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Detailed narrative on Ukraine

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The Dope


The “material” that Trump boasts to have

is most probably the dope on Biden

that theBagman Ghouliani secured

from his very special, extraordinary trip

to the Ukraine region.

Something is afoot whenever my hyperactive brain

starts to hurt.

So I turn to my reliable crystal ball to try to alleviate

the headache.

What comes up is an incredible fiction.

Remember what I told you about my next post being fiction?

Well, this should augment it.

But I warn you that I emphasize the fiction ala Scorsese as

regards this post.

So you may  choose  to  believe it  or not

But I would rather that you do not believe it!!!!

These events strike me as odd and good—

Russia’s gas pipeline went through Turkey

without a peep nor a sanction from Trump.

A long truce on the Russia-Ukraine front has been effected,

eliminating the need for the Javelin aid to Zelenesky,

who may now divert the unused funds for something else.

Also, more funds to the aid have still to be used and

Zelenesky may be able to secure them.

Ukraine will not set up some long-range missiles,

inherited from Khruschev,

to point to Russia.

Putin reorganizes the Russian government in such a way

as impeachment procedures upon himself cannot be started.

Zelenesky  is now more   amenable  to  Trump’s  requests,

more notable is that he is to be silent when required.

The “material” may have included the reason for the non-prosecution

of the corrupt officials in Ukraine’s government

including Siokin accepted  bribes for refraining to prosecute.

Siokin may have attempted  to  bribe  Biden’s  son

 but Biden had him legitimately removed.

Biden’s son may have been helpful

in the election of Zelenesky.

In the Impeachment Trial of Trump,

When the Republican Senators

ask for Biden as a witness,

and also ask for this “material” as evidence,

the Democrats

should ask for Siokin and Zelenesky as witnesses

to validate the “material”

And if Trump’s counsel mention

that the material was in Trump’s hands,

then they should ask for Trump as a witness.

In fact, the Democrats should ask for Trump as a witness

even before Trump’s counsel mention his name.

But again I warn my readers—

this is merely a product of my hyperactive imagination,

er, my crystal ball,

and I would rather you do not consider

this as gospel.

(some Democrats must also contact Zelenesky ahead)


Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff,

Lead House Impeachment Manager,

puts out one Daniel-Webster of a presentation.



(OOOPS! Sorry about the slack

When you gotta go

you gotta go!)



Abuse Of Power




The Prof,

still professing that he is not part

of Trump’s defense team,

will expound on the point that Trump’s actions

were not impeachable,

referring to the logic of the Framers of the Constitution.

That may be, but it should be pointed out

that the framers of the Constitution had little or no idea

of what the country would bw subjcted to

in the future.

Such thing like homicides, homosexual tendencies,

abortions, nuclear weapons, mercenaries, foreign aids, and such,

were not in consideration when the Constitution

was debated upon.

The Prof will then argue

that what is termed as Abuse of Power

is actually a form of maladministration due to poor judgement

and therefore it is not a crime and is not impeachable.

In so doing, the Prof will argue that impeachment will be determined

by the gravity of the President’s act,

and not the cause for the act.

To distinguish therefore

between maladministration and abuse of power,

I propose to present this case as an example.

Listen well,

because even though this case is not as serious

as the act by which the Abuse of Power article is based on,

this case is  presented

to compare and contrast between abuse of power

and mere maladministration.


If a father maltreats his children with beatings.

scoldings,  withholding subsistence benefits,  and so forth,

these may be considered as mere acts of bad parenting

which should be ignored and left unpunished because

upon him is vested the sole authority

and responsibility to fend for his children.


if this father forces sex upon his children,

this will be considered as abuse of authority.

or simply abuse of power,

because this authority,

 vested solely upon himself,

has been taken advantage of,

and his act has been done in excess of

what his authority dictates.

The father has made a quid pro quo.

or an implicit sex for sustenance,


ABUSE means literally over and above expectations.

Get it?


Impeachment Trial Scheduled

The Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump

has been scheduled for next week.

This implies that there will be no war against Iran.

If you understand what I mean.

Anyhow Trump chose for his defense

a bunch of knowledgeable but popular

people enough to make a good TV show.

This people will make it appear

 that the partiality of the Republicans

are actually a show of impartiality.

This by explaining that Trump has merely done

a bad administrative decision instead of an abuse of power

which makes his actions unimpeachable.

References will be made on the conditions obtaining

at the time of the framers of the Constitution

 in circa 1776.


To Save The World

Hitler promised to save his country and the world.

He saved his country

only to have it destroyed

when he attempted to save the world.


A lesson could be learned from his career.

Iranian Diversionary

Now everybody talks about the Iranian vengeful attack

on the US of A.

The type of assault is anybody’s guess.

But Trump has succeeded in diverting the people’s attention

from  his impeachment problem.

And again there is the pre-conditioning of the people

on the subject that the US of A is greater than any other country.

hence the favorable Senate decision on his impeachment case

will not incur much of an amazement from his base.

His diversion of assassinating the top commander

of the Persian military, however, will have consequences

on both Trump and his people,

notwithstanding the humongous budget deficit

that would flare up as a result.

His decision to kill the Persian generals

did not have prior sanction

from the United Nations,

nor by the NATO Heads of state,

nor by the American Congress.

Trump pulled out the sanction from his own ego.

Which makes his electoral base wonder—

when will he lego his ego?

Or that which is detrimental

to world peace.


War Drums

War drums resound after Pelosi’s House

impeached the President of the United States.

This is one astounding feat.

But Senate Leader McConnell vows in public

that Trump will not be removed from office.

This is one sour spit.

He has now declared

that in the forthcoming Senate impeachment trial of Trump,

the Republican Senators will act

as both Judge, Jury, and Defense for Trump.

This prompted the House Democrats

to withhold the Articles of Impeachment from the Senate.

This is a requisite for the Senate to start the impeachment.

The Democrats require guarantees that the trial process

in the Senate will be fair or the Articles will be withheld.

This sort of gives Trump a dose of his own medicine—

quid pro quo

or quit from quote

as a favor.

What happens if this status quo extends to election time?

Is a person under a suspended impeachment trial

qualified to run for public office?

(my gosh, I did indulge on the latin words this time, no?)


Trump Impeachment On Hold

The House Judiciary Committee 

promptly recessed after more than 12 hours

of repetitive arguments between the Republicans

and the Democrats.

This fouls up the schedules of the participants

and everybody else concerned.

Any scheduled protests is, by necessity, postponed,

The impeachment votes will be counted tomorrow morning,

giving time for the people concerned, including Trump,

to meditate on their plans ahead of the vote.

US Senate : A laughingstock.

I cannot but laugh at the effort

of the very distinguished, famous, honorable,

historical, champion of liberty

called the Senate of the United States

for the attempts to make laws

to be enforced in another sovereign country

which is China.

The conception of America’s Greatness is humurously 

overrated and their silly attempts to spread this idea

is turning from ridiculous to side-splitting.

I know that the Americans have a penchant

for democratizing the whole world

but making laws for the whole world?

This is absurd.

More bats in the belfry?

Da Ghoat

Singled out as the prominent American

in the “irregular channel” in Ukraine

is Rudy Ghouliani,

the fall guy.

Da Ghoat,

who pushed for the investigation

of Biden, father and son.

Bill Increase

The Americans increase the service charge

for keeping its troops in South Korea.

It is now a $4.7 Billion bill.

The South Koreans will have to shoulder this

as if the Americans eat this much in Bulgoki.

As I said, the amount rings a bell.

This time it rings louder.

Loud enough to scare the bats in the belfry,

proving somebody has gone batty.

One country, the Philippines,

declined to pay for the American troops

and closed both the Clark Filed airbase

and the Subic Naval base, instead.

It did not need the Americans, after all.


Marie Yovanovitch

This woman,

former Ambassador to Ukraine,

has made me alter my views

of the Foreign Service.

Diplomats are not adversarial

not antagonistic


and don’t smile much.

But they do come across.

And this is all that counts

This is the first time I am going to say this

after all 6,415 of my posts,


 Marie Y.mp4


Tariffs Come Off

Trump taketh away

what Trump putteth on

so his John Doe

will be marketh on.

No cause for celebration here.

No fireworks will fly

only bats from the bel-frye.

Incidentally, Trump has done nothing

to warrant another spread in the news;

nothing, zero, zilch, nada, blanco, bokya,

or whatever else.

So he keeps poking on other countries

to hold America’s attention.

The only thing he has success with

is to make America the number one bully

in the world.

He has failed in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq,

North Korea, Ukraine, and Iran.

And he has fallen flat on his face with

the talks with Russia.

But now he has declared removing the

tariff on steel a huge success when in fact

by removing so

he is merely correcting his mistake.

The nerve….

Hanoi Meeting A Dud

No agreement was reached

in the Kim Jong Un-Trump meeting

in Hanoi.

I half-expected this,

knowing Trump

and the company he keeps.

The meeting was meant to only entice the

North Korean Leader to come,

so as to find out what he will agree on,

and what is the most important thing he needs,

and what he will give to get it.

Trump wanted more

and if I know his cohorts, he would give a hint

to Kim Jong Un

that North Korean elections are necessary.

That should break the chopsticks

on Bulgoki’s back.

And if I know Koreans

they don’t just fight back

they bite back

 probably targeting Trump’s hump.

Kim Jong Un is most probably busy now

uncovering a couple of missiles

to get it ready to fire at Guam.

These missiles would be short-fueled

so as not to land on Guam

but are pointed at Guam, anyway.

After all, these missiles were the ones

that got Trump to the negotiating table.

If and when that happens again,

it will be a longer table this time,

or one that will not allow handshakes.

North Korea should better just wait

for the Russian railway to get through.

This one will not be called the Orient Express.

It will be called the Katyusha Rocket.

Or whatever it means.

(remember that Vietnam is now progressive because the Americans lost the war and they had to leave the Vietnamese to develop on their own)


The US prepares to invade Venezuela.

With the regime change project grinding to a halt

the US will now resort to invasion of Venezuela

from Colombia without the sanction of the

UN Security Council.

Abrams has failed to spirit weapons

through the barricades.

He has grown older and more inept.

The US also offers money to the other

Latin American countries if they agree

to the invasion.

The money amounts to a meager $56 million

because the US cannot afford $5 billion as

was allocated to the Ukraine project.

The IMF also will not provide a loan.

The US cannot even provide for a border wall

for its own country!

The US has also started to burn its own trucks

and build its own barricades to portray

that they were Maduro’s doing.

What a shame!



There Goes Another Rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty–


Trump breaks another treaty.

This time the INF treaty.

Or that one that watches over nuclear missiles and such.

The act was probably meant to divert attention

from the Venezuela demolition project at hand.

Little does he realize that he has again publicized

that Russia is well ahead on missile development

and that the US missiles lie rotting in their silos.

Liquid propellants do lose volatility and may need “sweetening up”.

Solid propellants do dry up and may need restoration.

Sad it is to know that Russian short range missiles

may have bracketed the NATO countries

that  bear shorter

distances from Russia,

At any rate, missiles are of less concern now

than cargo planes

(or even converted passenger planes)

should there be an improvised  Caracas Airlift.


Immunizing Venezuela

Venezuelan ports have the best access

to the Pacific and African countries.

To immunize Venezuela against American intervention,

it would be best to :

First—Imitate the Fidel Castro Method

Second—Use Venezuelan oil as collateral for trade

Third—Offer to selected oil companies the license to explore oil

Fourth—Offer oil shipping companies a piece of the action.

Fifth—Ensure Caracas airports can handle large cargo planes.

Sixth—Modernize ports in Caracas to handle containers.

Last resort=—offer a lease to build foreign missile silos in Venezuela.

Industrialization is the best insurance to be left alone.

(note that the Fidel Castro Method has its consequences, but it works)

Humanitarian Aid Blocked

Venezuelan soldiers put up insurmountable roadblocks

to roads coming from Colombia,

effectively blocking up trucks

bearing humanitarian aid.

It may be that the trucks

may contain Nuland cookies

and Pompeo tidbits

which collectively will not be enough

to feed the people

but will be enough only

for a media coverage.

Worse, the trucks may contain

Bolton sniper rifles

which may be used

to start disorder and confusion.

The roadblocks that were put up

may have actually blocked the CIA script

for the regime change.

$5000 of humanitarian aid

may not be enough to call it aid

much less humanitarian aid.

The street protest of Guaido

(pronounced Gway-do)

is fizzling out

making way for the option

 of  UN-sponsored



Maduro Fights Back

Nicolas Maduro,

President of Venezuela,

fights back against all movements

to oust him from his legitimacy.

His foe is unbelievably invincible

as Western Powers could be.

But he still has the advantage

in that he knows what his foes are after

and the sanctions that they use.

His followers are getting stronger

once they realize that this fight

is all about greed for oil

and that Maduro knows how to fight it.

Maduro Interview.mpg


Venezuela’s Oil

The American oil companies now makes a beeline

for Venezuela’s very large oil reserves.

To get control pf this, however,

requires a regime change,

which is actually as ripe as the Americans could.

The foreign trade and commerce of Venezuela

has been blocked for years. resulting in

a much broken economy, so much so that

the starving Venezuelans could do no less

but cry for change.

Comes now the Americans with their scripted

regime change procedure which should include

Maidan-like snipers to accentuate the turmoil.

The purpose allegedly is to bring the country

back to Democracy.

Needless to say Venezuela IS A DEMOCRACY.

It has an elected National Assembly, a Supreme Court,

and a legitimately elected President.

Much more it has all freedom guaranteed.

Even freedom to protest.

Venezuela has a democratic government,

or more specifically,

a strangled democratic government.

Regime Change

The American squad,

using the scripted procedure for regime change,

should take their filthy hands off Venezuela.

A Tale of Two Countries


Cuba’s economy is groveling.

So is Venezuela’s.

When Cuba kicked out American casinos and hotels,

American sanctions rained down on the country.

When Venezuela planned to export its very large

oil reserves,

the country was bombarded with American sanctions

Venezuela’s economy sank.

Venezuela has money.

But it cannot import goods.

The coup de grace, Maduro’s regime has to be changed. 

BTW, Canada still fails to export its oil.

And still, Canada favors the regime change.

National Emergency?

Declaring a national emergency

from a situation of his own making 

would be the most spectacular goof Trump would ever make.

It would be a media-cre effort to correct things.

I agree that the Border Wall is essential

but not so much as that the lack of it would be

tantamount to danger to national security.

This phrase “national security” has been used by Trump

to scare the Americans that what he dictates should be the law.

Well, it did not work when he declared that Canadians are a

risk to the national security of the United States.


Anyway, without the Border Wall, the Mexicans

and the other latinos do not constitute aggressors.

Neither is there an impending invasion.

Sneaking through the border is plain and simple TRESPASSING..

What he could have done now to remedy the situation

is to accept what the Congress offers now

on the condition that Congress considers the wall

to be essential and that he be allowed to raise more money

from somewhere else.

And then he can use his astounding ingenuity to raise money.

That is, after he reopens the government services (drat it!)

The Wall Street Facade

The Wall Street Enterprise

is about to hit a wall.

Stubbornly, it has survived a lot of these crashes.

Credit is to be given its facade of false charts

which are convincingly put up to rise from

impending doom.

Like the Phoenix.

But there will always be a Wall street

for as long as there is a lust

for the Easy Street.

The Retreat

Erdogan pauses from his trumpeting call

to the world to investigate

Mohammed Bs for

 dismembering  Khashoggi.

Trump recalls his troops from Syria.

Mattis quits.

Turkey moves troops towards Syria.

The Kurds feel abandoned.

Russia starts military maneuvers.

Syria is relieved of foreign mercenaries

supplied and funded by the United States.

Assad prepares to repatriate Syrians.

And pay them for coming back.

Wait till Trump changes his mind!