Think Of It This Way

Black Beef

Why is it

that every time an African American

comes to talk on tv

the tone is a complaint

against racism?

What they think is racism

is actually a white man’s beef

that black people should learn

how to follow rules

made for both black and white.


Undocumented Dreamers : One Solution

This is another of my suggested solutions.

I have oodles of them in this blog of mine.

Some suggestions get picked up.

Some get put to the stotage.

Some are modified.

Some are adapted the opposite way.

Still, my glee is that these are considered

for adoption and not for corruption.

I suggest that the DACA be put into law by next year.

Meantime the undocumented Dreamers,

if they really want to stay in America,

should apply for citizenship.

This citizenship approval may come down next year,

prior to the next election so that they can vote.

To get their citizenship papers, the Dreamers must show


for 2017.

They only have to file their income tax returns, that’s it.


Somebody should sponsor them such as Postmasters, Bank Managers,

Policemen, government employees, neighbors who are professionals,

employers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.


if they become citizens of the US,

they will enjoy security, health care, rights, and freedom

enjoyed by all Americans,

including the Right To Vote.

Check your immigration lawyers for the new

Merit System to qualify.

Otherwise, the Law is the Law,

Undocumented Dreamers are in reality

Uninvited Guests!


Republican Renovation

The Republican Congressmen have all but forsaken Donald Trump.

Not much help was provided The President

on his campaign.

Now the Congressmen have all but

remained complacent amidst Trump’s


The American people noticed this

and have now began to consider replacing

the GOP Congressmen in part

or as a whole.

This all depends upon the Democrats

coming to the aid of the President

in his projects for the people.

The people will elect in 2018

a replacement Republican candidate

or a Democrat altogether.

This is the one chance for the Democrats

to become the majority party again.

All because the Republicans ignored

their President.

Pity the President

who does unrequited work

for the Republicans.


The Ugly American

Some writer wrote a book with this tittle.

Only recently did I understand what the writer had to say.

And that is habitual arrogance

born of the false heritage of what somebody else

termed as the Aryan race.

It is too late now for a diplomatic solution

to the North Korean threat.

I told you so.

Now Kim Jong Un has got the US more scared

than a rabbit in his deepest hole..

Decidedly so, because a hydrogen bomb

is nothing like the July fireworks

that I mentioned.

See what I mean by Oriental psychology?

And how some particular person can be egged on by

taunts and tempts.

If they had used that particular diplomatic move

that I suggested, it would never have come to this point.

Now both the US and North Korea acts like children

using lines on the sand and

middle fingers at each other.

Now it is too late.

The whole North Korean people,

brainwashed as they are,

would rather give what they have

to support Kim Jong Un’s intimidations.

The Americans should be blamed for this situation

not the rest of the world.

This has become a matter between Kim Jong Un

and the Americans.

Let them fix it by themselves.

It is not the world that is under tension.

It is the North Korean people.

Remember also that Kim Jong Un

has no grudge against the world,

only against America.

America In A Mess


the Land of the Free

the Home of the Brave

is now in a turmoil

simply bcause it is now

the home of the brave

and the land of the free

that crowned Brotherhood

as Good.


Trump Runs Into A Wall

Trump finally met his wall.

This one is not of his own building.

It is of his own making.

He threatens to abolish NAFTA if he does not have his wishes.

Well good for him.

Dissolve the agreement.

Canada will still be “difficult” afterwards.

This country does not strive to be great again.

It already is!

With or without, no ifs nor buts,

it will not submit.

And no sanctions will make it to.

In truth, NAFTA and any other trade agreement,

is the only way to make sanctions work.

Getting into it is a trap.

And both Canada and Mexico know this.

They will be better off without NAFTA.

Trump should consider this :

Using American labor makes American products more expensive.

Coupled with border duties, at that resulting cost,

who would buy American products.

And thereafter, Americans will still buy cheaper

Canadian and Mexican goods.

Canada is “difficult”?

Think again…

The US has imposed malicious red tape on

the Keystone XL pipeline.

For some reason or another the entry through the border

has been stopped due to whatever licenses are needed.

Think again…..

this website of mine has stuck to the Trump cause

on whatever issue it encountered

even before his campaign started.

But Canada’s and the Canadians’ betterment

is my personal red line.

Shove off

or we will make ready all tubes.


Cancel NAFTA

If Trump thinks he can balance trade between

Canada, Mexico and America

by imposing conditions on NAFTA,

boy does he have another think coming!

Both the countries of Canada and Mexico believe

that free trade is a better deal for all countries

than that with no free trade at all.

NAFTA was ageed upon to do away with duties

and taxes that increase the price of the merchandise.

This is a rule that dictates trade between countries.

And this rule will be the basis to counter any

argument which Trump and company would bring forth

for the cancellation of NAFTA.

If saying so would be his effort to gain leverage

on the renegotiation of NAFTA,

then both Mexico and Canada

would accept his dare

and cancel NAFTA

by themselves.

In fact I would suggest that NAFTA be cancelled

so that after two years the consequence

would be felt and the mea culpas

would be sounded off.

As of now, the demands of the Americans

are yet to be known.

When we do know,

we will put up the arguments

that would prove that their demands

were not well thought out beforehand.


Afghanistan : The Opium Country

Afghanistan is unabashedly producing opium for trade.

In truth opium production appears to be the only industry

in the country.

Now President Trump, in his Address to the Nation,

outlined a determined assault on Afghanistan

to end the longest war.

I believe he would succeed, too,

even if he ends up using Gurkhas or Pathans,

or any other foreign army to do it.

But how about a more benign method to end the war

and at the same time leaving Afghanistan with a working industry?

You see, the Taliban and other terrorists have not touched

the opium farms one bit.

So much so that it will be safe to assume

that thety have a stake on the farms.

In that case, why don’t the Afghan government

install itself as the prime consumer of the opium products?

In such a situation the Afghan government can control

and regulate opium production.

The Taliban will then work for the government!

And what would the Afghan government do with the opium?

They can then start a pharmaceutical company

to harness and manufacture the opium.

Good plan, eh?

Troops To Venezuela

Trump is considering troops to Venezuela


Venezuela is none of his business!

Venezuela is nobody else`s business

but the Venezuelans.

Not everybody lives the way Americans do.

He should mind the problems obtaining in America

(whites against whites and not even because of blacks!)

and not those of other countries.

Let Venezuelans fix their own problem.

Unless the head of State of Venezuela ask for American help.

And then Trump can send in then infamous Black Water mercenaries.

Until that time, stop meddling into other countries`politics.ircd00d

Trump’s Wall

If Trump promised the Americans

that Mexico will pay for the wall

built on the border,

then he should prepare to fall flat on his face.

That will never happen.

Think of it this way—-

if you build a fence without the consent

of your next door neighbor,

you cannot force the neighbor to pay

part of the expense, much less pay for the wall completely.

Mexico did not ask the wall to be built.

And neither does Mexico need that wall.

So why would the next-door neighbor that is Mexico

pay for any part of the wall?


False Alarms

I told you so—-

nothing to worry about North Korea.

The neighbors of Kim Jong Un

are not scared of him.

Neither are they concerned about his missile tests.

This is a matter between Kim Jong Un and his people.

He has to display extreme  power to maintain his power.

He is on that stage called growing up.

And don’t consider seriously the warnings coming from the UK.

The world did this about WMD and what happened?

The world went to topple and execute Saddam Hussein.

And there never was any WMD found.

And how many times has the UK cried wolf?

England still lives in the days of the British Indian Empire.

And the call of Omdurman’s Winston Churchill!


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Heydey For Independents

If the members of the US Congress

do not smarten up and pass something

good for the people,

both Republicans and Democrats,

 would be replaced by a whole bunch

of Independents.


Trump’s World

Trump’s world is now in turmoil.

Actually it was so even before he was inaugurated

as President of the United States.

Sad it is that the Democrats, the leftists,

and the losers of the last presidential election

are determined to throw him out of office.

It is the nature of the Americans

that they are poor losers in sports as

is demonstrated in international competitions.

It is hard to realize that they can also be

poor losers in elections.

Now the Democrats, the leftists

and the losers  of  the last presidential election

have declared that the elected President of the US

does not deserve the office

and are determined to contradict

whatever Trump says or does.

Sadder it is for the country

that Trump has already exceeded all expectations

in doing what is best for the country

despite adversarial efforts.

I personally believe that it is high time that Trump

fights back against his antagonists.

I would suggest that he start collecting

dossiers of those who are vocal against him

sort of like J. Edgar Hoover.

I suggest also that the cause for

collecting such information would be:


This is one word that has yet to be considered

by the White House in all these years.


Rahm Emanuel Sues US Government

Mayor of Chicago sues Federal government for withholding funds

for his sanctuary city.

Oh, he’s going to lose this one.

Illegal immigrants are criminals.

If it was Rahm Emanuel who ordered to turn

his city into harboring illegal immigrants

he himself becomes an accessory

to the crime.

He may refer to the SC decision that the Federal government cannot

force the state or city government to do as the

federal government decrees.

But this rule will not run contrary to the law that says

people who harbors criminals

may be treated as criminals.

Chicago may provide sanctuary to immigrants if

these immigrants are legal immigrants.

But then, this city may not be called sanctuary city, no?

Rahm Emanuel should know by now that Chicago

is not exactly holy enough

to provide sanctuary!


Suspended Sanctions

Trump should have known

that the effectivity of the sanctions

can be suspended for a time.

He can suspend the effectivity date of the sanctions

against Russia, Iran, and North Korea

selectively by countries.

It is within his powers to recall decisions

from his office according to better judgement.

if there is no such provision,

then his powers have been effectively clipped.

Think about it this way—-

if he suspends the effectivity of this sanctions,

he would have gained bargaining advantages

over the EU, Russia, Iran, North Korea,

and Congress, until such a time when he

lifts the suspension.

(can Trump see what I mean?)


Leakers Are Spies

They are now coming to discover the source of the leaks.

They will be most probably discover that

the leakers are not those who use transmission of

leaked data by mouth.

The leakers use subterfuge, and spying devices,

and listening antennas, and hidden microphones

to gather data.

By using these methods, they will now be considered as spies

and will be punished for publishing leaked data.

Why do they do this?

To collect damaging information to gain leverage

in the form of dossiers.

Now what do you think Nixon was looking for

when his people got caught rummaging thru files?

Probably his communications with

the North Vietnamese Army.

Dossiers are good persuasive documents when  asking for

an increase in the allocations of intelligence services.

But with the advent of a cooperative agreement

between the intelligence services of Russia and America

some intelligence arms of the US would irrelevant.

And since they have nothing better to do now

but spy on the President

it would be logical to reduce their budget

to a considerably safe amount.

Safe enough to prevent  billions of dollars

to be spent on propping up “friendly” foreign governments.

I would suggest looking for these devices everywhere

and put an umbrella of  frequency jamming devices

over White House.

This is a war of intelligence

between intelligent people.watchman

Congressional Sanctions

The House of Representatives put out sanctions against Russia.

Supplementary to this is the clause that prevents Trump

from recalling it nor change it.

Trump hesitates to sign this because the EU

is up in arms in protest.

EU needs the oil from Russia which the sanctions forbid.

This is one method by which the House of representatives

flexes its muscles in the hope of pleasing the 2018 voters.

Trump should sign this sanction against Russia.

Putin will understand that this is one handiwork from democracy.

He expelled several hundred foreign affairs employees from the

American embassies in Russia as a reply to the sanctions.

This act, of course, has little effect on the diplomatic relationship

between Putin and Trump.

But my hunch of America retreating into a cocoon

is starting to be realized.

The EU will make efforts to be independent of the US.

At this time the US will retreat into protectionism

to strengthen further its potency in both trade and weapons.

There will be better connectivity between Russia and EU.

Eventually, Nato will be re-exanmined for relevance.

The arctic will be more in focus.

Canada will again be ignored by the UN.

But it will keep sending Canadian soldiers in harms’ way

for the UN, to just be slain by friendly fire.

It will be a boon for Canada if it shuns Nafta

and seek beef trade with Russia and oil-trade with Japan.

Canada will further reconsider manufacturing small arms,

artillery, tanks, and gravity-powered drones.

By the time that America comes back to regain its place,

the EU would have established a laissez-faire policy

and the co-prosperity sphere that the Japanese shoguns

attempted to form would have been loosely established

like a cooperative.

Ah, but this is not wistful thinking.

This is just plain thinking.


The IT Pro

Democrat lady Wasserman

is maybe in greasy water

for stubbornly keeping her IT pro


My guess is that she was using him

in more ways than one!

And his double billing?

This is probably for overtime work!


Addendum To private Insurance

I did say that there is meat for everyone

in my proposed Health Care System for the US.

I am referring mostly to the private insurance companies

that may be disowned by ther State/Federal controlled

Health care. Insurance.

Business companies may secure group insurance coverage

for their employees.

These group insurance companies may function  like

Blue Cross or Blue Shield only

and will cover 20% of the costs for prescription drugs.

They will also cover the costs for dentures, eyeglasses,

wheelchairs, ambulances, and other

costs not covered by State Insurance.

Call these extra expenses as Health Solutions.

ALSO, whenever and whatever cost overruns are incurred by the

State insurance systems they can bill the

Federal Health to cover these.

Call these overrun bailouts as Transfer Payments

and should represent what is now a subsidized,

socialized payments.

These payments do reduce drastically  the costs

for each and every member.

It should be understood that the system I proposed

is essentially a system wherein



The State/Federal Health Care Insurance membership is compulsory

and every qualified employee will contribute

1/3 of the required amount via salary deductions,

2/3 will be contributed by the employers.

These contributions are tax deductible

for both employees and employers.

The State may modify the system.

Such modifications will constitute part of the pilot

project of the Federal Health System

and will be scrutinized after two years.


Sanctuary Cities

These cities spurn the Federal mandate to deport illegal immigrants.

can understand the humanitarian reasons for these.

Their hearts may have poured out fior the plight of

the friendly, law-abiding immigrants.

While the reasons are morally justified.

these are also legally unjustified.

What is moral is not always legal.

If people would like to help the illegal immigrants

why would they not ask the authorities

to allow them to sponsor the illegal immigrants,

provide for their temporary residence

while they file for visas.

The sponsorship requires the guarantee

to bring them to court for the hearing.

Unrequited Loyalty

The worst thing a man could do

is to rain scorn

and unrequited loyalty

over a good friend

who has never whined

nor whimpered.


Republican Health Care Implodes

And finally, they realize that not every Senator will approve

of the GOP Health Care Bill.

They should have known by now

that the Obamacare was actually

a mangled copy of Stephen Harper’s

Canadian Health Care.

Most of its features are what I described here in so many posts.

Supplementary adjustments to it was brought about

by profit-motivated lobbyists.

They mangled the system into oblivion.

Allay your fears, though, for the situation can still be salvaged.

Simply deputize the State Governors to remedy the situation

and handle it their own way.

Expect to have multiple methods of providing health care

to their constituents,

but then again the easiest, cheapest, most convenient method

will be adapted.

And thereafter you may have the survey of the best system.

Sort of like a cow choosing the easiest way up a hill.

Treat the State Governors’ systems as your pilot health care.

 you will have two years to study and

adapt that system which everybody

will vote for.

Also, the public will be satisfied instantly that

you kept your promise.




After that fateful day at the oval office

when President Trump talked him singly

he discussed this with the Attorney General Sessions

and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein

who suggested that this is not the way the President should act.

According to his own words,

Comey sent his memos to

the press via a friend

for the purpose of having a Special Counsel appointed

to investigate Trump

which, after a short search,

turned out to be Mueller.

If this is not conspiracy to obstruct the Presidency,

it is still a mutiny!

Think of it this way.

But only think of it!

Trump is up in arms because the people who

are supposed to be investigated

are not being investigated.

Of what use to him is the Attorney General’s Office with scruples?


The Source of Leaks?


the wall has ears….