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Ye Olde Chemo Trickee

The UK again unabashedly announced

that Russia was responsible for the poisoning

of former double spies mother and daughter.

No proof was presented, of course,

not even the effort to find one.

This chemical attack is used as a ploy

by the English to create diversion

and to drum up political support.

It’s been used against Hussein

and Assad.

It’s a stale ploy

and  it had its laughs already.

Better for Theresa may

to stick to the

Ye Olde Tea Shoppe sip.

This has a more elegant ring to it!


And sure enough as I told you….

my video capture program has been brought down

using the same malicous intrusion as the last ones

and, as the last ones, I bring up the back up computers.

Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

And so we proceed doggedly on

with the subject……………….




This probably cost a lot from the CIA budget of

$5 Billion for Ukraine in 2014.

And a lot of Ukrainian lives.

Brennan Disturbed

Former CIA Director John Brennan twits—-

visibly disturbed by the firing of Andrew McCabe.

What is he afraid of?

I wonder.

But just in case,

I am making a back up of this site first.



Andrew McCabe Fired


What a cruel thing to do.

In just the nick of time

to disqualify him from receiving

millions in retirement pay.

Too bad,

he had all the chances of negotiating.


The Last Gunfight


Last Gunfight .mp4

Major Roman Filipov
was downed flying his Russian Su-25
in Syria by Syrian rebels.
After a brief gun battle with the terrorists,
he blew himself up with a grenade,
saying “this is for the boys”
He receives the highest Russian Award.

The downing may just be similar
to the downing of MH17.
The weapon and the supplier
may also be similar.
Shades of MH17! Surveyed


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The Thaw


Really now,

the thing that started the thaw

is Trump’s retort about

the “bigger button”


The Thaw.mp4


Remember that for an oriental,

the biggest strength

is his sense of humour,

and his weakest resistance

comes from a joke.

Let Trump therefore bring his big button with him.

And make it sound with a fart when pressed.

And lo, all things wild and wonderful

will come with a fart!

(To Trump goes the honor of starting this fart, I mean, this thaw)

Kim Jong Un Settles Down

What did I say, ha?

Diplomacy that will be effective

is in South Korea’s moves!

To the President of South Korea

belongs the pat on the back.

Didn’t I say that he speaks the same language

and share the same jokes?

Kim’s Move.mp4

NOW, this is Korea’s moment.

Let not the American arrogance rub it out.

Kim Jong In is on center stage.

Just shut your mouths,

you former Ambassador and former General,


Quit sour-graping and

Watch North Korea enter the scene

sans the goose steps.

Just shut up, OK?

and applaud!


time to send in the tv hosts for interviews on Kim Jong Un

California Sanctuary

And so the federal Government

starts to whip into line

and follow the rule of law

as laid down by the Constitution

those so-called sanctuary cities

starting with California.


Caution should be exercised

America is now repeating the same scenario

as that in the Civil War.

Remember that the Confederacy

was not against the Emancipation proclamation

that would free the Blacks.

They were against losing the workforce for the cotton fields.

In short, the reason that the South went to war

was economical.

The South was against losing their cheap labor.

California, and the other Sanctuary Cities,

are now in the prospect

of losing their cheap labor force–

the illegal immigrants.

So tread carefully, there!



only a simpleton would think of this.

This is the first reaction to that situation

when imports are being used

more than what is being produced.

These are installed either to reduce the imports

and/or increase production.

These will be of no effect

if the imports are needed

and that what is produced is not that good

for consumption.

Think of steel as an example.

Steel is produced by melting iron over coal

resulting in a molten iron core

laced with carbon from the coal.

Such a process requires the industry of both

coal mining and steel factories.

Steel production is either scarce in the US

or it is cheaper to import than produce.

So the first reaction is to impose tax on

the importation of steel.

This tax, or tariff, is pegged on the exporter who

is now obligated to add the amount to the price of steel.

The importer, referred to the Americans here,

shoulders the tarrif expense.

That is,

if the importer still goes through with the importation.

A further consequence is that the exporting country

will start leveling tarrifs on the American products

which, by some chances, are of a better quality

and more expensive already than what is available locally.

The importing countries will, of course,

prefer cheaper commodities when opportunities allow.

The American products will therefore be set aside

in preference to the cheaper products.

There would be no such thing as Free trade

when tarrifs are imposed.

But there would be such a thing as Trade War

in lieu.

I guess I have to forego explaining the master Stroke idea. From the looks of it, it would only be manhandled afterwards. Also, the solution to school shootings. What the hey, eh?



Sorry For The Slack

Yep, it’s been more than two days.

That was the fiercest hack I had this year.

And I thought it was the graphics card.

It was the hard drive

and it affected the CWH files, too.

But their techs did everything to bring this up

including preventing the pictures

to sit sideways.

Well, gotta upload what is still missing.


Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

Of all the shades of J. Edgar Hoover,

some of which are left unturned,

this one is the darkest.

If Donald is watching

I would say that there just might have been

a conspiracy to hijack the U.S. government

by using a puppet President, maybe.

As to what to do with Mueller,

refer him to the FISC.

After all, Mueller’s mandate

comes from these judges.

If you do not read this in time,

I should blame the webhosting sites of CWH and WHC.

Boy, they sure are inept.

B.C. Premier Restricts Alberta Pipeline

No, this is not politics.

This is plain and simple demand

for rental of the real estate

under the pipeline.

B.C. must have really ran out of

softwood logs.

The next forest fires will bankrupt this province.

On that time they will not call it rental

but commission!

Reaction to SOTU

There are mixed reactions to President Trump’s

State of The Union Address.

For me

this speech fits the President.

Or rather

the President fits the speech.

The next video clip is one of the reactions.

It is Canadian.


SOTU Reaction

Trump’s Revenge

And so, Putin’s Revenge initiated Trump’s own Revenge.

Excepting the whole American State Department, and other Departments,  get in on the act.

Targeted are the wealthy oligarchs and businessmen

close to Putin.

Several hundred of these are now on a blacklist

and sanctions are in order to be applied to these

“foreign agents”.

This, it is believed, will help prevent

Putin from  getting re-elected.

This might have a result different from what is expected.

The Russian people love Russians who have

gone against the United States successfully.

The Russians do not practice politics

the way Americans do.

By the way, are there still sanctions existing

that prevent Canadians from trading with


Daca, The Real Problem

Donald Trump has already risked his presidency

by giving away much in his dealings

with the Democrats regarding immigration.

But the stubborn Democrats ignored him.

This just about proves that the Democrats

are not really fighting for the welfare of

 the immigrants.

They are only fighting for the credit

of solving the immigration problem.

Donald Trump should take back what conditions he gave away

to the Democrats with the explanation

that if the Democrats don’t like these

then let the Democrats suggest better ways.

The best that Trump would do is for the DOJ to send notices

to these illegal immigrants about their pending deportation

the day of which will depend upon the

result of the negotiations with the Democrats.

The real problem about immigration is

about who will get the credit for solving

the problem of immigration.


The Cone Belches

Mayon Volcano

the perfect Cone

belches fire and smoke.

Will it retain its perfect cone figure afterwards?


Outflanking The Donald

Donald Trump applies his well-earned business ploy

on the NAFTA negotiations going on between

the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Business-wise he may be but not

international treaties-wise.

For one thing,

he does not realize that Canada and Mexico

will not be under the strings of the US.


Outflanking the Donald

There is no foreign aid money that he can hold back

from these countries.

These countries are not dependent on US oil.

There are no effective human rights innuendos

that can be thrown at them.

And furthermore,

these two countries are not exactly dependent on NAFTA.

If in case, it is the US that is dependent on NAFTA.

Donald has to realize that there are States that need

imported materials and expertise for reconstruction.

Even his plans to increase his nuclear capability

will depend on how much uranium he can import from Canada.

And, as I promised, his plans to outwit Canada and Mexico

as regards NAFTA will not end up

in making America great.

He should watch it

when the initial arctic trade startup

is pencilled on the drawing board.


presidents and prime ministers are not construction laborers!

Gender Equality

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau speaks on his favorite subject:

Gender Equality,

having championed this project

in his own cabinet,

which he formed with

 an equal number of males and females.


Gender Equality

Putin’s Revenge 2


Putin’s Revenge 5

Putin’s Revenge 6

Putin’s Revenge 7

Putin’s Revenge 8

This clip is cut in parts because for some reason

my computer crashes along the way.

Putin’s Revenge


His vengeance focuses on Hillary!

Putin’s Revenge1

Putin’s Revenge2

Putin’s Revenge3

Putin’s Revenge4



This word is very descriptive

and will most clearly describe

a place very effectively

than any other word.

So why call it obnoxious?

I would use this also to describe a place

that I find disgusting,

especially when people advances  to me

that the place is actually not disgusting.

So now I use it

and even print it

do you find it disgusting?

Most interesting country,

this America.

They fight over opinionated words.


Laura Ingraham’s shots

are like billiard angle shots

in that they rebound

with positive effects.



Nikki Aaron

This one’s name I remember.



With his new-found oriental psychology manipulations

the American Diplomatic Corps exercise a new

method of intimidating

intermediaries into submission.

Primarily in both Canada and Mexico

as regards re-negotiating the NAFTA.

This agreement has not been in favor of Canada,

which has now filed its grievances to the

NAFTA mediator, WTO,

as regards violations of the agreement

by the United States.

Donald Trump is now using threats of

dismantling the NAFTA if the United States

do not attain a surplus on its trade with Canada.


One does not force another country

to give up its trade advantages!

Little do the Americans know

that the Canadians meet any bluff

with a rebuff.

Canadians are inherently friendly

and will wave at somebody new

who waves at them;

even apologizing for anything they had nothing to do with.

But if there is one thing that friendly Canadians

would rise up against is the threat of being had.

If NAFTA be dismantled, so be it!

Canada is prepared to go with the recourse

that will surely not make

America great again!

 Video clips from the Canadian network

will show how Canadians feel

and what they would do

just in case the Americans make a mistake.