American Quandary

From the quagmire that was Ukraine

the Americans now moved to a quandary

that is North Korea.

I could even tell them in a  “I-told-ya-so” manner

that they are aggravating the situation.

Too late for diplomatic intrusions now.

Not when the diplomacy is initiated by Americans,

or anything associated with Americans.

When the North Koreans rattled their sabers,

the Americans unstacked their rifles.

Bad move,

I told you so.

It is a mistake to declare the situation

as an international problem

and which can be solved by the UN.

Well surprise, surprise—

I say again this is a problem between North Korea and the US.

The world has nothing to do with it.

It had been the customary solution for the Americans

to enter the territory of a sovereign country

without asking for UN sanctions.

Why don’t the Americans land troops to North Korea now?


But I do admit there are still some other diplomatic moves

 that could succeed.

But these should not include any American

nor any UN efforts.

And get this—-

Kim Jong Un may actually be thinking

that he is doing the world a good turn!


Republican Renovation

The Republican Congressmen have all but forsaken Donald Trump.

Not much help was provided The President

on his campaign.

Now the Congressmen have all but

remained complacent amidst Trump’s


The American people noticed this

and have now began to consider replacing

the GOP Congressmen in part

or as a whole.

This all depends upon the Democrats

coming to the aid of the President

in his projects for the people.

The people will elect in 2018

a replacement Republican candidate

or a Democrat altogether.

This is the one chance for the Democrats

to become the majority party again.

All because the Republicans ignored

their President.

Pity the President

who does unrequited work

for the Republicans.



And now we come to the ticklish situation :

children who are in the United States

in whatever manner they came

and which were not born in the United States

are, by legal terms, illegal immigrants,

unless they were born from American citizen/s,

in which case they have to file for naturalization

before they can be considered as American citizens.

If they do not possess any factor by which their

naturalization  is not possible

then the government decides what to do with them.

This government action is now the dispute within

the government of the United States.

To deport or not to deport.

The American tolerance and humane affinities

are now dramatized.

Deporting them will be hard to handle.

The American complacency and excessive compassion

are now to blame.

Wait a minute,

wait a effing minute,

why deport them?

A compromise can be made.

If they have resided long enough

and obeyed the rules diligently enough

in the United States,

they have now acquired some qualifying traits to be


This is something next to citizenship,

but they are not allowed to vote.

They have yet to apply for citizenship

having qualified now as permanent immigrants.

This is not an amnesty but a legal stay.

They must apply for citizenship

under the category of sponsored-immigrant.

Of course some American professionals should

stand by him in court for sponsorship.

It is a wonder how the United States arrived

at this dire DACA situation.

Immigrants, legal or illegal, do increase

the purchasing power for consumer goods,

using cheap, sturdy, steady, and reliable labor.


(this, however will produce a useless law if there is nothing

to stop the illegal immigrants from coming through again!))

Man of Few Words

Vladimir Putin, man of few Russian words.

07/09/2017, 1:28:43 PM: Ramesh: Vladimir Putin’s speech – SHORTEST SPEECH EVER.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

“In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

“Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland, and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

“When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”

The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

Gold and the US Public Debt

The US is up to here in public debt.

That is not a problem

not if they can help it.

 And they can by the usual method.

The destruction brought about by Harvey

has made this problem more acute.

The US can, however, print more money

as a remedy.

Doing so, however, devalues the American currency’

This is probably good also because the Us dollars

that China holds also devalues.

This is no good if only to consider

that the international currencies revalues

relative to the US dollar.

Another method to fix the public debt problem

is to raise the value of gold.

This would also increase the total value of the

 Federal Gold Reserve

thus they can print more money comfortably.

But this would now start a run to buy gold

today when the price is still low.

Harvey did cause a lot more problems

than we realize.

BTW, Texas contractors will now hanker for much

building materials, one of which

is lumber.

And softwood lumber is the best choice.

So now, whiter thou goest, NAFTA?


Russian Diplomatic properties Trespassed

The US State Department conducted

warrantless searches of Russian Diplomatic Missions

and Russian private residences.

Shades of KGB,

the US have now started trespassing into

foreign properties, and countries,  all over the world

with impunity.

So now who needs a wall against whom?

I wonder if they have already planted evidence

of Russian-American collusion

in any and all of the places they searched.

Ah, but Mueller’s search

have started to be desperate.

It will next be frustrated.

Till then,

Merry Christmas!



Korean Fireworks

I heard tell

that Kim Jong Un fired a rocket

across the bow of Japan.

It must be something I said about

him being ignored by his Asian neighbors.

But I must say this last shot still won’t do

to get Asian attention.

He must arm these rockets with something

that explodes and light up the sky.

You know, something like Chinese firecrackers

that make like fireworks in July?


Cancel NAFTA

If Trump thinks he can balance trade between

Canada, Mexico and America

by imposing conditions on NAFTA,

boy does he have another think coming!

Both the countries of Canada and Mexico believe

that free trade is a better deal for all countries

than that with no free trade at all.

NAFTA was ageed upon to do away with duties

and taxes that increase the price of the merchandise.

This is a rule that dictates trade between countries.

And this rule will be the basis to counter any

argument which Trump and company would bring forth

for the cancellation of NAFTA.

If saying so would be his effort to gain leverage

on the renegotiation of NAFTA,

then both Mexico and Canada

would accept his dare

and cancel NAFTA

by themselves.

In fact I would suggest that NAFTA be cancelled

so that after two years the consequence

would be felt and the mea culpas

would be sounded off.

As of now, the demands of the Americans

are yet to be known.

When we do know,

we will put up the arguments

that would prove that their demands

were not well thought out beforehand.


Afghanistan : The Opium Country

Afghanistan is unabashedly producing opium for trade.

In truth opium production appears to be the only industry

in the country.

Now President Trump, in his Address to the Nation,

outlined a determined assault on Afghanistan

to end the longest war.

I believe he would succeed, too,

even if he ends up using Gurkhas or Pathans,

or any other foreign army to do it.

But how about a more benign method to end the war

and at the same time leaving Afghanistan with a working industry?

You see, the Taliban and other terrorists have not touched

the opium farms one bit.

So much so that it will be safe to assume

that thety have a stake on the farms.

In that case, why don’t the Afghan government

install itself as the prime consumer of the opium products?

In such a situation the Afghan government can control

and regulate opium production.

The Taliban will then work for the government!

And what would the Afghan government do with the opium?

They can then start a pharmaceutical company

to harness and manufacture the opium.

Good plan, eh?

Troops To Venezuela

Trump is considering troops to Venezuela


Venezuela is none of his business!

Venezuela is nobody else`s business

but the Venezuelans.

Not everybody lives the way Americans do.

He should mind the problems obtaining in America

(whites against whites and not even because of blacks!)

and not those of other countries.

Let Venezuelans fix their own problem.

Unless the head of State of Venezuela ask for American help.

And then Trump can send in then infamous Black Water mercenaries.

Until that time, stop meddling into other countries`politics.ircd00d

Trump’s Wall

If Trump promised the Americans

that Mexico will pay for the wall

built on the border,

then he should prepare to fall flat on his face.

That will never happen.

Think of it this way—-

if you build a fence without the consent

of your next door neighbor,

you cannot force the neighbor to pay

part of the expense, much less pay for the wall completely.

Mexico did not ask the wall to be built.

And neither does Mexico need that wall.

So why would the next-door neighbor that is Mexico

pay for any part of the wall?


False Alarms

I told you so—-

nothing to worry about North Korea.

The neighbors of Kim Jong Un

are not scared of him.

Neither are they concerned about his missile tests.

This is a matter between Kim Jong Un and his people.

He has to display extreme  power to maintain his power.

He is on that stage called growing up.

And don’t consider seriously the warnings coming from the UK.

The world did this about WMD and what happened?

The world went to topple and execute Saddam Hussein.

And there never was any WMD found.

And how many times has the UK cried wolf?

England still lives in the days of the British Indian Empire.

And the call of Omdurman’s Winston Churchill!


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NAFTA Renegotiate

The North American Free Trade agreement or NAFTA

which include Canada, Mexico, and the US,

is to be renegotiated according to the wishes of Trump.

He is under the assumption that this agreement is unfair to the US.

He may try to get the details to find out that this is not so.

At first glance, it appears that the balance of trade

between Canada and the US favors Canada.

This means Canada exports more to the US

than vice versa.

One of the complaints by the US importers was that

Canadian softwood lumber was cheaper

because Canada is subsidizing the product.

So they tag export duties to Canada.

After a time the case was brought to the WTO but it

judged in favor of Canada.

The duties are still

being collected against the rules.

And then again Trump believes that America should

profit more from the trade than Canada does.

He still does not realize that this is so because

America buys more from Canada than vice versa.

Now what is there to renegotiate?

Canada will never agree to unfair export duties

and may revert to other trade options if necessary.

He should also try to investigate the source of the

Mad Cow Disease which erupted in Alberta some time ago.

After this tragedy, Alberta has not allowed any more

infected cows sent in with bad intent from a Louisiana farmer.


Sanctions On North Korea

According to the sanctions on North Korea

this country will not be able to export its products

thereby crippling its earning capacity.

However, there was no mention of imports.

The country can still import goods

like ingredients for the bulgokis and the hot pots.

And Kim Jong Un can get these on credit

same as what Fidel did.

4 Missiles For Guam

Say what?

Four Nokor Missiles for Guam?

Armed with what,

bean sprouts?:


Miniature Warheads?

Miniature warehedas, my eye….

they look like elements of a dismantled

multiple warhead from a

Russian ICBM.

They do look small enough so

that they can be bundled up together

to form one composite warhead

on a single ICBM  nose cone.


Suspended Sanctions

Trump should have known

that the effectivity of the sanctions

can be suspended for a time.

He can suspend the effectivity date of the sanctions

against Russia, Iran, and North Korea

selectively by countries.

It is within his powers to recall decisions

from his office according to better judgement.

if there is no such provision,

then his powers have been effectively clipped.

Think about it this way—-

if he suspends the effectivity of this sanctions,

he would have gained bargaining advantages

over the EU, Russia, Iran, North Korea,

and Congress, until such a time when he

lifts the suspension.

(can Trump see what I mean?)


Leakers Are Spies

They are now coming to discover the source of the leaks.

They will be most probably discover that

the leakers are not those who use transmission of

leaked data by mouth.

The leakers use subterfuge, and spying devices,

and listening antennas, and hidden microphones

to gather data.

By using these methods, they will now be considered as spies

and will be punished for publishing leaked data.

Why do they do this?

To collect damaging information to gain leverage

in the form of dossiers.

Now what do you think Nixon was looking for

when his people got caught rummaging thru files?

Probably his communications with

the North Vietnamese Army.

Dossiers are good persuasive documents when  asking for

an increase in the allocations of intelligence services.

But with the advent of a cooperative agreement

between the intelligence services of Russia and America

some intelligence arms of the US would irrelevant.

And since they have nothing better to do now

but spy on the President

it would be logical to reduce their budget

to a considerably safe amount.

Safe enough to prevent  billions of dollars

to be spent on propping up “friendly” foreign governments.

I would suggest looking for these devices everywhere

and put an umbrella of  frequency jamming devices

over White House.

This is a war of intelligence

between intelligent people.watchman

North Korean Missiles

These missiles as fired

all appeared to be shooting up fast

and unguided.

This may mean that they do not have a guidance system installed

making the lighter so they come up that fast.

they also do not have a payload.

And since North Korea can fire missiles in succession

within a short period of time

these missiles are just in the form

of fuel and shell.

either they have missiles being shipped from somewhere outside

or they have found a Wehrner von Braun

to supervise the project.

It is good to know that North Korea fires missiles

at short intervals of time,

because by then we would know that Kim Jong Un

has not started to stockpile missiles

with guidance systems and with nuclear payloads.

for the meantime

let him play with his rockets.

Be afraid if he stops firing his missiles.


Congressional Sanctions

The House of Representatives put out sanctions against Russia.

Supplementary to this is the clause that prevents Trump

from recalling it nor change it.

Trump hesitates to sign this because the EU

is up in arms in protest.

EU needs the oil from Russia which the sanctions forbid.

This is one method by which the House of representatives

flexes its muscles in the hope of pleasing the 2018 voters.

Trump should sign this sanction against Russia.

Putin will understand that this is one handiwork from democracy.

He expelled several hundred foreign affairs employees from the

American embassies in Russia as a reply to the sanctions.

This act, of course, has little effect on the diplomatic relationship

between Putin and Trump.

But my hunch of America retreating into a cocoon

is starting to be realized.

The EU will make efforts to be independent of the US.

At this time the US will retreat into protectionism

to strengthen further its potency in both trade and weapons.

There will be better connectivity between Russia and EU.

Eventually, Nato will be re-exanmined for relevance.

The arctic will be more in focus.

Canada will again be ignored by the UN.

But it will keep sending Canadian soldiers in harms’ way

for the UN, to just be slain by friendly fire.

It will be a boon for Canada if it shuns Nafta

and seek beef trade with Russia and oil-trade with Japan.

Canada will further reconsider manufacturing small arms,

artillery, tanks, and gravity-powered drones.

By the time that America comes back to regain its place,

the EU would have established a laissez-faire policy

and the co-prosperity sphere that the Japanese shoguns

attempted to form would have been loosely established

like a cooperative.

Ah, but this is not wistful thinking.

This is just plain thinking.


Addendum To private Insurance

I did say that there is meat for everyone

in my proposed Health Care System for the US.

I am referring mostly to the private insurance companies

that may be disowned by ther State/Federal controlled

Health care. Insurance.

Business companies may secure group insurance coverage

for their employees.

These group insurance companies may function  like

Blue Cross or Blue Shield only

and will cover 20% of the costs for prescription drugs.

They will also cover the costs for dentures, eyeglasses,

wheelchairs, ambulances, and other

costs not covered by State Insurance.

Call these extra expenses as Health Solutions.

ALSO, whenever and whatever cost overruns are incurred by the

State insurance systems they can bill the

Federal Health to cover these.

Call these overrun bailouts as Transfer Payments

and should represent what is now a subsidized,

socialized payments.

These payments do reduce drastically  the costs

for each and every member.

It should be understood that the system I proposed

is essentially a system wherein



The State/Federal Health Care Insurance membership is compulsory

and every qualified employee will contribute

1/3 of the required amount via salary deductions,

2/3 will be contributed by the employers.

These contributions are tax deductible

for both employees and employers.

The State may modify the system.

Such modifications will constitute part of the pilot

project of the Federal Health System

and will be scrutinized after two years.


Molly Line

Molly Line

Fox News

molly line

China’s Missile Launch Fails

China’s missile launch fails.


These missiles come with the Users guides

printed in Korean!

The White House Minions

The minions in the White House are Trump’s.

And they are starting to bump against each other.

The media reporters love the new atmosphere

which is resembling that of chaos.

The White House conducted the briefing

today with the cameras on.

And the Press Corps responded by refraining

from asking any question about Russia.

They appear to be distracted by AG Jeff Sessions

and Communications Director

Anthony IL Ducci.