American Politics

The Huawei Test Case


Comes now the biggest and most significant test case

of the much-vaunted American Sanction.

Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei,

and daughter to the founder of this

 very promising electronics company,

was taken into custody by the Canadian Justice Department

in preparation for extradition to the US.

Meng is charged by the US of

violating the US sanctions on Iran.

IMO, since when has it been that the US sanction,

or any sanction by any country,

is enforceable as a criminal offense and as such

deserve imprisonment by the sanctioning country?

By any dictionary which one might use,

the definition of SANCION is simply



those procedures or actions as may be specified.


 that is legally enforceable with troops or police.

Violating sanctions is not a crime.

The rights of Meng Wanzhou have been violated

when she was taken into custody.

SANCTION may be enforced by economic or political means

but not thru the courts of law or by weapons.

Clearly the Americans are testing how the world

may treat the US sanctions on any country or person.

Also under test is the extradition treaty

between Canada and the US.

(who is paying for the Canadian prosecutors and how much?)

Doldrum Elections

The US Elections for the Congress

was unexciting.

There were no reports of Russian Intervention.

Ah well!

Chretien Speaks


Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien opines

about the present Canadian government policies.



FBI To Investigate

The Senate Judiciary Committee Pauses

to provide leeway 

for the FBI to investigate Dr. Ford’s allegations.

This should do it!

Kavanaugh’s goose is cooked.

And we ain’t even close to Thanksgiving yet.

I did foresee the hang-up being imposed on the committee.

But I never thought about Senator Flake

advancing the motion of a week’s pause

and the FBI to investigate.

What I actually saw

was some Republicans abstaining from voting

putting the votes on a draw.

Well, anyway the effect is the same.

The FBI will investigate.

It would be best for Trump to start selection

for his alternate Brown-shirted nominee for the Supreme Court,

one who would also uphold the powers of the President

over the Articles of the US Constitution

as Kavanaugh would.

Stupid Nafta Demands

There is no such thing as a free trade agreement

which is laced with tariffs!

Canadians will  never agree to a trade mediation

presided by American judges only.

Canadians will never agree with

the intimidating end-the-agreement clause

at any time the US wants to.

Canadians will never agree to be a dumping ground

of goods that the US has to throw away as waste.

Canadians will never get its Canada First Policy

behind the America First Policy.

Tariffs will never supplant America’s lost revenues.

If America wants to have the trade deal with Mexico,

then it should.

If America believes that Nafta is stalled because of  Canada,

hey, Nafta was going great before America started

tweaking it for more money.

If America believes that Canada is stalling,

hey, Canada would rather wait for another

less bullying American government,


(So, lay on MacDough, er, MacDuff!)

Thicker Smokescreen

It is getting funnier

as the Western Foreign Policies

keep getting setback after setbacks.

The Brexit problem,

the WMD Mea Culpa of Tony Blair,

the Novichok affair,

the impending elimination of American influence

in the Middle East,

the uncontrolled exodus of immigrants

to Europe,

the North Korean stalemate,

the backfiring of the tariffs,

Ukraine not joining Europe,

the effort to debunk the US currency,

the neutralization of the effects of American sanctions,

and the cold shoulder treatment of the

American approach to negotiations,

all but make the smokescreen darker.

The Western coalition is in a panic mode

as the West try to divert attention

from their problems.

The West is still convinced

that the world thinks Russia is the enemy.

But what else can they blame Russia for now?

The snowfall?

Come to think of it……

I do suspect that Putin has given instructions

to the GRU to lace the snow

falling on the West

with  mind-numbing chemicals

like VODKA.

(hooray, hic)

Down Scope

Trump has his periscope trained at the wrong directions.

His focus is on  countries like Syria, Iran, korea, Iraq

and all those faraway places

with strange sounding names.

He should have his periscope trained to somewhere close by

with no strange sounding names

like Venezuela

and Puerto Rico.

The US complains about the human rights violations

in Venezuela yet it sends troops to Syria.

If I remember correctly

American troops can be sent with ease to the Pan American countries.

So why don’t Trump send troops to Venezuela?

And the migrants from Latin America,

why not send them all to Puerto Rico

and rebuild that place at the same time?

Trump should clean his yard first

before he cleans those outside!

Either that or he should bring down his periscope.



Well whaddayaknow?

The POTUS Blinked.

Like a heavenly star he did.

Bright and Shiny.

For all to see.

All he did was sign in.

Then sign off


to intimidate the migrants

by jailing their kids.

twinkle, twinkle….

curses, foiled again

Children’s Rights

Children are Hoo-man Beans, too.

And therefore they also have Hoo-man Rights.

Or more specifically, Children’s Rights.

Children’s Rights.mp4

The Or-Else Girl of the UN,


withdrew his country’s membership

from the Human Rights Council.


One less American weapon to intimidate the UN members!.

This move of course also

protects Israel from accusations

of murdering Palestinians

in the Gaza strip.


and all that mea culpa thing.


I said it was getting difficult to call Trump stupid!

Now I find it easy.

He called Canadians smugglers!

Now how low can a President get?

If he were not stupid

he should realize that shoes,

the example that he cited,

are covered by DUTIES,

and not TARIFFS

And getting them in to Canada freely

should satisfy the limit of $250.

There are no shoes in America worth $250.

They are also available in Canada

and at a cheaper price.

(With NAFTA, shoes are not even covered

by duties, so no smuggling there.)

I believe also that the foreign and domestic problems

are overpowering him.

Particularly when more than half the Americans

have lost faith in his abilities.

At least Canadians are not a national security risk anymore.

They are just plain shoe smugglers!

Is Trump smart enough to notice that Canadians

have never attempted to migrate to America 

by illegal means?

For Canadians,

America is not worth that much to aspire for! 

(Trump is losing it!)

Brainwashing the “Ugly Americans”

This is what I think

and you should read this

because this is one of the very few times

that I will write it.

This is not a guess now

This is what I think.

I believe that it is still a choice for anybody,

and for this matter any people,

Americans included,

to buy anything

from anybody or any place.

One does not blame the merchandise

nor the seller if one pays for it.

Therefore if America imports from any country

it is presumed that America needs to import from this country

not from anywhere else

and not any other merchandise

and not with any other price.

In other words, why does America believe that it is unfair

for them to import goods that they think they need

and then impose tariffs to punish the sellers?

Do you now see why others call them

“ugly Americans”?

They think they own the world.

There was a time when Americans were worshipped, idolized,

and treated as Gods.

But that was the time when they were “liberators”.

Today they are simply “meddlers”

and bring other people to heel

just to maintain the US dollar prominence.

Today the Americans are becoming like 

the North Koreans.

They are being brainwashed

and they have brown shirted people to do this.

The American States combined as the United States are still lucky.

They still have their Congress untainted.

This should prevent them from seeing

goose stepping policemen.

  The Americans now have

less taxes, more employment,

and  economic progress.

 Therefore they do not now need to be brainwashed

like the North Koreans.

No More!

Trumpling On

The Trump Apocalypse Horses

proceed to run roughshod over all

that bars their way.

Note that Trump’s populace asked for

tax deductions, employment

and labor improvements.

They did not ask for tariffs,

denuclearization, Iran deal cancellation,

and NAFTA removal.

These was all Trump’s ideas.

Trumpling on.mp4

The American Congress may be able to rein in these horses.

But it needs more Democrats and less Republicans.

Or more Wipers!

 (very nice dress!)

Freeland In Washington

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister

Chrystia Freeland

talks to Washington Senators

in typical cool Canadian demeanor.



Thereafter on the same day

Chrystia Freeland received

the Diplomat of The Year award.

Diplomat of the Year.mp4

All Quiet On The Cistern Front


A respite from the rantings of somebody we know.


And at a time that

The Voters are starting to get a clearer profile

of the man who will make America great again,

for a time,

at least.

There is the danger of him putting the country

in a serious predicament worldwide

wherein no amount of signature cancellations

and reneging will amend the situation.

Right now what Congress need is more Democrats.

Or even Republicans who have more spine and savvy

to understand that the institution that makes the laws

have now been commandeered

by somebody who is making his own laws.

The Richest Poor


The root of the American economic problem

still escapes the minds of their big economic geniuses.

If they did, America would never have the problem

of budget deficits, trade deficits, large credit accumulations,

trade wars, US dollar under valuation, and etc.

Employment, repatriation of businesses, tarrifs,

wage increases, wall street stock price manipulations,

are inutile solutions.

The root of the problem is staring them at the face

and no ouija boards, seances, fortune tellers,

nor witches’ cauldrons will help them.

Some of them howl like wolves, too.

God Bless America

Land that is loved.

Dairy Goof-Up

Trump continues his beef against Canada’s trade surplus

in his goofy effort to prove

that he was right in his last salvo.

More goof-ups.

The more he opens his mouth against Canada

the more difficult it is to refrain from calling him stupid.

I will not call him stupid, yet.

Probably, uninformed would be enough,

for courtesy’s sake.

No more Cry Baby.

Cry Guy will do for now.

And that even skips over Cry Boy.

His data about the dairy trade is everything but true.

Canada imports 5 times more milk than it exports to the US.


America has an oversupply of milk by the million gallons.

Canada is not about to allow dumping

millions of gallons on its soil

and pay for the process, too.

The Milky Truth.mp4

The POTUS is not now speaking

for the people of the United States!

(wait till Cry guy shifts topic to Softwood Lumber)

Special Place in Hell

Canadians would not mind

going to that special place in hell

in the afterlife.

 But we do mind terribly

going to a cesspool forever

in this present life,

like for some people we know.

Besides, if that place in Hell is special

it should be equipped with

special spas

for Canadians only.

The Need For Uranium

U235, when refined to fissionable material

with critical mass

is what America is now short of.

Remember that Clinton and company

sold this material to somewhere outside the country?

Trump now wants to re-start the AEC processing plant.

The fissionable material loaded in the icbms

has now gone past the afterlife

and may not be able to start a fission.

The American icbms are now duds.

They have to be reloaded with invigorated payload.

Trump needs uranium for further nuclearization.

But this AE commission is now in dire need of Uranium.

Where can they get this?

North Korea is where there is and

already in bomb-loading form.

This U235 is also in Iran

where a couple more stages of refinement

will produce the material in mercantile form.

Canada is also mining uranium

and is loaded with experts on 

nuclear reactors.

Canada has not been known to produce a bomb

but it markets the material.

China and Russia would have uranium,

so does Ukraine, if it has not sold them

together with the icbm’s.

Now how would the brownshirts acquire them?

Wait and see

my wall leaks are still listening.

The National Security Risk

Dirty-mouthed Trump now really laid it on

the people of this country that sits

with its arse over America’s head

and is supposedly the country to blame

for the snow coming down over this

overblown bountiful head.

This dishonest and weak  country,

while following the heels of great America

in the latter’s intrusive wars all over the world,

has now been tagged as a national security risk

by the ingrate of a big brother.

(This photo makes the perfect substitute for my target practice dart board)

These ungrateful bullies so much as bombed

the camps of Canadians even with tents

of a big red cross painted over them.

yes, these Canadian soldiers do better,

more efficient, enviable jobs than the American pilots

who never could earn TOP GUN recognition

in their own air bases over the Canadian pilots.

Canadian troops were intentionally slain

by American “friendly” and jealous fire in

Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a reward, America is the selfish objector to Canada’s

merited seat in the UN Security Council.

This should add to America’s greatness, eh?

It is to be recalled, too, that some Louisiana farmer

sneaked in cattle infected with the Mad Cow Disease.

As a result, beef products from Canada, even when uninfected, was banned 

for more than a year by the international community,

including the United Sanctions of America.

National Security risk, says the brown shirts,

but which country  should have a beef 

against the other?


Trump arrived at the G-6 +1 Meeting

and then discourteously left

before the meeting ended.

I suppose this makes the US

great and powerful

all over the world.


 And then his brown-shirts lambasted

no other than the PM of Canada

 about the latter said several times

before the Meeting.

I suppose this should distract the world

about the shame that Trump received

being the odd man out in the room.

Even his suggestion that Russia  be

given membership was spurned.

I suppose this means that from now on

anything that Trump suggests

will be treated with mistrust

among the countries of the world.

I know what will happen in this Singapore Meeting.

Shock will be the order of the days

after this day.

A Family Quarrel


declares that the tariff thing

is like a family quarrel.

Like Trump slapping younger brother Trudeau

at the back of the head

for not following orders

and for being a national security risk.

And afterwards asked for Russia,

which was unceremoniously banned

and ostracized from the summit, 

to be included instead.

Trump must need another APPRENTICE

to prop his ego.

( Trump’s new strategy of the deal—-cry baby, like Netanyahu)  

The Trump Sting

 In the upcoming G6+1 Summit

the G6 members should expect that Trump

will announce the temporarily suspension

of the tariffs that he imposed.

He should not be trusted, though,

as he is not a man of his word.

Beware of Trump

bearing crumbs

There is no concession that each of the G6 members

can concede that is justifiable

and that is not appear like giving in

to a spoiled brat.

The Nafta stays as is,

otherwise it is cancelled

as there is no such thing as free trade

laced with tariffs.

By now the spoiled brat has learned a lesson in foreign trade.

Each move to change any deal has to have

a comprehensive study of 

profit, prices, politics and people.

To have a balance of trade with the other countries,

America must first produce exports that are palatable

to the other countries.

Steel and aluminum, for instance,

America should produce these more than what it needs

at the same time with a competitive price.

If not, America will import more

than what it exports,

thus the American trade deficit.

This is no fault of the other countries.

What does Trump do instead—

get the other countries

to solve this problem for him.

if his brown-shirted brigade would admit failure,

they should ask me for the solution—

I am not a spoiled brat

and I will tell them how—


Right now the brown-shirted brigade have 

put the country in a situation which is

drowning in debt

with an undervalued money to pay for it!.

The Burning Of The White House

Trump quipped to Trudeau

that White House was burned by

Canadians two centuries ago.

Well, the British did

not the Canadians.

But I must admit that

burning the White House now

is actually in the planning stage.

And Trump will know that

we’re on the move already

just as soon as we figure out

how to get around the watch

of Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

White House Burned.mp4

All kidding aside, 

as if I were kidding,

we Canadians are peeved of being used

as  props for Trump’s stage shows.

We might as well wait to talk

to the next US President.

Nafta Is Scuttled

Nafta was doomed.

This was what I posted on May 9.

It was already decided before the negotiations started.

Canadians should have expected to receive

demands which will be impossible to agree on

without sacrificing much from their side.


But never fret—

Canada will not have a trade surplus against

America if America does not need Canadian products

that much to import them at a larger scale.

Your best retaliatory action would be

to slow down on the shipment of exports 

to America and then see what happens.

If I may again guess right—

Trump’s target is actually the Canadian Uranium.

This effort is set to bring down the price

of this yellow powder that is refined from

U238 to U235 to Plutonium.

Trump intends to restore the American

Uranium processing facility

and he needs lots of Uranium,

or that mineral that Clinton sold abroad.

Trump wants a better price on this mineral

and also a free access to it.

North Korea may be forced to give away its uranium

but certainly not to America.

Unless America makes North Korea rich

by buying the refined uranium.

Remember that America’s fissionable materiel

loaded on its missiles need refreshing

as regards the half-life.

In a nutshell,

Cremating NAFTA will be the

death of American foreign trade.

(today, thanks to the scuttling of Nafta, this man popularly called Justin Trudeau,

stood taller to lead his country as its Prime Minister. Bravissimo, Sir.)

Rubbing It In

The American media continues to gloat

over the stupidity of Kim Jong Un

by giving up weapons that can destroy

the United States

in exchange for nothing.


If I were Kim Jong Un,

I would ask for

the firing of Bolton,

withdrawal of US forces from South Korea,

and the lifting of any sanction against North Korea.

In turn I will destoy all the rockets that have been built

and the installations and manufacturing

facilities to build rockets.

I will keep my nuclear bombs

as guarantee for my own life

and my government.

The summit will of course be at Panmunjom,

if ever I decide to go.

Otherwise there should be more talks 

before any summit will take place.

(But of course, I am not Kim Jong Un)

(I would also fire another missile for nuclear drill)