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Scotia McLeod / Scotiabank RRIF a Scam

I do hope that I am mistaken

because I have yet to get the money deposited.

Transactions were made thru the

Bank of Nova Scotia

to convert RRSP’s to RRIF.

Now the RRIF has to be withdrawn fully

and papers were prepared

in a Bank of Nova Scotia branch.

That was last February 15.

No word has come from the bank

nor from Scotia McLeod

about the process of withdrawal.

The President of the Bank of Nova Scotia

has started an investigation into this matter

but how long would it take to find out

if they have the money to cover the withdrawal amount?

What I do know is that the notation placed on this account

is that this was slated “to be dispersed to the checking account”

It did not say when, though.

But what I get from the email coming from the

office of the President of the Bank of Nova Scotia

is that I have the right to take my case to

the Ombudsman of the banks.

Of course, but that process would incur more stalling time.

If the bank does not have the money to cover this small amount

it should notify the Canadian government so that

they can get another bailout.

Meantime, the Bank of Nova Scotia

and/or ScotiaMcLeod

are stalling for time.


Bye, Mom……

It is not easy to forget

Those times loaded with regret


When you were not given

More of what you love

And less of what hurt.

Bye, Mom….

Take good care of all of us.



The Hacking Cough

After they have thrown the kitchen sink at Trump

they now throw this cough at him,

or more precisely,

a hacking cough,

or that cough that makes one gaggle

and suffer pains in the chest.

Buckley’s may work on this type of coughs

and maybe not Trump’s.

Now every other country in the world hacks

every other country in the world.

France, Germany, Russia, North Korea,

China, Paskistan,

and just about any country with internet technology.

All this hacking needs is the intercept of communications

and the tap into a server that keeps files.

it is no big deal with its requirements.

Now the American intelligence communities publicize

that Russia has hacked the American elections.

Of course it did.

So did everybody else.

In fact they do this all the time

and in all events (important or not).

If the American intelligence community makes a big deal

out of it now,

boy, they are not exactly intelligent.

The Russian hacking of the elections has them gaggled

and they are coughing it out against Trump.

I say again, Shades of j. Edgar Hoover,

the intelligence community is paranoid,

nay, desperate

in keeping their jobs.

(this website of mine is actually being hacked at all times of the day in the effort to find out where I get my items. Think of it this way—-The walls have ears—so I keep saying)

2-State Solution for Israel?

This UN Resolution for Israel has the right motives

but it will create another problem.

it appears that this resolution was fast-tracked,

meaning to say it is being done in  haste.

In so many times I did mention in this site

that the crux of the problem is this:

the UN created the state of Israel

right smack dab in the land of Palestine

without defining its borders.

As a result, Israel continues to expand its area

via the construction of settlements for Israel.

In time, the region which the Palestinians

 claim as their territory is getting smaller

because Israel continues to build settlements.

The Un hesitated to approve the creation of

a Palestinian state.

Oftentimes it

throws the problem backstage.

This new resolution attempts to compensate for the

neglect of the Palestinian problem

but its approval still does not prevent

the construction of Israeli settlements.

There will still be no defined borders.

Instead of approving a resolution for two-states in the region,

the UN should simply correct itself and put down borders.

As a consequence of fixed borders,

the implication is that the state of Israel

is confined to a limited territory,

and what is left after this is Palestinian territory.

There would then be the automatic formation of the state of Palestine

and the expansion of Israel  is ended.

In other words,

let the territory define the state

and not the state define its borders.

Now, for the umpteenth time,



War Strategy in the Middle East

War strategy in the Middle East may still conform

to those of the Afrika Korps and the Arab Legion,

but with some significant critiques.

Presently, there has been no utilization of such weapons  as

helicopter gunships, or modern heavy tanks.

The introduction of shoulder-fired missiles prohibits

the use of these weapons.

These are also vulnerable to sandstorms which

gets in through the filters.

The main thing, though, was the utter disregard

for the benefits from battle strategies

such as the simple siege.

The reason for the extended life of the pseudo army

that is the ISIS is that it still enjoys an endless

supply of provisions and ammunition.

A siege of an area such as Mosul would surround the city

and their supply lines would be cut.

The idea is to block communication from the rear.

But then again, sieges are ancient strategy,

but they will still work.

Retreat To Palmyra

The Generals declared that ISIS has recaptured Palmyra.

My guess is that ISIS retreated to Palmyra

where they may have a weapons cache

and the logistics would be more favorable for them.

Furthermore, it is to be noted that ISIS just walked in to Palmyra.

Palmyra is also a site which is still full

of historic artifacts, and as such may not come

under bombings by the Syrians.

It is also closer to the Iraqi border, and may then serve

as a base for the ISIS in Iraq in case

these are forced to retreat.

Should all the terrorist forces be concentrated

on Palmyra, expect a last ditch battle.

The Kitchen Sink

The losers of the last American Presidential election

have thrown every swipe at the winner,

Donald Trump, in their attempt

de-legitimize the newly elected


which is Donald Trump.

They have thrown everything at Trump

but the kitchen sink.

The components of the American Intelligence Community

have rolled out the rumor

that Russian hacking have influenced the election results.

This is a no-brainer swipe,

meaning that those who thought of this

literally have no brains.

Hacking is one thing.

Hacking to influence millions of voters,

or even change the results,

is another thing,

and is not only next to impossible.

IT IS impossible.

The most practicable way for the Russians

to help put up Trump as President

is for Putin to stand at the corner,

wearing a wig,

to wink and smile with coyness at every voter,

who then scampers to vote for Trump.

The reason for the rumor is that the Intelligence Community

is afraid that Trump will privatize these institutions

and hire the KGB to do its work.

With the failure of the less than Intelligence Community

to rile up Trump,

the Electoral College now steps in

to take up the PRRRRST effort.

More no-brainers.

Their function is to declare the winner of the elections

as determined from the legitimate results.

They are not supposed to scrutinize the qualifications

of the winner.

The voters have already done this function.

Consider now this Electoral College nuisance


But I do not see

Donald Trump ducking it.

He only quacks at it!

Good for him—keep cool, man.

Their beef should be directed to the Constitution!


The Unwritten Script

President Donald Trump just said in NC

that the script has not been written yet,

and that the public will be the one to write it.


I never said that his script was already written.

It is still in his noggin.

And as brilliant as a businessman that he is,

his plans are not written.

The script is in his head

and remains as a guide to how he will proceed.

Well, at least he knows about the script now.

And that I know how it will be put on film.


Chickening Out

My open challenge to Retired Colonel Dean McCausland

to discuss with me openly

the Mosul War Strategy has not been responded to.

I daresay he is chickening out,

or he does not know anything about the Mosul Strategy,

or he is not sure he can meet the challenge.

Well this challenge is still open.

Anybody from the War Strategy School

can take up the challenge in place of the Colonel.

Remember, this is a discussion of the much publicized

American War Strategy.

To start this discussion,

I will say that the retaking of Mosul

should have been accomplished

by just about now,

had there been…………

Instead, the battle is still going on.

The Script

It has been amusing, nay, entertaining

the efforts of the media intelligent-sia

to guess what President Trump has in mind

each time he announces a cabinet pick.

Well, I can also put out a guess of my own,

after all, my guesses so far

have been square on.

I am guessing that President Trump

has a script on how his presidency will shape up.

And that the selection of his transition team

is being done in line to fill up the actors of his script.

Much points are being given as regards the applicant’s

proficiency and loyalty; much is being given the latter virtue

to determine whether the applicant will follow

strictly Trump’s directives.

If the tv media would still like to regain favor

with President Trump, they should pick

one opportune moment when they would announce,

in a chorus,


Otherwise they may be relegated to the status

of receiving second-hand news.



Again the American experts on international diplomacy

have got it wrong when they believe

that Trump’s talk with the Taiwanese President

will shatter US-Chinese relations,

what with China considering that Taiwan is Chinese territory.

The relations between China and Taiwan

has nothing to do with the relations

between China and the US.

Until after the UN accepts that China has sovereignty over Taiwan

would the US refrain from having diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

The US having relations with Palestine

is not an act of war against Israel.

Russia having relations with China

is not an act of war against NATO.

Iran having relations with Syria

is not an act of war against the US.

Thinking otherwise is very like childish jealousies.

There has been a rash of ignorance being publicized

by the tv commentators on just about everything.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Being a sensation on tv is one thing.

Being stupid is another.


Naïve Diplomacy


Naïve Diplomacy.mp4

The naivete of Rodrigo Duterte’s diplomacy

is reminiscent of Fidel Castro’s.

The latter was compelled to go the Russian way

by events contrary to his revolutionary objective.

His was not communist leanings,

merely socialist

brought out by his desire to alleviate his people’s sufferings.

Very much like Fidel Castro, Duterte resents

being ordered around and intimidated

to do things against his good presidential judgement

by those who profess to help the country.

It is to be recalled that Fidel Castro succeeded

in preventing his country to be converted

into a gigantic casino by US business enterprises.

It was a lot better for Fidel Castro

to be a Dictator than

being dictated upon.

Russia’s help was without sanctions nor puppet strings.

Presently, force of circumstances are forcing

President Rodrigo Duterte

to have this simple, naïve diplomacy.

Heck, it’s a better alternative to begging.


Hole in the Ballot.

Some lady candidate belonging to the Green party

claims she raised $5 million to pay for the

recount of the ballots

in the states where Clinton lost.

Now who would give $5 million for a recount

of the ballots that this same lady declares

that there has not even a hint

of a mistake in the ballot count.

Somewhere, somehow,

there is some cash

burning a hole in one’s pocket.

A ballot recount is one way to dispose of it.


Security Clearance For Trump’s Children

If any of Trump’s children

inadvertently or accidentally

or even suspiciously receive

top secret national security information,

purportedly coming from Trump himself,

this makes President Trump eligible

for impeachment proceedings.

Such proceedings will not happen if Trump’s

children has security clearance and are thus

legally qualified to receive any national security information.

On the side,

it is now obvious that the new White House Staff

has started to work.

Good thinking!

The Grim Reaper


The Grim Reaper.mp4

Whatever George Soros touches

burns to ashes

and turns to dust.

He’s got economic power already

now he wants political power.

He uses his money to turn people into puppets

that would do all his bidding.

His next ambition :

the Office of the US Presidency.

Now he creates trouble to remind some particular people

that he is still after the Office.

He wants the Americans to bend over

and shout uncle.


The Soros Handiwork


Soros Handiwork.mp4

Billionaire George Soros oversees another of his handiwork

that of managing and paying for the protests

against the Trump victory.

He probably expects Trump to be so riled up

that he will do something violent which would

be a justifiable reason for impeachment.

George Soros,

pre-ordained to be the silent President

behind Clinton’s chair,

 has been mostly engaged in international

profiteering from people’s anger and rage

using anarchy as modus operandi.

If there is a search for the Anti-Christ

he is one likely candidate.

The world is now a mess

mostly by his personal doing.

Trump Take Over



Trump Takeover4.mp4

The protests against a democratic process continues.

And the media blitz against Trump

does not let up.

The media has conditioned the urbanites

to be afraid of Donald Trump.

The TV commentators has, surprisingly,

not given a bit of an encouraging word

for their President.

Disappointing, these Americans are.

But they should allay their fears—

The dignity afforded by the position

will compel Donald Trump

to act and perform honorably

as befitting a President of the United States.

Believe you me.

The Failure of American TV Media

After all the blitz on Donald Trump

launched by the American Tv Media

Trump still won the elections.

The TV commentators have failed to put Clinton

up as President.

Worse, they have sparked the public protests

against their own democratically-elected President.

The TV commentators have conditioned the public that

Clinton was the best bet

and that she was going to be a shoo-in for President.

UPSET was the term described for Trump’s win.

So the public responded with angry protests,

protests that even up to now the media is still

attempting to fire up.

Noticeable is it that all the analyses the media put up

seem to be excuses for Clinton’s predicament.

A rude awakening it is to realize

that not all Americans would think

they way all Americans should and that is

according to what the TV media dictates.

Meanwhile, the protests continue

even when President Donald Trump

has yet to make one presidential act in office.

Another rude awakening for the tv commentators

is the fact that a big portion of the Americans

do not actually believe in what the media puts out.

Clearly the media has failed the public.

It is also clear that the media has to correct this,

whether they like it or not.

Shades of Martin Bohrmann!

The Mosul War Strategy

No word yet from the Retired Colonel Dean McCausland

regarding my open letter

that challenges him to discuss with me

the War strategy as taught by his School.

He may be very busy as a retired Army vet,

but some Dean from his War Strategy school

may pick up the challenge to discuss with me

War Strategy, or even battle strategy.

We can start with the assault on Mosul if he

(or they) wishes.

Respond please by using this email address:

Trump Wins

By Gum!

The man that has been mishandled by his own party

like a hot potato,

and also that man treated by the TV commentators

as a circus freak

is winning the American Presidential Election.

(254 to 218 by Fox News)

Surprise, surprise!

Not for me though.

I expected this.

I never made a peep of who is going to win.

It may affect the outcome

(as if I can influence the American voters)!

But if you must recall what I have posted

on the matter of Donald Trump,

it may be noted that I distinctly said

that whenever people form a ring to discuss

their daily plights and sufferings,

these very same thoughts are those

that Trump amplifies to the voters

in his campaigns.

And since it was obvious that the media did a concerted effort

to make fun of Trump’s campaigns and personality;

and his own party shied away from him,

that event when Trump is inaugurated

shall be a slap to the Republican Party leaders

and a punch on the mouths of

the TV commentators that ganged up on him.

I do not know Trump personally

and I am not one of his supporters.

I just resent people ganging up on one person

like a mob.

Moral of the story:

lend a strained ear to the lowly people’s voice

as they are not wont to speak loudly before the vote.

Oh, these lowly people,

where do they all come from?

Oh, these lowly people,

where do they all belong?

(the polls were rigged!)

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

FBI Director James Comey

notified all concerned

that he is re-starting the email investigation

on Hillary Clinton on the grounds of

newly unearthed relevant emails.

His timing of disclosure may affect the outcome

of the US Presidential election.

He may have done this for dubious reasons,

but apart from these is the probability

of the mea culpa paranoia.

After all, he closed the investigation

on the grounds that there are no more emails

to pore over.

Shades of former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover,

the longest term of office that overlaid

on several US Presidents.

War Strategy


The retired Colonel,

a former Dean of War Strategy,

dares the candidate to discuss with him war strategy.

He forgets that his kind of strategy does not work

against armed units which are not the conventionally

commissioned armed forces

that do not rely on discipline and formal training

to act as an army unit.

The ISIS is a loosely formed force

which does not coalesce as one army unit.

Incidentally, the graduates of the US Army War College

have a string of failures in their belts.

They still have to explain what war strategy they developed

to lose  South Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan,

Africa, Libya and Iraq (twice lost).

The liberation of Mosul is not the question here,

unless the retired Colonel considers the ISIS as a formal

conventionally organized army unit.

 Colonel Jeffrey McCausland

of the US War College may wish to discuss

Iraqi strategy,

or any US battle strategy for that matter,

openly on this website.

For this end he may use this email:

to communicate with me.

His comments will be posted here verbatim.

And I will post my reply accordingly.

We know that he has the time.

After all, he is already retired.


War Strategy.mp4

White Helmets Not So White


Crosstalk Oct 7

(this will be the next Nobel Peace Prize mistake)

Riling Up The Americans

Jokingly, he said that the more the Americans are riled up

the more money they leave behind.


RT Oct 5 2016

Al-Nusra Weapons


RT Oct 2 2016.mp4