649 Results

2-5-10-11-27-39- bonus 48


My first glance hit the number 10.

My second glance hit the number 27.

These 22 numbers were not supposed to hit any number.

Worse, my third glance hit 2,11, and 48.

Moral of the story—-do not do the third glance.

But I can’t help it if she were worth more glances than two.

Particularly when I am watching from behind.

If I do this from where she can see me

she might get the idea that I am hitting on her.

Consequently she will start scanning herself

to determine exactly the points that I have been observing.

All kidding aside now

I will put out only two glances this time

on the Canadian Lottomax.

If this works out well, my glances

should work on any lottery.

First Glance—-9, 1, 2, 25, 5, 21, 45, 19, 43, 6, 35, 42

Second Glance—-3, 11, 37, 41, 22, 15, 18, 23

These total 20 numbers

leaving you 29 numbers to choose from.

Whittle  them further down

and use your hunches as a filter.

At least 29 numbers are easier to wheel than 49.

As for me, I am going for 16 numbers.

If I win you will be the foist tp know how I did it!




They must be kidding!

Repeat Combinations

In the Canadian National 649 lottery

there are now 5257 4-no. combinations that repeated

out of 43570 combinations generated.

Also, 1236 5-no. combinations that repeated

out of 67098 combinations generated.

Validating your numbers against these lists

will certainly reduce the number

of combinations you have to bet on.



Wuups! My six numbers dd not come out yesterday.

Naturally the lottery does not cooperate with my numbers.

 Surprising it is that my picks came out on the wrong lottery draw.

Well, back to the drawing board.

You can sat that again,

drawing board.

Part of 12 Numbers

You may add 3, 6, 24 as part of your 12 number wheel.

and maybe 15, 31, 46. You may get three numbers out of these.

Or none at all?????

And then again, you have down there in another post your 20 number template, eyh?

Wheeling Numbers

It looks like I hit two more numbers from Saturday’s 649 draw, the numbers 4 and 10. There should be a wheeling number template that includes two numbers in all the combinations that are generated.

On second thought, there are templates like these. In fact some include two numbers together in each combination.

Fir instance, If I were to wheel 20-numbers in Canadian National 649,

the combinations would be : 28, 34 + 3,6,9,35

                                                         28,34 + 3,6,18,26

                                                        28,34 + 5,12,25,45

                                                        28, 34 +5,15,36,45

                                                       28, 34  +9,18,26,35

                                                       28,34 + 12,15,25,36

                                                      28,34 + 23,30,43,47

                                                      28,34 + 23,33,43,44

                                                     28, 34 + 30,33,44,47

There should be 18 numbers there aside from 28 and 34, and these may have fat chances of winning. FYI, the numbers 28 and 34 are called power numbers in this wheeling template. Usually, only number is used as a power number, not two, but what the hey, nine combinations to bet with is a lot better proposition than that of betting on 38,760 full wheel combination for 20 lotto numbers.


Wheeling Numbers

The last post I did proved again that I always get the bonus number in any lottery. The Canadian 649 draw came out with the numbers 3,8,10,19,31,33, and bonus number 40.

It also proved what I said that my numbers are a  number off the ones that hit. I chose numbers 4, 20, and 11. They are a tad off the numbers 3, 19, and 10.

BTW, I have a sinking feeling that one or two of the numbers for the next draw will be any of these : 18,26,32,16,14,12,11,10,5,4, and 2. AH but we will see.

I now come up with some strategy that will help you save money and at the same time play the odds. It is called wheeling your numbers. For instance, if you intend to play 12 lotto numbers, the full combination would amount to 924 six-number combinations. And for a dollar a combination, that would be a 924-dollar bet. That, and there is no guarantee that you will hit one correct number.

For a guarantee of at least one four-number win, a series of combinations can be formed using these twelve numbers to come out with only six-combinations, or a six-dollar bet. This means that if you hit four numbers, you will win at least one four-number prize, and at most the jackpot prize.

How to do this? Let us say that you chose to play these 12 numbers : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

First divide them into four groups of three numbers each group thusly

1, 2, 3

4, 5, 6

7, 8, 9

10, 11, 12

Then combine them like this :                  1,2,3 + 4,5,6

                                                                         1,2,3 + 7,8,9

                                                                         1,2,3 + 10,11,12

                                                                          4,5,6 + 7.8.9

                                                                          4,5,6 + 10,11,12

                                                                           7,8,9 + 10,11,12

And there you have six combinations to cover 4 out of 6 guarantee win should you hit any of the four numbers correctly. To make it more interesting, add also the combinations

1,3,5,7,9,11  and 2,4,6,8,10,12  to cover any three number win.

Of course you can let any lotto number to stand for the wheeling numbers above which now becomes your template.

There should also be different templates for other win guarantees, and bigger sizes of bets.

Your next and biggest problem, therefore, should also be of how to choose your winning numbers.

HAH! Wouldn’t you like to know?




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The Value of the American Dollar

Let me set you aside for a while. Let us think of what everybody else does not. Let us think of the money that we have on hand, or in other cases, the money that we do not have on hand. Let us think of the American dollar.

Have you ever wondered why the value of the American dollar does not go down?

You have heard about Goldman Sachs, Standard & Poor’s, the housing bubble, the trillion dollar deficit, the Iraqi War drain on the dollars, the amount of cash in American dollars that China has, these are things that will tend to lower the value of the American dollar. And yet, instead of going down, the value of the American dollar goes up!

Now here is something that I will consider for myself a guess, a good guess, in fact. This is something about economics, and when the topic comes up, there are some laws in economics that have proved duds. Wall Street has proven some of them as duds.

But enough of the anomaly which we call as Wall Street. What determines the value of the American Dollar?

As a rule, a country’s paper money has a value which is equivalent to the amount of gold it can buy in the market. How? Each country owns gold deposited in what we will call as the Gold Reserve. The total amount of paper money that they will print will have a value equivalent to the total amount of gold in the Gold Reserve.

For example, if America has the total value of gold in its Federal Reserve as One Trillion dollars, and it printed paper money with a face amount of 1 trillion dollars, then the value of the American dollar is exactly 1 dollar. If America prints 2 trillion in paper money as against its 1 trillion in the gold reserves, then the value of the American dollar is only 50 cents.

Now, who determines how much money America has printed and how much in gold  the country has in its Federal Gold Reserves is data provided by the American Central Bank, which is actually the Federal Reserve Bank of America. This info is provided to the world as a matter of trust between Central Banks of the world, and is deemed as accurate as gospel.

We should take note, though, that the value of the American dollar will have to depend upon the price of gold. Now who determines the price of gold at any given moment? I don’t know. Do you? If the price of gold suddenly drops, there should be a rush for countries to buy gold, no? This effort should certainly prop up the value of their currency.

China has a huge amount of American paper money, the amount of which is undeclared, but obviously in large amounts. This country has not re-valued its Yuan currency due to perhaps some dubious motives. This uncertain actual value of the Yuan should hide the total amount of gold it should own as their reserve, and as such, the American Federal Reserve does not know exactly how much money it has to print.

The America Federal Reserve must by now be printing more money than what their gold reserve allows them to. In other words, the American paper money which you have is very much depreciated by now. But who is to tell? Who is to know?

The next American Social project, the Obamacare and the Minimum Wage will be another huge drain in the treasury as when the huge deluge of sick people take advantage of these in one specific period in time. While these projects are the best humanitarian and social packages that can be provided to a nation by any administration, it will nevertheless be a huge drain in the revenue resources of the country.

Which gives rise to the question, Is the American Dollar that you have still worth one dollar?

And what value would the American dollar be if a whole bunch of countries redeemed their American dollars in American gold from the Federal Reserve Bank?

The Reserve gold will be depleted by such an amount and the paper money would be increased by such an amount. America would then have more paper money than gold in the Reserve Bank!



Only 37 Left


For those who keep at the Canadian 649 doggedly, be informed that there are only 37 3-number combinations that have not hit yet. And they are:






































Out of 49 lotto numbers, there are only 18,424 three-number combinations that can be formed. There were drawn 109,235  3- number combinations from 3121  649 draws so far. This involves every 7-number lotto draw of which there are 35 three-number combinations for each draw.

Notice that in this list, these lotto numbers are missing : 6,9,36,37,38,40,42,44,45.

Forming lotto picks by combining any two in this list may not be advisable for obvious reasons, one of which may result in a lot of lotto picks. Also, it may take a longer time for these numbers to hit.

Missing Canadians


The people here in Canada have given donations  for the Yolanda victims

to the tune of $40 million.

Presently, 17 canadians are still missing after Yolanda struck.

Would the Filipinos find some goodness in their hearts

to make the effort to find out

what happened to these Canadians?

A whole lot of people here are anxious to know.

The Canadian Embassy may be able to provide you with their names.


New-bungled Software


Sorry about that, folks, the new-fangled software I created needs to be debugged.

It seems that the sources were disjointed. I can’t get more than four uncertain hits on this software.

Will try zgain. But don’t hold your breath for today!

New-Fangled Software


I am referring to my program when I say this. It is new-fangled!

If you remember what I said about combining two pragrams each with a 70% assurance and then resulting in a 49% guarantee? Well, instead of combining two programs, I mixed them up!

How did I do this? I combined the data sources instead of the results of the two programs. Consequently, I get one result from two unique programs. If I get some good results tonight, I will tell you about it. If not, back to head scratching.

I have been having sudden influx of hits from Russia and the vicinity, most probably from the followers of Dmitrov’s wheeling systems. These systems do work but they do concentrate on the numbers that you favor instead of spreading out the luck. If you have favorite numbers most of the time, try using his systems.

Coupled with the abrupt increase in hits from Russia is the drastic increase in spams attached to this blog. Don’t worry, I keep up with discarding them.

One Number Off


And again I was one number off on my lottery hunches.

I posted the numbers 16, 7, 36,38,47,48.

Western Lottery hit with 8, 17,37, 48.

Lotto 649 hit with 9, 46,47,48

So I now asked Shaw Cable to air on tv as a community service, the lottery draw as it happens.

I want to see which number is drawn first.


Wheeling Numbers

 I have mentioned the phrase “wheeling numbers” several times. This is one method of reducing the amount of your bet to achieve the results. This is good when playing the odds.

For example, if you have chosen 12 lotto numbers to play, a full combination using these 12 numbers will provide you with 924 six-number combinations. That is a lot of money to bet on numbers that you may not be sure to come out.

However, if you play it so that you accept a minimum of 4-number win if your six numbers come out, then wheel your numbers like this: For the selected twelve numbers namely, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12——

you may play, 1,2,3,4,5,6

then 1,2,3,7,8,9

then 1,2,3,10,11,12

then 4,5,6,7,8,9

then 4,5,6,10,11,12

then 7,8,9,10,11,12

for six combinations.

You may test these for any 4-number combination hit.

Of course you may substitute these lotto numbers for the ones that you chose, provided that you follow the same arrangement, like 13 for 1, 6 for 2, 38,for 3, and so forth.

Me, I add two more combinations to these, namely ; 1,3,5,7,9,11

and 2,4,6,8,10,12.

I find that when I add these, I even cover the three- number combination hits.

A full twelve-number combination will give you 924 six-number combinations. Yikes!

(16 is a good choice, 36 is half-and-half, if 7 and 47 hit then they must have bucked a trend, maybe 48 or 38)

(don’t bet using the bread-money!)


The Powerball Lottery


The American Powerball Lottery looks formidable at first glance. It will ceratinly be less probable to be won if one is to configure the odds. Usually, when lotteries come to be gamed like this, one would do better to consider this game as two lotteries in one. That is, one should choose their numbers, and their programs, for two separate games : one for the main numbers and the other for the powerball numbers.

I do notice that the lotteries in the U.S. do increase their jackpot prizes for reasons that they are not being won. In contrast, Canadian lotteries are won much more frequently so that the jackpot do not accumulate as high as in the U.S. Curiously enough, Canada is 6 or 7 times less populated than the U.S.  It is most possible that Canadians are using their wits to play the numbers smartly.

The more scientific of the American lotterty bettors use the Standard Deviation principle, or that one which shows you a bell curve for statistics. ( Bell Canada has nothing to do with starting this theory as this is a TV company).

This curve shows that the activity, or the winning numbers, are concentrated in the middle of the curve with the most activity at the tip of the bell. It will tell you that the numbers most probable to hit are concentrated on or at the tip of the bell,  commonly called the median. Any number situated at the extremes of the curve on either left or right have very little probability of winning. There is a mathematical formula to find the median.

But this theory runs contrary to the Random theory which is a simple true to fact principle of : what happens less often is the next to happen. In other words, this theory just about eliminates all other theories of probability. Naturally, because it is random. It will not follow any rule but its own, and it does not even have its own rule. It just simply says that the curve, now called a bell curve, will just flatten out in time as the “lazy” numbers start to become active.

What then does one have to do? Bell Curve or Random Theory, one is betting his money to win more money.

I would suggest to use something which is called a “trend”, a sort of in-fashion, what’s new hitting the town. Do remember, though, trends in lotteries, or numbers coming out frequently, do stop coming out before the third consecutive time.


Western 649 Canada


The appeal of this lottery is that it costs only one dollar per bet on one combination plus another which is provided as a quick pick. In other words, a dollar gives you two combinations on the ticket, maximum of 12 combinations in one card. The prize win is not that much, of course, but it gives back a ten-dollar win for a three- number hit same as the National 649 lottery. $50 dollars for a 4-number-win and $500 for a five-number win. The bonus number is counted only on after a  five-number win.

If you are one to experiment on your systems, this is the lottery to go with. If you get a 5-number win with your system, then carry it on the national 649. It should work the same way. But the trick is to get a win using the odds on this lottery or on any other lottery for that matter. What are the odds to play with?

The numbers from the last five draws usually gives you a three-number hit. The last nine draws may give you a five to six-number hit. The numbers from the last 17 draws may give you a seven-number hit. Your problem, of course, is how to choose the numbers from these last draws. as they will be too many to bet on even by using the wheeling systems.

And then again, refrain from mixing your systems. If one system is guaranteed to provide a 70% chance of hitting the numbers, if this is combined with another system that provides the same percentage of winning, then the total percentage afforded you would only be 70% of 70%, which is 49%.

Try a system like this : It tabulates the winning numbers from the view of the last nunber of 22. The numbers encircled are the numbers that hit. It is on the position of #2 for 7 and #11 for 2. If you can fill up this tabulation with the winning numbers AFTER the draw, then you may predict wich numbers to eliminate and which numbers may win. It would be easier for you to decipher this if you were a programmer with a desktop and a printer.

The last column shows the view from lotto number 22 before the western lottery draw tonight. At odd times, wheeling 15-numbers with a 4 out of 5 win guarantee would give back one 4-number hit plus seven 3-number hits. The bet costs $42. The prize win is $120. Play the odds!


Easter Traditions


Easter traditions and common values

28.03.2013 20:58


As Easter approaches, let us take a look at the symbolism behind the traditions as we celebrate and let us see how painting eggs, eating chocolate rabbits and going on an egg-hunt around the garden are proof of eternal and common supra-Continental human values which transcend time and space.

Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, the ubiquitous children’s dream at Easter time… from the end of the nineteenth century, brought to theUKand theUSAby German immigrants. And indeed the Goddess of Fertility and Spring – Eastre, makes her presence on the world stage, springing from pre-Christian Pagan fertility festivities, depicted in rock engravings holding a rabbit (fertility) and an egg (eternity, no beginning and no end).

It is a time of Resurrection, the restarting of the cycle of agriculture, of life, a time of sowing, a time of planting and a time of celebration that the Winter Spirit of death (symbolic death of the agricultural cycle) has departed. The Fertility Festival is the antithesis of the first Festival of Light, Hallowe’en, the end of the agricultural cycle and the coming of darkness.

And for those Europeans who say that Hallowe’en is a “stupid American festival” here is the rub. To be an American Festival, it either had to be born the other side of theAtlanticor else was taken there by Europeans, who since dropped the customs and had them re-introduced centuries later. In fact, Hallowe’en comes from “evening” before the Saints (who wear halos round their heads) and was the mark by which time the agricultural chores had to be finished. It was a tremendously important festival in Medieval Europe.

The symbolic burning of scarecrows abounds in different parts of Europe either at Hallowe’en (the “Guy” in theUK), during the Festivals of Light throughout Winter (Saint Martin’s Day in November, not to mention Christmas and New Year and Epiphany) or at Easter.

So these are not German festivities or American festivals, they are Universal rites based around common human values – respect for life, the celebration of resurrection, the eternal cycle of new hopes for a tomorrow bathed in light… however dark the nights may be. This eternal quest to protect and worship life has been present since humankind began communicating through engravings – placing a funeral stone on the breast of the deceased with zigzag lines representing waves or the feathers of the night-Goddess, the Owl (brought by the Moon), also representing waves. Waves are water, water is life.

As we celebrate another Easter, let us tell our (grand)children about the symbolism behind the egg and the rabbit and instill in them the knowledge that other children the world over are celebrating the Resurrection of Life together, whether this be the life of Christ or the rebirth of the agricultural year. The details matter less than the benchmark.

While Humankind should be celebrating Life together, it practises hatred, division, contempt and a primary instinctive drive to mark territory by destroying others. Our world is not at one with Nature, we are destroying it. We celebrate the rebirth of Life, but we kill our environment. We celebrate the Resurrection but we bomb children inLibyaand provide weapons to terrorists inSyria. How sick is that?

NATO, the arms lobby’s private club and its member states are the main culprits in creating what the world has become: If you are big, you kick as*, if you are small, you get you’re a*s kicked.

At the beginning of the Third Millennium (Christian Era), what a sad and sorry comment on how little we have learnt. What a telling statement on how primary we remain. And there, ladies and gentlemen, we have the explanation for all our ills. Humankind is an animal, its sophistication lies just beneath a very thin surface and the laws of the jungle apply more to us than to many animal communities.

I wonder whether Mother Earth is pondering something. I give her my full support if she is.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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If  a = b

Then  a2 = b2

And   a2 – b= 0

(a + b)(a – b) = 0

           (a + b) = 0

  therefore;  a = – b



Just In—the winning numbers for Lotto 649—-


Western 649—–


Checking on my numbers which I posted on March 14, 2013,

I guessed right with 4,14,16,25,45 for 5-number win

I guessed right with 16,25,30,39 on Western 649 for a 3-number + bonus win.

Lotto 649 costs $2 per combination but pays  for a 2-number + bonus win also

and a higher 4-number and 5-number win.

The Western 649 costs $1 per combination but does not pay for a 2-number +bonus win. The prizes are also fixed and does not accumulate. Still, a 3-number

hit will give you at least $50 winnings.

 I hit more on the 649 than the Western 649 today but I did specify Western 649.





I put money on these numbers for last Wednesday :


wheeled into a 4 out of 4 guarantee.

The numbers 46,34,24,37 hit, but the number 46 was drawn as the bonus number.

Betting on 43 combinations for $43 total, I got one 4-number combination hit plus nine 3-number combination hits.

The 4-number hit was counted as one 3-number hit because the bonus number was not counted.

The total prize collected was $100.00 for all ten 3-number combinations, or a total profit of $57.00

My point here is not the winning numbers but the strategy involved. the numbers chosen was not to win the jackpot prize nor any of the major prizes, but simply to play the odds. In other words, try not to get a six-number hit but for a 4-number hit. Wheeling 11 numbers for a 4 out of 4 guarantee will make you put up $43 put on 43 six-number combionations from the 11 lotto numbers chosen. This is for the Western Lotto 649.

What does 4 out of 4 guarantee mean? This means that if  you hit 4 numbers out of the six numbers drawn, you are guaranteed to win a 4-number prize plus several 3-number prizes, or maybe even the jackpot itself.

Pick also that 649 lottery wherein a 3-number hit awards $10, and that the cost for a combination bet is only a dollar each. remember that you are playing the odds and that winning the jackpot is a longshot. The strategy is not to lose but to win no matter how small the prize is.

But enough said of the theories, let us try putting up these numbers first using the same strategy for next Saturday’s Western lotto 649.


(Of course you have to whittle these numbers down to how much you can afford to wheel it. Try a 4 out of 6 wheel.) )



Wuups! I missed the numbers completely. Don’t talk to me, OK?



Meantime here are some more numbers to use for the LottoMax.



Dang it! I hit only numbers 23, 28, and 45!

Well, back to the counting board!

(oops) errata, I forgot to put up #45 on my post titled “numbers” ,sorry.