Think Of It This Way

The Source of Leaks?


the wall has ears….



I missed the first glance

and by my own error, too.

The winning numbers are :

2,11,12,25,33,39,44, bonus 8

I over shot numbers 2, and 25

which should have been 1 and 24.

Gotta get new reading glasses

or move closer to the screen.

Number 11 was a 50-50 shot

so I did not consider it

So was number 39, but I did consider this

I always hit the bonus number

which applies only when it comes

 together with a 3-number hit

or a six-number hit.

I hit four 4-number combinations

netting me $80 and a bunch of 3-number free plays.

But I lost money in this draw.

I will try agan with lottomax

this time using more than two programs

of my own using Basic.

Lottomax is not a better lottery to go for

 if one is trying  to hit the minor prizes only.

You must hit 4 numbers correctly to be in

good money using a 5 of 5 wheeling process.

Lottomax affords an extra two combinations

 for the price of a $5 ticket.

But it is more difficult to win here

particularly if it were to be rigged

to increase the jackpot.


Unhealthy Insurance

My hunch was right!

The American Health care is a ripoff

by the private insurance companies

delegated by the lawmakers to

monopolize the premiums.


Unhealthy Insurance.mp4

Health Care Insurance run by the Federal and State governments

should eliminate the profit motive

and thus result in the cheapest health care,


Another Ugly American

I must have probably described to you

what an Ugly American is

every time I use this phrase.

Well here is another description of an ugly American.

But what I would most like to ask these people

is why do the United States refuse

to join the International Court of Justice.

This is the court that succeeds

the Court at Nuremberg

and thereafter

the American court that lay judgement

to Saddam Hussein.


Ugly American.mp4

What is worse is

he actually believes in what he says!

The Negotiating Mode

President Trump is still in the negotiating mode

always getting the upper hand

in any and all of his dealings.

He has done this with Iran, Russia,

Saudi Arabia. Qatar,

and currently the mainstream media.

This notion may have been difficult to comprehend

by Sean Spicer who quit when the

WH Communications Director was given to

Scaramouche, er


who just might know enough

to be an ace up the sleeve.

This negotiating mode, however, may not be as good

a trump card when applied to Canada and Mexico.

These quiet, unassuming countries have a way of fighting back

much to the chagrin of those who believe

that these nations are still under the

gringo umbrella.

Trump, in reality,

has started to lose his cool.


Mueller’s Gambit

While the mainstream media

fights for subscriptions

and the Democrats

fight for redemption

Special Counsel Mueller

fights to save face.

With nothing to show for

 in his investigation of Trump

he then hires a whole bunch of ant-Trump

pro-Clinton people to work for him.

He wants to achieve either one of two things:

For Trump to stop the investigation thereby

pinning the blame on Trump.

And also for putting the blame on the people that he hired

declaring that whatever decision is arrived at

it was his group that made the decision, not him.


One question, though,

who pays for those he hired

and how much?


(how about starting an investigation on Mueller and company?) 

Rigging The Lottery

I did mention in my last post about rigging the lottery.

Lotteries, either statewide or nationwide,can be rigged. And I will yell you how.

One method by which numbers are drawn is by a computer. This will rely on the software called a random generator.As the name implies, numbers are suppose to be printed outafter the computer goes through data generatorscalled registers. The numbers that the computer re4ads in some successive registerswould depend upon when the “selectors”are stopped, which in turn depends upon the rate at which the processor reads the registers. What’s more, the computers can be programmed to include separate programs called “worms’ which activates when the computer meets specific situations like dates, past numbers drawn, time, serial numbers,passwords, and so forth.I say therefore, steer away from lotteries using computers for random number generators.

Next method is by spherical ping pong balls. By the way, these lotteries can only be rigged by those running the lotteries.There may be times, though, when the operators of the lottery terminals  may rig the draw. There is a time difference between Ontario and British Columbia.Terminal operators in Ontario where the lottery is drawn will have enough time to tamper with the terminals in such a way that they will move back the time on the terminals to a time “before” the actual draw. In other words, they will now be able to print a ticket after they learn of the results of the draw.  Therer was a timen when some place in Ontarion which name rhymes with “scrampton” use to win every big-prize draw, sometimes in succession.

Ping pong balls are drawn from a drum where air is forced underneath to cause a tumbling action to the balls. One by one, balls rare blown towards a hole large enough for one ball to get through. How can this be rigged? Balls my be injected through a tiny hole on the ball with heavier than air gas if the ball is rigged to go under the others. Lighter than air gases can be injected to get the ball to float over the others. The balls are made lighter if they are supposed t6o be drawn.

Balls can also be altered in shape.they can be made slightly less spherical, or bigger in diameter, depending whether the ball is to be drawn or not to be drawn. A more secure draw machine than this type is the piston-draw method. The same drum is used but  piston goes up with the selected ball and pushes this ball through the hole. Air is now forced through from the sides of the drum because the piston is at the center. To be selected each of the balls must ro;ll towards the piston at the center. Heavier balls would have more chances of getting drawn, especially if they are of a smaller size.

To secure the draw from the termina type of rigging by the ‘scramptons”, the Canadian Lottery authorities started the system of polling all the terminals to copy all the transactions on a disc. Little do they realize that should there be rigging of the lottery, it weill only point to them as the culprits. It will take less than a minute to read and/or copy what is in this disk. In this disk may be established what numbers have been chosen the most, and which of the terminals have single transactions that reflect combinations wheeled from 18 or more lotto numbers. Now, preventing one number from these chosen will prevent a jackpot from being won. This rig will ensure that the pot will grow.

This disk will also show which terminals from each region are very active. it should be noted that extra prizes are won from tickets bet on the specific terminal at the specific region. They have yet to show to the public, how the extra prizes are won.

The draw for the 649 Canada national is shown on you tube. Great! They do not have to pay for the video, which are actually edited before they are uploaded. Edited videos are not to be trusted. They can be made at anytime.

For my readers–I should give them a tip—

Now books and softwares and tips will provide a variety of ideas tyo say that they provide the advantage against the lottery. But they never, ever provide a set of winning number combinations. They instead provide prospects pof which numbers are possible to come out.



At first glance, I think these numbers will not win:


Canada national 649

Now at second glance, may-not-come-out numbers:


On the third sheepish glance:

60-40 chance not to come out:


So go for the lotto numbers that are left, savvy?

The Canada national 649 draw is tonight.

Mark the time and the date.

(of course you can blame me if these numbers win)


Revoking Benefits of Obamacare

Everybody has been concerned that cancelling the benefits

provided by the last Affordable Health Care

would be difficult to do.

One does not take away the benefits that were provided

by the last administration.

This is understandable.

In fact, this is rightly so.

However, it will be easier to take away these awarded benefits

if another set of benefits are offered

which is better than the last.

These benefits that I elaborated

are much, much netter than the last.

Stupendously so much better.


Employers’ Lament

When the business owners and employers hear

that 2/3 of the State Health Care Insurance contributions

will be paid by them,

they will all sound out in a chorus—


They should allay their fears.

The contributions will be tax deductible

and itemized under “expenses”.

So is the employees’ contributions.

They are considered as health care expenses.

This is charged to his income tax.

The employers’ contribution is charged

to the business tax

The employers should have his own 2/3 contribution

charged to his business expenses.

Good, eh?

Multiple Health Care Choices

They want you to believe

that multiple selections of health care services

would reduce the cost.

Now that is stooooopid!

Unless the cost of EACH health service is reduced

the total cost of service will still be the same—expensive.

Furthermore, anytime some middle companies;

like PRIVATE, profit-making insurance companies;

are inserted

the price will be increased by the amount that

the private insurance companies decide.

Now, the  health insurance service that will be managed

by the government is logically

and practically cheaper

for the simple reason that it will provide health care

without the profit motive.

If the health care  ends up with profit-making companies

mandated to manage it

would that not be exactly the thing that the Democrats want?


Important to note—–health care provided by the government

do offer no choice of health services

because it actually offers ALL THE SERVICES

in one lump and at a cheaper price.

You may never know exactly which health service

you will need in the future.

By the way, the choice of health service has never been enumerated.

Let us not mislead the immigrants!


Global Tilting

Yesterday was the warmest day around these parts.

At the same time, there was a heavy snowfall in Chile.

now do you believe me that the earth has tilted

and that this is causing the global warming?

Pudding For The Aged

The proof is in the pudding.

And the pudding belongs to the aged, the retired, and the seniors of the country.

Therer is a maximum amount reserved for the retired, the aged and the seniors for each of dental and vision care. These amounts are replenished annually. Health accessories and health solutions, like walking canes, wheelchairs, ambulances, physios, and etc., are free .

What is more, this category, the aged, the retired and the seniors are exempted from paying the contribution to the Health Insurance. This is true for the parents and grandparents of qualified members, whether these relatives paid contribution to the health Insurance or none at all. This gives rise to the strict vetting of relatives sponsored by the members.

Employed members pay only 1/3 of the total required contribution to the Health Insurance. The rest, or 2/3, are paid by the employer.




The Ultimate Health Care

The Ultimate Health Care

The ultimate in health care is envisioned like this:

Any body who is sick or feels that there is something wrong with his body can go to a nearby clinic. These clinics are staffed daily with more than one physician and no appointments are required. Health care cards and id’s are checked and the person is seen by the physician on duty. Minor treatments are done there and referrals to specialists and/or private laboratories are made when necessary. Ambulances are contacted when needed. All is done free of charge.

Health records are made on paper by the physician and also recorded to a centralized computer system. All physicians have access to the health care records of all members.This includes all drugs, surgeries, diseases, etc. of the member.

Prescriptions are written when needed  and the person brings this to the pharmacy store which is then filled up. The government health care system, most probably the State Insurance System, is billed 80% and 20% of the charge is paid by the patient, or Blue Cross or any opted private insurance company.


Whenever the total costs paid by  the State Insurance are over that which is collected from the members, this portion is billed to the Federal Government which then transfers funds to the State Insurance. The Federal Government Health care should have allocated some billions of dollars to each State before the pilot version was initiated, anyway. It will be a matter of a centralized accounting system between the Federal Government and the States. The whole system will be much dependent of this centralized computer system as regards member information and health data. This system is dedicated and not even the intelligence community can access this info.

As regards member privacy? Oh come off it—if you are sick, why would you be concerned about your privacy?

By the way, after the pilot version is over, Federal government takes over control and regulation of the system. Why? To the Federal Government is dumped the responsibility for the Health care of the people, and pays for the expenses as required. The State becomes the operating arm of the Federal Government, as is supposed to be.

Much, much money is to come from the Federal Government on the initial introduction of the pilot version. There is expected be be a deluge of people going to the clinics, especially of those who have delayed going to see a doctor due to high expenses. The premiums as dictated by the government according to the standardized schedule of fees laid down by executive orders will be drastically reduced and people will take advantage of this. Finally, the lower income people will be able to see a doctor with gusto.

It is also expected that there will be opposition outcries from the physicians, the private insurance companies, and of course, the Democrats, who will again resound their motto—–thet there will be millions of Americans who will die because of this new health care act.

The private insurance companies will act as the option for extra and complete health care for the members. People may also opt to get private health care insurance if they can afford it, but the ease and convenience of the Federal-State health care system would be the better choice for the rest of the people.

I should add that the system I proposed here IS A PUBLIC HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. For how else can the Federal Government be in complete control of the system if there are private entities involved in having a piece of the action.

Is this a subsidized, socialized medicine? Close to it, but no cigar.

It will be a subsidized system for those who cannot afford it. Not a subsidized system for those who can still partially afford it. The requirement  to be a member is simple—must be a qualified citizen or permanent immigrant status, must have contributed to the system for a certain length of time, or for a minimum amount, must be employed or must have reasonable causes to be unemployed, must be residing in the state covering his insurance, and etc.

How are the schedule of fees set?—by a discussion with the College of Physicians, the pharmacists, the specialists and so forth. There must be an official survey completed. But I must also mention the private hospitals. Or are there any hospitals in the US which is not a private hospital? Their fees may not follow the schedule as laid down by the government, but if the patient is registered to the State Insurance and opts to be billed as such, the hospital should follow the schedule of fees. NOTE: the hospital may be under litigation should it be proven to have a double standard against the denigrated treatment of state insurance patients.

Private hospitals are not allowed in Canada, only private doctors


Private Health Insurance

In case you were wondering what would happen

to the private health insurance companies

when the government converts to the public

health insurance run by the states,

well wonder no more.

There is plenty of meat for everyone.

But you have to bring your own skewer.

The private insurance companies will still remain as an option.

The state insurance will cover the costs of doctor’s fees,

hospital and emergency ward bills, and

80% of prescribed medicine.

Such other expense as 20% of prescribed medicine

will be covered by the private insurance companies.

Also ambulance fees and

private laboratory services.

Somewhat like Blue Cross?

Another way is to act as the auxiliary arm of the state insurance

by collecting and disbursing money in those

remote parts of the country.

Private insurance companies may start a separate department

to act as a remote section of the state department insurance.

Remember that this is the pilot version

of the health care I am discussing.

This version would have the big problem

of the deluge in people seeking doctors and physicians

when the lower premiums

and the “no-charge-per-visit” clinics come into effect.

The time when this health care version becomes

the ultimate working version

that would present the best of health care in the world.

Next post may be discussed the problems

that may be expected before the ultimate version commences.

Also, the role of the Federal government which

repealed and replaced the Obamacare.


Trap for Trump, Jr.

Trump, Jr. nearly ran into a trap.

His meeting with the Russian lawyer

was a trap.

Only his self-righteousness and his presence of mind

save him and the family

from a scandal.

Moreover, thye meeting was short

and he brought along some witnesses.

otherwise a fake story would have been started

about his illicit affair with the Russian lawyer

whom, I might add,

was not exactly a bad-looker.

Now believe ye not what I tell you

because the proof is beyond my reach.

This may be fake news.

But at least consider who may have concocted

such an entrapment plan for Trump, Jr.

Looks like the Russian lawyer may have to be investigated

by the Dems for not succeeding!


The American Health Care System

The American Health care


What ails the American Health Care?

Ironically, the things that are supposed to cure diseases and sickness is what ails the American Health Care. Like Cancer, the thing that is responsible for growth is the very same thing that causes the sickness.


Offhand I must say that Obamacare had the right intentions and the correct motives. Even the preparations were just right. Its application, however, was at fault. Worse, the slightest minor complaint prompts major amendments. Consequently, it was applied as a trial version, not the real, workable one. This was so because there never was a trial version. It should have been applied one state first, then another, then another, in such a way that errors are corrected as it went along.

I have said before that applying this obamacare would result to disaster because it would require huge health care membership in one abrupt moment in time. More so because this membership is allowed options, and alternatives and choices in such a manner that regulating this health care system becomes impossible

This outline that I am presenting here is one logical solution to the main problem of no health care due to high premiums. But I would suggest further that the ultimate solution—or that which is already the operational health care—-would be initialized in two stages. The first stage would be pilot–version.

This proposed health care system is not of a socialized medicine philosophy wherein the government subsidizes and foots the bill for all health care expenses. This system is basically an insurance system wherein the members contribute to the system even if they are not sick. The contributions should be pooled to a government-run entity which would be responsible for collection and disbursements. And since this government-run entity is responsible for the upkeep of the system, it would then be mandated to control and regulate membership, contributions, disbursements and auditing. The thing is to have a single government-run entity to run the operation.  This would centralize and simplify the system.

And now the cause of the high premiums. The American hierarchy do not want to admit it, but the insurance companies charge high premiums because the doctors charge exorbitant fees. So does the nurses, hospitals, specialists, and etc. It appears that the main complaint is not the lack of health care nor the exorbitant fees charged , but the high premiums.

Well they are barking at the wrong tree. Bark at the government which did not issue standardized schedules of fees. Physicians and pharmacists and nurses and private hospitals should charge similar fees all over the country. Would the physicians lose money by charging standardized and lower consultation fees,? Sure. But there will be more patients that would want to see them, I assure you that by standardizing physians’ fees, it would be tantamount to full employment for physicians.

Now doctors are one of the choices that I mentioned before. If there is standardized fees, one would go to the doctor nearest to his place.And so goes with specialists which, of course, would require referrals from the general practioners.

Now comes the whole setup—pilot version first—-

  1. Standardize the schedule of fees by the government
  2. Each state starts its own Health Care Insurance Syetem
  3. Each state issue Health care cards to each qualified member
  4. Each state insurance system (Iowa Health care Insurance System, e.g.) collect contributions either thru payroll deductions or private contribution.These contributions are what may be called premiums, and again is standardized by the government.
  5. Fees are charged against the State Insurance System , and not against the member-patient with standardized fees.
  6. Hospitals will charge the state Insurance system and not the member-patient with standardized fees.
  7. Doctors charging the state insurance system with standardized fees are encouraged to establish clinics close to the patients, which clinic expenses may be reimbursed by the system.
  8. Doctors will charge per consultation and prescriptions are free.
  9. Drugs are paid for by the member-patients with 80% discount at the drugstore.

Which would be all for now, but the main thing is to prepare a standardized shedule of fees and the State will have its own centralized Insurance System. The clinics would be readily available and the member-patients do not have to worry about expenses at each visit. Siblings will be included in one contributing member but will have different health care insurance numbers. Member id cards will have a distinguishible state-issued number so that there will be no state-jumping health care benefits. Each member will contribute to only one health care number, assuming that he is qualified to be a member of the system.



(This will be published unedited, OOOPS!)



The Republican Health Care Bill

It is stymied. the Health Care Bill.

If I have my say in this

I predict it will never get passed.

What is wrong with the bill?

I will tell you what is wrong with it.

I don’t work for Trump

so he can’t fire me.

But I can get him fired up with these words—

What is wrong with this bill?

Same items as what is wrong with Obamacare.



To make Health Care work

it should be managed by ONLY ONE ENTITY.

Not by so many insurance companies,

applied thru so many physicians,

and so many fees collected,

from so many different levels of premium.

With so many options by so many people obtaining,

the profit motive sneaks in with  adverse consequences

Varied premiums seek higher prices.

Physicians seek higher fees.

Clinics will be more expensive to run.

And etc., etc. etc.

The Republican Health Care Bill should reflect

the one general solution

to the one general complaint of the people–premiums.

After I collect my wits,

the outline of my complete suggestion

for the Republican Health Care Bill

will be posted tomorrow.

Please be patient.

And don’t declare that if there is no Health Care Bill

millions will die.

This is not true.

Don’t blame the lack of Health care for somebody’s death.


Russian Meddling?

Of course there is Russian meddling.

A little less than American meddling

but less obscure than the Americans’

as can be seen nowadays.

Russia listens everywhere,

this is a known fact.

America also listens everywhere.

How else would the Americans know

about Russian meddling.

Russian meddling, in the strict sense of the phrase,

is not actual meddling.

Russian “meddling'”

is in truth merely hacking, which is, strictly observing.

Meddling generally means something is done to change

or alter any property or result what is being hacked.

What did Russia get from this “meddling”?

—-the actual results of the election count per state.

Why would trey want these results?

“—for future references,

and to compare the actual results of the count

to the results  declared by the electoral board.

It also would have proof of whomever cheated in the elections.

This would also  give the Russians an idea

of how democratic elections can be tampered with.

The methods used are  merely to observe

and not to tamper

or meddle.

It would be impossible to tamper with the results.

Laying Eggs

This video should convince you

that there are Muslims in America

who have leanings towards Jihad.

American jihadists

Watch out for these people

including the consenting Imams

Who seek to twist words around

and get you on the defensive.

These are Muslim immigrants who worships by the

Holy Quran that contains no words but hate.

For example:

hate verses

These people are simply laying eggs

on your heads.

Call to Jihad (Holy War).mp4

I won!


I won!


China’s Missile launch Fails

China’s Missile launch Fails.


These missiles come with Users Guides

written in Korean!


NOKOR Supply Trail

Does the American intelligence community

know of any “Ho Chi Minh” Trail

that connects North Korea

to either China or Russia

or both?


Such a trail would be immune to


and even bombing!

Solar Panel Wall



While this is a good idea

This will be a stupid decision.

It is impractical.

Now, think of the construction and design first

before you make the decision.

Afterwards, I will call you people stupid

if you start building it!

And tell you why you are stupid!

Why fiddle when Rome burns?


Kimberly Guilfoyle

Oh Shucks!

This view is the wrong one for me!


You guys would agree with me

that if you want to review a woman’s charms

with an exhaustive scrutiny,

the best angle is from behind

when you are trailing her.

No perversion here please;

but in my case,

I would look at her

from hair to sole,

with full powers of observation,

upon her twin alternately moving intra-stuctures

which provide her upper body

with both support and locomotion.

But as I said,

this is the wrong angle.



Julie Banderas


This gal is good.

And I am not referring only

to her good looks!