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Canada Gold



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Carol Viardo Resma


Merry Christmas

This may not have been the merriest of Chrismases for me

but I certainly wish all of you

the merriest ever!


One Hundred Eyes


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Rubbing It In

rude sign

Abortion, Anyone?



where do I send in the forms?

Armageddon For Grandma Pelosi

The Tax Reform of the US Congress

spells Armageddon for Grandma Pelosi.

Actually, this Tax Reform

provides for reduced taxes for everybody.

So if it does provide reduced taxes for everybody

at the expense of the government

its gotta be good.

Not for Grandma Pelosi, though.

CNN Employees Accept 15% Pay Reduction

This is fake news,

collected mainly by me,

from multiple anonymous sources,

mainly I,

that overheard from a CNN employee,

that the CNN employees have accepted

a 15% reduction in pay

ahead of a prospective

hard times ahead.

However, they vehemently refused

the last 5%

to be paid in AIR  MILES!


Fluttering Proof of Global Warming

Environmental scientists submitted this photo

as fluttering proof of global warming.

global warming


They were unable to submit another proof

for the succeeding years, however,

for obvious reasons!

Deutsche Bank

The request by the FBI from this bank

regarding Trump’s financial records

(whether this is true or not)

is probably to give notice

that the FBI budget should otherwise not be reduced!

The FBI currently may not have a dossier

of Trump and his family

so other intimidating methods may be thought of.

But they are barking at the wrong tree.

Congress cook the FBI budget

not Trump.

And at this moment

there will be no effective lobbyist for the FBI.

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

this newsbit may actually just be a reminder that the FBI knows where Trump’s money is deposited

Baking An Odd Cake.

An LGBT couple filed a case against a baker

who refuses to bake them a wedding cake.

The LGBT couple says their freedom is violated.

The Baker says his freedom is violated.

Now a ruling by the court will determine what structure

American democracy will be.

If you ask me,

(they don’t ask me most of the time)

I will say that this is all about freedom.

You see, freedom in democracy

is not absolute.

You will be free to do anything you want to do

as long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of

the others.

One is free to express himself

but this expression should not be against another.

One is free to be abnormal enough to like

one of the same sex.

But he will not be free to to force others to believe

in what he believes in

nor force anybody to join him.

This LGBT couple is free to ask the baker to make a cake.

 But he will not be free to force him to make a cake.

More so because,

the baker’s belief is against the LGBT’s belief.

One’s rights will not be forced against somebody else’s rights.

If the LGBT Club would like to enjoy the rights of the straights club

they should follow the rules of the straights club.

Otherwise they should form their own club.

Was there any good reason not to ask another baker to do this order?

Or this is just grandstanding?

(The LGBT’s are pushing it.

It is high time to stop forcing the straights

to consider them as normal)bruha


Instant Cure For Rep Conyers

House Rep John Conyers need not resign.

He will be up and about again after getting

this instant cure.

He should hire this professional nurse

who specializes in rapid cure of aged people.

istant cure

I do not remember her name

but frankly that was not my main concern

for that moment,

Korean Fireworks

I heard tell

that Kim Jong Un fired a rocket

across the bow of Japan.

It must be something I said about

him being ignored by his Asian neighbors.

But I must say this last shot still won’t do

to get Asian attention.

He must arm these rockets with something

that explodes and light up the sky.

You know, something like Chinese firecrackers

that make like fireworks in July?


4 Missiles For Guam

Say what?

Four Nokor Missiles for Guam?

Armed with what,

bean sprouts?:


North Korean Missiles

These missiles as fired

all appeared to be shooting up fast

and unguided.

This may mean that they do not have a guidance system installed

making the lighter so they come up that fast.

they also do not have a payload.

And since North Korea can fire missiles in succession

within a short period of time

these missiles are just in the form

of fuel and shell.

either they have missiles being shipped from somewhere outside

or they have found a Wehrner von Braun

to supervise the project.

It is good to know that North Korea fires missiles

at short intervals of time,

because by then we would know that Kim Jong Un

has not started to stockpile missiles

with guidance systems and with nuclear payloads.

for the meantime

let him play with his rockets.

Be afraid if he stops firing his missiles.


Molly Line

Molly Line

Fox News

molly line

The White House Minions

The minions in the White House are Trump’s.

And they are starting to bump against each other.

The media reporters love the new atmosphere

which is resembling that of chaos.

The White House conducted the briefing

today with the cameras on.

And the Press Corps responded by refraining

from asking any question about Russia.

They appear to be distracted by AG Jeff Sessions

and Communications Director

Anthony IL Ducci.



Trudeau in American Wish List

PM Trudeau3

Just Rolled in from a Stone is the idea

that the Americans wish for Canadian Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau to be their President.

Fat Chance!

We ain’t giving him up!

The only way you can have him is by kidnapping him,

and if that happens,

Canada will start building fighter jets

for the Russians,

who actually are hankering

for Canadian beef and pork and Tim Horton.

All kidding aside,

as if I were kidding,

They just don’t have anybody that young and good looking

to put up as President.

It’s the weather!

It makes people grow old and wrinkly faster than necessary!


(remember that Obamacare is simply a mangled Canadian Health care!)

Kimberly Guilfoyle

One of the Five






649 Results

2-5-10-11-27-39- bonus 48


My first glance hit the number 10.

My second glance hit the number 27.

These 22 numbers were not supposed to hit any number.

Worse, my third glance hit 2,11, and 48.

Moral of the story—-do not do the third glance.

But I can’t help it if she were worth more glances than two.

Particularly when I am watching from behind.

If I do this from where she can see me

she might get the idea that I am hitting on her.

Consequently she will start scanning herself

to determine exactly the points that I have been observing.

All kidding aside now

I will put out only two glances this time

on the Canadian Lottomax.

If this works out well, my glances

should work on any lottery.

First Glance—-9, 1, 2, 25, 5, 21, 45, 19, 43, 6, 35, 42

Second Glance—-3, 11, 37, 41, 22, 15, 18, 23

These total 20 numbers

leaving you 29 numbers to choose from.

Whittle  them further down

and use your hunches as a filter.

At least 29 numbers are easier to wheel than 49.

As for me, I am going for 16 numbers.

If I win you will be the foist tp know how I did it!


Multiple Health Care Choices

They want you to believe

that multiple selections of health care services

would reduce the cost.

Now that is stooooopid!

Unless the cost of EACH health service is reduced

the total cost of service will still be the same—expensive.

Furthermore, anytime some middle companies;

like PRIVATE, profit-making insurance companies;

are inserted

the price will be increased by the amount that

the private insurance companies decide.

Now, the  health insurance service that will be managed

by the government is logically

and practically cheaper

for the simple reason that it will provide health care

without the profit motive.

If the health care  ends up with profit-making companies

mandated to manage it

would that not be exactly the thing that the Democrats want?


Important to note—–health care provided by the government

do offer no choice of health services

because it actually offers ALL THE SERVICES

in one lump and at a cheaper price.

You may never know exactly which health service

you will need in the future.

By the way, the choice of health service has never been enumerated.

Let us not mislead the immigrants!


Prom Night


By cool_ambo

Always have I given the excuse that I was drunk when caught with my pants down, and that I never knew what I was doing.

But I’ve always maintained for myself that I was fully aware of what I did, after I did it, particularly on this night, which was Rachel’s prom night.

Next year was to be my prom. This year was hers. This gave me the more reason to accept the invitation to escort her for the prom night.

The punch that was laid out this year was a bit too strong for me, although I must admit that I could not compare it to another punch mixed on another year since this was my first time to go to a prom. I have seen the chaps replace each cup drained from the bowl with another swig of pure Gilbeys gin. The punch got more intoxicating every time. Consequently, Rachel had to drive us home in her dad’s car as I wasn’t that much good to drive.

And there I was, staring at her eyes, her body pinning me to the front of the fridge, with that shrill voice over the radio blaring down over our heads……..

There’s a line between love and fascination

That’s hard to see on an evening such as this,

For they both give the very same sensation,

When you’re lost in the magic of a kiss,

Your lips are much too close to mine,


…..this wasn’t helping the situation any. So I reached over my head and turned the radio off, only to find her arms deliberately tightening around my waist, and her auburn hair sticking a few curls through my nostrils.

“Suave!,” I said, “Mom uses this on her hair, too, and I never got used to the oily scent.”

She looked up to me again, and that’s when I felt a needle sticking through my shirt. So I reached around and with some deft maneuvering through the cramped spaces on my chest, proceeded to unpin the exotic blossom which I put on her strapless several hours earlier. Removing this flower was the general purpose we were in that position anyway. I was supposed to stick the flower inside the fridge when these new developments came about.

I fumbled with the gown and flower. All the while she had her eyes fixed on me, diligently reading what I had in mind at that moment. I really didn’t want to tell her exactly what I had in mind but she cornered me in front of the fridge so I did not really have to say it. I could say, though, that this situation for me is what you may call getting lucky!

I took my time unpinning the corsage, a move which she saw through my ploy. She asked in the most straightforward manner she could under such a circumstance, “Aren’t you putting more hands than necessary on that flower?” From the seriousness of the stare she gave me, I realized that the question she asked posed more of a dare than a don’t, or whatever. I tried to read between the lines but there were no more lines to read. Besides, I realized then and there the reason why women prefer men who wear neckties……so that they can pull the man’s head down to theirs.

And as she pulled me down by my tie, I pulled her up by the chin. We ended up under the table. There was so much dinner mess on top the table that we ended up under the table. The floor must have been cold. She didn’t complain. So I never asked.

In the subsequent months that completed the summer of that year, I learned that this sort of thing could be done under trees, in park benches, in back seats, in passenger seats, in driver’s seats, in trunks, in garages, and in any number of places fit for clandestine making-dos. Never have I heard anybody mention doing it under the table in front of a fridge. Yes sir, she taught me all I know, my cousin Rachel, and she has seen to it that I remember every lesson well.

My Foolish Heart.mp3


Peruvian Street musicians

playing Zamfir’s The Lonely Sheperd in Barcelona.


The Lonely Sheperd.mpg


G-20 Side Orders

G-20 Side Orders,

I mean, talks

I imagine Syria will be partitioned,

and have another election

which Assad will win again, anyhow.

Israel will get into the picture,

like a snapshot!

A long shot guess would be

the suspension of

the Russia-Nokor railway.


The question may come up

about whether North Korea is merely

a testing ground for missiles

built from other countries.

Forget about China—-

it has its own lesson plan

on North Korea

and Taiwan.

Vodka and napoleons?

No secret on these!