Karen Handel Wins

Republican candidate Karen Handel wins

the Georgia special election.

This proves that this country

does not have a phobia

for voting in

female candidates.


The Birth of ISIS

From You Tube is lifted this video——

Start of ISIS.mp4


New ISIS Leader


becomes the new ISIS leader.




This is an American cable network which,

against tv media network tradition,

has started fielding exceptionally attractive

lady anchors

and who are,

among other things,

far from being flat-chested.


I most probably will have to put up

some of their photos here

depending on how they look .


The Syrian Irritant

The US intruded into Syrian territory without consent

from Syria nor the UN.

This is in itself becomes an irritant on the US-Russia relations.

As was the case, the Americans bombed  Syrian National Forces,

or those forces under the army of the legitimate Syrian government.

The US-Russia agreement is to fight against the ISIS.

The US is complicating what could be a simple matter that requires  a simple solution.

Both the US and Russia should ask themselves

with whom is the ISIS fighting with

and against whom is the ISIS fighting.

The answer would simply be that the ISIS is fighting with the US/rebels

and the US is providing arms and support to the ISIS/rebels.

Furthermore, it has been an inherent fault of American pilots,

whether they fly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea,

that they bomb indiscriminately,

killing friendly forces.

My question would be—

why is the US fighting with the ISIS and rebels to bring down the

democratically elected government of Syria?

For oil, for money, for ICBM bases,

for security of Israel?

My solution would be—-build your ICBM bases in Israel

get out of Syria and let the Russians and Syria

fight the terrorists.

As regards to Syria, the US has made an aggressive act.

Bringing down the competition (Iran and Syria)

is not the way to make America great!

(disband the American mercenaries)

Mueller Recruits His Agents

It is reported that Special Counsel Mueller

is increasing his staff to an incredible army of lawyers

allegedly to prosecute President Trump.

If you ask me, Mueller is hiring agents to investigate and collect

a dossier of Trump.

As of now, Mueller still has no case against Trump

 for obstructing justice.

He is still fishing,

If he finds something, it will be a small fish

and very expensive at that,

One thing sure—

Mueller is HOPING

that Trump would yap himself into a trap.

After all this,

and Trump is still standing,

and the intelligence departments of the US, Russia, Israel, UK,

and the rest of Europe

have been synchronized,

how relevant will the FBI be?


Putin Interview Part 1


Putin Interview Part 1.mp4

Who really is supporting the terrorists?

Putin Interview Part 3


The Ukrainian Coup is discussed.

Putin Interview Part 3.mp4

Putin Interview Part 4


Did Russia hack the presidential elections?

Putin Interview Part 4.mp4


Comey Faces Senate.mp4

Come Together???

Impassioned speech by House Speaker Paul Ryan

was met with a standing applause at the House.

The theme “Come Together” was echoed by Democrat Pelosi.

Too late for the shallow response of the Democrats.

The damage has been done.

The Democrats have sown the seed of hate for Trump’s presidency.

The only group that will come together again

will be the Republicans

and the people that voted for them.

It would have been believable had Pelosi

voiced out “Mea Culpa” instead.


Fake News Law

There should be a law against the propagation of fake news.

The originator of fake news would be fined $1000

for every hour the fake news was propagated

up to the time it is recalled.

This law will benefit everybody.

The fine would be given to the one who spots

the fake news first.

The people will buy more papers 

in order to search for the fake news.

This law will increase subscribers.

It will also prevent fake news from being printed.

From Russia With Love


From Russia With Love.mp4

8 Billion Dollar Budget?

Holy Ca-Moley!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation,

or what is commonly known as,

the FBI

has an 8 Billion Dollar Budget

and 35,000 employees.

And they allowed two commercial planes

to bring down the Twin Towers on September 11

and a third one to attack the Pentagon?

What do these 35,000 employees do

aside from trying to impeach their President?

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

whose name is emblazoned

on their own

less-than-8-billion-dollar building,



Deafening Silence


Try as hard as I could

I am unable to hear a sound from the Trumpateers.

This silence immediately follows the

statements of the Four Hoarse-men in the Senate Inquiry.

Further silence comes after Comey

releases his memos as an opening statement

to the Mueller Inquiry.

These about puts the nails on the coffin

for the case of the Trumpateers.

I sound out again, however,

that you must watch the Comey testimony tomorrow.

(I was right again, eh?)

Notice that the last posts that I made for this

blog is missing.

More than a thousand posts,

they have been inadvertently deleted from

the servers of


I wonder, was it something I said?


time to go.

My advice is to stay clear of this webhost!

it is not your ordinary friendly host.

Extremist Psyche

I have already said,

by my post before this,

that terrorists are Muslims.

Muslims know and believe

that they are the bastard sons of Abraham,

being born from an illegitimate mother.

Not only do they feel bastardly,

the fact that that have not yet inherited the earth,

gets them up in arms

and use the Koran as an excuse to propagate

their ideas.

Most of these traits are inherited from the Prophet Mohammed.

Before he was enlightened by Allah,

Mohammed was a raider.

One has to be a raider in those days.

They lived in tents, meaning that there was never

agriculture established.

They had to eat dates and mutton to survive.

A tribe had to band together beside an oasis

and then collect what property they could

by raiding other tribes.

This provides the inherent feeling that what

the others possess are also theirs.

These means of livelihood was not change completely

even when Mohammed was enlightened by Allah,

becoming the beloved Prophet of Islam,

They are still raiders,

still believing that what others own are rightfully theirs.

One thing was added, though, which may have made

things worse.

There was  then  added, the  long  prayers  for  the  day,

which robbed the Muslims the time to till the soil

or work for a living.

Of course, there are still the women who would do all the work,

since they are not able to do some raiding.

Muslims are trapped in this religious shell

which the Imam senforce by further indoctrination.

If Muslims are restless, all they do is call a jihad

against anything and anybody worth the attention.

As a consequence,

Muslims up to now,

have not given this world anything

worthy of praise

that would help mankind,

except suicide bombers,

which hardly help anybody including themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, though,

the Prophet Mohammed established

one of the great religions in the world,

banding together some of the most God-fearing groups

of people in this world.

This is one great feat,

if only to consider that they did not have

any productive agriculture in those days.


ISIS Intrudes to Marawi City


The intrusion into Marawi City

by elements of ISIS

dramatizes a lost Caliphate.

Isis could have captured most of the Middle East,

but for some adversarial factors which I shall discuss on the next post.

(If I am still here)

I have put out the notice

that I am still analyzing whether this intrusion

is a diversion or the main attack or what.

Let me discuss first what prodded this incursion.

The source of funds for the ISIS are oil and drugs.

In the Southern Philippines, that source would be drugs and kidnapping.

The sources of oil and drugs are running out.

So is drugs and kidnapping.

This is fast leading to a Caliphate lost.

If this intrusion was to divert government attention away

from a drug shipment, it failed; because,

acting on a tip from the Chinese intelligence,

a humongous drug shipment was intercepted.

If this attack was a diversion to land a larger force somewhere else,

it could not have been, because a larger force would have the

Maute leaders should be seen to be in command.

If, as was observed, there were a large number of ISIS snipers,

such sniper rifles could be reserved for sniping at one particular target—

the Commander-in-Chief.

After all, he is the one with much success in eradicating drugs.

Much commendation should be given the government and people

of the Philippines for embracing the Muslims as family,

even making Muslim holidays as national holidays.

Even as the country is predominantly Catholic.







The Commencement Speech

The Trump speech at the Coast Guard Commencement Exercises

did not mention anything about FBI and lackluster Comey,

giving the impression that the news about

the whole thing

is irrelevant.

Interestingly enough, a lot of Trump’s adversaries

are mostly women.

(mamma mia!)


Personally, again, it would be smart for me as an American President

(I wish)

to allow an FBI investigation on matters relevant to Russia

if the Russian diplomats are coming for a formal visit.

Protocol says so.

So does etiquette.

So does hospitality.

Obstruction of Justice

Personally, I would not acuuse anybody of obstructing justice

if there was no crime committed,

otherwise such an accusation is mischievous.


Trump Gives away American Secrets to Russia…..

I knew it! I knew it!

I knew he would give away to the Russians

the American secret of making skinless hotdogs!!!!

and I thought the press was excluded from the US-Russia meeting….

FBI Director Sacked!

YUP! Comey never knew what got him!

He only knew he lost his job

when he watched his tv set.

And again, Trump’s people blame him

before they find out why.

The reason can only be

that Comey did not do what he said he will do.

Comey must be gathering more info than is required of his project.

Information, the Americans will find out later, IS POWER.

Remember J. Edgar Hoover?

He held some Presidents under his will

because he owned some particular info about them.

The Americans should also remember that the FBI

has failed in some important events that the country had to suffer.

One of these is September 11.

The Americans should blame Trump on the results of his actions

and not on his decisions.

And maybe, they should once in a while give him some

applause for that which he did well.

As for international criticisms,

the Americans should not worry.

Trump has given the world the impression

that he can accomplish things without the tedious procedures

of asking permissions to act.

Forget about the weirdness in Trump.



Bye, Mom……

It is not easy to forget

Those times loaded with regret


When you were not given

More of what you love

And less of what hurt.

Bye, Mom….

Take good care of all of us.



The Hacking Cough

After they have thrown the kitchen sink at Trump

they now throw this cough at him,

or more precisely,

a hacking cough,

or that cough that makes one gaggle

and suffer pains in the chest.

Buckley’s may work on this type of coughs

and maybe not Trump’s.

Now every other country in the world hacks

every other country in the world.

France, Germany, Russia, North Korea,

China, Paskistan,

and just about any country with internet technology.

All this hacking needs is the intercept of communications

and the tap into a server that keeps files.

it is no big deal with its requirements.

Now the American intelligence communities publicize

that Russia has hacked the American elections.

Of course it did.

So did everybody else.

In fact they do this all the time

and in all events (important or not).

If the American intelligence community makes a big deal

out of it now,

boy, they are not exactly intelligent.

The Russian hacking of the elections has them gaggled

and they are coughing it out against Trump.

I say again, Shades of j. Edgar Hoover,

the intelligence community is paranoid,

nay, desperate

in keeping their jobs.

(this website of mine is actually being hacked at all times of the day in the effort to find out where I get my items. Think of it this way—-The walls have ears—so I keep saying)

Russian Reply


RT Jan 10 2017.mp4