American Politics

To Erase The Evidence Of No Evidence

Trump and Macron and May

goes on a bombing spree on Syria

to erase the evidence that the chemical attack

was staged,

especially since the fact-finding OPCW

will start their investigation today.

And consequently, the OPCW

will find that there can be no investigation

on the site that is all shot up

by missiles.

So to report on their investigation,

the fact-finding OPCW

will now agree to report on what

is their farce-finding result.

One lie to cover another, eh?

Assault For Greatness Starts

The assault on the rebuilding of Syria starts

with a missile attack on Homs,

the Syrian air base.

by Israeli warplanes.

It is reported that one Israeli F16 was shot down.

No tomahawk missiles  has been fired yet.

The great American military

is leading from behind as usual,

making the French breach the wall first with drones.

C-H-I-C-K-E-N !

And for what?

The itch to fire the weapons of war.

The Mueller Trap

An interview with Mueller?

it’s a trap!

Knowing Trump

he can get entrapped

just by opening his trap!

If Mueller has nothing against him

Mueller certainly will try to get something

from an interview.

If Mueller is trying to save face

then let him talk to Trump’s lawyers.

Or perhaps Mueller is trying to intimidate him

with something he knows about

Trump’s private life.

After all, Mueller uses FBI methods

to control all situations.

If there be an interview

then Trump should be the one

to ask the questions,

not Mueller.

Don’t trust Mueller.

He wants to vindicate

the FBI.

Trump should know by now

what the whole FBI agency

has on him!

Both good and bad!

Mueller is just trying to prove

that he is not inutile.

Remember also that he may not have

the mandate to investigate!


The Secret Weapon—

this will be your secret weapon—

the referendum.

When California and other states in America

defy the Federal laws and Presidential Decrees,

a referendum could be made

in lieu of a census,

to ask the people of a region

what their choice is regarding a specific controversy.

The result of this referendum is binding over all.

it will overrule the decisions of the state,

Federal government, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

In fact the result of a referendum

will even overrule the Constitution,

if the referendum was nation-wide.

A referendum will require all the residents

of a region who are of voting age,

(16 and over),

and who may have resided in the region

for a specific period of time.

This would include all citizens, immigrants,

and illegal immigrants.

If the American people actually call you

“one of us”,

then you have nothing to worry about

if you ask for a referendum to be made

by Congress.

American Citzenship

A lot of dreamers would wish to live in America.

But a lot of these dreamers refuse to become citizens of America.

What is wrong with American citizenship?

Do some immigrants refuse to belong?

Or they just refuse to pay taxes?

State taxes?

Or Federal taxes?

No Money for the Wall?

If there be not enough money for the wall,

then increase the Border Patrollers.

Use the military

call out the National Guard!

Buckling Down


That was the worst attack yet!

It targeted my webhosting servers.

It also took me 36 hours with little sleep

and more hours for the CanadianWebhosting techs

to fix what appears to be a scrambling of the files.

The CIA must have hired some Chinese hackers to do this.

It is not unusual for the CIA to hire private

mercenaries to do the job.

But I know that there will be more attacks coming.

I shall be prepared for them.

Bring them on!

But first I am buckling down for safety.

The Foreign Legion Lands

The Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced concerns over the buildup of Ukrainian forces and US mercenaries in the southeastern part of the country, calling on Kiev to immediately cease military preparations which could lead to a civil war.
As parts of Ukraine push for greater autonomy – with Donetsk and Kharkov declaring independence on Monday – the self-imposed government in Kiev is  reportedly dispatching additional forces in turbulent regions to  avoid potential disobedience by local law enforcements.
“We are particularly concerned that the operation involves  some 150 American mercenaries from a private company Greystone  Ltd., dressed in the uniform of the [Ukrainian] special task  police unit Sokol,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a  statement. “Organizers and participants of such incitement  are assuming a huge responsibility for threatening upon the  rights, freedoms and lives of Ukrainian citizens as well as the  stability of Ukraine.”

Foreign Legion.mpg

Ukraine’s acting interior minister, Arsen Avakov, confirmed that  additional police special forces units have arrived in southern  and eastern parts of Ukraine from other regions.
“These special forces are ready to solve operational problems  without the regard to local peculiarities,” Ukraine’s  Interior Ministry quoted Avakov as saying. “I urge all the  hotheads now to defer from criticism and panic, and help the  police keep the situation under control.”
According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, special forces backed  by militants from the Right Sector are being tasked with  suppressing protests in the southeastern regions of Ukraine,  which for weeks have been calling for a referendums on the  regions’ statuses within Ukraine. Moscow called on the government  in Kiev to refrain from actions that could spark a civil war in  Ukraine.
“We urge [Kiev] to immediately stop all military preparations  which could lead to a civil war,” the statement reads.
On Monday, a source in the Interior Ministry of Ukraine told Ria  Novosti that three special forces units have been redeployed to  the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to suppress anti-government  protests. The source claims that they consist of Interior Forces  units, the newly-formed National Guard, Right Sector radicals,  and Blackwater (Greystone) mercenaries and Falcon units. LifeNews  also reported seeing armed Titan special forces units in Donetsk.


(originally posted April 8, 2014)

Andrew McCabe Fired


What a cruel thing to do.

In just the nick of time

to disqualify him from receiving

millions in retirement pay.

Too bad,

he had all the chances of negotiating.


Trump’s Revenge

And so, Putin’s Revenge initiated Trump’s own Revenge.

Excepting the whole American State Department, and other Departments,  get in on the act.

Targeted are the wealthy oligarchs and businessmen

close to Putin.

Several hundred of these are now on a blacklist

and sanctions are in order to be applied to these

“foreign agents”.

This, it is believed, will help prevent

Putin from  getting re-elected.

This might have a result different from what is expected.

The Russian people love Russians who have

gone against the United States successfully.

The Russians do not practice politics

the way Americans do.

By the way, are there still sanctions existing

that prevent Canadians from trading with


Daca, The Real Problem

Donald Trump has already risked his presidency

by giving away much in his dealings

with the Democrats regarding immigration.

But the stubborn Democrats ignored him.

This just about proves that the Democrats

are not really fighting for the welfare of

 the immigrants.

They are only fighting for the credit

of solving the immigration problem.

Donald Trump should take back what conditions he gave away

to the Democrats with the explanation

that if the Democrats don’t like these

then let the Democrats suggest better ways.

The best that Trump would do is for the DOJ to send notices

to these illegal immigrants about their pending deportation

the day of which will depend upon the

result of the negotiations with the Democrats.

The real problem about immigration is

about who will get the credit for solving

the problem of immigration.


Interview With Mueller?

It’s a trap!

This may turn out to be an investigation.

And knowing Trump,

his own hyperactive mouth will damn him.

And guess what?

It will be on cameras.

When it is so

it becomes a declaration.

Trump has not been indicted for anything.

So why does he have to defend himself?

Mueller must make sure first regarding

accusations against Trump.

Or else he may be guilty of harassment.

Mueller must also prove that his team’s fishing

for evidence is worth the huge expenditures.

I do not believe Mueller has any strong evidence

against Trump, excepting maybe hearsay.

In truth, Trump has fully cooperated with the investigation

in that he has refrained from firing Mueller.

Bigger Nuclear Button

President Trump’s retort to Kim Jong Un

that he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim

was a master diplomatic reply.


Donald is getting the hang of it.

Kim Jong Un will treat this retort in a humurous vein

because for the first time

Trump has replied to him

on the same term,

button that is.

And perhaps this will be the start of these two

speaking on the same terms.

This may even be the start of

“buttoned up” friendship.

Observe this the minute Kim Jong Un

gives away his intention to honor the Olympic games

on the neighboring arenas

and inform everybody that these games

will not be disturbed by him.

Incidentally, I did post that the best diplomats

to talk to Kim Jong Un would be the South  Koreans.

The reason for this is logical—

the North Koreans and the South Koreans

speak the same language

and share the same jokes!!!

A positive cool off period between Trump

and Kim Jong Un will be noticeable

when one of them calls the other for the first time–


Armageddon For Grandma Pelosi

The Tax Reform of the US Congress

spells Armageddon for Grandma Pelosi.

Actually, this Tax Reform

provides for reduced taxes for everybody.

So if it does provide reduced taxes for everybody

at the expense of the government

its gotta be good.

Not for Grandma Pelosi, though.

Fire Robert Mueller?

Goodness no!

He’s doing great

uncovering all those names.

Without him working

Hannity would never have a longer chart

of corrupt people.

Besides we need a conclusion to the investigation.

It also keeps the Democrats hoping

and the media faking the news.

It is impossible for the Russians to affect

any American election.

Rosenstein Hearing


Rosenstein Hearing.mp4

(1 1/2 hours)

Out of his rosy chair

and into the Senate grilling chair

is Rosenstein,

functioning as legal overseer

for Robert Mueller.

This one is a survivor.

And he knows his way around,

even makes circles around Congressmen.

One of these days….

Doug Jones, Senator for Alabama




Sen Doug Jones.mp4

What happened?

Watch the video clip.

Land Of Milk And Honey

The Jews were given the land of Milk and Honey.

Why they abandoned this land to go wandering all over the world

is one question even the Jews cannot answer.

With all hearts in accordance

the United nations gathered all of what’s left

of the Jews from the holocaust

and dropped them on that land

now occupied by the Palestinians.

The Chosen People is now back where they were supposed to be

as per Yahweh’s intentions.

The only question is that now they are trespassing on

Palestinian land, a problem which the UN never did

try to solve, nor put down the borders.

Now, to decree that Jeruslem, which is Holy to

three great religions of the world, will be the

capital of trespassing Israel,

a great uproar would ensue.

The term ‘Capital’ would imply police security,

taxes, curfews, inspections, and etc

or simply restrictions for the other religions.

To think that Israel did not have the license to be there

aside from biblical expressions, Israel does not

have the right to control this region.

The United States do not have the right to dictate to the

other religions to hands off the region.

The nerve of this country,

which has done more to invade other countries than

observe UN rules, to criticize the UN for doing much

to be against Israel.

it should be observed that only the Middle East countries

do this and for good reason.

Israel should not be there at all.

If the United States, with all its muscling around,

says that the other two religions would be given

each a portion of Jerusalem as land similar to diplomatic

territories, this might not work.

The United States is known to confiscate foreign-owned

diplomatic territories as part of sanctions.

Besides, it can be disputed whether

Jesus or Mohammed were restricted

as they walked all over Jerusalem.

This is a religious problem

and no political solution may solve it.

Furthermore, the thought of restricting their

mode of worship has had the Muslims up in arms.

And they will have this action very much in mind

when they deal with the US.

The Israelis are appeased by this decree.

Only the Israelis are pleased.

Most of the Americans

and most of the people of the world

don’t even care.

Trump’s family does.

Very Much.



Muscle Power

This Make America Great Again can be overdone.

To be able to achieve this recognition

it must use muscle power,

or shoving aside the opposition,

or simply bullying the weak.

America the Great

does not have the greatness,

not even that owned by Alexander The Great,

to declare a capital for another country

outside of American territory.


Muscle Power.mp4

America has clearly used muscle power

again and again to go against international rules.

America has confiscated Russian owned

diplomatic territory,

used military force to commit aggression in Syria,

broke international treaties right and left,

and thereafter hailed itself

as the savior of the world for doing these.

I will say again that America is retreating

 into a cocoon and will declare itself

great with narcissus renewed.

And thereafter the rest of the world will start looking

for an opposition to this muscle.

North Korea is one choice.

A united Islam is another.

Israel will then be a burden.

Remember that since 1947

Israel is sitting smack dab

on Palestinian territory.

Muscle Power—enables the aggressor

to invade sovereign territories.

Firing Mueller

To fire Mueller and save some money,

Rosenstein have to be fired first.

That way more money is saved.

Anyway, both are after your red scalp!aha

Ban on Tucker Carlson Show

Canadians may be penalized for going into

the Tucker Carlson Show

or any other American show for that matter


while Canada and the United States

uphold the freedom of speech;

in America

one will surely be subpoenaed for anything one says

even if one did nothing wrong,

and worked over

under the light

until you say you done it

and name more names

to be subpoenaed!

Proof of this is happening now in America

particularly with regards to the rule of law.

Justice is now both incomprehensible

and topsy turvy

in the land where all freedom

is free to be invoked

even if one has nothing underneath

to back it up.


Tax Deficit

The new Tax Reform Bill

that the American Congress passed

will increase the Government deficit

by $1.4 T

says the opposition to the bill.

This may be true

but when has it been that the

deficit did not grow?

What the opposition do not say is that

 this deficit is going to the people.

This will be just like

a Robin Hood

taking money from the national Treasury

 and giving this money to the people.

At least the Congressmen will not be

the ones stealing the money.


Factual Data

This is what Attorney General Sessions says he needs

to start an invstigation of what he is prodded to do.

He must mean the paper trail of money exchanges

or bank records, ledgers, statements,

deposits, withdrawals.

In other words, somebody should deliver these to him

or he subpoenas bank institutions

to fork these over.

Just name the banks.

Either that or Sessions

is just waiting for Mueller

to hang himself

by the facts  he is about to uncover.

The SHUSH Fund

Holy Camoley!

The US Congress has set up this fund

they now call the SHUSH Fund.

This holds the money that Congress use to pay

those girls who report that they

were sexually abused by some Congressman or another.

This fund forms part of the coffers

where the taxes go.

Money from this fund is supposed to pay the

abused girls to shut them up,

similar to what can be called

‘malpractice insurance fund’

What is more disturbing is

what the heck has the Congress accomplished

to merit this benefit?

And how long have the Congressmen been dipping

into this cookie jar?

The word has gone out to the public

about this shush fund.

The girls are now taking advantage of it!


Go Judge Roy, Go!

Here is one anecdote for Judge Roy Moore,

accused of sexual abuses of some sort

close to the elections.——

After the results came in

of the First Democratic Election in Japan

sponsored by the United States,

the Adjutant of the Supreme Commander of

Allied Forces barged into the Headquarters

and frantically informed the General

that the Japanese elected a prostitute

to the Parliament.

The General simply straightened up

in his chair and declared musingly,


The General’s name–

Douglas MacArthur

So Go, Judge Roy, GO!

Your own party may not back you up.

As has been the case in these times.

That same party  has given very little support

to Donald Trump

before and after he was elected President.

Damn the Party, Judge Roy,

Full Speed Ahead!painter