Think Of It This Way

Kim Jong Un Goes to Plan B

With Trump’s anticipated and much-publicized

cancellation of the June 12 Summit

immediately after Kim’s destruction of all facilities

that can make missiles and bombs

Kim goes to Plan B,

“B” referring to BULGOKI.

“Once you learned how to make Bulgoki,

you can throw away the pots and pans

and utensils to make Bulgoki.

You can get them later.”

Denuclearization will still proceed for North Korea,

(with that one person-we-know disqualified for the Prize)

and a peace treaty will be between North Korea

and South Korea afterwhich the

reason for the American occupation

of South Korea will have to be justified,

 or else!

With Trump’s disinviting China to the

Pacific Rim exercises,

China will decide to completely ignore any sanction

that the Americans will put on China

for the latter’s continued resupply of North Korea thru the Yalu R.

Japan will have to follow suit in order

to join the electronic trade

between  China, Korea, and Russia.

Japan also went to War because of the oil sanctions

that the US put on it before WW II.

Geographically, North Korea has been

securing China’s territory as has Tibet,

and will now attempt to produce the needs

of China in agriculture as it converts

from ordnance production to farm work.

The Panmunjom border will remain as is for a time

and for as long as the Americans are in South Korea.

Kim Jong Un knows that the assassin/s that will go after him

will have to cross this border to enter North Korea.

(how’s that for a non-sadistic analysis of an American tantrum)

Trump Fights Back

Trump fights back,


against the anti-Trump

high-level elements

with investigative authority

using the guise of intelligence agents.


he calls it,

and rightly so.

Although I would agree more if he had

described the methods used

as another shade of J. Edgar Hoover.

This is another way to describe

how J. Edgar worked

to keep himself in power.

Dossiers is the weapon

and intimidation is its trigger.

Clearly, the intelligence community

is overstaffed and its budget


so much so that they become sadists.

No Trade Changes

This meeting with the Chinese Trade Delegation

produced no decisive results.

It looks like Trump does not win today.

Let me guess what was discussed.

Trump is desperately after the repatriation

of the US greenbacks that China has


He also wants,

and declares publicly,

that the China-US trade is lopsided

and has produced a huge deficit on the US.

He also argues that China steals US secrets,

a fact which he cannot sadly produce positive proof.

Tariffs on Chinese exports to the US was discussed

for which the Chinese replied that tariffs would also

be imposed on American goods.

Since America buys more than vice versa,

the Americans will tend to spend more

plus the prices will be higher as the

tariffs will have to be added to the

market price.

The Americans would have insisted that

the Chinese pay in USD

for which the Chinese would have insisted that

the Americans pay in Yuan

but the Americans have less Yuan

than the Chinese have USD.

Besides the Yuan is less in value than the USD.

The Americans would have insisted that the Chinese make up

their deficit by buying $200 billion more in

American goods for which the Chinese agreed

if and only if the American goods are cheaper

or at least have the same price as other

international sellers.

So the cornered Americans can only say

that they will have to put this trade discussions

for sometime in the future.

Making a deal is an art.

making a winning trade deal

takes more brains than art!

(curses, foiled again!)

Laws of Economics Debunked

The Laws of Economics,

crammed unto me in school;

such as Supply and Demand,

Let-Alone Policy,

Competition, and the like;

are now debunked,

and is treated as hogwash,

by none other than me,



 I give you new terms to ponder

and consider before I render

and elaborate on the logic

as to why I do this.

The terms are:






Examples for my reasoning

are now being experienced by all of us.

If you can relate these events to the

four terms that I have mentioned,

then you have the potential of being 

the exceptional, very intelligent,

genius of a human being,

same as somebody

we (Ahem) know today!

What Does Kim Really Want?

Every writer, newspaperman, journalist

answered this question wrongly.

What Kim really wants

is what his father before him wanted

which is exactly what his grandfather before him wanted.

If you still cannot figure this out

then you have no business

analyzing the man.

Just leave him be.

He is oriental.

He will survive.

With head unbowed.

Another Goof By Trump’s Brigade

Another Screw up by the undaunted brigade.

The idea was to show force

and prove that it was the US

that forced Kim Jong Un to denuclearize.

What now will compel him to go to the summit table,

fear of sanctions?

American bombers?

Afraid to be dubbed as wishy-washy as Trump?

Guess again.

Kim is not bluffing when he cancelled the summit!

And Moon approves.

Kim wants his country secure

as much as Trump wants his country secure.

Kim’s problem is his country cannot be  secure 

when American nuclear-tipped rockets is just miles down his border.

So he has to have his own nuclear-tipped rockets

pointed to American cities also for security.

He has to stop denuclearizing

and build ICBMS to hold the bombs.

Kim wants the Americans to bug out of South Korea.

Kim and Moon can do this project all by themselves.

The US has nothing to do with it.

If there be a medal to be presented

it should be to Moon, Kim, and Xi.

Remember also that North Korea is a buffer zone

to China from the American forces in South Korea.

China would also want American bases out of Korea.

Also, Putin’s bridge to Crimea is finished.

So he can start building his railway to North Korea as planned.

Thereafter, America will not no more get benefits from South Korea

aside from its soldiers ravishing Korean women as usual.

It is not America’s business to be in South Korea.

If Trump’s brigade is still blinded by euphoria

to realize this,

y’all have a look at my oriental crystal ball.

Kim Cancels Summit

What would the US lose in this summit?

Watch and learn.

Don’t trust your Ouija board.

Call for a seance instead.

Wait till after Trump cancels the summit for June 12.

Then listen to what Moon declares afterwards.

Fox News is tops when it comes to local news.

They present the truth in local events.

Fox News, however, leaves much to be desired

when it comes to foreign events.

What this network presents

is getting close to hogwash

if not fake news.

Trillion Shenanigans

A whole lot of auditors,

the size of a regiment,

are converging on the Pentagon

to look for what is unaccounted for

in trillions of dollars.

I thought so—

what is good for General Bullmoose

is good for everybody

except the Treasury.

It is  no wonder that some records are messed up

considering that some items are impossible

to itemize unless the whole establishment

goes down in shame

because they are foreign in origin.

Missing Trillions.mp4

Not to worry,  people,

the Treasury can always print money

to patch up the holes.

The worry is that the US dollar’s value shrinks

at every event that the Treasury prints money

over and above that value that is redeemable

from the  Federal Gold Reserves.

In fact, the $700 billion that

is budgeted for defense

may only be worth that meagerly

in foreign exchange.

But this will still be worth $700 billion

in local exchange.

World Currency?

Now listen very closely

because I may not mention this

after one or two years, five years at most.

The most outstanding  achievement

that the European Union accomplished

in its formation,

is the establishment

of a single currency:

the EURO.

Barring those existing global conflicts

and disturbances that occurred

it could have gone on to be

a world currency.

Now that the US is advocating protectionism

the Euro just might be re invigorated.

The competition with the Yuan is big, though,

but the USD is getting more devaluated,

the other countries are shifting demands

to cheaper products,

and the IMF has been under harassment

for a time.

You may take this hullabaloo that I just said

to mean something like–

there are positive signs that the USD

will fall to little use globally.

The speed by which this currency falls,

or not at all,

will depend upon the Americans’

cognizant of the possibility.

The American Cocoon

Remember what I said

about America retreating into a cocoon?

Well this cocoon is now visible.

With all that protectionism, and fair trade, and tariffs,

and broken deals have started to

isolate America.

With the innumerable countries now ignoring

American calls to follow its cue,

America resorts to collecting debts out of foreign aid,

sanctions are rampantly issued to

“vagrant” countries.

and business contracts are revoked.

From a crack through its cocoon,

America bullies every other country

to toe the line.

America believes it is the conscience of the world

and will police it diligently.

That is, America comes first,

then the world.

(what is good for the USA is good for everybody)


Let us face it

Mexicans will not give in

Canadians will not give in

and Trump will not accept any deal

that he himself did not make


Whatever reason he may give,

the world is now cognizant

of his intimidating tactics.

Iran was the last straw.

The rest of the world will not feed his ego anymore.

His aim to “make America great again”

is disrupting world unity and peace.

As for Korea,

this is already a done deal

and the subsequent events will only follow

a comedy on stage.

President Moon is arguably the man

who brought peace in Korea.

American presence in Korea

will therefore be considered

an intrusion afterwards.

(upon NAFTA rests further support for Trudeau’s government!)

MH17 Fireworks

OK, OK, you asked for it.

But I frankly believe that this will not make

 that much fireworks today.

Anyway, this is what I think.

At about that time,

the Russo-Ukrainians are winning the conflict,

even gaining that much ground to provide

a more defensible line.

The rebels, as this force is called,

do have similar armament as the Ukrainian Army.

It is to be recalled that Ukraine provided the workhorse

fighters for Russia’s surge to Berlin.

In fact, Ukraine should have missiles

supplied by Russia, noteworthy of which

is the Buk missile.

During this time Brennan’s mercenaries enter the fray

with much expertise and knowhow.

While Poroshenko wanted to join EU for his

business opportunities, NATO has not joined the fray

even when the Director hails from Netherlands.*

So the plan was to bring down a passenger plane

loaded with passengers from Netherlands and

to make it so that the rebels did it.

Now the Buk missile is not able to reach the altitude

of a passenger plane

according to missile specifications.

But it could, if the payload were removed

and replaced it with lighter fuel

(probably solid powdered fuel).

And so the Buk missile gained the altitude of the MH17

but it exploded merely as fireworks would,

leaving the MH17 undamaged.

Then according to plan

a Ukrainian jet sped in to fire

at the MH17

to bring it down. 

There are witnesses to this event.

Clever plot, wasn’t it?

But the Dutch Director of NATO

had doubts about the plot.

No NATO involvement resulted afterwards.

*(correction please, Jens Stoltenberg, is from Oslo, Norway)

Dossier on Hillary?

Dossiers are the FBI’s weapon,

in fact these are the only weapons

that they can use

against anybody and everybody.

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover,

this one is the blackest yet.

And this is the one that got

the FBI exposed.

Now I have already warned that my posts

should not be taken as gospel.

In this way I do not have to prove them

but to provide a plausible teaser

to get your curiosity aroused.

If my post about Brennan got you teased

then reflect on this question of mine—

does the FBI have a dossier on Hillary Clinton?

They did not have a dossier on Trump

so they hurriedly fabricated one,

Top Heavy Storm

Stormy Daniels will go away

just like any other storm.

I do not doubt that Trump

had a one-night stand with her.

I would have done so myself,

especially when I  imagine that

she was the one to do most of the work.

I would have given her a tip that

would double the fare for the night, though.

But a hundred-thousand extra?

No way!

She is ridiculously top heavy!

The CIA Connection

Remember that I said

not to fire Mueller on the start

of his investigation

until he unearths the lowdown

on Brennan?

We are now on the verge.

The entry of British Agent Steele

on this collusion imbroglio

would have been  with the

reference by the CIA

ergo Brennan,

of the MH17 notoriety.

When the name of Steele came up,

it very noticeably unseated

the former CIA Director.

The FISA blueprint may have been

drawn exclusively by Brennan.

(Now don’t you guys ask me

about what the investigators don’t know

about the MH17.

Because I will tell you, that’s why!)

Netanyahu Tries a Remake

Comes Netanyahu again pitching to spite Iran.

He wants us to believe that Mossad has just

finished gathering a whole library of documents

in one day

which was yesterday.

What he presented on TV was a remake

of what was presented before Obama’s staff

and which prompted the release of

Iran’s billions in exchange for the

supervision and examination of Iran’s

uranium refinement  methods.

It appears that Netanyahu,

and trump`s much-vaunted advisers,

are at a lost as to what to do with

the Iran Agreement.

Maybe they should stop and listen to outsiders.


whether Trump disregards

or renovates the Iran Agreement

is of no consequence.

Iran already has what it wanted the moment

the Agreement was consummated.

The money was secured.

It does not need to refine uranium again.

It could buy it when it needs it.

Iran is now busy installing its missile defense system.

Rebuilding Syria is also a priority.

Netanyahu is either paranoid

or need more money to build a capital.

One other thing to consider:

If the Iran Agreement is scrapped 

what will stop Iran from building nuclear weapons,

and what will stop Trump from scrapping other agreements


What the OPCW finds and reports about it

will actually prove

how biased this outfit is.

This report, which is expected to be ignored

by some particular countries that we know,

may actually confirm what I know

that the United Nations is now as irrelevant

as the NATO.

Collusion Prevention

Trump and Putin are trying a new method

of avoiding suspicions of collusion.

They threw out of the country

a whole bunch of diplomats

so that not one of each 

can talk to the diplomats of the other.

Neat, eh?

Of course they can still talk to each other

over the phone!



The Secret Weapon—

this will be your secret weapon—

the referendum.

When California and other states in America

defy the Federal laws and Presidential Decrees,

a referendum could be made

in lieu of a census,

to ask the people of a region

what their choice is regarding a specific controversy.

The result of this referendum is binding over all.

it will overrule the decisions of the state,

Federal government, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

In fact the result of a referendum

will even overrule the Constitution,

if the referendum was nation-wide.

A referendum will require all the residents

of a region who are of voting age,

(16 and over),

and who may have resided in the region

for a specific period of time.

This would include all citizens, immigrants,

and illegal immigrants.

If the American people actually call you

“one of us”,

then you have nothing to worry about

if you ask for a referendum to be made

by Congress.

American Citzenship

A lot of dreamers would wish to live in America.

But a lot of these dreamers refuse to become citizens of America.

What is wrong with American citizenship?

Do some immigrants refuse to belong?

Or they just refuse to pay taxes?

State taxes?

Or Federal taxes?

Permit To Carry

Permit To Carry

is another restriction to Gun Ownership

which both sides of gun Control may agree on.

Licenses to buy, own and register a gun

are already in place.

But this Permit To Carry may save lives.

it works this way:

If a person is seen carrying a gun,

either on his personage

or in his car,

he may be arrested if he cannot present

a permit to carry license

which authorizes him to bring the gun

out of the house.

The one responsible for the gun

is the registered owner

and he may be the one to be charged.

People may be allowed to own guns

but this will be for their home defense only.

Bringing the gun out of the house

will require him to have a permit to carry.

He will also have to explain the reasons

why he needs a permit to carry.

Like carrying money, living in unruly neighborhood,

bodyguarding, etc.

Hunters will definitely be required

a permit to carry license.

Good, eh?

Green Screen

On second thought

it is not the difference in speeds that caused

the complexion of the images

to be green.

It was my video card.

So you do not have anything to worry about.

just keep watching the Vagina Monologues.

Green Videos

If your screen comes up in green and/or purple

this is because you are running

a 64-bit video program

on a 32-bit environment.

Hold on,

I will convert some of the videos here

to 32-bit.

Sorry, these were done on a gaming computer!

No Money for the Wall?

If there be not enough money for the wall,

then increase the Border Patrollers.

Use the military

call out the National Guard!

FISA Judges

There would not have been any more

discussions as regards the firing of Mueller

if the FISA judges simply withdrew

their signatures on the FISA warrant.

This would also erase and negate

the mandate of Mueller as Special Counsel.

As for Mueller, his hiring of Clinton

and Democrat-leaning investigators is actually

his prayer to be rid of this assignment.

He never liked it

but wants to be fired instead of quit.

Being fired is more of a face saver.

Give Mueller what he wants.