Mercenaries At Maidan

There is no doubt there were mercenaries at Maidan, the former head of Ukraine’s security service, Aleksandr Yakimenko, says.

The violence on Maidan which caused almost 100 deaths was organized by some opposition leaders who poured Western money and resources into the coup, Yakimenko told the Russia-1 TV channel. Now Major General Alexander Yakimenko is in the top five of Maidan’s hit list. He made it to that list while he was still in his office in Kiev.

Q: How did you manage to escape?

Aleksandr Yakimenko: I am a Security Service officer.

Q: Where did those snipers come from?

AY: First shots were fired from the Philharmonic building. Maidan Commandant Parubiy was in charge of the building. On February 20, this building was used as a base by the snipers and people with automatic weapons. They basically covered those who were attacking the demoralized policemen running in panic, hunted down like animals. They were followed by armed people with different kinds of weapons. At that point, somebody opened fire at those who attacked the police, and some of them were killed. All this fire was coming from the Philharmonic building. After this first round of fire, about 20 people came out of this building – this was witnessed by many. These people wore special combat clothes and carried sniper rifle cases, as well as AKMs with scopes. There were witnesses, and not just our operatives, but also Maidan activists from Svoboda, Right Sector, Batkivshchyna, and UDAR.

The snipers split into two groups – 10 men each. The Security Service lost track of one of the groups. The other group took a position at the Ukraine hotel. Killings continued. In the beginning, when the shots were scattered, I was asked by Right Sector and Svoboda to mobilize a Special Forces unit and remove the snipers from the buildings.


AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky

Q: They asked you?

AY: Yes, Right Sector and Svoboda. I was ready to do that, but I needed Parubiy’s [he is now now the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine in the Turchinov-Yatsenyuk government] permission to enter Maidan. Otherwise our officers would’ve been attacked by the self-defense forces in the back. Parubiy didn’t give such permission. No weapons could be brought to Maidan without Parubiy’s permission. Hand guns, rifles, scopes – he had to agree to all of that. We had some intel about discharged Ukrainian army special forces participating in those activities. Some reports claimed that these were fighters from former Yugoslavia, as well as mercenaries from other countries.

Q: So you think they were mercenaries?

AY: No doubt. Parubiy removed himself from the picture. This affected the events of the last week. He joined Poroshenko. Gvozd, Malamuzh, and Gritsenko. These forces did what they were told by their bosses – the US. They basically lived in the embassy. They were there every day.

Q: Is it true that Nalivaichenko allowed the CIA agents to work in the Security Service building?

AY: Yes, that’s true. He also handed personal files of his own employees over to the CIA agents to study. But their mission was interrupted by an armed coup. The Maidan do not appoint these people; rather, it’s the US that does it. It’s enough to look at the newly appointed officials: Parubiy, Gvozd, Nalyvaichenko are all people who followed somebody else’s orders, the orders of the US, not even Europe. They are directly linked to the American intelligence. They sought to delay the negotiations and prevent the incumbent president from striking a deal with Russia and Russia from helping to prop up the social and economic order in Ukraine. After that they were planning to depose the president and integrate Ukraine into Europe, using Russian money. Who was troubled by the victory of the EU and the pro-integration forces? Only the US. It was the only country concerned over a possible alliance of Europe, Russia and Ukraine. The Customs Union and the connection between Russia and Ukraine did not sit well with their plans, either.

AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky

They’d been doing it ever since Yushchenko was president, and we couldn’t get rid of them. Once we started to put pressure, they relocated to Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The most interesting part is that many regional governments spent budget money to pay for the so-called vyshkoli, i.e. training camps for militants to fight with various types of weapons.

All the orders were given either by the US embassy or by Jan Tombinski, a Polish representative who worked in the EU mission in Kiev. Poland played an invaluable role in the coup. It has always dreamt of restoring its former power and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Ever since the Maidan kicked off, our security service registered a dramatic increase in diplomatic correspondence coming in to various Western embassies in Kiev. There is one more mystery. Straight after this influx of correspondence we saw some foreign money at the Maidan and in Kiev exchange bureaus: the new, re-designed US dollar bank notes.

Q: So they were bringing in cash?

AY: Yes. Poroshenko, Firtash, Pinchuk – they all poured money into the Maidan. With all their assets in foreign banks, they found themselves trapped. So they had to follow orders from the West. All they were supposed to do was back the Maidan; otherwise they would have lost all their assets. They were thinking about their money rather than their own country. Unfortunately we couldn’t prevent the casualties, the people, mainly those who had come from the Western regions, were sent into the line of fire. The Maidan militants had left the barricades after the sniper fire started. But time will set the record straight.

The whole story has affected the Berkut guys, the Internal Troops, the Security Service, too. But ordinary Ukrainians have suffered as well. And I don’t think they should have sacrificed their lives for Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, Poroshenko and others to take their posts. Ukrainians have lots of patience. But one day they will run out of it and remove them from power. I hope that happens soon enough.


Sniper Identities

Ukraine: Leaked phone tape contradicts “New Government” in sniper attacks

05.03.2014 20:21

According to what has appeared as a leaked telephone conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister and Catherine Ashton, EU external affairs head, the European Union knew that the snipers firing on crowds in Kiev were not sent by Yanukovich, but rather from the faces behind the coup, which the west supports.

So, Mr. John Kerry and Mr. Barack Hussein Obama… so you are unaware of the comments passing among the Ukrainian anti-Yanukovich opposition leaders about carrying out destabilizing activities before the recent coup d’état? So in being aware of these activities, you both acknowledge that you give the nod to terrorist attacks to bring down governments, is that right? And in being unaware of such activities, then what right do you have to occupy your positions and much least to make insolent and intrusive comments?

And now I draw your attention to the following video tape passing on the Net, apparently copied by Ukrainian Secret Service operationals loyal to President Yanukovich and placed on the Net. In this telephone conversation between Urmas Paet, the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister and Catherine Ashton, head of EU external policy, it becomes clear that the west knew that the sniper attacks in EuroMaidan were in fact launched against the police and against the civilians, and were fired from the same guns.

A doctor treating the wounded in Kiev told the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister:

“All the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides.”

Further, the Estonian Foreign Affairs Minister states:

“So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened.”

Let us now investigate the wonderful and colourful pasts of those now in the new Ukrainian “Government”, which is as illegal as it is unconstitutional because the processes in place under Ukrainian law to select a new President or to deselect the old one were not followed.

So what was that Messrs. Obama and Kerry were saying? What were those handshakes with the new Putsch “government” in Kiev? What was that about the snipers firing on their “own people” to incriminate the police? What was all that nonsense spoken about President Yanukovich?

Under the law, the imposters would be arrested and tried for usurpation of powers, slander and libel, criminal association and possibly ties to mass murder, President Viktor Yanukovich would return as lawful President of Ukraine, and Obama and Kerry would have the decency and manliness to apologise for jumping the gun and making stupid and false allegations, quite apart from a huge question mark being raised as to their capacity to fulfil their obligations in their positions.

Who in the United States of America wants a Secretary of State/President who either lies through his teeth or else is so gullible that he just accepts and repeats what he is told?

Timofei Belov


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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(snipers shoot from one side then run to the other side to shoot again)


Putin Interview Part 3


The Ukrainian Coup is discussed.

Putin Interview Part 3.mp4

Ukraine and Syria

John Kerry wants to talk to Putin about Ukraine and Syria.

If I am able to guess what Kerry wants to happen,

he will tie the talks with conditions

connected to both Ukraine and Syria.

The United States has failed as regards

its abject intentions for both countries.

Now, Kerry wants to tie the terms for

Ukraine with the terms for Syria.

He should remember that he is not in a position

to demand terms for both countries.

Ukraine is now sinking in the quicksand of indebtedness.

and the IMF has been squeezed enough for loans.

There will be no return for the $5 billion investment by the US.

Russia is suing for natural gas payments.

And Ukraine’s actions of depriving Crimea of power has failed.

And there still is no proof that Russia entered Ukraine.

Syria is infested with all groups of terrorists.

The US  efforts to bomb ISIS by the US has been sparse.

The Syrian rebels have lost their steam

and has surrendered the City of Homs to Assad.

The whole blasted US-led coalition of 65 countries,

with 64 of them abstaining to cooperate with the US,

is in a quandary as to what they really want from Syria.

Turkey has become a rogue member of NATO,

which has started to gasp for help from the EU,

which in turn is trying to form

its own coalition apart from the US.

The sovereignty rule now reigns.

And America may not be invited to  enter

any country’s land and air space.

Whither thou goest, John Kerry?

You have done your job exceedingly well,

and you deserve medals for your stick-to-itiveness.

But you have failed to listen to other people.

So your medals may take the form

of bottle caps.


Petro Poroshenko


With the failure of the Ukrainian Gambit

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

is left holding the bag.

The problems are hemming him in–

the fascists, the political opponents,

the creditors and financiers,

the natural gas debt,

and the missing agricultural productivity,

and the slack in Western support,

 will all but shorten his rule.

UN Resurrected

Out of the blue comes the United nations

like a phoenix out of the mud.

For so long a time, the world talks and negotiations

regarding the obtaining conflicts all over

were being undertaken by the emissaries of

the Us, Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia.

And now that the US have been excluded from the Minsk Agreement,

The United Nations take over.

What they should have had is that the United Nations

get involved in these talks all the way

all the time.

But that’s OK, the Minsk Agreement is proceeding as expected.

And not even any sinister spoilers would bar

the truce from proceeding.

I expect that the UN Security Council would provide

a peace keeping force to patrol the demilitarized zone.

Perhaps soldiers from Latin America

or from Asia.


Minsk Ceasefire Holding

 From the way that the opponents of the accord

(that the Minsk Club of Four have signed)

have redoubled their efforts to bring it down,

the prospects of the ceseafire looks good.

There is also this skirmishes for choice

 spots where the demarcation line will be initially posted.

Perhaps  the  US  and NATO  should allow  the ceasefire  to succeed.

After all, Ukraine is still a quagmire of expenses

that promises to gulp more of American and European

taxpayers’ money.

If there be any country that can help Ukraine,

it will be, and always have been,


Therefore, let Russia foot the bill.

Of course, Ukraine will again be under Russia’s sphere of influence.

And then again, who cares as long as the result stabilizes the region.


Anissa Naouai

Anissa presents the opinion of a former Canadian Ambassador

who comes out of the cold to shovel out

his opinion of the Ukraine crisis

straight from the shoulder.


Hot Shovel

Mass Graves in Donetsk




The Courtship of Ukraine

Ukraine, thru Poroshenko, now receives offers of money, and military weapons from the West after Russia’s hint of rebuilding Ukraine. And thus begins the courtship of Ukraine. Russia’s offer, however, is specific and may even incur the elimination of Ukraine’s debt from IMF and the natural gas. Not the US nor the whole EU will be able to match this.

The deal would be no Nato membership for Ukraine and federated government that includes Novoroosiya in exchange for natural gas subsidies for Ukraine plus the repayment of the IMF loans.


(part of the wish list)

The Merits of Putin’s Seven Steps

Poroshenko agrees with Putin’s seven steps as one way to solve Ukraine’s problems.

He should, because Russia will foot most of the bill for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

Poroshenko may even try to negotiate for Russia to pay off the IMF!

(poroshenko might just pull it through with Putin’s backing)

The Putin Solution

  1. Militias should cease military advances in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.
  2. Pro-Kiev armed forces should withdraw to a distance that excludes the possibility of shelling settlements.
  3. Implement full and objective international control over ceasefire observation and monitoring.
  4. Exclude the use of combat aircraft against civilians and villages.
  5. Prisoner/captive-exchange via an ‘all-in-all’ formula, without preconditions.
  6. Humanitarian corridors for refugees movement and delivery of humanitarian aid across Donetsk and Lugansk Regions.
  7. Direct repair-crew access to destroyed social and transit infrastructure with supportive aid.

Putin expressed hope that final agreements between Kiev and militia in southeastern Ukraine could be reached and secured at the coming meeting of the so-called contact group on September 5.

“I hope the leaders of Ukraine will support the anticipated progress in bilateral relations,” Russia’s president said.

He called on Ukraine to take an active part in the work of the contact group “for a final and comprehensive settlement of the situation in the southeastern Ukraine, of course, with full and unconditional assurance of the legitimate rights of the people who live there.”

Commenting on the phone call with the Ukrainian president earlier on Wednesday, Putin stressed that their “views on ways to resolve the conflict are aligned.”

Later on Wednesday, the Ukrainian president expressed “great hope” that the peace process will start negotiations in Minsk on Friday.

“The first task is peace,” Poroshenko said. “Today at 5am, because of the time difference, we talked with President Putin about ways we could stop this horrible process. It is impossible to deny that people should being killed,” he added. The Ukrainian President stressed that all Ukrainians want peace and that is why he will strive for it.

Anti-Kiev militias say they are ready to lay down arms, but only if the same is done by all the government units fighting in the east of the country, said DPR Prime Minister Aleksandr Zakharchenko.

The political leader of the self-proclaimed republic noted that Kiev will have to obtain compliance from irregulars, such as Right Sector volunteer battalions, and mercenaries, who are also fighting on the side of the government.

“These have previously sabotaged existing deals,” said Zakharchenko.

The DPR leader said that the recent upturn in the rebels’ fortunes would improve the chances of striking a deal with Petro Poroshenko’s government.

Germany has supported the news that the two presidents are showing willingness to resolve the conflict, saying that Germany and the International community are ready to assist measures aimed at securing the ceasefire.

“Presidents Poroshenko and Putin are bearing responsibility not only for their nations, but all Europe,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in Hamburg. He stressed that now it is important to take decisive steps to establish a ceasefire in Ukraine.

“We are ready to assist this path via either repeating the meeting in Geneva or through other international formats,” he added.

In Ukraine, meanwhile, Putin’s peace plan was met with criticism from the country’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenuk, who said that Russia’s real plan is to destroy Ukraine and restore the USSR.

“We are waiting for decisions from NATO and the EU on how to stop the aggressor,” he said.

In Yatsenuk’s opinion, Putin’s 7-point plan is “an attempt of eyewash for the International community ahead of NATO summit and an attempt to avoid inevitable decisions from the EU on the new wave of sanctions against Russia.”

The “best” for Ukraine would be a one-point plan, Yatsenuk stressed, which is the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

“And then there will be peace,” the PM said.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of direct military involvement in the conflict.

Complete With Video

The US and the EU again again lie through their teeth when they present “proof” of Russian armor “crossing to Ukraine”.

Of course the people of the US and the EU will most probably believe these lies because their leaders give it to themin litany form.

The video of the tanks show a pastoral scene and not a war zone. And naturally there is care in removing signs that would show where the tanks are passing through.

Wait a minute, I think I had a glimpse of a sign that says “Tijuana”. The tank driver also looks Mexican.

See, did I not tell you the effort to justfy the existence of NATO is getting funnier?

But I’ll bet that the funniest effort is yet to come!

They must really believe that the world is that stupid.

Humanitarian Invasion Gets Through

Finally, the humanitarian aid from Russia finally gets through and reaches Lugansk.


Humanitarian Invasion.mp4


Russian Aid Mistaken for Military Aid

The humanitarian aid to Ukraine sent by Russia is mistaken for military aid and as such may be attacked even when the convoy is under the auspices of Ukrainian security, OSCE, and the UN. Russian convoy2

Russian “military” convoy

The US, and Canada are irked that only Russia would give humanitarian aid to Ukraine and would do everything to downplay the convoy. These two countries should instead concentrate on providing aid to the country of Iraq whom they have given freely to the dogs.

Ukraine is of no use to Canada and the US because this quagmire only transmits natural gas from Russia to Europe using pipelines. Its only produce are from agriculture. And even that comes mainly from Donetsk, Lugansk, and Crimea.

They have been misled by the CIA. This outfit gathers intelligence on the bases of political and military sources, and never from economy. The West will, of course, fabricate more lies to discredit the good Russian intentions.

It is amazing that the West has not blamed Russia for the ISIS formation. Perhaps we should wait until the West publicizes that Russia has supplied ISIS with weapons consisting of American armor and heavy weapons.

Russian Aid Gets Through

Russian humanitarian aid for East Ukraine finally gets through. Kiev agrees and will guarantee the safety of the convoy. Russian, Ukrainian, OSCE and International Red Cross is overseeing the passage of the trucks. 

Russian aid029

Russian Aid.mp4

CNN Reports Army of Refugees

CNN deliberately reports that Putin has massed 20,000 troops in the Ukraine-Russia border.

These 20,000 troops, mistaken from Ukrainian refugees, are ready

to invade Ukraine, giving NATO enough reason to enter Ukraine, eyh?

CNN also predicts there will be a regime change in Russia and that Putin will fall.

But before Putin falls, he will impose sanctions against the US-EU, banning

agricultural products like meat, fruit, pop, video games and the Ebola virus.

The Russian rebels, of course need help in proclaiming Donetsk and Lugansk as Russian states,

so Putin will have to lead the Russian horse cavalry  formed in WWI,

and lead the charge to Kiev wearing his hunter uniform.

But for the meantime he has to wait for the rebel militia

to bring down more Kiev military jets in East Ukraine

in what they call as turkey shoot,

by “turkey” referring

to the pilots and not the planes.

As usual, the Secretary of Defense, Hagel,  has been given a

lousy intelligence report in calling the Ukrainian refugees

as an invading Russian force.

Either that or the Secretary of Defense of the United States

has been the butt of a joke!

(Of course you will not believe this post.

It is ridiculous!

As ridiculous as what you have been made to believe


(you really want to know what caused the Korean War? The Vietnam War? The Iraqi War?The Libyan War? The Syrian War?)

MH17 Reports

ER, ah, does anybody know what happened to the reports on the MH17 voice recorder and black boxes?

No, I don’t have any on these.

Do we still want to know what brought the MH17 down?

Who would pay compensation to the relatives of those who died?

What sort of a deal was made to keep mum on the investigation?




Deserted by their own generals, the Ukrainian Army is left to fend for themselves.

They left the army to seek haven in Russia.

They do not call themselves deserters.

They simply have nothing to eat.

After all, an army fights on its stomach.



The same thing will happen to those Ukrainian soldiers being trained in the United States.

Even if the Americans teach them to stand their ground,

even if the Americans provide them with the best weapons they could,

this Ukrainian Army will still run away

even without the enemy

if they are not given food to eat.

(even the IMF is running out of money!)

The Call To Kill


Subsidized by the Embassy of the United States and the Kingdom of Netherlands

Hromadske.TV airs the call to kill Donbass population.

call to kill

Call To Kill.mp4


Genocide by Chlorine

Kiev’s last hurrah resorts to genocide.

Not satisfied with the attempt to drive the Russian-speaking Ukrainians

out of the country,

Kiev ‘s desperation seek

to kill them instead.


Genocide by Chlorine.mp4

Strelkov Press Conference

Defense Minister of Donetsk, Strelkov, gives a press conference.


Strelkov Press Conference.mp4

(negroid mercenaries in armoured vehicles?)

The Tochka Missiles


July 20th Combat SITREP by Juan

Information from very reliable sources. These sources are in Novorossiya, Russian Federation, EU and Ukraine:

29.07.2014 in afternoon Ukraine time 4 SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles were fired by Ukraine Armed Forces. At least two were clearly aimed at Saur Moglia with the idea of the Ukes trapped in The Cauldron having a sudden escape route opened for them. Moments before launch Russian Federation units surged toward the border at The Cauldron area and to the north of The Cauldron.

None of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets. I repeat, none of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets and none impacted with the ground anywhere that can be found in anything close to one piece. As you know this missile can carry a tactical nuke, chem/bio, cluster munition or HE in the weight of just under 500 kilos.

When the 4 missiles failed to reach their targets the Armed Forces of RF immediately halted their surge and held position. They are in the same positions 30.07.2014.

There has been a noticeable slow down of fighting activity since the launches and Strelkov has pointedly said again that Novorossiya is open to negotiations.

The 4 Tochka missiles were shot down over Novorossiya territory occupied by Ukraine Armed Forces before the missiles reached their programmed height. They were shot down from inside RF according to normally reliable sources. No visual evidence has been provided of RF shooting down the Tochka systems nor of the system used to shoot down the Tochka missiles.



(the Ukrainian missiles reported by CNN to have been fired at the Southeast Ukraine was actually fired across the Russian border)

(see what I mean?)



A Rogue Army

What I sense about the Ukrainian Army must be true. There are two separate armed forces, and one of them is a rogue army. This rogue army is more active in Donetsk and it does not inform the other army of what it is doing. This is the reason that one army can deny to the world that it did not commit such atrocities. They really have no idea of what the rogue army is doing.

Realizing that there is such a thing as a rogue army, Poroshenko had a mobilization law passed. This is his effort to overcome the rogue army with numbers at least. This mobilization will come too late. The coalition government has collapsed. The government budget has been exhausted by the expenditures for the rogue army.

As for EU and the US, a propaganda blitz has intensified in the effort to fish for something to pin the blame on Putin and Russia. This blitz would have backfired after the results of the black box and cockpit recorder analyses are publicized.


(kudos to Putin for ignoring the Kiev provocations)

Poland as a Nato Base?

A declaration to make Poland as a jumping base to invade Russia is a crazy thought, childish at most. But then what can we expect from the Nato leadership. This is an extreme effort to revive what was once a conglomeration of modern armies with modern weapons. Nato must know that even if they have brilliant strategists and military leaders like Eisenhower, Montgomery, and Patton now, these generals never had to contend with the depth of Russian manpower and radical developments in armor and aviation. In truth, more than 90% of the World War II effort was provided by Russia.

Alexander never reached the outskirts of Russia, Napoleon had to retreat with a beaten army. Hitler hardly made a dent of the Russian cities, and Genghis Khan never made the effort to invade Russia. Moreover, the Russians would rather scorch their lands first  before they give them up.

A build up of outmoded arms and old soldiers is not good to make for a Nato invasion force. Today, Europe lacks the manpower, the armaments, and the money to start another conflict. They couldn’t even finish the Ukrainian War even without the involvement of Russia. How much more would Nato fare when it faces the Russian armed forces.

They should look at what Nato has now—their army units are skeleton in formation, and their weapons are rusting. I do not blame them for choosing Poland as a jumping off base. The country needs the revenue, and they have surplus vodka, and boy—you should take a gander at the Polish women!

The more Nato spends time to mass their forces, the more they must spend money. This will be good for Russia. The Russians are just sitting smug inside their tanks waiting for Nato to start.