Think Of It This Way

Q -Tip No. 4 Canadian Builder

Pursuant to his promise

to make America No. 1 country in the world,

Trump bullies and blames everybody else.

And now the presumably No. 1 country in the world

battles a war within its turf.

To prevent this situation, America has spent trillions

of dollars after its Independence.

And now this presumably No. 1 country in the world

is panicking.

It is accentuating its isolationist policy 

with selfish political acts.

It now proposes to break all treaties and negotiations

with other countries altogether in restricting its

companies to to stop exporting goods to other countries.

As for Canada,

it can survive this American isolationist policy

by making its own products.

As regards to masks and ventilators?

Which outfit could best produce these  better than 


After all, they do build planes, don’t they?

They can build hospital ventilators collectively

in the wards using airplane ventilators.

(And by the way,

we Canadians will have to express gratitude,

both profoundly and correspondingly,

to both Trump and 3M.)

Q -Tip No. 3 Of Masks And Men

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic

compelled the world to consider masks

and thereafter debate on whether to wear them

or not.

Well, there is a mask which is the Lone-Ranger type.

This type will not be effective for this purpose

as it covers only the cheeks

and makes poor work of it.

It does not filter anything,

not even the identity of the wearer.

This is for sure

because even Tonto refuses to use it.

Another mask is the Jesse James type.

This one is a simple bandanna wrapped

around the face.

This is both colorful and washable

and is available in every household.

A larger handkerchief would do.

Just make sure to take them off  before

you enter a bank.

You would know that the teller has mistaken your intentions

when she starts giving you all the cash in the drawers

without even asking for your signature.

But all kidding aside,

I am referring to the surgical masks

which undoubtedly filters the coronavirus.

If you are not sure whether to wear them or not,

just ask yourself the question at that moment,

“who better needs it now, you or the health care worker?”


Q -Tip No. 2 Ventilators

Lend me your ears again

but face somewhere else.

Ventilators save lives, arguably.

They are mechanical aids to supply people

with the oxygen they need.

Here, pressurized oxygen is mixed

with pressurized air and gently forced

in the lungs which converts the 

gas into carbon dioxide which is exhaled

thru this machine.

What I would like you to consider

is the question

“where do this exhaled gases go?”

The ventilator service manuals

do not cover this topic.

neither do the doctors and nurses know.

But they should,

particularly if the exhalation gas

contain the covid-19 virus.

I am now assuming that the communicable exhalation

exhausts inside the room,

or ward,

if the machine is a hospital ventilator.

Such is one situation that may cause

the nurses and the doctors to be infected.

Perhaps the hospital techs can do more

by installing makeshift bottles containing 

cooking oil or the like.

A tube could be connected from the exhalation valve

to this makeshift bottle to force the exhalation

to impinge on the oil.

The tube should not be immersed in the oil

and that nothing should interfere with the

natural flow of the exhalation gas.

Any exhaled virus can be trapped this way.

Q -Tip No. 1

Q -Tip No.1

Do not mistake my Q-Tip

to that kind that you clean your ears with.

My Q-Tip is a Quotable Tip,

and as the term implies,

you can quote it anytime, anywhere.

The main difference between my Q -Tip and your Q -Tip

is that my Q -Tip can be inserted thru your left ear

and then pulled out from the right ear.

Try this with your Q -Tip.

My Quotable Tip No. 1 takes into account the multiple deaths from Covid-19 in nursing homes, seniors homes, auxiliary hospitals and any other relative buildings which are of the closed ventilation type for the occupants. These buildings require mechanical ventilation to force air inside the building. the ventilating systems common for these types of buildings would consist of a furnace or heater in the basement or an air conditioner on the roof.

It can go without saying that the air inside these buildings is for common consumption and thereby lies the danger of infecting the occupants with virus from any single resident. Now it is arguable that the Covid-19 virus may not be airborne but this argument still has no basis for conclusions. Whether it can be airborne or not. it will be safer to assume that it can be airborne as much as it can be inside droplets of liquid. Besides, the air I am specifying is actually humidified, which means it has enough moisture that it can hold.

Which gives rise to a detailed rundown of what a closed ventilating system looks like. In a nursing home, the air is heated by a furnace in the basement. This has a supervisor or a technician to oversee its operation. Fresh air, about 10% to 20% is sucked in from outside, is mixed with air recirculated from the building, is passed through the heating elements, is forced through a water humidifier, and then distributed to the rooms through air vents. The recirculated air is sucked in through the vents which are placed strategically apart from the hot air vents. Both the incoming air and the return air are situated at the bottom of the rooms. This makes the hot air stay at the ceiling and the cold air nearer the floor. If the air is infected, it stays up there for a while.

If the covid-19 virus will spread, it will be through the upper space inside the room or corridors. This is humidified air. The virus may be killed when it passes the heater but the humidified air does not pass the heater. So what could be obtained is humidified air floating around the building and used air remaining inside the ducts waiting to be recirculated.. This portion of air inside the building produces the risk of infection and only about 10% of it is replaced with fresh air. Perhaps an efficient use of the manual switch of the furnace blower to suck in more outside air is logical.

What could have been done for added safety is to add or tape air vent filters all over the place. These air vent filters are available in hardware stores and can be doubled together for better effect. Other more expensive systems of sanitation may be used. like effective air sterilizing equipment with water sprayers.

This Quotable Tip is making the assumption that dishes are diligently washed clean.

A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life

Laymen don’t lay eggs.

I am not a layman.

I don’t lay eggs.

Unless you consider this post as an egg.

But again I say, I don’t lay eggs.

If the coronavirus may be considered a bug, then this is its life.
I did ask the question “how does the virus kill people”.
From the facebook sharing by Monette Hayashi, it can be figured out the virus dries up the mucus in the lungs, resulting in the starvation of oxygen to the brain. This was found by autopsies done by the Chinese on people who died of the Covid-19.

So here we go—-when the lungs excrete mucus as a reaction against any irritation, (this time from the coronavirus,) they actually wrap the virus in preparation for disposal via coughing. Most of the virus are coughed out in mucus, some are in wet saliva or fluids, some are killed by the gastric juices in the stomach when the mucus is swallowed. But, if the lung muscles are not that strong to cough it out (as with old people), the virus remain in the lungs to proliferate. The virus dries the mucus which, aided by the respiration plus the aggravating action by ventilators, produced the annoying solid which we call snot(dried mucus).

As the virus proliferates, more irritants to the lungs result in more mucus secreted and thereafter more snot. The more the ventilators are used, the more snot is produced to cover up the lung surfaces. Doctors and nurses do not realize this. They are bent on keeping the patient alive, hence more oxygen is pumped in and more gas goes in to dry up the mucus. What should have been done is a no-brainer, and that is to get rid of the mucus. If the patient is old and is unable to cough out the mucus, then expectorants should be used. These are to be delivered either by mouth or through the ventilators. Pharmacologists may have a wealth of these phlegm expectorants in the line of eucalyptus and etc. This does remind me of eucalyptin lebrun, whatever that is or was.

Anyway, for serious cases, a tube may be inserted to the lungs, liquefy the dried mucus with expectorants, and pump it out. Or better still, kill this bug right at the throat or nostrils.

Social distancing?

You mean meeting by “bumping at each other”?


Try winking at each other.

I find this more exciting

especially when that sexy one winks back!

Annual Bombardier Bailout


Bombardier of Quebec

is slated to get bailed out again

by using Canadian Taxpayers’ money.

This bailout goes on every year.

This company is not profitable.

It employs 50% more people than necessary.

And these are paid 50% more than necessary.

The Canadian Taxpayers should buy them out

so that the people can decide where the plant/s

are to be located

and the employees to be hired.

This is another beef that the Western cows

are crying for.

No ownership, no bailout!

No Bombardier, no pain!

The Bombardier employees should be laid off 

and they should apply for unemployment insurance

just like everybody else.

(no absolute power for this Liberal Government which has proven to be spendthrift on anything and everything they can think of )




How to secure Social distance

If you want to secure a safe social distance,

eat more gas-forming foods

like sweet potatoes and the like.

Ah, but you know what I mean…

De-crowning the Coronavirus Part 2

Decrowning the Coronavirus Part 2

The first thing I asked on the outset of this virus is whether it thrives in an acidic environment. This question was ignored twice. And so I left them to do their assumptions and presumptions to the point that what we have now is a complete supplication to the dictates of the virus. The general order of the day is now to let the people who will be infected be infected. And let the people who will die, die. As a result, the world is now approaching a complete isolation and ultimately a complete standstill. People are now afraid to move from where they are, which is a well stocked storage house that is slowly turning to a dreary cocoon.

But forget about the catching words and phrases of what this write up has started, I repeat, this is a guess which you should listen closely because I usually stick something with it which MAY BE worth your while.

Reports of the initial virus start dd not contain anything about its source or the cause. Was it started with an inhalation, an ingestion, or an inebriated excursion? It would have helped a lot if the cause was known very like the Black Plague where the rats could have been exterminated right aboard the ships. The carrier fleas could have been eradicated with sprays had it be known that they carry the plague.

Which brings us back to my question—does the virus thrive in an acidic environment? You may ask why I asked this question. well the reports say that the test for this virus consist of getting samples from the nostrils, the throats, and maybe the nasal passages, This proves that it is transferred by inhalation, not by injection or touch or even by having sex. It is therefore what was an old term for it which is a COMMUNICABLE DISEASE. This term was never used by any whichever doctor or physician or pharmacist even if the chances are it was started by contact.

This virus has the option of residing on the skin, eyes, limbs, heart, ears, brain,stomach, intestines would it have been a potent communicable virus, Instead we find it in the nose, throat, nasal passages and in the lungs where it does most of its destructive work. But why not the stomach when it can have the option of sliding thru the valve towards the esophagus? Well guess what, it may have gone thru to the stomach but that organ presents a more violent activity than the lungs, and primarily because the stomach has digestive enzymes that would present the virus with an acidic environment which proves fatal to the virus. Conclusively I can say that the Covid-19 cannot exist in an acidic environment.

Which brings us to what probably may be one thing to combat the virus—-acidity, or that which is inherent in citrus fruits like lime, lemon, oranges, and etc. the common table salt is also acidic, so does sea water. In such days like these we may not be able to go to the beaches to swim. Maybe use inhalers, vaporizers, sprayers instead. if the virus is already at the peak of its destructive work, the space within the lungs should be acidic to stop it before it causes the fatal damage. Acidic vapors may be inhaled or forced through towards the lungs.

How does the virus kill? Another question which was ignored. Does the virus kill by collapsing the lungs, or puncturing it, or by eroding it, perforating, eatng, shrinking? Whichever it may do would result in the person gasping for air. Shortness of breath means not enough oxygen is being produced by the lungs. This will not yet kill the person,. But what would kill the person is the lack of oxygen that goes to his brain. When this happens, the involuntary activities of the body stops. the heart will not pump blood and the lungs will not work. Everything stops. The brain is still cognizant for that moment but it is unable to send impulses to the spinal column.

And then the person realizes that he is already dead.

Covid-19 Monotony

Much time is being devoted to this topic.

One is unable to watch anything else.

And the message is the same—

wash your hands keep your distance,

cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing,

stay at home in isolation,

go ahead and travel abroad,

but don’t ever come back if you did!

and so forth and so on.


It is amazing though that the more

important things that people should know

are being omitted, or missed.

Things that the contaminated person

will be able to do or take to cure himself.

Perhaps another post here from me might

be able to suggest remedies or cure against

the Covid-19.

Indian Pow-wow Stalls

As expected, the talks between the BC Indians

and the Federal Ministers stalls.

I guess the Indian band is asking for something

that the Feds are unable to do,

and that is involve the other provinces on the 

proposed agreement.

As I said, this is a provincial matter, not Federal.

If the Aboriginals will consider themselves as a nation,

they must secure their borders and boundaries first.

As of now, the Indians are scattered all over the place

like mixed nuts.

Their situation is much similar to the African Americans

in the United States, in that they are inside the country

as Americans and not a nation.

Their best bet to get what they want is to INTEGRATE.

This way they can do something to benefit Canada

for a change.

Any BC deal or agreement involving Alberta

may be notwithstanding.

New Covid-19 Victim in California

Unknown suspect for transmission of the virus

must be attributed to contact with baggage 

or baggage handler from airport in Solano, Califirnia.

This is a guess.

Airports and seaports are suspects.

BC. Federal, and Hereditary Chiefs in Pow-Wow

Well good for them.

Whatever they decide is good for them.

They should not, of course,

involve Alberta in their talks.

Everything is OK in Alberta.

The Indian Bands and the Province of Alberta

are in good partnership.

The Teck  Company cancelled the proposed

billion dollar project because it was assumed that

it will have to get involved

with this blockade-reconciliation issues

and that it will have to foot some of the bill.

Tell you what—

It will be good for BC to cancel all the oil projects

in its territory.

This will solve ALL their problems political

and otherwise.

And give the Indigenous peoples in BC territory

all they want like water, toilets, transportation

education, welfare checks and such.

Just do not call on Alberta for help.

The door is shut!

This is the exclusive problem

of British Columbia.

Scrambled Eggs

The Injuns just snubbed PM Trudeau on their

appointed meeting.

And the PM said nothing

but left it to the Injuns

to move the ball.

It is clear now that Canada has a PM with no balls.

If he has, these are  for sure scrambled.  

He could have sent Custer with his 7th Cavalry

to clean up the blockades.


to gain leverage against the government,

the Jews mention the Holocaust;

the African Americans mention Slavery;

but these Canadian Injuns try to gain leverage

against the Canadian government

by mentioning Residential Schools events.

Residential Schools?

What a joke!


The Fight To Save Taxpayers’ Money


Negotiations with the indigenous protesters

necessarily mean giving them more money

coming from the taxpayers.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer fights to prevent this.

Remember that Quebec plane manufacturer Bombardier

is now having its annual need for another bailout.

This Trudeau spendthrift government is again on its plans

to spend taxpayers’s money for a bailout to Bombardier

and another handout to whomever leads the Indians.



Scheer explains.mp4

Scheer explains.mpg

(Trudeau officially snubbed Scheer today—he shoulod know better)

Best production Award

And the award for best production goes to

The Republicans

for producing the monster




Of course there is a cover-up.

What is unimaginable is that these

presumably honorable Senators are in on it.

No witnesses, no evidential documents presented,

what the heck are the US Senators doing.

It’s a shame that they could sponsor this sham of a sideshow.

It is well-known, of course,

that the Senators will not be able to put up

a single witness of their own to help in their cover-up,

even if these were forced to testify,

or coerce,

ala Jewish-Dershowitz

Perhaps that is it! No witness for the Defense.

That is the sum of it.

And the Senators are scared to their whatever

of the truth being shown to their faces.

But you know what,

the Senators can actually bring in any witness they want.

But the scared Senators just cannot do this

for reasons that we know what.



no witness allowed

or else!

What is good for DA  CAPO

is good for everybody!

(make sure we have a list of US Senators, please)

Da Prof Fumbles

Trimmed proper from head to foot

Prof Alan Dershowitz proclaimed that he is not connected

to the Trump Impeachment Team and afterwards hammered

the House Managers for being against Trump.

Listening to his harangue, I formed my conclusion that I

would not pine to be in his class for the simple reason that

he will not be able to teach me anything about law even if

I ain’t never been schooled in law at no time.

Listen closely now

because this post will be buried amongst the next

6,487 posts.

His favorite topic :the intentions of the Framers of the Constitution

and for a prof who declares that his passion is his love for the country

and its Constitution he failed to declare that a great portion of his

opinion are literally out of time and may not hold true today.

As a result he has promulgated a whole lot of graduates whose opinion

may be out of tune to the times.

The framers of the American Constitution

were attempting to form a republic with a government different from the

Parliamentary form obtained in England.

It can go without saying that the whole bunch of them were commoners,

those with nobility ties being forced to flee to what is now Canada.

The republic being formed has to have arms and a militia to the delight

of the now organized NRA, even if the arms constituted mere muskets,

gunpowder and lead balls.

This is a far cry from what is obtained now—-rpg, javelins, tanks, bombs,

planes and atom bombs.

Therefore, the commoners never envisioned anything like terrorists, tarrifs,

military aid, NATO, UN, blackmail, homicides,

homicides, homosexuals, abortions,

blackmail, bribery, hacking, and foreign interference.

But they did foresaw impeachment and made rules about the matter,

only thing is their vision was limited only at the time of musketry.

This is the point in time where DA trimmed prof delivered his lecture

on Impeachment.

He began with a sermon on the podium

against the House managers about them being ignorant

of his favorite subject : the Constitution of the olden times.

He said that Congress should not be above the law,

proceeding afterwards with items he wanted to alter in the

present procedures of the Constitution.

At this point, well-versed as he is in his beloved Constitution,

he failed to realize that to the Congress belongs the right

to amend the Constitution,

and it is the Congress that makes the laws

to be followed by everybody

including lecturers of outdated Constitutions.

He pointed out wrong interpretations of words

such as misdemeanor, maladministration,

high crimes, and so forth,

but he failed to suggest different words or terms

to replace these.

It is a standing rule for anybody and everybody who profess to

know more on any subject to be able to teach it

that if he is to point out something amiss in anything,

he should be able to suggest or recommend

a replacement and/or a solution to correct it.

He therefore assumed the posture of a mother-in-law on the podium

giving sermons on what is bad without mentioning what is good.

“I shall be short”

That’s what the man said.

I was not sure whether he was referring to his stature

or the length of time he is to harangue because he stayed

on the podium as if he were reluctant to surrender it.

At any rate, I shall cut my post short.

His last comment about the topic “Abuse of power”

was that the quid pro quo involving military aid,

which was legitimately approved by a bi-partisan Congress,

is not impeachable because the “abuse” term

was misinterpreted.

This was his great fumble, and the House Managers will

make a touchdown as a consequence of this.

To be impeachable, the quid pro quo should be committed

with the intention for personal aggrandizement.

Speaking of Intentions, now this was his greatest fumble.

While expounding with an almost vehement effort on the intentions

of the framers of the Constitution,

he all but left out the factor of “intention”

from the rest of his lecture.

This is the most important feature in the Constitution.

In fact it is the soul of the Constitution—the intention, the purpose

by which the republic is formed and organized.

After all, intention actually differentiates

between a First-Degree murder

from a Second-Degree Murder,

personal from political.

INTENTION—before and after the act,

will determine whether Trump

committed an Abuse of Power or not.

One cannot read the mind of Trump as regards his intentions,

 however, this can be deduced by his actions

before and after the commission.

Ask the cops, they know.

Don’t ask the Prof, he doesn’t.


Executive Privelege

I repeat,

the President cannot invoke Executive Privilege

if he has already admitted that he has done something wrong

in his administration.

He has no immunity against any charge related to his

wrongdoing and therefore he should cooperate with

the House who represents the people of the United States.

Two-Faced Lecturers


Even though they are not part of Trump’s Defense,

they will be allowed to speak at the Impeachment Trial.

One of them is the two-faced professor Alan D.

He will say:

“I did not say that I was wrong before

I am only saying that

now I am more correct”

Trump’s Lawyers Opening Arguments

A brief two-hour defense for Trump is initiated

in an effort which did a strut instead of a dash.

It does give the appearance of being calm and confident.


while the lawyers seem to be as a unified, focused team,

there are gaps in their presentation.

I am referring to the data presented.

I can see that they are not inept as I said before.

They are either misinformed or totally uninformed.

This could provide the impression that they have not

even read nor seen the documents that the Managers

asked for, and that these documents are being  hidden

even from the lawyers that defend Trump

(Standard mafia operandi)

Sad story it is,

but these lawyers would appear to be sad sacks

in the eyes of the public.


Shifting The Blame

  Counsel, Jay Settoolow,

hopes to shift the blame from his patron.

Da Capo Trump

to Hunter Biden

and/or Obama’s administration.

Naïve and childish, isn’t it?

Sort of saying that Trump’s fingers

were caught dipping in the cookie jar

because he wants to throw away the bad cookies.

Trump was the one caught dipping, of course,

and not Hunter Biden.

It should be noted that it was Jay Settoolow

who advised Da Capo Trump to order a no cooperation

with the House of Representatives,

using the Executive Privelege,

causing the latter to bring down the Article 2

of the Impeachment.

To whom could Jay Settoolow shift the blame now?

(The End Does Not Justify The Means)

The Dope


The “material” that Trump boasts to have

is most probably the dope on Biden

that the Bagman Ghouliani secured

from his very special, extraordinary trip

to the Ukraine region.

Something is afoot whenever my hyperactive brain

starts to hurt.

So I turn to my reliable crystal ball to try to alleviate

the headache.

What comes up is an incredible fiction.

Remember what I told you about my next post being fiction?

Well, this should augment it.

But I warn you that I emphasize the fiction ala Scorsese as

regards this post.

So you may  choose  to  believe it  or not

But I would rather that you do not believe it!!!!

These events strike me as odd and good—

Russia’s gas pipeline went through Turkey

without a peep nor a sanction from Trump.

A long truce on the Russia-Ukraine front has been effected,

eliminating the need for the Javelin aid to Zelenesky,

who may now divert the unused funds for something else.

Also, more funds to the aid have still to be used and

Zelenesky may be able to secure them.

Ukraine will not set up some long-range missiles,

inherited from Khruschev,

to point to Russia.

Putin reorganizes the Russian government in such a way

as impeachment procedures upon himself cannot be started.

Zelenesky  is now more   amenable  to  Trump’s  requests,

more notable is that he is to be silent when required.

The “material” may have included the reason for the non-prosecution

of the corrupt officials in Ukraine’s government

including Siokin accepted  bribes for refraining to prosecute.

Siokin may have attempted  to  bribe  Biden’s  son

 but Biden had him legitimately removed.

Biden’s son may have been helpful

in the election of Zelenesky.

In the Impeachment Trial of Trump,

When the Republican Senators

ask for Biden as a witness,

and also ask for this “material” as evidence,

the Democrats

should ask for Siokin and Zelenesky as witnesses

to validate the “material”

And if Trump’s counsel mention

that the material was in Trump’s hands,

then they should ask for Trump as a witness.

In fact, the Democrats should ask for Trump as a witness

even before Trump’s counsel mention his name.

But again I warn my readers—

this is merely a product of my hyperactive imagination,

er, my crystal ball,

and I would rather you do not consider

this as gospel.

(some Democrats must also contact Zelenesky ahead)


Abuse Of Power




The Prof,

still professing that he is not part

of Trump’s defense team,

will expound on the point that Trump’s actions

were not impeachable,

referring to the logic of the Framers of the Constitution.

That may be, but it should be pointed out

that the framers of the Constitution had little or no idea

of what the country would bw subjcted to

in the future.

Such thing like homicides, homosexual tendencies,

abortions, nuclear weapons, mercenaries, foreign aids, and such,

were not in consideration when the Constitution

was debated upon.

The Prof will then argue

that what is termed as Abuse of Power

is actually a form of maladministration due to poor judgement

and therefore it is not a crime and is not impeachable.

In so doing, the Prof will argue that impeachment will be determined

by the gravity of the President’s act,

and not the cause for the act.

To distinguish therefore

between maladministration and abuse of power,

I propose to present this case as an example.

Listen well,

because even though this case is not as serious

as the act by which the Abuse of Power article is based on,

this case is  presented

to compare and contrast between abuse of power

and mere maladministration.


If a father maltreats his children with beatings.

scoldings,  withholding subsistence benefits,  and so forth,

these may be considered as mere acts of bad parenting

which should be ignored and left unpunished because

upon him is vested the sole authority

and responsibility to fend for his children.


if this father forces sex upon his children,

this will be considered as abuse of authority.

or simply abuse of power,

because this authority,

 vested solely upon himself,

has been taken advantage of,

and his act has been done in excess of

what his authority dictates.

The father has made a quid pro quo.

or an implicit sex for sustenance,


ABUSE means literally over and above expectations.

Get it?


Iranian Blow-up

The Western media, including trhe much huffed-up,

Canadian TV, continues to blow up the Iranian 752 affair.

As if these media does not have anything more interesting

to sell than this Iranian fiasco.

The Iranian Leader has already admitted its responsibility

for the 752 plane crash, even promising to convict the perpetrators

and compensate the victims of the crash.

This is already publicized, so what’s more do the TV hosts want?

Rouhani’s head?

A stupid question keeps being asked as to why the air transportation

remained open during that time.

The stupid reply would be : that there is no existing conflict on that zone,

Iran not being at war with anybody.

So it is business as usual.

The airport has always been open.

So what’s the beef?

Another thing is that the Iranians are out in protest

against the futile effort of the presumed “hard” revenge on the Us,

there being nobody killed.

Much more, Rouhani lied about the strike being “terrible’

when in fact it proved to be harmless.

The Iranians protest is a manifestation of their lust for revenge

and not for a change in government

as what the Westerners are salivating to hear again.

Incidentally, I do realize that Rouhani is as good a diplomat

as is a Muslim leader.

I can see that what he is doing now is actually working well

towards his objectives for the Iranian people.

His hidden agenda is well in hand.

I find it funny that the TV hosts, just like I,

would insist on publicizing our hunches

as regards the Souleimani’s assassination.

But funnier it is

that some hunches are childishly concluded

and way, way off.

For instance, the main effort of the investigation should be

the answer to the question as to who really downed the 752,

and not the damnation of Iran.

Remember what I keep saying—

that not everybody lives the same way as the Americans do.



Flight 752

Interesting it should be

to determine what caused this plane to crash in flames.

I will attempt to opine something on this on the next post

after I finish running some software

(which has nothing to do with the flight)).

What I can say at this time is that there are things

similar to the crash of MH17 and the demise of MH370.

Both are Boeing 777″s  , but this plane manufacturer

is not to be blamed for this.

For the 737max, maybe, but the software developed for the 737max

was meant to prevent the unfortunate incidents of the 777’s.

Boeing  just did not have the right idea what caused the 777 incidents.

My first guess for the 752 is that everything went awry

immediately after the autopilot was switched on at 8000 ft.

The black box may confirm this.

Incidentally, and for the Iranian authorities,

they should allow us Canadians to help in determining what

caused the crash.

Forget about foreign diplomatic rules and regulations.

We Canadians are not against Iranians.

In fact we Canadians are not against anybody.

The only asset that we Canadians have

which seem to annoy every other nationality

is that we are exceptionally good looking.

You can keep the black boxes,

can we just have a peek at it?