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Scheer Vs. Progressives

As his own party blames him for the defeat

at the last election,

Andrew Scheer hangs on as Party Leader.

And if I might put in my million-member word,

the reason why the conservatives lost is due to

the party’s own promise of cutting back on expenses.

This about scared the voters from Eastern Canada

that if the Progressives win the equalization payments

will be cut off.

Presently, there is not one member of the Progressive Party

that can replace Andrew Scheer and still secure the support

of ALL of Alberta.

However, everybody knows that the next government

will be formed by the Progressives,

aye, and there’s the rub.

Bringing Scheer down will give Alberta back to the NDP.

Remember that Alberta did not vote for the Progressive.

Alberta voted for the pipeline.

No pipeline, no Progressive.

Rachel Notley, NDP, was not re-elected as Alberta Premier

because her own NDP party member, Singh,

refuses to allow the TMX in to BC.

Do not listen much to any Quebecer’s words against Alberta.

Quebec is going down.

Alberta now know how it bleeds Canada,

Alberta mostly.

(million members?)

Bill Increase

The Americans increase the service charge

for keeping its troops in South Korea.

It is now a $4.7 Billion bill.

The South Koreans will have to shoulder this

as if the Americans eat this much in Bulgoki.

As I said, the amount rings a bell.

This time it rings louder.

Loud enough to scare the bats in the belfry,

proving somebody has gone batty.

One country, the Philippines,

declined to pay for the American troops

and closed both the Clark Filed airbase

and the Subic Naval base, instead.

It did not need the Americans, after all.


Marie Yovanovitch

This woman,

former Ambassador to Ukraine,

has made me alter my views

of the Foreign Service.

Diplomats are not adversarial

not antagonistic


and don’t smile much.

But they do come across.

And this is all that counts

This is the first time I am going to say this

after all 6,415 of my posts,


 Marie Y.mp4


Quebec’s Mea Culpa


The French guy Blanchet

seeks to come to Alberta to talk to Kenny.

What for? Mea Culpa?

Is he coming to refund all the oil money Quebec received from Alberta?

Is he coming to stop the Province from removing the French language

from the Alberta curriculum?

Is he coming to ask to join the Premier’s meeting?

Is he coming to ask Alberta not to defer the equalization payment?

Or is he coming for a look see at what Alberta grog tastes like?

Whatever his reason is, he should remember to speak in English!

(Maybe he just realized that somebody squealed that Quebec

had surplus budgets in all those years

that this province received equalization payments claiming

it was a have-not province.)

Failing Hongkong Protests

The ongoing ever-violent protests in Hong Kong

are doomed to failure.

It would have received support from the other countries

had the protesters not invaded government offices

and destroyed private properties.

In so doing, they demonstrated thet they will not follow

the democratic principles that they want to be subjected to.

On the other hand, it is the the autonomous government

of Carrie Lam that has shown it upholds democratic principles.

Carrie Lam has allowed the freedom to protest without

stopping it with armed military forces.

The protesters are provoking the police to be violent, though,

but the police have been heroic enough to hold back.

And so does Beijing.

The effort to determine with undercover Chinese as

to who is funding the protests have failed.

Meantime, Beijing is not cutting off the food exports to Hong Kong

because this is also one way to drain the protesters of the funds

that they are sre spending for food.

Meantime, it has taken Regina Ip’s “silent majority”

too long a time before it starts a counter-protest.

Hong Kong’s  financial  success,  and Beijing’s  too,

is not democracy, but an autonomous free port for all nations.

Tourists go there to buy things at affordable prices.

Let us not listen to the young people

who have yet to be concerned about backbreaking work

of earning a living.

Like babies, they cry because they need something.

They do not know what they need exactly.

They only know that they need something.

And they cry only because they NEED something.

Worse, they cry because they WANT something

which is out of reach.


Trailer Alert

 Dan’s trailer was stolen

from his backyard  in Edmonton this morning.

The trailer looks like this.

Please be on the lookout for it.


Rachel Notley

$4.7 billion  handout—

the amount rings a bell.

Something is afoot in Alberta.

I hope it is not a deferred foot.

Former Premier Rachel Notley

comments on Bills 21 and 20.

Rachel Notley.mp4

Bill 20.mp4

Rachel Notley does not literally agree

with the NDP Leader’s policies to the letter.

(makes her a good materiel for a Federal position)


The Tax On Carbon

The government imposes this tax to collect money

for, as declared, the purposes of reducing carbon emissions.

How they are going to do this reduction it fails to explain.

In other words, the government will still do some more planning

on how it will spend this tax money.

But since this tax money fills the coffers of the treasury

it could be spent on something else,

like compensation

to harassed RCMP women,

repeated payments to indigenous people

for whatever they  can think of

as government malfeasances towards them,

bailouts of banks and drowning corporations,

humanitarian aid

to those peoples who can fend for themselves,

and etc.

This government is spendthrift,

spending on just about anything

that does not benefit those who foot the bills—

referring to the taxpayers.

It should be known that these taxpayers

have nothing to do with the aforementioned malfeasances

and will not stand to benefit from this spending.

What is worse, the tax targets the heavy emitters,

like oil refineries and heavy industries.

Such an intention is coming close to stupidity.

These refineries and heavy industries will just pass the amount

of the carbon tax to the consumers,

again referring to the taxpayers.

So therefore, the tight-lipped purpose for the carbon tax

may now be declared:

that the object is to make the people exercise


Restraint from using things that would burn fossil fuels

such as passenger planes, cars, heating furnaces, stoves,

and etc.

People do not restrain themselves from doing things necessary.

And people will not pay for anything indefinite.

People will be penalized with the carbon tax.

The government will get medals for it.

Some will even get elected for it.



Encana Moves South


 A noted Canadian energy corporation

moves south

virtually turning itself into American.

This is a brilliant move.

It gets itself rid of Canadian fickle rules

and regulations and revenues.

But what is more

it can still ask the original owners of the TMX

to build another Trans-Pacific pipeline

outside Canadian soil.

This pipeline would be cheaper to build

and out of the deafening noise of climate change

and indigenous protesters.

Also, it will not have to endure the carbon tax.

Why did it change its name to Ovintiv?

It just wanted to get rid of anything Canadian.

Which brings us to the all-relevant question–

who owns the Alberta oil fields?


Curtains Fall On Al-Baghdadi

The Americans reported with much fanfare

the raid on the alleged Caliph of Baghdad.

This virtually ended the script for the much feared

yet invisible Isis leader, who gave the Americans

the excuse to break the sovereignty of Syria.

Never fret, said they, there are actors galore to replace

Baghdadi coming from a pool in Guantanamo Prison.

Their problem is—they have ran out of settings to place

the next Isis leader.

The script is ready, however, and this is because the

role for the next actor has already been standardized.

Their deaths will not be available in streaming video, though,

because the Director almost always manages to lose the copy.

But it would have been presentable should the name of the actor

be Al-Ladin,  or The Thief of Bagdad,

or  the Magic Explosive Carpet,

or even Al-Pacino.

Ah, but what the hey,

the target for the raid was actually well inside

the Russo-Turkish Safe Zone.

The Russians could have captured the guy

only to discover that he is

Tony Curtis wearing a humongous turban,

(Gad, what a mess!)


Another Blackmail, Another Chicken

One word is that Alberta will lose another $3b

if Ottawa reneges on the TMX.


Another opportunity to blackmail Alberta!

The other word is that Trudeau is asking Anne McLellan

for advice in forming his govamint.

You know, the Anne with an “e”?

He wants Anne to walk in front of him

in case they let the dogs out.





The reelected PM Justin Trudeau,

would like to make amends with the two provinces,

AB and SK,

which he does not have control of now.

It may be too late now to do this

for all the decades that these two milking cows

of provinces were not fed nor cared for.

Remember Quebec’s pride of hydroelectric power

which was constructed simply to stop Alberta’s oil

from flowing in?

Well this power generating project was built

with Alberta oil funds,

so there.

Trudeau must, of necessity, proclaim himself

as PM of Eastern Canada first before he can talk to

the Wexit provinces.

Because he truthfully is not considered

as PM  of ALL  Canada,

if only to ask any of the

peoples in both provinces.

To stop the WEXIT conclusively

I would suggest firstly and primarily


to Ottawa for as long a time as necessary to put prop up

the two provinces.

This might cause some problems with the budgets

of the Eastern Provinces as a result.

But what the hey, let them share the sufferings

of the Western provinces.

Otherwise, he should not set foot on any of the

WEXIT grounds so as not to bear a reception

unwarranted his position.

After this first suggestion is put into effect,

there would be more suggestions as follow-ups

to mend completely what was broken.


What Fer?

After the Russians and the Turks

brought peace in Northeastern Syria

American troops now try to get back in.

What fer?

Didn’t they chicken out and scoot from the area

a month ago?


maybe they just wanted to say

that they were the ones who brought peace in the region

just by chickening out.

Ever thought of that?

All Hands On Deck

After the Austerity Budget is drummed in

the call to assemble resounds

all over the Alberta ship—-

“All hands on deck,

all hands on deck.

We are in for a blow.

Lash the riggings.

Lower the sails.

Clear the masts.

Avast  ye  swabs,

batten down the hatches,

 make ready the pumps.

For Heaven’s sake

pass the grog!”



Western Secession?


That is a definite nononono-

And don’t you start ever.

If you think you cannot stop it.

There are other ways to get even,

I mean, vent your anger

and frustrations of being ignored.

The most practical way is this—

(listen carefully and consider what I say—

don’t start anything by impulse.)


Oil fuels Canada’s economy,

and partly feeds its people.

It comes from the ground,

Alberta’s (and Saskatchewan’s) ground.

Ownership is therefore established

and controls are laid down

that these provinces can stop the oil flow

 by capping the oil fields.

Or conclusively cease transporting oil

and other oil products

to other parts of Canada but keeping

these for the provinces’ consumption only.

This is not illegal for as long as there are

negotiations going on between Federal and

Provincial Finance Ministers.

To be in the negotiations could be the amounts

required for equalization payments

and control of profits from energy resources.

BTW, who actually gets the profits from the

Transmountain  Pipeline?

Alberta or the Liberals?

Now you can spread this word instead of

calling for a WESxit.

Put out an Official Notice first, anyhow!

Then start a plebiscite.

(And please do not call it WEShit!)

(note that there are other options still)

Liberals Win

In the Canadian Elections

 The Liberals Win

and will again carry the standard




The Prize

This one is for Turkish President,


for not buckling under American pressure

while winning his objectives as regards

his safe zone.

But what is more,

the safe return of Syrian refugees

from  Turkey back to Syria

has been guaranteed.

If the UN is still clamoring to help

then now is the time to do so

after the refugees come back to Syria.

The doctors who chickened out during the fray

may also come back unashamedly.

And the Kurds?

They will still be there

as a buffer for Syria.

Pat on the back to Erdogan.

And to Putin who backed him up

in the sidelines.


New Russian Problem


And so as I said they would

the Kurds switched to the side of Assad.

This poses a problem for the Russians,

not the UN.

Turkey would like to buy Russian fighter jets

to augment its missiles.

The Kurds would like to be re-equipped

with Russian heavier weapons to replace

the American-made arms.

Since the Kurds will form a buffer for Syria against Turkey,

and Turkey would get rid of the Kurds’ irritating border mischiefs,

and The Kurds will have a more than permanent settlement,

Russia will be patron of all these endeavors.

The result will, of course, effectively eliminate the

American presence in the region.

But then again, what I have just said

has yet to happen, no?

To Abort or Not To Abort

This erstwhile controversy in Canadian politics

is an offshoot of the traditional excuse for

whom to vote for.

It appears that Canadians vote for which candidate will

declare a way of life similar to his own.

hence the questions of whether the candidate will

favor abortion or declare it illegal


This is a useless endeavor, if I may say so myself.

Think about it this way—-

the factors to be considered in making a decision

on whether to abort or not to abort are:

One’s health, family, physicians, laws, religion,

and probably, the would-be father.

It is admitted that abortion means killing the fetus,

which is therefore murder in the eyes if the law.

It is also true that there are individual rights to

consider when somebody makes the choice.

This particular points in question has been referred

to the Constitution.

However, the Constitution does not refer to anything

that defines what abortion is.

The Judges, if any, will then refer to his personal judgement

which again is another opinion by another individual.

I would suggest that, after she has considered all the factors

that I mentioned, it is the owner of the fetus

that should decide on this thing.

After all she is the only one who would bear the burden

and suffer the consequences of her decision.

(So I say—Bug Off! Let Her Be!)

The Pipes of Pan

Like the mythical Pan blowing on his pipe

the campaigners for this election

has blown more wind than music.

Even the debates in English and French

were boring and empty of matter.

Even the analysts and tv hosts they put up on screen

did not put out anything meaningful and sensible.

To wit; the whole  process was out of logic,

i.e.; the pipeline which everybody referred to,

does not produce carbon emissions.

It is the oil that it transports which produces

the carbon emissions.

And even so, the oil has yet to be used to produce

carbon emissions.

So what are they worried about?

Leaks, which are unlikely to happen.

What really is behind this pipe-phobia?

The Transmountain Pipeline is being used

to blackmail Alberta for either money,

a piece of the action.

and for votes.

let me point out one thing–

The Liberals do not own the pipeline.

it is owned by Canadian taxpayers.

And more specifically—only the pipeline.

Alberta still owns the oil that the pipes will carry.

This has now created one exciting option for Alberta.

The province can build its own pipeline different

from the Transmountain Pipeline.

This other one will go through American territory

away from any Canadian concerns.

The Americans will love to join this enterprise.

They may own the pipeline, Alberta owns the oil.

Of course the Canadian government may join this project

and may build this instead of the Transmountain.

(Good idea, eh, solves a lot of problems.)

Russian Stand-off


Lavrov at UN.mp4

Cutting Foreign Aid


















(now let us see if any candidate for any position can top that!)


Greta Thunberg

It has to take a dynamic teener

to galvanize the heads of state

to act on climate change.


Greta Thundberg.mp4

Jihadi Jack Not Canadian

Jihadi Jack is not Canadian.

He may have been born of Canadian parents

but this does not automatically make him a Canadian citizen.

This only makes him QUALUFED to be a Canadian Citizen.

He still has to apply for it.

Otherwise it will be unfair  for those of a similar situation

who had been required to apply for an SIN and a Passport and

maybe a driver’s license and Health Care.

Should he apply now he would realize that he

had chosen to be primarily as a British Citizen,

never lived in Canada and

has been a member of an outlawed organization.

If the Canadian Government should grant him

Canadian Citizenship now

this would be favoritism on the government’s part.



Kam-Bryer Investigation

It will not be easy for the BC RCMP to provide

the public with a conclusion to the Kam-Bryer investigation.

This is because doing so by the book will only put to light

their extreme ineptitude, with a hint that one of their

troopers actually disposed of the “suspects”.

Right now I find it rather difficult to name one probability

that the pieces of evidence that would incriminate Kam and Bryer

are valid, and not merely planted nor staged.

The incriminating evidences that may be named may be dna,

fingerprints, weapons, clothes apparel, personal assets and etc.

These could be planted and tampered with.

The police should provide the public with evidence

that is impossible to tamper with right now.