécopieur 613-990-5591

Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada




From: Capt. morgan [] Sent: May-05-16 1:02 PM To: Information Subject: 022304_Supervision and Examination of Banks


I have gone and read through the info in your website.

I have not seen see nor read anything about how this exulted group supervises and examines banks.

Such an info will provide the public with an intensified trust on the Canadian financial institutions

that require such a trust.


Again I ask, how does this exulted group supervise and examine banks?

What methods do you use?

Would they be comparable, or at least likened, to the methods used by other countries?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


I can and will provide you with  my personal info

either in person or otherwise

should you agree to discuss this matter extensively, or otherwise.


Please provide me with a written email request to have your words unpublished

should you deem that the info you will provide should be of a confidential

matter which the public is better of by not knowing.


This email, of course, will not be covered with such confidentiality

since it does not contain any of your words yet.


Again, I thank you.





The Fort Is On Fire

The City of Fort McMurray,

which has given up its wealth in resources

to the rest of the Province of Alberta,

is under fire,


This wildfire blitz is relentless, determined, all-consuming, and conclusive

so much so that the City of Fort McMurray

is not expected to survive.

The residents are being evacuated ever since hours after the fire started.

But the story is not merely about the fire and the evacuation.

The story is about the will and the camaraderie

exhibited by Albertans as they stood up to support

the evacuees in any way they could.

This is the much applauded character typical of Albertans.

A friend is more than a friend,

he is a brother.

A neighbor is more than a neighbor,

he is kin.

The generality of Albertans know this

and has taken it for granted,

that the Fort will again rise up,

with more pomp and splendor than before.

This resurrection will be more of a challenge not a vision.

It will be done.

Rest assured.

It will be done.


Oriental Psychology

I’ve already mentioned oriental psychology in this blog several times.

This has not been applied with, more specifically,

North Korea.

Just think—-North Korea’s neighbors, China and South Korea

are not afraid of any NK nuclear capabilities.

Why? These people are orientals and they well know

exactly how to deal with North Korea.

The way the West is going about it

it is worsening the situation.

One does not reply to saber rattling with saber rattling.

Next thing you know, it won’t be saber rattling only.

It’s a learning process!

Ask General MacArthur, if you can!



When I say No Comments Allowed


and Trackbacks, too.

Comments actually prevent hits by other ip addresses.

The American Primaries

The campaigns of the candidates for the Presidential election

are in conflict as regards their arguments.

It all boils down to rhetoric.

In their respective speeches on stage,

and even on the televised debates,

each of them failed to define the terms in question.

For instance, immigrants is a term that is

misused to mean illegal immigrants.

Immigrants is a general term to refer to a group,

while illegal immigrants is a specific group

which being illegal, does not have the right to enjoy

American benefits.

Health Care is another term,

and so is citizenship and temporary ban.

If everybody defines these terms the way these should be

they will realize that they mean the same thing

and are not in conflict after all.



You have stealth when you don’t get noticed

while entering one’s property,

shouting on your bullhorn,

“Disisda  police.

You in there,

We’ve got you surrounded.

Come out with your hands up.

Or we’ll get in and tie your hands up!”

All kidding aside now,

stealth has something to do with being

surretpi, sureppti, surpereptiti,

being sneaky.


The F-35 is not only a stealth fighter,

it is a dream fighting machine.

It incorporates everything that a pilot

would wish for in a fighter plane.

It is so much of a dream that the price of

developing one has also  been a dream.

And yet, this could have been completed

and commissioned  at a much lower cost

had the stealth feature been dropped.

What for you need stealth?

Everything now depends on which pilot

sees the enemy first.

The F-35, I say, still can be seen as it approaches.

It uses lots of fuel if it goes high to escape radar.

It is very noisy if it flies at treetop height to escape radar.

The one feature that this may be useful in winter regions

is the Vertical Takeoff and Landing.

But since this procedure requires the lifting force

directly from the engine and not from the wings,

the plane consumes a whole lot of fuel

even from a single-engine plane.

The Canadian pilots will still insist

on flying twin-engine fighters.

Bombardier will have to modify the F-35 jets

to suit Canadian specifications.

When done, Bombardier might be able

to sell the modified F-35

for all intents and purposes.

Methane Gas Emissions

Obama and Trudeau have agreed on reducing methane gas emissions.

Can you imagine a President of the United States

and a Prime Minister of Canada

talking about FARTS?!

(just kidding, just kiddiiiing…)


(they should watch what they eat tonight)

George Li

George Li

19 years old


wins second prize piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition.

This video shows he is playing the

Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

by Liszt-Rachmaninov,

and the Etude No. 3

by Paganini-Liszt

These pieces would be extra difficuilt for him.

because of the short span between his thumb and pinky.

But he has his fingering technique and adaptation to solve this.

George Li121

George Li.mp4

La Campanella.mp4

He has also succeeded in imposing

the Hungarian accent to the music

of Franz Liszt.

Ominous and Leap Year 2016

The year 2016 came in unobtrusively with a bang,

with leaps and bangs, actually.

We see the world in strife,

with peoples in conflict with each 0ther,

with diplomats giving way to the men at arms.

With the prospect of ISIS faltering with their motives,

the Sunni and Shia muslims renew their armed conflicts

not just to air out religious differences,

but to determine once again who would rule the muslims.

The title for this person may not now be CALIPH,

 but with a more resounding and prestigious title of


I do not have to elaborate on this topic anymore.

Just type in the search box the words

“Saladin Syndrome”

and three of my posts on the subject will open up for you.

Hussein coveted the title, and so did Ghadaffi,

now the Turks, Saudis, and the Iranians do.

And when somebody does succeed in being

ruler of all rulers, then what?

It would be interesting to note that the quiet region

now is the Pacific and the Far East.

Now this is a change!

Hovered Out

Father Albert San Jose

of the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna,

was relieved for using a hover board

at mass.


Hovered out.mp4

I opine that this act was ahead of the times

since hover boards are not in common use yet.

What he has done is actually sell the hover board

and not Christ.

But what I see is an exceptionally clean church,


RTNews Dec 26,2015



(the Syrian Air Force is now up and about? Fantastic!)

UN Resolution for Syrian Roadmap

The UN approves a resolution for a roadmap for Syria.

This is great progress in that

the UN authority is now recognized.

Looking over the document,

I find it fantastic in how the they sling the English language.

This document  would be less understandable to the common reader.

It would instead be easier to understand Shakespeare.

For one thing, the map is generalized.

It says what is to be accomplished,

and not what is to be done to accomplish this.

It does not say what is legal and what is illegal.

It does not say what countries are allowed to bomb Syria.

This resolution  indirectly legitimizes the presence

of the US-led coalition in Syria,

so they can proceed with exactly what they are doing now

even without the permission of Assad.

I say, my steps are better spelled out

than this UN roadmap.

This roadmap reeks of an Assad overthrow.

I do hope that the UN will do better this time

in having a mind of its own.

The Syrian General Staff

What is supposed to be the next step in my suggestion

to solve the Syrian problem,

and which was pre-empted by the American

attack on a Syrian military base,

is the complete training of the Syrian officers Corp.

this procedure has never been done before

by those governments who have deposed

and/or attempted regime changes

in the Pacific and Middle East regions.

These attempts had catastrophic results.

What I am trying to say is that

when elements of an army is to be shown

field lessons on how to fight the known enemy

one should not assume the posture of

the arrogant warrior.

One has to teach the apprentice in a comrade,

buddy-buddy manner.

The teacher must not keep the more powerful

weapon for himself, leaving the outmoded,

soon-to-be discarded weapon to the student.

This method assures the student’s respect for the teacher.

Now, to reform and refresh the Syrian army

the process should start with the General Staff,

then the Officers Corps,

then the Regimental commanders,

and so forth an so on.

But this thing that I will tell you has never been done before—

that of hauling the whole General Staff,

transporting them to a Command and General Staff School in Russia,

to teach them of  the upcoming refurbishing

of the Syrian Army.

Such a change in scenery would give the Generals

a sense of pride and privilege

and would inculcate that intimate relationship

between the Syrian and Russian commanders.

This method has never been done before.

If it was done before, the whole region

would not be in this kind of a rumble.

Trump Bans Muslim Travel To US

“Unless they can figure out what really is happening,

we should ban muslims travel to US”

Sounds logical to me.

He does not say ban Muslims permanently.

Muslims should understand why Americans would say this.

And if the Muslims who are already in the country complains,

what for, they are not being kicked out yet, are they?

Tell them to come to Canada

where they will find precisely no reason

to be radicalized.


The Final Count up

The Final Count up


No, it’s not the final count down, it’s the final count up. We are starting to solve the problem of Syria by steps. Remember that I said I am not going to guess what is in Putin’s mind? Well, I am going to try to suggest something which Putin might just put into his mind.

But first let us review what is obtaining in Syria. The country is loaded with people of all sorts that appear to do the country harm, or at least control the country for all their selfish purposes, some of these purposes are economical, some are political, a lot of them are both. I guess we can now safely say Syria is infested.

When Russia went in on Assad’s invitation, the sterilization of the country was initiated. But now it seems that not only sterilization is required, but a complete cauterization and then, immunization.

What is significant in Russia’s bombings is that it is now fully known what the intentions are of the countries that figure with the events in Syria, particularly those that have made the conclusion that Assad must step down from his presidency. Curiously enough, this obsession to depose Assad will be the root of the solution. For in reality, Assad is the recognized legitimate President and ruler of Syria. To remove him from power will require a coup or an election or an assassination or negotiation.

So let us start the final count up from the present situation that we have. Putin is angry because he has lost a lot of Russians from this particular operation. What bothers him is that what friendly sides he should be having with him are all becoming stumbling blocks. I believe that if he has a free hand in the solution of Syria’s infestation, everything political, and not military, may be the final solution and will thereby be the end of this final count up. Confusing, isn’t it. But let me put it this way.

If Assad is legal President and ruler of Syria, and legitimate according to the UN principles, then he can enter into treaties , more specifically DEFENSE treaties; or that which is very much like NATO, or any mutual defense treaty with any country, more specifically, Russia. This treaty will basically state that any invasion of Syria will be considered an invasion of Russia, which will come to the aid of Syria if it were invaded. The ISIS, Libyans, Turks, Iraqis, and any foreigners which Assad will deem as invaders are liable to be repulsed by Assad’s government and also Russia’s forces.

In this particular scenario even the Europeans and Americans will be considered as invaders if Assad says so. If there be no distinction between Free Syrians and ISIS, both will be bombed. The American mercenaries will then be considered as trespassers, unless of course they have visas, have diplomatic immunities, or have been invited by Assad. The rebels may of course negotiate a peaceful surrender, ask for pardon and wangle a spot in Assad’s government. They will also be required to carry identification cards as all Syrians do.

As for Syria, it can also have defense treaties with as many countries as it likes.

A parting word for this first count up—–Syria is as important to Russia as Tibet is to China





(next: this time, you guess what is next)