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Sanction Confusion

They must have sorted out the confusion

on the US sanctions.

This confirms that this country

presently called

the United States of America

can now be called

the United Sanctions of America

for more reasons than one.

The Nerve….

Unabashedly again,

the UK PM,

and whomever is with her ruling party,

refuses to apologize

for the grand and allegedly intentional

diplomatic error in their judgement.

Sergei and Yulia Skripal are now recovering

from what the UK shamefully broadcasted

as Russian poisoning of these patients.

Ye Olde Nerve!

So many times the UK cried wolf.

Who would believe them now?

I guess there will be no negotiations now

for Gazprom to reduce its gas prices

towards the Eu countries

as what the objective was.

As a result

England and Wales will now be

increasingly dependent of Irish oil.

This is exactly the moment

when Irish eyes are smiling!

Congregational FIFA Girl

Confraternal FIFA Girl



Convent Trained

Convent Expelled

Ye Olde Chemo Trickee

The UK again unabashedly announced

that Russia was responsible for the poisoning

of former double spies mother and daughter.

No proof was presented, of course,

not even the effort to find one.

This chemical attack is used as a ploy

by the English to create diversion

and to drum up political support.

It’s been used against Hussein

and Assad.

It’s a stale ploy

and  it had its laughs already.

Better for Theresa may

to stick to the

Ye Olde Tea Shoppe sip.

This has a more elegant ring to it!

The Thaw


Really now,

the thing that started the thaw

is Trump’s retort about

the “bigger button”


The Thaw.mp4


Remember that for an oriental,

the biggest strength

is his sense of humour,

and his weakest resistance

comes from a joke.

Let Trump therefore bring his big button with him.

And make it sound with a fart when pressed.

And lo, all things wild and wonderful

will come with a fart!

(To Trump goes the honor of starting this fart, I mean, this thaw)

Arianny Celeste


With a body like this

its a fat chance that she will hold a banner for Me Too.

That’s for sure.

And it would be dead certain that,

harassment or no harassment,

Me too, or no Me Too,

I would go for her,

hook, line and winker.

She does not need any sexual harassment

to get whatever she wants.



Canada Gold



Canada Gold.mp4

Canada Gold2.mp4

Carol Viardo Resma


Merry Christmas

This may not have been the merriest of Chrismases for me

but I certainly wish all of you

the merriest ever!


One Hundred Eyes


100 Eyes.mp4

Rubbing It In

rude sign

Abortion, Anyone?



where do I send in the forms?

Armageddon For Grandma Pelosi

The Tax Reform of the US Congress

spells Armageddon for Grandma Pelosi.

Actually, this Tax Reform

provides for reduced taxes for everybody.

So if it does provide reduced taxes for everybody

at the expense of the government

its gotta be good.

Not for Grandma Pelosi, though.

CNN Employees Accept 15% Pay Reduction

This is fake news,

collected mainly by me,

from multiple anonymous sources,

mainly I,

that overheard from a CNN employee,

that the CNN employees have accepted

a 15% reduction in pay

ahead of a prospective

hard times ahead.

However, they vehemently refused

the last 5%

to be paid in AIR  MILES!


Fluttering Proof of Global Warming

Environmental scientists submitted this photo

as fluttering proof of global warming.

global warming


They were unable to submit another proof

for the succeeding years, however,

for obvious reasons!

Deutsche Bank

The request by the FBI from this bank

regarding Trump’s financial records

(whether this is true or not)

is probably to give notice

that the FBI budget should otherwise not be reduced!

The FBI currently may not have a dossier

of Trump and his family

so other intimidating methods may be thought of.

But they are barking at the wrong tree.

Congress cook the FBI budget

not Trump.

And at this moment

there will be no effective lobbyist for the FBI.

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

this newsbit may actually just be a reminder that the FBI knows where Trump’s money is deposited

Baking An Odd Cake.

An LGBT couple filed a case against a baker

who refuses to bake them a wedding cake.

The LGBT couple says their freedom is violated.

The Baker says his freedom is violated.

Now a ruling by the court will determine what structure

American democracy will be.

If you ask me,

(they don’t ask me most of the time)

I will say that this is all about freedom.

You see, freedom in democracy

is not absolute.

You will be free to do anything you want to do

as long as it does not infringe upon the freedom of

the others.

One is free to express himself

but this expression should not be against another.

One is free to be abnormal enough to like

one of the same sex.

But he will not be free to to force others to believe

in what he believes in

nor force anybody to join him.

This LGBT couple is free to ask the baker to make a cake.

 But he will not be free to force him to make a cake.

More so because,

the baker’s belief is against the LGBT’s belief.

One’s rights will not be forced against somebody else’s rights.

If the LGBT Club would like to enjoy the rights of the straights club

they should follow the rules of the straights club.

Otherwise they should form their own club.

Was there any good reason not to ask another baker to do this order?

Or this is just grandstanding?

(The LGBT’s are pushing it.

It is high time to stop forcing the straights

to consider them as normal)bruha


Instant Cure For Rep Conyers

House Rep John Conyers need not resign.

He will be up and about again after getting

this instant cure.

He should hire this professional nurse

who specializes in rapid cure of aged people.

istant cure

I do not remember her name

but frankly that was not my main concern

for that moment,

Korean Fireworks

I heard tell

that Kim Jong Un fired a rocket

across the bow of Japan.

It must be something I said about

him being ignored by his Asian neighbors.

But I must say this last shot still won’t do

to get Asian attention.

He must arm these rockets with something

that explodes and light up the sky.

You know, something like Chinese firecrackers

that make like fireworks in July?


4 Missiles For Guam

Say what?

Four Nokor Missiles for Guam?

Armed with what,

bean sprouts?: