Barbara Serra

Barbara Serra

Children’s Rights

Children are Hoo-man Beans, too.

And therefore they also have Hoo-man Rights.

Or more specifically, Children’s Rights.

Children’s Rights.mp4

The Or-Else Girl of the UN,


withdrew his country’s membership

from the Human Rights Council.


One less American weapon to intimidate the UN members!.

This move of course also

protects Israel from accusations

of murdering Palestinians

in the Gaza strip.


and all that mea culpa thing.

The Trump Solution

This is the Trump solution

to the immigration problem.

Trump Solution.mp4

Now he picks on children.

(what are the Democrats going to do about this?)


I said it was getting difficult to call Trump stupid!

Now I find it easy.

He called Canadians smugglers!

Now how low can a President get?

If he were not stupid

he should realize that shoes,

the example that he cited,

are covered by DUTIES,

and not TARIFFS

And getting them in to Canada freely

should satisfy the limit of $250.

There are no shoes in America worth $250.

They are also available in Canada

and at a cheaper price.

(With NAFTA, shoes are not even covered

by duties, so no smuggling there.)

I believe also that the foreign and domestic problems

are overpowering him.

Particularly when more than half the Americans

have lost faith in his abilities.

At least Canadians are not a national security risk anymore.

They are just plain shoe smugglers!

Is Trump smart enough to notice that Canadians

have never attempted to migrate to America 

by illegal means?

For Canadians,

America is not worth that much to aspire for! 

(Trump is losing it!)

Brainwashing the “Ugly Americans”

This is what I think

and you should read this

because this is one of the very few times

that I will write it.

This is not a guess now

This is what I think.

I believe that it is still a choice for anybody,

and for this matter any people,

Americans included,

to buy anything

from anybody or any place.

One does not blame the merchandise

nor the seller if one pays for it.

Therefore if America imports from any country

it is presumed that America needs to import from this country

not from anywhere else

and not any other merchandise

and not with any other price.

In other words, why does America believe that it is unfair

for them to import goods that they think they need

and then impose tariffs to punish the sellers?

Do you now see why others call them

“ugly Americans”?

They think they own the world.

There was a time when Americans were worshipped, idolized,

and treated as Gods.

But that was the time when they were “liberators”.

Today they are simply “meddlers”

and bring other people to heel

just to maintain the US dollar prominence.

Today the Americans are becoming like 

the North Koreans.

They are being brainwashed

and they have brown shirted people to do this.

The American States combined as the United States are still lucky.

They still have their Congress untainted.

This should prevent them from seeing

goose stepping policemen.

  The Americans now have

less taxes, more employment,

and  economic progress.

 Therefore they do not now need to be brainwashed

like the North Koreans.

No More!

Trumpling On

The Trump Apocalypse Horses

proceed to run roughshod over all

that bars their way.

Note that Trump’s populace asked for

tax deductions, employment

and labor improvements.

They did not ask for tariffs,

denuclearization, Iran deal cancellation,

and NAFTA removal.

These was all Trump’s ideas.

Trumpling on.mp4

The American Congress may be able to rein in these horses.

But it needs more Democrats and less Republicans.

Or more Wipers!

 (very nice dress!)

Iraqi Avenger

Wahida Mohamed Al-Jumaily

Iraqi Avenger


Blame Game

Il Mejico beat the world-champion Deutsch

1-0 in the World Cup.

The Germans complained to the FIFA

that the Mexican fans call them gays.

This blame-the-other-country-game

is catching on.

if there eould be anybody slighted on this

homosexual slurs,

it should be the gays.

The Syrian Women

This story is very much like 

the story of the Sabine Women

only the latter had a much romantic ending.

Silent War.mp4

Who This?

Who This

Who render

for Aljazeera?

John Oliver

Talks more than a mile a minute.

John Oliver.mp4

The October War

Tactical Errors and choice of armaments

can cost the war.

October War 1.mp4

October War 2.mp4

Spain Vs. Portugal

  Score :

Portugal 3 (Ronaldo 3)

Spain 3 (Costa 2, Macho 1)

Portugal 3  Spain 3  Final.mp4

(I can’t say which side I favor.

My DNA figures in both)

Portugal Vs. Spain full.mp4

(2 hours)



Freeland In Washington

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister

Chrystia Freeland

talks to Washington Senators

in typical cool Canadian demeanor.



Thereafter on the same day

Chrystia Freeland received

the Diplomat of The Year award.

Diplomat of the Year.mp4

All Quiet On The Cistern Front


A respite from the rantings of somebody we know.


And at a time that

The Voters are starting to get a clearer profile

of the man who will make America great again,

for a time,

at least.

There is the danger of him putting the country

in a serious predicament worldwide

wherein no amount of signature cancellations

and reneging will amend the situation.

Right now what Congress need is more Democrats.

Or even Republicans who have more spine and savvy

to understand that the institution that makes the laws

have now been commandeered

by somebody who is making his own laws.

The Korean War

Korean War.mp4

The Richest Poor


The root of the American economic problem

still escapes the minds of their big economic geniuses.

If they did, America would never have the problem

of budget deficits, trade deficits, large credit accumulations,

trade wars, US dollar under valuation, and etc.

Employment, repatriation of businesses, tarrifs,

wage increases, wall street stock price manipulations,

are inutile solutions.

The root of the problem is staring them at the face

and no ouija boards, seances, fortune tellers,

nor witches’ cauldrons will help them.

Some of them howl like wolves, too.

God Bless America

Land that is loved.

Fallen Surrogate

I heard the news about the heart attack

while I was watching the Singapore event last night.


He does not deserve this.

Some other brown shirted minions do.

He really took his duty at heart.



Dairy Goof-Up

Trump continues his beef against Canada’s trade surplus

in his goofy effort to prove

that he was right in his last salvo.

More goof-ups.

The more he opens his mouth against Canada

the more difficult it is to refrain from calling him stupid.

I will not call him stupid, yet.

Probably, uninformed would be enough,

for courtesy’s sake.

No more Cry Baby.

Cry Guy will do for now.

And that even skips over Cry Boy.

His data about the dairy trade is everything but true.

Canada imports 5 times more milk than it exports to the US.


America has an oversupply of milk by the million gallons.

Canada is not about to allow dumping

millions of gallons on its soil

and pay for the process, too.

The Milky Truth.mp4

The POTUS is not now speaking

for the people of the United States!

(wait till Cry guy shifts topic to Softwood Lumber)

The First Shock

I did say that there will be shocking 

days after this first meeting.

I guess that the first shock will not be a shock

to the press nor to Trump’s brownshirted minions.

The first shock will be a statement by Kim

that, since he did the first step of

destroying the nuclear installations,

Trump should do the next act.

Kim will add that there are so many promises

that Trump has broken.

Kim will need proof first of Trump’s good intentions.

Kim does not need American dole outs,

only allow China to trade with North Korea.

Kim will not say that China is already sending some

trade goods in thru the Yalu River in a trickle.

Kim will also want the Americans to pull out

a division or more of troops out of South Korea

for a start. 

America has to do the move first before more talks

will ensue.

If Trump calls off the talks and walks away,

so be it.

Kim wins already because it will mean that Trump

as always breaks away from deals and negotiations,

and it will be up to Kim and Moon 

to complete the peace treaty.

 Trump thereafter goes back home

failing in both the G7 and the NK-US Summits.

I can feel now that Trump is more scared

than his brown shirted minions.

He’s stuck!

If the Democrats win the next election.

he gets impeached.

(my red line is still Canada, touch it and you get it. Get it?)

How To Cure Hyperactivity

These fitness rooms are open 24/7

in Singapore.

No bodyguards allowed!

No Nobel Prize For Trump


It’s been decided.

(by me only, obviously)

That the Nobel Peace Prize will not go to


It is going to be laughable if the prize

is given for a peace mission

to countries which are not in a fighting conflict.

It may probably be given to somebody

who can bring peace to the Gaza strip,

or to Raqqa, or to Libya or even

the borders of Mexico and Canada (?).

Remember that the US is in Korea only because of a mandate

of the UN for it to act as part of a POLICE  FORCE.

The US is overstaying because there is no more conflict

and the US is not in the DMZ.

If South Korea is paying for the upkeep of the US bases,

this is actually a Highway Robbery.


The Asian Cry still roars up;


Between Kim and Trump

watch who gets the better of the deal:

the Nobel Prize

or the No-Bowl of soup!

What says The Democrats?


They are amused as to how Trump

keeps acquiring the rope that

he needs.

They know that the other party

has created a monster.

Special Place in Hell

Canadians would not mind

going to that special place in hell

in the afterlife.

 But we do mind terribly

going to a cesspool forever

in this present life,

like for some people we know.

Besides, if that place in Hell is special

it should be equipped with

special spas

for Canadians only.