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Putin’s Revenge


His vengeance focuses on Hillary!

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This word is very descriptive

and will most clearly describe

a place very effectively

than any other word.

So why call it obnoxious?

I would use this also to describe a place

that I find disgusting,

especially when people advances  to me

that the place is actually not disgusting.

So now I use it

and even print it

do you find it disgusting?

Most interesting country,

this America.

They fight over opinionated words.


Laura Ingraham’s shots

are like billiard angle shots

in that they rebound

with positive effects.



Nikki Aaron

This one’s name I remember.



With his new-found oriental psychology manipulations

the American Diplomatic Corps exercise a new

method of intimidating

intermediaries into submission.

Primarily in both Canada and Mexico

as regards re-negotiating the NAFTA.

This agreement has not been in favor of Canada,

which has now filed its grievances to the

NAFTA mediator, WTO,

as regards violations of the agreement

by the United States.

Donald Trump is now using threats of

dismantling the NAFTA if the United States

do not attain a surplus on its trade with Canada.


One does not force another country

to give up its trade advantages!

Little do the Americans know

that the Canadians meet any bluff

with a rebuff.

Canadians are inherently friendly

and will wave at somebody new

who waves at them;

even apologizing for anything they had nothing to do with.

But if there is one thing that friendly Canadians

would rise up against is the threat of being had.

If NAFTA be dismantled, so be it!

Canada is prepared to go with the recourse

that will surely not make

America great again!

 Video clips from the Canadian network

will show how Canadians feel

and what they would do

just in case the Americans make a mistake.








Interview With Mueller?

It’s a trap!

This may turn out to be an investigation.

And knowing Trump,

his own hyperactive mouth will damn him.

And guess what?

It will be on cameras.

When it is so

it becomes a declaration.

Trump has not been indicted for anything.

So why does he have to defend himself?

Mueller must make sure first regarding

accusations against Trump.

Or else he may be guilty of harassment.

Mueller must also prove that his team’s fishing

for evidence is worth the huge expenditures.

I do not believe Mueller has any strong evidence

against Trump, excepting maybe hearsay.

In truth, Trump has fully cooperated with the investigation

in that he has refrained from firing Mueller.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese flying in formation

with a plane.

canada Geese056

Canada Geese.mp4

Canada Gold



Canada Gold.mp4

Canada Gold2.mp4

Bigger Nuclear Button

President Trump’s retort to Kim Jong Un

that he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim

was a master diplomatic reply.


Donald is getting the hang of it.

Kim Jong Un will treat this retort in a humurous vein

because for the first time

Trump has replied to him

on the same term,

button that is.

And perhaps this will be the start of these two

speaking on the same terms.

This may even be the start of

“buttoned up” friendship.

Observe this the minute Kim Jong Un

gives away his intention to honor the Olympic games

on the neighboring arenas

and inform everybody that these games

will not be disturbed by him.

Incidentally, I did post that the best diplomats

to talk to Kim Jong Un would be the South  Koreans.

The reason for this is logical—

the North Koreans and the South Koreans

speak the same language

and share the same jokes!!!

A positive cool off period between Trump

and Kim Jong Un will be noticeable

when one of them calls the other for the first time–


Wikileaks Disappears

Assange’s twitter site disappears.

He should check his internet providers.

Or webhosts.

Or his own vulnerability to a neutralized

“Net Neutrality”.

All In

The United States is not only upping the ante.

it is calling the game by betting

it all in to the pot.

Personally, the United States can transfer

its embassy to any place it wants,

as long it does not in turn declare

that spot as the capital of the country

which does not belong to the US.

The US may be that powerful, but it still

cannot declare land as the capital

of any foreign country.


If Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,

then Israel holds sovereignty over the region,

and may enforce any law that it makes over the region.


All in.mp4

Capital Claims

Israel keeps on claiming its capital to be Jerusalem

citing proof that everybody knows this.

Fake claims.

Ever since my school days

I know for a fact that the capital of Israel

is Tel-Aviv.

Everybody knows this.

Not that I berate Israel as a pretender

I am closer to Israel than I know I am,

even if I did live in Biblical days.

All the great religions of the world

deserve to call Jerusalem as its capital.

And a Capital does not make a country.

All the countries of the world

may install their embassies in Jerusalem but

Embassies do not a capital make.




The Israelis should never have abandoned this land.

Fire Robert Mueller?

Goodness no!

He’s doing great

uncovering all those names.

Without him working

Hannity would never have a longer chart

of corrupt people.

Besides we need a conclusion to the investigation.

It also keeps the Democrats hoping

and the media faking the news.

It is impossible for the Russians to affect

any American election.

North Korea in Olympics

The Americans need not worry about the North Koreans

disturbing the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

How can I be sure?

these are Orientals.

This implies that they have a word of honor.

And their word is their honor.

Hence no attacks on the Olympics.

Besides, the South Koreans are their kin.

The Americans, in contrast,

made an agreement with the North Koreans

who in turn stopped firing their rockets.

But then, the Americans broke their word,

So the North Koreans went back to firing their rockets.

How many more agreements

will the Americans break now?

The NAFTA is a good example.

A lot of American goods that are included in NAFTA to

be free of import duties

are up to now being charged with import duties.

Chief of Operations

Hannity is getting close to the covert operations

designed to cover up the larceny.

Hannity may end up finding out

that the one who asked

Sessions to recuse himself

is the same one who chose Mueller’s minions.

If this is like so,

then the weakest link in the group

for grilling

is the lady with the most money.


“Minions. minions,

who’ve been eating minions.

Question Period



The Ethics Commissioner is under fire

Rosenstein Hearing


Rosenstein Hearing.mp4

(1 1/2 hours)

Out of his rosy chair

and into the Senate grilling chair

is Rosenstein,

functioning as legal overseer

for Robert Mueller.

This one is a survivor.

And he knows his way around,

even makes circles around Congressmen.

One of these days….

Doug Jones, Senator for Alabama




Sen Doug Jones.mp4

What happened?

Watch the video clip.

No Medals for Team Russia

Russia is banned from the Olympics.

And finally,

America will be great again.

No medals for Russia!

CAPITAL Punishment

Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem to be

the capital of Israel sparked riots

and violent protests from the Muslims

all over the world.

Such consequences of this declaration

would punish both the Muslim world

and otherworlds

in one violent strife

that is reminiscent of that which was long ago.



Capital Punishment.mp4

I did warn on my last post titled “Jerusalem”—-


Now see what happens afterwards.

A war has just started,


Rally At Pensacola

Trump whips up the crowd

as if it were cream.


Watch this video of the full speech.

This is 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

But you won’t get bored.

You would even feel connected at times.

Rally At Pensacola.mp4

Roller Coaster Democracy

Democracy practiced by the Americans

began its roller coaster event in search of what

its structure should really be.

Mueller’s firing of Peter Strzok initiated this,

after knowing that Congress is about to file

a Contempt of Court against the FBI

for failure to

submit records pertinent to

its investigations.

This would start the coaster rolling

and it will be more fun to watch

than the mainstream media’s antics.

These files, when submitted,

would contain a treasure trove of names

(including Mueller’s)

that may include the stink

precluded by J. Edgar Hoover.

This should remind us of why I keep saying

“Shades of J. Edgar Hoover.”

It follows.

And therefore I may now ask:

Is the FBI,

and the imposing building that houses it,

worth the budget that it enjoys?

Remember that the FBI will fight back,

by informing just about everybody in Washington

about the dossiers that it collected

against each and everyone of them!

How many in the FBI knew

that there will be a September 11 attack?


The Bitcoin Deletion


It is just in your imagination!

The most realistic locale of Bitcoin’s residence

is in one’s computer

or specifically,

in one’s hard drive.

Bitcoin is digital.

Believe it or not, digital!

You can’t touch it.

You can’t handle it.

You can’t buy a burger with it.

And the news about its value rising astronomically?

Don’t get fooled by it.

It is synonymous to a wall street ploy.

The difference is only that

Wall Street is believable

and is based on actual value of companies,

not the actual value of your imagination.

Your question should be whether

this Bitcoin can be accidentally deleted

or intentionally hacked?


Ban on Tucker Carlson Show

Canadians may be penalized for going into

the Tucker Carlson Show

or any other American show for that matter


while Canada and the United States

uphold the freedom of speech;

in America

one will surely be subpoenaed for anything one says

even if one did nothing wrong,

and worked over

under the light

until you say you done it

and name more names

to be subpoenaed!

Proof of this is happening now in America

particularly with regards to the rule of law.

Justice is now both incomprehensible

and topsy turvy

in the land where all freedom

is free to be invoked

even if one has nothing underneath

to back it up.


Tax Deficit

The new Tax Reform Bill

that the American Congress passed

will increase the Government deficit

by $1.4 T

says the opposition to the bill.

This may be true

but when has it been that the

deficit did not grow?

What the opposition do not say is that

 this deficit is going to the people.

This will be just like

a Robin Hood

taking money from the national Treasury

 and giving this money to the people.

At least the Congressmen will not be

the ones stealing the money.