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The Kitchen Sink

The losers of the last American Presidential election

have thrown every swipe at the winner,

Donald Trump, in their attempt

de-legitimize the newly elected


which is Donald Trump.

They have thrown everything at Trump

but the kitchen sink.

The components of the American Intelligence Community

have rolled out the rumor

that Russian hacking have influenced the election results.

This is a no-brainer swipe,

meaning that those who thought of this

literally have no brains.

Hacking is one thing.

Hacking to influence millions of voters,

or even change the results,

is another thing,

and is not only next to impossible.

IT IS impossible.

The most practicable way for the Russians

to help put up Trump as President

is for Putin to stand at the corner,

wearing a wig,

to wink and smile with coyness at every voter,

who then scampers to vote for Trump.

The reason for the rumor is that the Intelligence Community

is afraid that Trump will privatize these institutions

and hire the KGB to do its work.

With the failure of the less than Intelligence Community

to rile up Trump,

the Electoral College now steps in

to take up the PRRRRST effort.

More no-brainers.

Their function is to declare the winner of the elections

as determined from the legitimate results.

They are not supposed to scrutinize the qualifications

of the winner.

The voters have already done this function.

Consider now this Electoral College nuisance


But I do not see

Donald Trump ducking it.

He only quacks at it!

Good for him—keep cool, man.

Their beef should be directed to the Constitution!



This could probably mean using other people’s words.

No big deal.

I use some other people’s words, too.

And they use my words, too.

Frankly I am greatly complimented every time they use my words.

Particularly if thety are Very Important people,

such as Heads of State.

It is all in the matter of having the same thought.

Afterwards words may come out similarly.


A federal Appeals Court in New York City has reinstated lawsuits against 16 of the world’s largest banks, including the Royal Bank of Canada, alleging they colluded to manipulate a benchmark interest rate.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan on Monday restored the lawsuits, which had previously been dismissed by a lower-court judge.

The lawsuits were brought by people who bought investments sold by the banks that were based on a key lending rate known as LIBOR, an acronym for London Interbank Offered Rate, with evidence the banks were lying about and rigging in their favour.

A previous judge had dismissed the lawsuits because he said the LIBOR setting process was collaborative rather than competitive. That judge also found any manipulation of the rate did not cause investors anti-competitive harm.

But a new judge disagreed with that Monday, and reinstated the suits.

“Appellants sustained their burden of showing injury by alleging that they paid artificially fixed higher prices,” Circuit Judge Dennis Jacobs wrote for a three-judge appeals panel.

LIBOR is a lending rate that is the basis for hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of consumer loans and savings rates around the world. It’s a number, calculated and released daily by banks in London, that is supposed to show the rate at which they are lending money to each other for the short term.


The banks are alleged to have lied about their internal rates to put the LIBOR rate at a more favourable level for them. That would move other interest rates for consumers and businesses higher or lower than otherwise should have been.

“A LIBOR increase of one per cent would have allegedly cost the Banks hundreds of millions of dollars,” the judges said in the ruling.

Rigging the rate cost the bank’s customers — large institutions named in the lawsuit such as the University of California, and cities such as Baltimore, Houston and Philadelphia — billions over the years, money they are now trying to recoup.

The financial stakes of reinstating numerous pricey lawsuits for damages are huge. As the judges’ put it in their decision: “Requiring the banks to pay … damages to every plaintiff who ended up on the wrong side of an independent LIBOR?denominated derivative swap would, if appellants’ allegations were proved at trial, bankrupt 16 of the world’s most important financial institutions.”

Individual lawsuits could still be thrown out, but Monday’s ruling means they must all be reconsidered on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to the Royal Bank of Canada, the following banks are named in the suits:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Bank of America.
  • Société Générale.
  • UBS.
  • Barclays.
  • Citigroup.
  • Credit Suisse.
  • Deutsche Bank.
  • HSBC.
  • JPMorgan Chase.
  • Norinchukin Bank.
  • Rabobank.
  • Portigon.
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi.
  • Lloyds.

Worldwide, those banks and others have already paid more than $9 billion in fines related to LIBOR rigging, and almost two dozen people have been charged in relation to the story. The Financial Conduct Authority, a regulator that governs banking institutions in London, has said it will look at better ways of calculating the rate in the wake of the scandal.

A lawyer for the banks says they’re considering the ruling.

With files from The Associated Press and Reuters

Scam Alert–Area Code 613

You may receive phone calls from area code 613

asking you to call back.

Don’t fall for it!

This is a scam and either info or money is what they want.

Search the internet for the topic “Area code 613”

And be informed.


Reply to Colin Palmer of OSFI

To : Colin Palmer
        OSFI Communications Officer
Thank you very much for your reply.
That was the most prompt reply I ever had from any big office.
What you have written, however, is common knowledge about what your office does.
It is no different from any of the offices from the rest of the world.
The info you told me is also in the OSFI website, particularly the fact that OSFI supervises
the banks and other financial institutions at a distance of more than an arms length
and certainly very much more than the length of a ten-foot pole.
I must, however, tell you that writing to you about the subject was going to be a mistake,
and that I am only doing what the last office I contacted told me to do.
In other words, some other office referred me to you.
But since I have said that I am going thru channels, I emailed your office.
And hey, I must admit, that you did respond nicely.
Thanks again,
Now if you will only give me the address of that specific office that do actively
supervise and examine banks in a more hands-on manner, I would be extremely grateful.

Supervision and Examination of Banks

Below is a copy of the reply from the OSFI office,

plus my inquiry that brought about the very, very prompt reply from

Colin Palmer



Good morning,

Thank you for your email of May 5, 2016.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) supervises federally regulated financial institutions and private pension plans to determine whether they are in sound financial condition and meeting regulatory and supervisory requirements.

OSFI does not manage the daily operations of financial institutions or private pension plans. Their executive management and boards of directors or trustees are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the financial institution or pension plan.

OSFI regulation involves providing input into developing and interpreting legislation and regulations, issuing guidelines, and approving requests from federally regulated institutions as required under financial institution legislation. OSFI also provides input on accounting, auditing and actuarial standards development, and determines how to incorporate them into our regulatory framework.

OSFI supervision involves assessing the safety and soundness of federally regulated financial institutions and pension plans. OSFI monitors the financial and economic environment to identify issues that may adversely affect these institutions. We assess an institution’s material risks and the quality of its risk management and corporate governance practices. If potential problems are identified, OSFI intervenes at an early stage based on our guides to intervention.

More information on these processes can be found here, on our website:

I trust this will be of assistance.


Colin Palmer

Communications Officer / Agent des communications

Communications and Consultations / Communications et consultations

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions / Bureau du surintendant des institutions financières

255 Albert St. Ottawa ON  K1A 0H2 / 255, rue Albert, Ottawa (Ontario)  K1A 0H2

Telephone / Téléphone 1-800-385-8647

Facsimile / Télécopieur 613-990-5591

Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada




From: Capt. morgan [] Sent: May-05-16 1:02 PM To: Information Subject: 022304_Supervision and Examination of Banks


I have gone and read through the info in your website.

I have not seen see nor read anything about how this exulted group supervises and examines banks.

Such an info will provide the public with an intensified trust on the Canadian financial institutions

that require such a trust.


Again I ask, how does this exulted group supervise and examine banks?

What methods do you use?

Would they be comparable, or at least likened, to the methods used by other countries?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


I can and will provide you with  my personal info

either in person or otherwise

should you agree to discuss this matter extensively, or otherwise.


Please provide me with a written email request to have your words unpublished

should you deem that the info you will provide should be of a confidential

matter which the public is better of by not knowing.


This email, of course, will not be covered with such confidentiality

since it does not contain any of your words yet.


Again, I thank you.





The Fort Is On Fire

The City of Fort McMurray,

which has given up its wealth in resources

to the rest of the Province of Alberta,

is under fire,


This wildfire blitz is relentless, determined, all-consuming, and conclusive

so much so that the City of Fort McMurray

is not expected to survive.

The residents are being evacuated ever since hours after the fire started.

But the story is not merely about the fire and the evacuation.

The story is about the will and the camaraderie

exhibited by Albertans as they stood up to support

the evacuees in any way they could.

This is the much applauded character typical of Albertans.

A friend is more than a friend,

he is a brother.

A neighbor is more than a neighbor,

he is kin.

The generality of Albertans know this

and has taken it for granted,

that the Fort will again rise up,

with more pomp and splendor than before.

This resurrection will be more of a challenge not a vision.

It will be done.

Rest assured.

It will be done.



When I say No Comments Allowed


and Trackbacks, too.

Comments actually prevent hits by other ip addresses.


You have stealth when you don’t get noticed

while entering one’s property,

shouting on your bullhorn,

“Disisda  police.

You in there,

We’ve got you surrounded.

Come out with your hands up.

Or we’ll get in and tie your hands up!”

All kidding aside now,

stealth has something to do with being

surretpi, sureppti, surpereptiti,

being sneaky.


The F-35 is not only a stealth fighter,

it is a dream fighting machine.

It incorporates everything that a pilot

would wish for in a fighter plane.

It is so much of a dream that the price of

developing one has also  been a dream.

And yet, this could have been completed

and commissioned  at a much lower cost

had the stealth feature been dropped.

What for you need stealth?

Everything now depends on which pilot

sees the enemy first.

The F-35, I say, still can be seen as it approaches.

It uses lots of fuel if it goes high to escape radar.

It is very noisy if it flies at treetop height to escape radar.

The one feature that this may be useful in winter regions

is the Vertical Takeoff and Landing.

But since this procedure requires the lifting force

directly from the engine and not from the wings,

the plane consumes a whole lot of fuel

even from a single-engine plane.

The Canadian pilots will still insist

on flying twin-engine fighters.

Bombardier will have to modify the F-35 jets

to suit Canadian specifications.

When done, Bombardier might be able

to sell the modified F-35

for all intents and purposes.

Methane Gas Emissions

Obama and Trudeau have agreed on reducing methane gas emissions.

Can you imagine a President of the United States

and a Prime Minister of Canada

talking about FARTS?!

(just kidding, just kiddiiiing…)


(they should watch what they eat tonight)

George Li

George Li

19 years old


wins second prize piano

from the XV Tchaikovsky International Competition.

This video shows he is playing the

Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

by Liszt-Rachmaninov,

and the Etude No. 3

by Paganini-Liszt

These pieces would be extra difficuilt for him.

because of the short span between his thumb and pinky.

But he has his fingering technique and adaptation to solve this.

George Li121

George Li.mp4

La Campanella.mp4

He has also succeeded in imposing

the Hungarian accent to the music

of Franz Liszt.

Ominous and Leap Year 2016

The year 2016 came in unobtrusively with a bang,

with leaps and bangs, actually.

We see the world in strife,

with peoples in conflict with each 0ther,

with diplomats giving way to the men at arms.

With the prospect of ISIS faltering with their motives,

the Sunni and Shia muslims renew their armed conflicts

not just to air out religious differences,

but to determine once again who would rule the muslims.

The title for this person may not now be CALIPH,

 but with a more resounding and prestigious title of


I do not have to elaborate on this topic anymore.

Just type in the search box the words

“Saladin Syndrome”

and three of my posts on the subject will open up for you.

Hussein coveted the title, and so did Ghadaffi,

now the Turks, Saudis, and the Iranians do.

And when somebody does succeed in being

ruler of all rulers, then what?

It would be interesting to note that the quiet region

now is the Pacific and the Far East.

Now this is a change!

Hovered Out

Father Albert San Jose

of the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna,

was relieved for using a hover board

at mass.


Hovered out.mp4

I opine that this act was ahead of the times

since hover boards are not in common use yet.

What he has done is actually sell the hover board

and not Christ.

But what I see is an exceptionally clean church,


The Syrian General Staff

What is supposed to be the next step in my suggestion

to solve the Syrian problem,

and which was pre-empted by the American

attack on a Syrian military base,

is the complete training of the Syrian officers Corp.

this procedure has never been done before

by those governments who have deposed

and/or attempted regime changes

in the Pacific and Middle East regions.

These attempts had catastrophic results.

What I am trying to say is that

when elements of an army is to be shown

field lessons on how to fight the known enemy

one should not assume the posture of

the arrogant warrior.

One has to teach the apprentice in a comrade,

buddy-buddy manner.

The teacher must not keep the more powerful

weapon for himself, leaving the outmoded,

soon-to-be discarded weapon to the student.

This method assures the student’s respect for the teacher.

Now, to reform and refresh the Syrian army

the process should start with the General Staff,

then the Officers Corps,

then the Regimental commanders,

and so forth an so on.

But this thing that I will tell you has never been done before—

that of hauling the whole General Staff,

transporting them to a Command and General Staff School in Russia,

to teach them of  the upcoming refurbishing

of the Syrian Army.

Such a change in scenery would give the Generals

a sense of pride and privilege

and would inculcate that intimate relationship

between the Syrian and Russian commanders.

This method has never been done before.

If it was done before, the whole region

would not be in this kind of a rumble.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian jet

An air to air missile from the Turkish Air Force

shoots down a Russian SU-24

flying one kilometer from

the Turkish-Syrian border.

There were no warnings.

The West will of course blame the Russians

as always.

This incident is not a game-changer.

This is now a whole new  ball game.

The Turkish supply of oil

sold by ISIS from Syria

has been drastically reduced

by Russian bombings of the refineries

and the destruction of a thousand oil tankers.

The Ignition Light

The Ignition Light


The ignition light is one of the warning lights in the dashboard of your car. It has something to do with the burning of the fuel in the engine of your car. And since this combustion process is regulated by the onboard computer, it rarely goes on.

However, it may go on and stay on if you filled up your tank with regular gas instead of the usual premium gas that your car uses. Regular gas nowadays contain a dilution of 10% ethanol maximum as against the undiluted premium gas which is two grades higher than regular 10% ethanol gas. After a time your car will stutter and struggle as you climb a steep incline. And then your ignition light comes on. Your car will not stop on the road, however, because the onboard computer gives your engine more gas and/or adjusts the ignition timing to compensate for the change to the lower grade of gas.

There will be slow going as an Airbus plane climbs if it has been loaded with non-standard aviation gasoline. The engines will first burn away the aviation gas that was still in the tank before the lower grade of gas was loaded. But when the plane reaches cruising altitude, the auto pilot may come on and the plane now demands more gas because of the less air intake at higher altitudes. The engines are now choked with gas but the turbines are unable to burn it because of the slow-burning, less volatile low grade fuel. The pressurized gas leaks and it burns outside of the plane. Worse, the flames creep to the fuel tank and there goes the explosion.

There may have been a warning light that came on, and if this is a trigger for the bomb on board, it would have taken a extremely sophisticated programming and extremely sophisticated plot to make it happen.

If there be shrapnel injuries to the passengers, the bomb would have been inside the fuselage, and not in the baggage area, and the tail would have been separated first before the bomb explodes.

If there be a bomb explosion, the tail would have separated farther than 5 km, it being thrown away backwards from the rest of the plane. It could have travelled with the plane before it broke away if there were no bomb aboard.

My guess is that the plane’s engines stalled immediately before the explosion.

If both engines stalled simultaneously, the items to blame may be the electrical power, the computer, and the fuel; since all three are common factors to both engines.


AM I GUESSING? Of course I’m guessing—-I wasn’t there!

Sightseeing Jets



The Americans like to see the sights.

But never were their eyes made for seeing.

A Russian jet was intercepted twice by Turkish F-16’s.,,

after which the Russian envoy to Turkey was summoned twice.

It was a mistake, said the Russians, due to navigational errors.

It was a lie, of course, because twice an error is too much.

The NATO Sec-Gen made a great play out of these incidents,

hamming it up a bit as he again attempts to drum up a furor

against his pet peeve, the Russians.

The intrusion were, I surmise, recon flights for the purpose

of taking photos of a highway that conveys oil to and arms from

a certain point of interest.

This is what is equivalent to a Ho Chi Minh Trail.

It is the main artery that feeds the ISIL in both arms and provisions.

But I would not declare that the big NATO ally, Turkey, is the fall guy for

the whole Middle east mess.

It is the American intelligentsia which is the sap,

and the unblinking American public which is the Pagliacci.

NATO has fallen for this and may be in connivance with it.

They should remember, though, that this supply highway has to go through

the territory of the Kurds who may request the Russians for aid.

By the bye-ing way,

another one of my desktops is visibly shaken up by faltering communication,

giving light that some other computer is hot linked to it.

How many times will I have to tell them

that such info like what I just wrote up there

did not come from any other source

excepting from my pure guessing and reckoning.

Well, I do like the idea that my words affect

other people enough for them to act that way.

I must add

that the people responsible for the shelling of the hospital in Kunduz

should not be seriously blamed for this action.

I can sense anger and frustration in them when they did it.


Putin’s Chessboard

putin's chessboard


Putin lays down his chessboard

 smack dab over the heads of American-trained Syrian rebels,

(about five of them remains!).

His is a different kind of chessboard

in that it can open an assault without

moving a pawn nor a knight,

He starts his offensive with long-range

bombing attacks with jet planes and rockets.

It is possible that he is still massing his armor

for the penultimate sweep of the ISIL

if given the go-signal by the U.N.

If I were the the one facing him across the chessboard,

and assuming that he plays white since he made the first move,

I would expect that his next attack would be irresistible.

Putin is not one to dilly-dally and wallow

in camp after camp.

He would leapfrog one cavalry unit after the other.

One unit advances wile the other refuels.

And presently, also, I have no air power,

and my tanks have not been properly maintained.

Conscientious Objector

And so starts the basic of basics, the fundamentals of genderless gays and lesbians, the implications of being free in the land of the free. There has been no positive confrontation of the sexless demands on the legal institutions of the land. This has been so because the sexless portion of the population has been considered by the straights as abnormal and handicapped, and thus they are to be ignored as they do to sick people. Kim Davis, however, has voiced out loud her annoyance of the abusive demands of the sexless. And thusly is initiated the pent up protests of those who have been standing idly by without a whimper. The root of the controversy is the word ‘marriage”. Ancient practices, nay I would say, ancient laws do not prohibit same-sex marriage, simply because there was no such thing as same-sex marriage. This is not something new, it is some sort of a whim, not a practice. In so doing, having legalized same-sex marriage is merely a pursuit to legalize gays and lesbians. This is the supreme effort to making normal what is abnormal. And the straights are not sympathetic to the cause of these sick people anymore. No more will they ask for a privileged treatment of these genderless people.


Freedom, in this land of the free, is not absolute. One is free to do whatever he or she wants, as long as what he or she wants do not infringe on the rights of others. Surprising it is for the people in the land of the free not to consult their Constitution regarding this legalized same sex marriage. For every national crisis that the country encountered, the people turn to their Constitution for the answers. This problem of same sex marriage was not referred to the Constitution. Because if they did, they would have found out that there is nothing in the Constitution that would make this legal. The same sex law, therefore, is not legal. Those who say that it is legal are, after all, genderless themselves.


People say that the Kim Davis protest is about law against religion. It is far from it. It is actually law versus law, legal versus illegal, to do or to refuse to do. If Kim davis believes that the same sex law is illegal and refuses to do what she believes would be illegal, she should not be jailed for it. Doing so would be tyrannical. She just represents a conscientious objector, if you are still familiar with that term. You cannot be forced to be drafted to the Army if you believe that you are not supposed to do harm to other people. You cannot be jailed for refusing to do what your conscience objects to. You cannot kill other people if your conscience tells you it is bad.


Look, marriage is for sexual reproduction as the object. Same sex marriage is merely for sexual satisfaction. When the sexless people wanted to call their coupling as “marriage” instead of “union”, that did it. In the effort to normalize their sick minds, they chose to encroach upon a sacred ritual reserved for man and woman. They could have called “joining”, or ‘coupling”, or “union”, or “togetherness”, or ‘enhanced partnership’, and nobody would have noticed. They could have formed their own religion, started a national convention, or established a separate organization just like nudists do, or golfers, or tennis players, or senior citizens. But then they chose to force themselves to join the fraternity of the straights and consequently try to impose their will and rules on this fraternity.


Guess what, the straights will not give in to the sexless because of religious and social beliefs. The sexless would be better to form their own organization and practice what they want as long as they don’t bother the straights. In fact, those who would want to get a same sex marriage license and failed to do so from Kim Davis may just as soon go to another county and get their license there.


There will be more Kim Davises coming, most of them cold-shouldered, indifferent, courteous but ostracizing. And unless the government of the land of the free demolishes all the religion that shuns legalized same sex marriage, there will still be this strife. yellowBat    (Kim Davis Tag)

Mr. Joe Hicks Replies


A couple of minutes ago, programmer Mr. Joe Hicks sends an email which states thusly:


For the past month and a half, the other person in this office has been hospitalized and has not been available so I have been required to do everything. That person has been with us for a very long time and we will not replace her. She should be back to work in another week or two.

I see now that I did not read your first email thoroughly and misunderstood what you were saying. I am very interested in any mistakes in Advantage Gold.

If the mistakes you are mentioning are in Advantage Plus, then I will not fix them — that software is obsolete. But I will definitely fix any mistakes you see in Advantage Gold (we’ve already had 23 free updates since March when the program was released).

Just tell me which chart or charts have the mistake and I will check it out as soon as I can get to it. My time right now is limited but I will get to it. I still have some other bugs that aren’t fixed but I’m working on them as much as I can.

I apologize for the initial negative snap response.

Best Regards

Joe Hicks

Smart Luck



(I did not realize the situation that he is in right now, so apologies accepted with my sympathies. I am now tasked to provide him with the suggestions regarding his minor errors in programming. These suggestions will come on the next post as it is now 5:38 am here and I need to clear my mind with a sleep. But you readers should be assured that his errors will not affect the A* charts much as regards good betting strategy.)


Kaiser Permanente, LA

KAISER  PERMANENTE  is a health insurance company, and one that belongs to the category of Home Maintenance Org, or HMO for short. Needless to say, this type is of the marked contrast with the Canadian Health Care Insurance System, and is one that Americans should not be proud to talk about.

The name “permanente” says it all. In this system, clients cannot choose their doctors, cannot choose their hospitals, and does not apply outside of the state of LA. In simple words, the clients are stuck with it permanently. The benefits from it are not only limited, they are controlled.

My brother visited me in Edmonton, and my sister in Regina. He got sick seriously between these travels and lo, since he is an American, he had to pay for the doctor who treated him. And he was treated with much concern and extended time. The charge was minimal, as was dictated by Canadian Physicians’ ethics, but it was paid in cash. His prescribed medicine was also paid in cash which is higher than what Canadians would pay. Hospitals would cost exorbitantly by Canadian standards and a complete medical check-up would be out of the question. The doctor refused to make a formal diagnosis before my brother had a complete medical check-up. But his treatment was good enough for his travel back to the United of All States. 

But I would emphasize the fact that here in Canada, doctors are available to see you immediately in three modes—by emergency, by medicenters which dot all the malls, and by your family doctor. In America, it is by good chance that you can get one, even with your family doctor. The emergency facilities in the hospital may not admit you, unless you are black and was shot by a policeman.

Curiously enough, a simple membership to the American Medicare system should have solved a lot of problems in the health system. The intended propagation of the Obamacare would have made the American Medical Health Care comparatively closer to the Canadian Health Care System.

What the Americans may be concerned about is the premiums to be paid the insurance system. The American employers and employees never had to pay health premiums before.

In fact, a whole lot of them do not pay for health insurance at all.

But if Canadians, who may have purportedly just got out of living in igloos, can do it; why can’t Americans, who can construct buildings which are high enough for planes to collide with, do away with  the problem of premiums?

AH, but the Americans do have the knack of making bigger a problem out of the intended solution to the problem. This produces another, bigger problem as a result.

HO-BOY! 0019



From the way you would manipulate the site, you may have downloaded a virus that will prevent you from proceeding to access the site.

Also, the last url I uploaded here may also be laced. Anti-virus will not help you. Clean your desktop shortcuts. Uninstall programs dated 7/20/2014. System restore is the best solution. Also Spotmau Powersuite.

I will upload a clean copy of Final Evidence–Part II here whenever time permits.

This url is specially damgerous to WordPress blogs, as the writeup is also on WordPress.

Be On The Alert! The Truth Always Hurts.


Bobby Vinton

His Greatest Hits and Finest Pertormances {Disc 2}

World Wide Web Shrinks

The internet that we know as www, or world wide web, has shrunk, in a way that we can describe as retreating into separate shells.

With all the controversies plaguing the internet related to security, privacy, scandals, porno, and  propaganda, the browsers, search engines, and internet providers have started to devise and use their own protective filters.

Such items posted in bloggers’ websites have now been reported to either be tampered with when these posts are viewed elsewhere, or these will not open. The purpose for these filters is to either control or regulate what is being viewed by the readers. And since these filters are used by government and political entities mostly, news items from one country or region may be blocked from being received in another country.

Such is the controversy surrounding internet whistle blowers like Snowden, Assange, Greenwald, and etc. Frankly, in my view these people are not only whistle blowers, they are conscientious objectors to what is being in secret. After the NSA-Snowden news broke there was an uproar by internet users especially those small-time users as bloggers and ad makers.

This blog of mine, Shrapnel Off The Wall,  in place at, suffer from such attacks as abrupt pc closing, freezing, failure to start, lost of connection, and so forth. But I manage, I manage….I use multiple desktops, each one making entries differently than the others. But mostly, I refrain from using updates from just about anything offered, including those Microsoft and Windows. I do download them to one desktop that I use mainly to test the updates, such as the newer Internet Explorer 11 (heck!)

Presently I have been trying to determine the cause of some of my posts coming out with problems being viewed by other desktops. If there are any more of these problems, kindly email me at

Try to mention which posts and what dates and specifically what problems that you are having. If possible, please include your ip address or which country you are in..


Comments on these posts….

Comments on any of these posts will not be replied to nor posted on this website.

Send your questions and comments via my email.

Look for the category “Email Me” and click on it.

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