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George Floyd

The picture and videos of the demise of George Floyd

are too gruesome and so moving that I am unable to get myself

to post anything related to the incident.

Even the protest images don’t help any.

This is the worst chapter in my life’s experience on earth.

Gad! I can’t find anything related to good news that

I can put up nor talk about.

This is America in the dumps.

The blacks in America actually need

a breathing space

away from the police.

(Sheez! I can still feel what George Floyd felt when under the knee!)

Leroy Sanchez


Leroy Sanchez.mp4

Leroy Sanchez.mpg

Trump’s Disinfectant

It seems that they have misinterpreted,

and took out of context, 

what Trump is saying.

He was merely musing,

giving his opinion on what may help

in formulating a cure for Covid-19.

His mistake was—-he forgot to turn off the microphone

so that everybody thought he was giving the order to

make the cure using disinfectants.

The disinfectant is based on chlorine which kills the virus.

Chlorine kills any virus,

It also kills people.

Chlorine has to be modified and combined with other

chemicals to make it safe for people to take.

Sodium is the best chemical to combine with chlorine

because the product becomes salt, the common table salt.

But chlorine has to be modified further

to put into a person’s body to  kill viruses.

He was on the right track, though,

but he still has to make more tracks on this matter.

Now Trump is embattled,

fighting two fronts at one time.

One front is against the Covid-19,

a virtually unknown and uncontrollable virus.

The other front is against his own people,

who uses the Constitution as an excuse to be disobedient.

He is facing overwhelming numbers from all counts.

Nova Scotia Shooting

Please do not believe me when I say this.

This is merely product of my swirling imagination.

I am just itching to take this off my chest.





And please do not ask me why.


Alberta to Share PPE?

This statement will have some serious

political repercussions.

For one thing, Alberta does not have a surplus supply.

Albertans  are unable to find masks and gloves 

to buy from the pharmacists.

Even the pharmacists don’t have any for themselves.

And the Seniors’ benefits have already been reduced.

Alberta will share its surplus.


My eye,

somebody should have his eyes examined.

As I posted before, Western Canada does not need

leaders of Eastern Canadian descent.

Scheer stays!



Easter Mass


Easter Mass.mp4

Easter Nass.mpg

Good Friday


Good Friday.mp4

Good Friday.mpg

China Aid

As a reciprocal gesture

China sends massive aid to the Philipines

in its battle with Covid-19.

China Aid.mp4

China Aid.mpg

Annual Bombardier Bailout


Bombardier of Quebec

is slated to get bailed out again

by using Canadian Taxpayers’ money.

This bailout goes on every year.

This company is not profitable.

It employs 50% more people than necessary.

And these are paid 50% more than necessary.

The Canadian Taxpayers should buy them out

so that the people can decide where the plant/s

are to be located

and the employees to be hired.

This is another beef that the Western cows

are crying for.

No ownership, no bailout!

No Bombardier, no pain!

The Bombardier employees should be laid off 

and they should apply for unemployment insurance

just like everybody else.

(no absolute power for this Liberal Government which has proven to be spendthrift on anything and everything they can think of )





A very extensive and up-to-date report on this topic

can be found at WIKIPEDIA.

Go for it!

BC. Federal, and Hereditary Chiefs in Pow-Wow

Well good for them.

Whatever they decide is good for them.

They should not, of course,

involve Alberta in their talks.

Everything is OK in Alberta.

The Indian Bands and the Province of Alberta

are in good partnership.

The Teck  Company cancelled the proposed

billion dollar project because it was assumed that

it will have to get involved

with this blockade-reconciliation issues

and that it will have to foot some of the bill.

Tell you what—

It will be good for BC to cancel all the oil projects

in its territory.

This will solve ALL their problems political

and otherwise.

And give the Indigenous peoples in BC territory

all they want like water, toilets, transportation

education, welfare checks and such.

Just do not call on Alberta for help.

The door is shut!

This is the exclusive problem

of British Columbia.

Leela Aheer

Comes now another Indian.

This time from incredible India

and who has a complete grasp of the situation

involving Alberta oil enough to speak from

the other side of the blockading barrier.


Leela 1.mp4

Leela 1.mpg

Leela 2.mp4

Leela 2.mpg


BC Indigenous Youth Complains

The Indigenous Youth from BC

airs out their complaints against Canada,

subtlely giving the hint that they are a nation

separate and sovereign from Canada.


BC Youth.mp4

BC Youth.mpg

Of course they see their side of the blockade.

They are not able to see the side of the Canadians.

They have to integrate to do this.

A lot of Canadians would agree with them, though,

in that Reconciliation is useless.

It should be stopped.

It has been costly.

What we need is INTEGRATION.


Alberta Oil

Tampering the Oath of Citizenship

to include the meager history of the Canadian Indians

which are sprinkled all over the country

in minuscule bands,

Opposition Leader Garnett Genuis disagrees

and goes on to include in his arguments,

the long and the short of Alberta oil.

It is obvious that the Trudeau government seeks to appease

whatever few Indians that could be mustered

from the whole ding-blasted blockading group.

It is a known fact that most of the Canadian Indians approve

of the Alberta Oil Industry, choosing to refrain from 

joining the illegal roadblocks that others of their kind

have started because they have enjoyed the benefits

of Alberta oil production as qualified residents of Alberta.

It is unfortunate that those Indians residing in Eastern Canada

do not experience these oil benefits simply because

their territory of residence

does not sport oil industries.

It is their hope that these benefits may be provided them by the

Federal government since it actually owns the TMX pipeline.

This may be the main reason for their aggressive roadblocks

which are meant to take advantage of Trudeau’s weak

and compassionate reconciling attitude.

I predict that these disruptive projects will backfire

and the Indigenous people may find themselves ostracized

at every turn.

Now don’t call me a racist

but I did not start this uncalled for thing.





The Right to Protest is legal.

It is illegal to block passage

in the course of the Protest.



Scrambled Eggs

The Injuns just snubbed PM Trudeau on their

appointed meeting.

And the PM said nothing

but left it to the Injuns

to move the ball.

It is clear now that Canada has a PM with no balls.

If he has, these are  for sure scrambled.  

He could have sent Custer with his 7th Cavalry

to clean up the blockades.


to gain leverage against the government,

the Jews mention the Holocaust;

the African Americans mention Slavery;

but these Canadian Injuns try to gain leverage

against the Canadian government

by mentioning Residential Schools events.

Residential Schools?

What a joke!


Russian Interference?

The US Intelligence,

whoever they may be,

claims that Russia is preparing

to help Trump get re-elected.


Putin knows

that if Trump gets re-elected,

whether with Russian interference

or none at all,

the Russia-Russia-Russia ignominy

will be pronounced louder than before.

Too Many Chiefs

Call them Aboriginal Indians

or Indigenous peoples,

they are all the same—

they have too many chiefs.

They have hereditary Chiefs

who did not deserve the position

if the fathers are discounted.

They have elected chiefs who were

bestowed the title as the winner of an election.

Whom do we talk to now.

These two groups are at loggerheads with

each other due to disparity in purpose.

But don’t look now.

The worst confusion is yet to come.

When comes the word “sovereignty”.

In that part of the Canada,

which holds dominion over the land,

Canada or the Indigenous?

If the Indians say they have sovereignty

over these lands, they will not be part

of Canada.

Instead they will be a separate nation,

a separate country, with a separate state

and defined borders and boundaries.

The rest of Canada will need visas to enter their

territory,much less lay down a pipeline.

The Indians will also need visas to enter Canada

and have their welfare and pension benefits cancelled.

Whatever they do then will be none of Canada’s business.

They should rely on their chiefs then,

or what is left of the too few Indians.



Carrie Lam

Embattled Carrie Lam

maintains the confidence of President Xi Jin Ping

and retains her position as Chief Executive

for the territory of Hong Kong.

She keeps her wits with her

and applies sobriety against all the provocations

that entice her to use force

upon the protesters.

Carrie Lam.mp4

Carrie Lam.mpg

Joe Biden

Former US Vice-President Joe Biden

displays how much experience he has

that would make him eligible to

be nominated as Presidential candidate.




This may have been named corona

because of its ring-like shape?

Or it covers a body cell all over like a crown?

Transmission between humans is proven.

The source of the virus has not been bracketed.

I may guess that the virus started from

dried and seasoned meat of field rats.

These rats come out en masse at the time

when crops ripen.

Crops such as melons, watermelons, squash, etc.

These rats are then caught, dressed, seasoned ,

and dried or smoked.

There is danger from disease if the drying is not complete.

The field rats may not be the source.

Some animal or insect may have bitten the rats

to start the mutated virus.

(similar to bubonic plague)


(wash clothes in hot water

this virus does not thrive well in cold regions)

No Room In The Plane

The plane that is sent by Canada to bring back

Canadians from China does not have enough space

to fit the evacuees.

Its a shame.

We spend millions in foreign aid that do not provide

benefits to Canada

why can’t we provide another plane

to bring all the Canadians back?

Recently we sent millions t Venezuela to help

them bring down a government

why can’t we spend a million to bring back

all endangered Canadians from China.

Do we now understand why I call this government

a spendthrift government?

It wastes the taxpayers’ money.

Website Up Again

How long has it been?


Some people sure are mad about the

posts that I have been busy with.

My fault.

I should have had two desktops for backup.


Israel Peace Plan : The Carrot

Peace Plan.mp4

Peace Plan.mpg

Israel dangles the carrot in the Israel-Palestine problem

And the carrot is : A Palestinian state

From the Palestinian side, Israel is occupying Palestinian land

under the auspices of the UN Western nations.

There has been no borders defined within which Israel is

limited to establish settlements.

 Israel  manages to  evict  Palestinians from  their  land

so that Israeli settlements can be erected.

As a result, the Palestinians are scattered

away from the lands they had owned before.

Palestine must have an authority to reorganize its people.

A statehood is then dangled to the Palestinians to keep them quiet.

From the Israel side, the Palestinians have been troublesome

and that to prevent them from obliterating the Israelis

with an organized military force, the Palestinians must be

under Israeli control.

The proposed Peace Plan promises to get the Palestinian region

developed  BEFORE statehood is given.

The requirements laid down for statehood, however,

is too rigid and is considered impossible to achieve

even by other developed countries.

It has been concluded by the Arabs

that this promised statehood will

never be conferred and remains as the carrot.

I personally agree that this peace plan humiliates the Palestinians

and is devised to attain a status quo.

I would suggest that

first, borders should be defined under the auspices of the UN.

Second, Elections be made under the auspices of the UN.

Third, Statehood be confirmed under the auspices of the UN.

Fourth, negotiations be made between Israel and Palestine

under the auspixces of the UN for transfer of authority

and offices.

Fifth, Israel should treat Palestine a sovereign nation.

Never they mind about Palestinian progress as there will be

Iran, Turkey, China, and Russia to help the Palestinians.

As a final note : Israel has kept the statehood carrot dangling

over the Palestinians because Israel is scared that the Arabs

will rally to obliterate Israel.

This is mere Paranoia!


Brexit or Dunk-it?

The Brits finally got to quit the EU

in maybe the effort to reproduce the glory days of

Nelson and Montgomery.

They should be careful, though,

that they should not get another Dunkirk.

Yech! to New Mid-East Plan

Palestine flatly rejects the new

Middle East Plan of Dershowi….,er, the US.

From what I see, the plan is another land grab.

purportedly to be official and negotiated

without Palestine participation.

As a result, Palestine disconnects ties with US and Israel!

Holy Smokes!

He is trying to start another conflict.

There must be another slack in the arms shipments.

Another bat in his belfry.