Grin and Share It

Under Siege

This website of mine

is under attack

by you guess who?

There are now feelers to close this site.

It must be something I said,


I am pretty sure this attack is not being done by the Russians, yes?

Blaming Putin Again?

Of all the ridiculous things to blame on Putin

it is that he ordered the hacking of the US presidential election

that made the Americans vote for Donald Trump.

Next thing you know Putin is to be blamed

for American dirty water.

International impression of the country commonly called

the United States

is getting lower and lower and lower.

No mea culpas, eh?qmark2

Global Cooling

This is Nature’s warning—-

there has bee too much carbon tax being imposed.

Stop collecting carbon tax.

And tell the Green Party to protest against carbon tax!


Security Clearance For Trump’s Children

If any of Trump’s children

inadvertently or accidentally

or even suspiciously receive

top secret national security information,

purportedly coming from Trump himself,

this makes President Trump eligible

for impeachment proceedings.

Such proceedings will not happen if Trump’s

children has security clearance and are thus

legally qualified to receive any national security information.

On the side,

it is now obvious that the new White House Staff

has started to work.

Good thinking!

Putin And The Russians

Ecstatic are Putin and the Russians

on the election of Trump as US President

for the obvious reason that for this duration,

the Americans are bashing only Donald Trump

and not Putin and the Russians.

Clinton’s Emails


If there is one thing that will give Russia

a respite from the media bash

is the discovery of the rest of Hillary`s emails

which may have been forwarded

or sent as copies to another device.


I think Putin

has something to do with this!


It must have been his device

where Clinton`s emails landed!

Riling Up The Americans

Jokingly, he said that the more the Americans are riled up

the more money they leave behind.


RT Oct 5 2016

Star Trek Beyond


Star Trek Beyond.mp4

(suggest you download this movie on disk or usb then play it on tv)

The Vice-Presidential Debate

It now comes to the fore the campaign strategies of the Candidates—

the Republicans concentrate on what Hillary did

but are still not proved.

The Democrats concentrate on what Trump said

but are misinterpreted.

The debate sometimes turn to campaign speeches!

Their points do not meet!

(This debate might rest on the candidates’ demeanors.)

Andrew and Alyssa



Sicario is Mexican for “hitman”

This movie is the best I have watched so far.

Download it completely first then watch it.



CANCER, what have we missed?

The human body is a perfect machine.

Well. almost!

It can protect itself, defend itself, grow by itself, and even repair itself.

All this in relation to external sources and threats.

Not when the threat source comes from inside it.

And as I said before

the human body will fall from within.

Cancer is the threat from within itself.

And this being so

there is no cure for it

at least none if it comes from external means.

The cure, if any, will have to come from within.

The posts that follow after this

may explain what we have missed in

the “cure” for cancer.

Don’t MISS these posts.

I assure you these posts will be

in easy to understand terms with

no rocket science in them.


Breaking Up


Breaking Up.mp4

Eric Trump

Eric Trump,

son of Donald trump,

speaks at the Republican National Convention

and boy,

he probably outdid his Dad

this time around.


Eric Trump.mp4

Trump, Trump, Trump

Trump. Trump, Trump along the highway

Trump, Trump, Trump along the seas….

(Wupps, Nelson Riddle already said that

I am plagiarizing!)

The Fighting Infantry!


This could probably mean using other people’s words.

No big deal.

I use some other people’s words, too.

And they use my words, too.

Frankly I am greatly complimented every time they use my words.

Particularly if thety are Very Important people,

such as Heads of State.

It is all in the matter of having the same thought.

Afterwards words may come out similarly.

Warming Weather


Is God A Homosexual?

Is God a Homosexual?

Wait a minute, waaait a blasted minute!

Going back to the portrait that is the GENESIS.

There is seen Man, Woman, Snake, apple, and tree.

We forget the most important entity in that picture.

And that is GOD!

Of course He cannot be seen

He is the Invisible Presence.

And even if He can be seen

He cannot be painted nor portrayed.

Because He is GOD.

If any other entity could claim to be apart from

Man, Woman, Snake, Apple, and tree

 and still be present in the picture

It would be GOD.

If such is so, then GOD is a homosexual

Because He is different from all of these

And still can be present.

GOD is not Man, nor Woman, nor Snake, Apple, and Tree

And be still there.

Ergo he is a homosexual.

But why would GOD proclaim HIS Difference only now

When we have to re-proclaim His personages

From The Trinity to The Foursome?


God The Father,

God The Son,

God the Holy Spirit,

And God the Ecce Homo!.


(this certainly cannot be gospel)

To Regain A Throne

throne314To Regain A Throne.mp4

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Now this is interesting!

First the admin of my ip server,

Shaw Communications,

get into my WordPress blog files to get things.

Then comes Divya of

Microsoft Net to do the same thing!

This is interesting.

But what gives?

Whet do they want to know

that they missed from somewhere else?



Clinton’s Email Server

In fairness to Hillary Clinton,

even if the State Department slammed her

for using her email server for both

official and personal messages.

there is nothing that can be pinned on her.

Firstly, the State Department has to prove that

State official secrets have been compromised by Hillary,

and secondly, the State Department has to prove

that this act had done damage to America.

If the State Department has nothing on hand

because they believe that the data was erased,


Raptors Win Game 4

Toronto Raptors win over Cleveland Cavaliers to make the NBA series even.

Bimack Biyombo discovers how to block shots

using his height and arms.


Raptors Game 4.mp4


Firing Up Putin

The illustrious Department of Justice,

United States of America,

has now made it a priority undertaking

to investigate Russian doping.

No this won’t do to rile up Putin.

No prize for this.

Not even a cigar.

Maybe if the secret service could infiltrate

Putin’s office to slide a large

Bunsen burner under his seat,

this might fire him up.

Really now, the world must have realized by now,

that Russia is not the villain.

And NATO is not now relevant no more!

Give peace a chance, eh.

Not everybody lives the same way as the Americans.


(whatever that means)

Oriental Psychology

I‘ve been mentioning this subject lots of times

in the course of this blog

particularly when the topic is about North Korea.

Now Donald Trump,

the pre-supposed successful Republican nominee,

has declared that he will talk to Kim Jong Un,

initiating vitriolic oppositions from the

American intelligentsia

in yet another blatant display of snobbery.

And so comes to mine the chief reason

why the American characterization is preceded

by the words “ugly”, “arrogant”,

and finalized with a spit on the ground.

And finally too, there comes forward Donald Trump,

the next American after general Douglas MacArthur,

who understands Oriental psychology—–

that one conquers not by force alone.

Sometimes, blunt words like what Trump is wont to say

make the most disarming diplomatic ploy,

especially when they are uttered in an unguarded way,

like a new-fangled chess opening!