Putin’s Smart Missiles


Smart Missiles.mp4


It is a rude awakening.

But Pentagon suddenly realizes

that they are far behind

in missile technology.





The Democrats intend to put out their own version

to counter the Fisa Memo.

So we are now about to witness

the encounter between memos.

Actually, the fight will be between interpretations

of the result of one investigation.

This memo has been published days ago

but maybe you should have your own complete copy.

The Democrat interpretation would have little effect

should its release be stalled for two weeks.





Musashi Miyamoto at Ganryu Island





sorry, no subtitles, but you can do guesswork.

Reaction to SOTU

There are mixed reactions to President Trump’s

State of The Union Address.

For me

this speech fits the President.

Or rather

the President fits the speech.

The next video clip is one of the reactions.

It is Canadian.


SOTU Reaction

Putin’s Revenge 2


Putin’s Revenge 5

Putin’s Revenge 6

Putin’s Revenge 7

Putin’s Revenge 8

This clip is cut in parts because for some reason

my computer crashes along the way.

Putin’s Revenge


His vengeance focuses on Hillary!

Putin’s Revenge1

Putin’s Revenge2

Putin’s Revenge3

Putin’s Revenge4


One Hundred Eyes


100 Eyes.mp4

Homeless Christmas


My Homeless Christmas.mp4


And I now have the distinction of the first

to put up a Christmas theme

over the media.

The Birth of ISIS

From You Tube is lifted this video——

Start of ISIS.mp4


New ISIS Leader


becomes the new ISIS leader.



From Russia With Love


From Russia With Love.mp4

Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond.mp4

(suggest you download this movie on disk or usb then play it on tv)


Sicario is Mexican for “hitman”

This movie is the best I have watched so far.

Download it completely first then watch it.








To Drink Blood




To Drink Blood.mp4

King of Kings

king of kings233

King of Kings.mp4

Last Supper.mp4

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders,

not a far-sounding voice

not even charm,

reeks with logic,

and a disarming common sense.

Bernie Sanders229

Bernie Sanders.mp4

Seann Miley Moore


10 X-Factor Auditions.mp4

Turkey’s Gamble

I never would have guessed

that the Turkish public do not approve

of what their government is doing

as regards Syria and NATO.


Turkey’s Gamble.mp4

It appears that Erdogan’s regime is the one that needs toppling

and not Assad’s!

Van Cliburn

Along came this tall Texan with the curly hair and the Nordic name

who wowed the judges of the International Piano Competition.


Van Cliburn.mp4

Here he plays Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No. 2,

Third Movement..

Composer Rachmaninoff traditionally writes the favorite variation

in the last movement, and so here is the

more popular “Full Moon and Empty Arms” variation.


Mayhaps my words about Silver medalist George Li possessing

more technique than sensitivity sank in.

And it is my sincere hope that these word of mine

have not been considered as rude and crude.

He now included in his repertoire the piece that I specified :

the Consolation No. 3 by Franz Liszt.

I did this because this composition was virtually played

better by Chopin than by Liszt.

During those times, Chopin was anemic and therefore

plays with less virtuosity but more romanticism.

A good friend of Chopin, Liszt did accept this comparison

as a challenge, and eventually rebounded with his Un Suspiro.

Both compositions, however, require feelings flowing thru the fingertips.

Consolation No.3.mp4

George Li

To either Chopin or Liszt, George Li comes close.

No cigar, of course, and this is not only because he does not smoke cigars.

I admit he has the ability to play with virtuosity,

but this piece requires no controlled temerity,

and much less, a subdued dexterity.

This piece is made to console,

not to caress.

I must say, though, that he has succeeded in

putting even finger pressure on the keyboard.

This is the essential item if one

wants the piano to spin stories to the listeners.

But goodness,what am I saying now—

George Li is one exceptional concert pianist

who probably only need maturity to be romantic.

That is a fact!

These posts are not possible without the excellent video resolution by medici tv.

Dmitry Masleev

And then of course, the First prize Piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition

comes Dmitry Masleev,

fast, furious, hyperactive,

plays the piano as if he was driving a car

running on jet fuel.

But I did say that speed plus versatility with the keyboard

compromises one’s romantic rendition of the piece being played.

Not unless the pianist is one like Franz Liszt,

who can play the “La Campanella” with  zip,

and the “Consolation No. 3” with fervor.


With comparable speed and precision to Trinfonov (2011),

he still must show, however, that he can feel the music.

But I must be asking too much  from Dmitry.

Perhaps he has yet to mature with the music.

After all, he won First Place, didn’t he?

Listen to Danse Macabre.mp4

This one was composed for the orchestra by Saint-Saens,

transcribed for the piano by Franz Liszt,

and then arranged by Horowitz.

Walt Disney made a video translation of this.


George Li

George Li

19 years old


wins second prize piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition.

This video shows he is playing the

Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

by Liszt-Rachmaninov,

and the Etude No. 3

by Paganini-Liszt

These pieces would be extra difficuilt for him.

because of the short span between his thumb and pinky.

But he has his fingering technique and adaptation to solve this.

George Li121

George Li.mp4

La Campanella.mp4

He has also succeeded in imposing

the Hungarian accent to the music

of Franz Liszt.