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Unhealthy Insurance

My hunch was right!

The American Health care is a ripoff

by the private insurance companies

delegated by the lawmakers to

monopolize the premiums.


Unhealthy Insurance.mp4

Health Care Insurance run by the Federal and State governments

should eliminate the profit motive

and thus result in the cheapest health care,


Mueller’s Gambit

While the mainstream media

fights for subscriptions

and the Democrats

fight for redemption

Special Counsel Mueller

fights to save face.

With nothing to show for

 in his investigation of Trump

he then hires a whole bunch of ant-Trump

pro-Clinton people to work for him.

He wants to achieve either one of two things:

For Trump to stop the investigation thereby

pinning the blame on Trump.

And also for putting the blame on the people that he hired

declaring that whatever decision is arrived at

it was his group that made the decision, not him.


One question, though,

who pays for those he hired

and how much?


(how about starting an investigation on Mueller and company?) 

Terrorist Compensated

In one very unpopular decision,

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

compensates a terrorist with millions of dollars.

If he is giving the world a hidden message

that will be anybody’s guess.

This Canadian terrorist it seems

have won the Canadian lottery

with much rigging by the Prime Minister.


Terrorist Compensated.mp4

(what would it take to rig the Canadian 649!)

Revoking Benefits of Obamacare

Everybody has been concerned that cancelling the benefits

provided by the last Affordable Health Care

would be difficult to do.

One does not take away the benefits that were provided

by the last administration.

This is understandable.

In fact, this is rightly so.

However, it will be easier to take away these awarded benefits

if another set of benefits are offered

which is better than the last.

These benefits that I elaborated

are much, much netter than the last.

Stupendously so much better.


Employers’ Lament

When the business owners and employers hear

that 2/3 of the State Health Care Insurance contributions

will be paid by them,

they will all sound out in a chorus—


They should allay their fears.

The contributions will be tax deductible

and itemized under “expenses”.

So is the employees’ contributions.

They are considered as health care expenses.

This is charged to his income tax.

The employers’ contribution is charged

to the business tax

The employers should have his own 2/3 contribution

charged to his business expenses.

Good, eh?

Global Tilting

Yesterday was the warmest day around these parts.

At the same time, there was a heavy snowfall in Chile.

now do you believe me that the earth has tilted

and that this is causing the global warming?

Trap for Trump, Jr.

Trump, Jr. nearly ran into a trap.

His meeting with the Russian lawyer

was a trap.

Only his self-righteousness and his presence of mind

save him and the family

from a scandal.

Moreover, thye meeting was short

and he brought along some witnesses.

otherwise a fake story would have been started

about his illicit affair with the Russian lawyer

whom, I might add,

was not exactly a bad-looker.

Now believe ye not what I tell you

because the proof is beyond my reach.

This may be fake news.

But at least consider who may have concocted

such an entrapment plan for Trump, Jr.

Looks like the Russian lawyer may have to be investigated

by the Dems for not succeeding!


Laying Eggs

This video should convince you

that there are Muslims in America

who have leanings towards Jihad.

American jihadists

Watch out for these people

including the consenting Imams

Who seek to twist words around

and get you on the defensive.

These are Muslim immigrants who worships by the

Holy Quran that contains no words but hate.

For example:

hate verses

These people are simply laying eggs

on your heads.

Call to Jihad (Holy War).mp4

G-20 Side Orders

G-20 Side Orders,

I mean, talks

I imagine Syria will be partitioned,

and have another election

which Assad will win again, anyhow.

Israel will get into the picture,

like a snapshot!

A long shot guess would be

the suspension of

the Russia-Nokor railway.


The question may come up

about whether North Korea is merely

a testing ground for missiles

built from other countries.

Forget about China—-

it has its own lesson plan

on North Korea

and Taiwan.

Vodka and napoleons?

No secret on these!


I won!


I won!


Pan De Sal Brigade

Dregs of society

Scum of the earth

Themselves they know this

Let no outsider say this!


Out to prove something

That they can also ask for something

People is what they are

Let people say so.


Pandesal for c-rations

With coco jam, or margarine-sugar,

or the sardine luxury

or tasteless boiled egg.


Sticks for swords

Rocks for missiles

Against tear gas and truncheons

Rubber bullets and real bullets.


Leaderless overall

But leaders born

Whoever dares to go forward

Leads the mass onward.


Shorn of El Shaddai

Betrayed by INC

Denied by leftist champions

Beset by hunger

Buffeted by taunts

Cries of anger

Pleas for recognition

And then back to the barricades.


The charge goes once

And then twice

Thrice, four times

Each time the barricades go down

And with them goes

The science of crowd control

And the image of the

Philippine Crowd Dispersal Units.



There will be no honors

No Medals, not even praises

Only whispered tributes

From newly discovered bonds

With the silent glow of pride

That theirs was a magnificent charge

So magnificent that nobody else

                                                                                                                                           Dares own it, nor disown them

  No more.


“When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made,

Honor the Pandesal Brigade,

Noble Pandesal Brigade.”




China’s Missile launch Fails

China’s Missile launch Fails.


These missiles come with Users Guides

written in Korean!


Kimberly Guilfoyle

Oh Shucks!

This view is the wrong one for me!


You guys would agree with me

that if you want to review a woman’s charms

with an exhaustive scrutiny,

the best angle is from behind

when you are trailing her.

No perversion here please;

but in my case,

I would look at her

from hair to sole,

with full powers of observation,

upon her twin alternately moving intra-stuctures

which provide her upper body

with both support and locomotion.

But as I said,

this is the wrong angle.



Governor Mike Huckabee

One Lucky Guy this Governor Mike Huckabee

for being the only with a comprehensive understanding

of what ails the GOP Health Care Bill.


Mike Huckabee.mp4

It appears, though, that

he has a good grasp of the Canadian Health Care

and how it works.

This video shows a part of the Canadian Health Care.

Come to think of it

for him to know that much

he must be a Canadian!


He is not that good looking to be a Canadian.

But he’s close, he’s close…

so there…

CNN Tabloid

Fabricated news by CNN regularly, intentionally, maliciously propagated

has relegated this network into something less than a tabloid

that spreads fake news for profit.


CNN Died. mp4


Project Duterte


Project Duterte.mp4

Trumpcare No Go

The Republican Health Care Bill

is stymied in the US Senate.

I expected this—

The US Congress  is up against the same problems

encountered by Obamacare.

Not meeting these stumbling blocks head on

will doom to faill all the health care proposals that can be conjured.

Just imagine this—–

if both parties claim that their proposals

would tend to have

millions of Americans without health care—-

these are bound to fail.

Now, the Canadian Health Care,

of which I benefit from,

is unanimously popular in Canada.

No complaints from anybody.

 This is the foremost feature of this country

that makes it the number one country

where people would like to live.

At 150 years of age, Canada has become

the envy of the world.

BTW, those Americans who vehemently announced

that they will move to Canada

the minute Trump is elected President,

I may ask them impatiently—

how long do we have to wait!!!

Chemical Weapons by Assad?

This is his own people.

His mandate comes from them,

He needs them for the next elections.

 So why would he gas them?

Come to think of it–as was the case in Iraq,

and Libya,

and the kurds,

chemical weapons were used

presumably by the regime

that was targeted to be removed.

Who may drop the chemical weapons in Syria?

Plainclothes people,

like mercenaries.

Now who would you believe started the Maidan massacre?

Who would you believe brought down the Malaysian passenger plane in Ukraine?,

believing that Putin was coming home in that plane!!!

Now the mercenaries mixed with the Syrian rebels

may have got  close enough to Syria to

plant the chemical weapons


watchmanBrackishWater Soldier Of Fortune

(I now am buckling down for another malicious cyber attack)

The White House Tape

I half-told you that there was none.

But if you really want to know what transpired

in the private mano-a-mano conversation

between Trump and Comey,

I will tell you now.

But since I was not there, and am not privy to the talk,

you will have to consider my words


Trump asked Comey

about the progress of the Clinton email investigation,

and that he considers this investigation

more important than the Flynn investigation,

who is a good person, anyway.

When Comey said he could not continue with the email investigation,

Trump decided to follow some consensus to get rid of Comey,

and so he fired Comey.

Now, did I guess right,

or did I guess right!


Canadian Snipers, Eh?

canadian snipers, eh


A sniper for Canada’s elite special forces in Iraq has broken the world record for the longest confirmed kill shot, the country’s military has confirmed to several media. The fatal shot targeted a member of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

“The Canadian Special Operations Command can confirm that a member of Joint Task Force 2 successfully hit a target at 3,540 meters (2.19 miles),” the unit said in a Thursday statement.

 “For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel and our Coalition partners we will not discuss precise details on when and how this incident took place.”

However, the Globe and Mail – the first to report on the incident – said that the operation took place “within the last month.”

The sniper used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle when firing at the militant from a high-rise building. The shot reportedly took less than 10 seconds to hit the IS fighter.

The achievement marks a new world record for sniper kill shots. The previous record was held by British sniper Craig Harrison, who shot a Taliban fighter with a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle from about 2,475 meters (1.53 miles) away in 2009.

“The shot in question actually disrupted a Daesh (IS) attack on Iraqi security forces,” a military source told the newspaper. “Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far way, the bad guys didn’t have a clue what was happening.”

The kill was independently verified by video footage and other data, according to the newspaper.

However, the Canadian military insisted that it is still merely taking part in an “advise and assist” role for Iraqi forces.

“This takes the form of advice in planning for their operations and assistance to defeat Daesh through the use of coalition resources,” the statement said, as quoted by CBC.

Canada has been part of the war against IS since 2014. Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberal government ordered the withdrawal of six Canadian fighter jets that were involved in targeted IS positions in Iraq and Syria in 2015, it has expanded the number of special forces involved in training missions with Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

IS has responded by repeatedly calling for attacks on Canada. In October 2014, a man who claimed allegiance to the group plowed his car into two Canadian soldiers in a Quebec mall, killing one.

Just two days after that attack, a Canadian-Libyan by the name of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed a Canadian soldier at the National War Memorial before breaking into parliament buildings. He was shot dead by authorities, with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying he had been motivated by Canada’s participation in the war against IS.

The Syrian Irritant

The US intruded into Syrian territory without consent

from Syria nor the UN.

This is in itself becomes an irritant on the US-Russia relations.

As was the case, the Americans bombed  Syrian National Forces,

or those forces under the army of the legitimate Syrian government.

The US-Russia agreement is to fight against the ISIS.

The US is complicating what could be a simple matter that requires  a simple solution.

Both the US and Russia should ask themselves

with whom is the ISIS fighting with

and against whom is the ISIS fighting.

The answer would simply be that the ISIS is fighting with the US/rebels

and the US is providing arms and support to the ISIS/rebels.

Furthermore, it has been an inherent fault of American pilots,

whether they fly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea,

that they bomb indiscriminately,

killing friendly forces.

My question would be—

why is the US fighting with the ISIS and rebels to bring down the

democratically elected government of Syria?

For oil, for money, for ICBM bases,

for security of Israel?

My solution would be—-build your ICBM bases in Israel

get out of Syria and let the Russians and Syria

fight the terrorists.

As regards to Syria, the US has made an aggressive act.

Bringing down the competition (Iran and Syria)

is not the way to make America great!

(disband the American mercenaries)

Putin Interview Part 1


Putin Interview Part 1.mp4

Who really is supporting the terrorists?

Left-wing Terrorist

And finally what I was afraid would happen has happened.

A left-wing Democrat gunned down

Republican lawmakers in a terrorist-style rampage.

Fueled by leftist propaganda,

Democrat-leaning Hodgkinson mowed down

several Republican members of Congress in baseball practice

and was proceeding to do more damage

had he not been shot down himself

by alert Capitol policemen.

And thereafter is initiated the change in the attitude

and disposition of the American people.

Their state of mind will now be at most

comparable only to that of a lowly

banana republic. 

Starting now, not all roads will lead to America,

 the land of the queer

and the home of the grave.

The Sessions Session

In about half an hour

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

will face the Intelligence inquiry

on the Russian meddling.

I am guessing that something like

President Trump’s concern

about the progress of Comey’s

investigation of the Clinton  email “matter”

and that Flynn’s investigation became the priority.

Profile of a Terrorist

No ifs and buts—-

the terrorist is a Muslim.

He will have more hair on his face.

He will be dark-skinned,




and sits most quietly when alone.

He appears to have some cash resources

even if he has no visible source of income.

He is somber, gloomy

and he has a hard stare.

He does not socialize.

Stay away from him.

He has millennia in his mind.

And maybe a bomb in his pocket.