John Boltons “Drug Deal”

This is the game changer,


this is a shocker

if he talks about the deal.

IF I am correct.

Think about it this way…..

This next post, treat it as fiction, initially.

Impeachment Trial of Trump

Outvoted but not outmaneuvered

the House Managers manage to present to the public

the gist of their main points on the impeachment.

(Excellent preparation!)











Return of Don Camillo



Marcelino Pan Y Vino


Pablito Calvo

 played the role of Marcelino in the screen adaptation of “The Miracle of MarcelinobyJose Ma. Sanchez Silva.

This is the story of a baby who was found in front of the gates of a monastery. The monks reared him up after nobody in town would like to accept him as an orphan.

When he was six years old, his curiosity led him to the attic to see the Crucified Christ. Later on Marcelino brought this man on the cross some food and wine which were of course pilfered from the monastery kitchen.

To make the story short, the man on the cross granted Marcelino’s wish which was to see his mother. And right from the very eyes of the eavesdropping monks, the man on the cross sent Marcelino to heaven.

San Marcelino Pan Y Vino



Impeachment Trial Scheduled

The Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump

has been scheduled for next week.

This implies that there will be no war against Iran.

If you understand what I mean.

Anyhow Trump chose for his defense

a bunch of knowledgeable but popular

people enough to make a good TV show.

This people will make it appear

 that the partiality of the Republicans

are actually a show of impartiality.

This by explaining that Trump has merely done

a bad administrative decision instead of an abuse of power

which makes his actions unimpeachable.

References will be made on the conditions obtaining

at the time of the framers of the Constitution

 in circa 1776.


Another Cold Spell

Too cold again for Edmonton.

Minus 35 degrees .

It is so cold here that the horses are unable to move

before they are thawed out

by turning some hair dryers on them.

Where the heck is the promised global warming?


Iranian Blow-up

The Western media, including trhe much huffed-up,

Canadian TV, continues to blow up the Iranian 752 affair.

As if these media does not have anything more interesting

to sell than this Iranian fiasco.

The Iranian Leader has already admitted its responsibility

for the 752 plane crash, even promising to convict the perpetrators

and compensate the victims of the crash.

This is already publicized, so what’s more do the TV hosts want?

Rouhani’s head?

A stupid question keeps being asked as to why the air transportation

remained open during that time.

The stupid reply would be : that there is no existing conflict on that zone,

Iran not being at war with anybody.

So it is business as usual.

The airport has always been open.

So what’s the beef?

Another thing is that the Iranians are out in protest

against the futile effort of the presumed “hard” revenge on the Us,

there being nobody killed.

Much more, Rouhani lied about the strike being “terrible’

when in fact it proved to be harmless.

The Iranians protest is a manifestation of their lust for revenge

and not for a change in government

as what the Westerners are salivating to hear again.

Incidentally, I do realize that Rouhani is as good a diplomat

as is a Muslim leader.

I can see that what he is doing now is actually working well

towards his objectives for the Iranian people.

His hidden agenda is well in hand.

I find it funny that the TV hosts, just like I,

would insist on publicizing our hunches

as regards the Souleimani’s assassination.

But funnier it is

that some hunches are childishly concluded

and way, way off.

For instance, the main effort of the investigation should be

the answer to the question as to who really downed the 752,

and not the damnation of Iran.

Remember what I keep saying—

that not everybody lives the same way as the Americans do.



Wag The Dog

Why does a dog wag its tail?

Watch this.


Wag The Dog.mpg


Mea Culpa

Just IN…..





MH17, Ayayayayay!

Now before I go to MH370

we’ll talk about MH17

which has more damning evidence

simply because  MH370 is still missing

so there.

Also, note that I am now posting on a different computer

for obvious reasons.

I know what I will go through again were I to post on

the same computer at any one time.

They still do not believe that I do not have any source/s

for my material.

Everything is guesswork, er analyses I mean.

You may, however, listen to the spins of the tv hosts

whom I know are just out to make a living.

They may be more plausible

To summarize the events involving Malaysian Airlines MH17,

this Boeing 777 was thought to have been brought down by a Buk missile

launched by the Russian “rebels’ in Ukraine.

the Unkrainians also have Buk missiles, them being once a part

of the Russian Army, and being a province of Russia under Khrushchev.

The western part of Ukraine is Ukrainian.

The Eastern part is Russian.


for some good personal and patriotic intentions,

applied for membership to the European Union which was accepted

and was provided with billions of IMF loans and another billions

of CIA provisions.

Putin sought to protect the Russians and sent in soldiers

in “neutral” uniforms and “neutral” weapons.

The skirmishes that ensued resulted on a stalemate (as expected)

because NATO did not profess to enter the fray.

And so comes Brennan’s mercenaries to help protect the Ukrainians

and the 5 billion dollars.

The MH17 was subsequently brought down

 seemingly by a Russian Buk msssile.

Dutch investigators of the MH17 crash declared

that the plane was actually

strafed on that side that killed the pilot.

Reports were that there were two ‘planes” following MH17.

The people on the ground say that they did not see the planes.

The “planes” were maybe too small and too insignificant to see.

Why did they bring down the MH17?

The Secretary General of NATO is a Swede.

MH17 was full of Swedish passengers.

Good logic prevailed.

He did not get NATO to enter the fray!

And the planes?

They were drones in their early stages of development

and did not carry missiles then, only MG’s.

Soldiers of Fortune


Private Contractors?

Presently their existence, and subsistence, is in question.

They are desperately trying to prove their worth.

A billion dollars in contract is at stake.

It has been aired in public that the 752 might have been downed

by mistake.

Mistake by whom?

Remember that there was no word yet after 2 hours

of the Iranian missile strikes that there were no casualties

to prove that there was no need to retaliate

against Iran anymore as was planned.

But they did anyway.


Trump never ordered a retaliation like this…

In fact, Trump may never have ordered the assassination of Soleimani.

He only said so to get credit for it!

The downing of the 752 was done as a retaliation for the

presumed damages to the American air bases.

The Iranians could never have fired

on the unarmed airliner  carrying friendly passengers,

knowing that they are under peaceful de-escalation.

I believe that some people know for certain

who done the downing

but don’t yap about it.

Dong worri, we’ll do the yapping—

(If you do not agree with my trend of thought, just consider yourselves entertained..)


Flight 752

Interesting it should be

to determine what caused this plane to crash in flames.

I will attempt to opine something on this on the next post

after I finish running some software

(which has nothing to do with the flight)).

What I can say at this time is that there are things

similar to the crash of MH17 and the demise of MH370.

Both are Boeing 777″s  , but this plane manufacturer

is not to be blamed for this.

For the 737max, maybe, but the software developed for the 737max

was meant to prevent the unfortunate incidents of the 777’s.

Boeing  just did not have the right idea what caused the 777 incidents.

My first guess for the 752 is that everything went awry

immediately after the autopilot was switched on at 8000 ft.

The black box may confirm this.

Incidentally, and for the Iranian authorities,

they should allow us Canadians to help in determining what

caused the crash.

Forget about foreign diplomatic rules and regulations.

We Canadians are not against Iranians.

In fact we Canadians are not against anybody.

The only asset that we Canadians have

which seem to annoy every other nationality

is that we are exceptionally good looking.

You can keep the black boxes,

can we just have a peek at it?


Compassionate Revenge

Iran promised “hard revenge” for the assassination

of top general Soleimani and sent more than a dozen

ballistic missiles towards two air bases in Iraq.

This turned out to be a compassionate revenge

because the missiles purposely missed their targets

by a long shot, some of theme even unarmed.

But it did placate the Iranians’ lust for revenge

and gave Trump the cue he needed to yap it up

on public television.

What may have probably upstaged his lego

is the incident which brought a Boeing 737 down

under dubious causes from the Tehran airport.

I am going to make another guess in that this was caused

by a drone controlled by the same team of private contractors

that was in trouble with the Iranians before.


That remote drone airwave can reach that far

and explode something inside the plane!

Drone warfare—new fangled but deadly video game warfare

(Check out your records on MH17 or Boeing 777, circa 2014)

To Save The World

Hitler promised to save his country and the world.

He saved his country

only to have it destroyed

when he attempted to save the world.


A lesson could be learned from his career.

Waiting For The Strike

Iran is not de-escalating.

Neither is it escalating.

IT IS consolidating.

Preparations are being made for the attack

which is in response to the assassination

of its top general.

The Iranian military promised a strike

but my hunch is it will not be from the military arm.

It would be from a specialized mercenary force.

This method relieves Iran from the international

rules regarding intentions to declare war.

In other words, this method does not fall within

the articles of war.

It should be remembered that it was the Americans

that used these mercenaries effectively in the Middle East,

even renaming the armed force as private contractors.

Guess what. The Iranians will use these private contractors

quid pro quid or whatever.

More confusion will thereafter arise because these

Iranian private contractors

are actually within the US already.

It should be recalled that the Persians have been using mercenaries

already during the reign of Darius.

Remember Xenophon’s 10,000 Greeks?

An attack using private contractors will not represent a violation

of the Rules of War and therefore will not imply a declaration of war.

Incidentally, the private contractors in service for the US

have provided a whole load of false intelligence info

to their  handlers causing confusion in the militry

and the diplomatic corps in such a way that there

is a growing rift between these branches of government.

Their last report is that Soleimani is planning a big attack.

My guess is that the plan was actually to synchronize

with the religious organzations to ask the Iraqi government

to kick out the American troops.

Which they did, anyway.

But no killing was intended.

In fact, the Iranian military does not kill Americans.

extremists do that,

But for the Americans,

the whole blasted Muslim people are extremists.

FYI, extremists are not soldiers.Big mistek!


Don Camillo

Father Don Camillo fights for his church.

Don Camillo.mpg

Don Camillo.mp4

Damage Control With Lies

The killing of the Iranian top commander

was a mistake.

The Americans never knew who they were targeting.

Trump did not give the order.

He just learned of the raid from the reports.

Now the American military starts the damage control

as if they had the guy bracketed ever since.

The result will destabilize the region.

It will now be restricted to Americans.

They should now tread softly around people

with the likes of Arabs and such.

What the Americans call the enemy of the world

will now be united against the enemy that is the Americans.

Boy, what a boyish mistake that was.

The Saudis should now start shaking

under their turbans,

or headdress, whatever they call it.

(I would not worry about the Persians going against Canadians. We had nothing to do with it!)

The Outlaw


The Outlaw.mpg

The Outlaw.mp4

Samson and Delilah

Samson And Delilah.mp4

Samson And Delilah.mpg

Two Popes

An interesting exchange of views

and more…


Two Popes.mp4

A Dog Named Christmas

A Dog Named Christmas.mp4

US Senate Experiments

You may have noticed that the US Senate

has started making laws that attempt to influence

the governments of other countries.

This may be that the Republicans are doing experiments

in dastardly fashion with their attempts to condition the world

that such an act that Trump did to Ukraine is excusable.

Nay, maybe as normal as any US diplomatic action.

Does it have to involve other countries like China

to acquit Trump after his abuse of power?

Nobody could have noticed this abuse

had nobody squealed.

And that whistleblower?

I surmise that this person is closer to Trump

than a lot of other meaningless people.

My crystal ball told me so.

Andre Rieu Christmas


Christmas by Andre Rieu.mp4

The Christmas Choir

The Choir.mp4