Philippine politics

Maria Rezza, Li’l Champ

This is Maria Rezza,

the li’l Champ

writing with a big pen.

Li’l Champ.mpg

In The Name Of Christ


This brotherhood,

with leanings towards basic religion,

kidnaps, steals and kills,

in the name of Christ.

In The name of Christ.mp4


Philippine Church Scandal

Iglesia Ni Manalo.mp4

The CBC News Investigators do not realize

that what they are up against is a brotherhood

in that the attraction of the “church”

is in the support of the other member

as regards life sustenance, fraternity, and employment,

but mainly on employment.

In other words, each member should be provided

with employment at all costs.

This was founded by F. Manalo

mainly to rival the Catholic religion in his area.

It has been very successful both in

the number of devotees

and in the 10% tithes collected.

The scandal allegations have never been duly investigated.

The members vote for whomever they were told to vote for.



Peter Alan Cayetano

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs,

Republic of the Philippines,

Peter Alan Cayetano,

is interviewed by Oksana Boiko.


Peter Alan hits the head on the nail,

I mean, nail on the head!

DU-30 :” No Strings Attached”

Fiercely patriotic,

Philippine President Duterte

will never accept any help

if there be strings attached.



Pan De Sal Brigade

Dregs of society

Scum of the earth

Themselves they know this

Let no outsider say this!


Out to prove something

That they can also ask for something

People is what they are

Let people say so.


Pandesal for c-rations

With coco jam, or margarine-sugar,

or the sardine luxury

or tasteless boiled egg.


Sticks for swords

Rocks for missiles

Against tear gas and truncheons

Rubber bullets and real bullets.


Leaderless overall

But leaders born

Whoever dares to go forward

Leads the mass onward.


Shorn of El Shaddai

Betrayed by INC

Denied by leftist champions

Beset by hunger

Buffeted by taunts

Cries of anger

Pleas for recognition

And then back to the barricades.


The charge goes once

And then twice

Thrice, four times

Each time the barricades go down

And with them goes

The science of crowd control

And the image of the

Philippine Crowd Dispersal Units.



There will be no honors

No Medals, not even praises

Only whispered tributes

From newly discovered bonds

With the silent glow of pride

That theirs was a magnificent charge

So magnificent that nobody else

                                                                                                                                           Dares own it, nor disown them

  No more.


“When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made,

Honor the Pandesal Brigade,

Noble Pandesal Brigade.”




Project Duterte


Project Duterte.mp4

ISIS Intrudes to Marawi City


The intrusion into Marawi City

by elements of ISIS

dramatizes a lost Caliphate.

Isis could have captured most of the Middle East,

but for some adversarial factors which I shall discuss on the next post.

(If I am still here)

I have put out the notice

that I am still analyzing whether this intrusion

is a diversion or the main attack or what.

Let me discuss first what prodded this incursion.

The source of funds for the ISIS are oil and drugs.

In the Southern Philippines, that source would be drugs and kidnapping.

The sources of oil and drugs are running out.

So is drugs and kidnapping.

This is fast leading to a Caliphate lost.

If this intrusion was to divert government attention away

from a drug shipment, it failed; because,

acting on a tip from the Chinese intelligence,

a humongous drug shipment was intercepted.

If this attack was a diversion to land a larger force somewhere else,

it could not have been, because a larger force would have the

Maute leaders should be seen to be in command.

If, as was observed, there were a large number of ISIS snipers,

such sniper rifles could be reserved for sniping at one particular target—

the Commander-in-Chief.

After all, he is the one with much success in eradicating drugs.

Much commendation should be given the government and people

of the Philippines for embracing the Muslims as family,

even making Muslim holidays as national holidays.

Even as the country is predominantly Catholic.







Riling Up The Americans

Jokingly, he said that the more the Americans are riled up

the more money they leave behind.


RT Oct 5 2016




Unprecedented is the spat between the US President and the Philippine President regarding the latter’s war on drugs.

Obama resents the words uttered by Duterte calling the Human Rights Commission with words coming close to the effing words.

Obama calls these words of Duterte as spoken from habit when in fact these words are what we may call as favorite expressions which are identical to the effing words that are favoritely and publicly expressed by the Americans.

A personal confrontation such as this between the two Presidents clearly provides what the term “Ugly American” implies. It comes to the fore the difference between Asian naivete and American arrogance.

The Americans built this country of the Philippines around the tenets of American democracy, and ever since the Liberation from the Japanese occupation, this country has been the showcase of American democracy. Schools were started then, and even the American Constitution and National Anthem was taught. Indeed the people of the Philippines learned and even surpassed the Americans in national fervor, politics, and even in governmental graft and corruption. Before anything novel is done, the question to be asked is : how would the Americans do it?

Except this time, this country has something to teach the Americans in how to deal  with drug traffickers.

But this unprecedented act of the American President is an eye-popper and a game strategy changer. The Human Rights Commission should have talked to Duterte first before they lambasted him for the killings of those related to drug trafficking in the Philippines. By then they should have realized that the orders to shoot the drug traffickers are done only when the police are fired upon first. Such hasty accusations are characteristic of the Human Rights Commission when it attempts to control heads of state. They should be reminded again that not all countries live the same way the Americans do.

Inside a shelled nut (whatever that means) what Obama did with his personal tirade against another President of another small non-nuclear country is unpardonable by foreign diplomatic practices. Very unlike some other regimes, the Philippines is not an oil-producing, non-exporting, non-trade dependent, non-belligerent country which would side with the Americans by choice against any other country that the US opposes. The Philippines earn its dollars by exporting people. These are law-abiding, American-loving, God-fearing people.

If the Philippine President would do what he promised to do to sanitize the country of drugs, then the rest of the world should mind their own business and just watch how it is done.


(the popularity of the Philippine President among the Asian countries shot up after his war of words with Obama)

The Collapse of the Bangsamoro Basic Law

The pause in Congress deliberations marks a respite in the debate on the Bangsamoro Basic Law, and initiates the collapse of the draft. Even if it were drastically revised in the attempt to please the opponents of the draft, the pause in the deliberations would have cooled off the enthusiasm and the drive of its supporters. It would have little chances of winning a 50% + 1 vote from a referendum, anyhow.. Oh yes, a referendum is still required to change the political status of the Philippines as regards territory and sovereignty. The Congress must refer the decision to the people. This is why the process is called a referendum.

It is a surprise that the political science theorists in the Philippines  are ignorant of referenda. They push through plebiscites which are, of course, applicable to local governments and not concerning the national government. One other thing, should there be a Bangsamoro autonomous region, the authority of the national government will gradually be nullified to such a time when this region will ultimately be called a separate state. Come to think of it, the very words of the Shariah law, or that law from which the Bangsamoros derive their unified effort to push the BBL, is described as a separate and distinct law.

Now where have I heard about that separate and distinct clause before? Quebec attempted to secede from the rest of Canada when the rest of the country did not allow the inclusion of separate and distinct in the Constitution to describe the province of Quebec. The referendum that followed did not give them enough votes to secede unilaterally.

But those words really do spell trouble for any democratic state which is not hybridized. The state of Crimea succeeded to rejoin Russia because it had a referendum and it was not leaving a hybrid state which is the parliamentary Ukraine. It would have been easier for the Bangsamoros to file for the regions to be one consolidated province. In this case there would not be a confusion as regards control and sovereignty and taxes.

National Language

The last time I heard from that country called the Philippines

is that the national language is still Tagalog.

and the national hero is still a Tagalog.

But why is there now an all-out war against

the people who are natural-born Tagalogs?

If another hero is to be proclaimed

it should be him who is not traitorous

nor vindictive, and not only because

he was assassinated.

And if another national language is to be proclaimed

let it be that which was not only because

it was proclaimed.

The BBL, or Basic Law, or What….

Whatever name or term it is to be called,

this document seeks to provide some

people, specifically the Southern Muslims

of Mindanao, the license to nullify

some particular control that the National Government

now legally exercises over the Bangsamoro.

Or simply,  this document will allow the Bangsamoro

to thumb their noses to the National Government,

depending on what specifics are obtaining.

But I am really glad that the opponents of this BBL

are ahead of the pros adversarial-wise.

At any rate, should they begin to falter

I would disclose my ace in the hole.

Hint : It is not the Congress nor the Supreme Court

who will have to decide on matters regarding

changes to the political configuration

of the state.

A warning, though,

the BBL,

or whatever name they seek to call it,

will transform the democratic

constitutional government of the Philippines into a hybrid;

indeterminate, just like gays.


(bato-bato sa langit….)


It appears that the Aquino camp, with all the intelligentsia at its disposal, is scared to debate the BBL as published. I issued the challenge and I promise that no one will help me with references and books and etc. Every argument that I would may down will be coming from pure thought, my pure thought. Well, this would not be the first time that somebody backed out from a challenge of mine. I could have been a good poker player, eh?

The Jig is Up.

It won’t take long before everybody succeeds in connecting the dots.

The all concealing alias is not so concealing after all.

BBL Panel Negotiator IQBAL vehemently suggests

that he uses this nom de guerre to protect him

from would-be evil people who would go for his life.

How an alias would help give him security is another thing to be explained.

IQBAL has been on the news for so long a time and for so numerous the times

that anybody would know him, with alias or none.

Besides, which terrorist group would go for him.

He is with the MILF, and that alone borders on terrorism.

Nobody knows his legal, real, birth name;

excepting, of course, those who are trying to ram through

the BBL.

These particular group of people are not telling,

and for good reason,

(their good reason),

IQBAL himself will sign the peace agreement when the time comes.

This affords us the one logical explanation why all these events are happening.—

the money from Kuala Lumpur is deposited in a bank

under IQBAL’s legal name, making him the main

protagonist in the BBL negotiations.

Why the money?

This would most probably go to the  budget of the new

autonomous government that would function as an

independent entity;

call it another country if you would.

That enormous amount of money under IQBAL’s birth name

is the fish bait that gets some particular people all roiled up and agitated.

This is the big compilation of all the worms in one small can.

This is what I meant when I said that

the Mamasapano Encounter opened up

The Can of Worms.

fish bait


The Aquino Challenge

The President has said, and it has been printed, that he is challenging the critics of the BBL to come up with a better one, adding that this full BBL text has not been read by the said critics.

Well, I have, and I declare that I can put up a better one, and one that would safeguard the country against malicious intentions against its resources, security, and its statehood. The problem is would he be able to debate or discuss with me all the points that I would bring up?

I suggest that he open up the government website(or any daily newspaper) wherein anybody can join the discussion in the effort to CHANGE the BBL for the better. The President may bring up all the people he trusts would help him with the present BBL text as publicized. This should be a point by point discussion in just about anything that includes politics, finance, agriculture, government, security, defense and what have you.

If this President has really issued a dare to find a better Agreement with the Bangsamoros publicly, he should be able to put up his arguments in public, otherwise I shall consider this as another ploy to shift the blame on somebody else.

If this post will be treated as an open letter to the President of the Philippines, then by all means it needs an open reply, from the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

The BBL Crumbles

As if the Bangsamoro Basic Law is built upon sand, it has started to erode on its foundations.

The aftermath of the Mamasapano Massacre produced a furor

wherein the Philippine Congress, and the public in general,

initiated as concentrated critique on the pros and cons

of the BBL, but mostly on the cons.

By splurges, or so it seems, the mechanics of the effort

to ram through the BBL upon the Filipino has been jammed

by one thing or another.

This time, it is the alleged bribe by the Malaysian government

to make the Aquino government to speed

and ensure the passage of the BBL.

Below is the latest block to the BBL’s Passage.

(this should do it— passing the BBL will be a squeaker now!)

Gov’t receives $750M from KL for BBL passage — lawyer

By Pat C. Santos and Joshua L. Labonera The Aquino administration had allegedly received $750 million, or around P33.5 billion, from Malaysia in exchange for the passage of the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). Kuala Lumpur had brokered the peace accord that marked the end of armed hostilities between the government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The BBL, seen to establish lasting peace in the country’s southern region, will create the Bangsamoro substate to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. Lawyer Homobono Adaza at a news forum yesterday noted that Malacañang’s refusal to comment on the issue only fueled speculations that indeed it had received the funds. “No one in the Aquino government denied the information that has been going around. And there is this admission of silence on the part of the government,” he said. Adaza, along with columnist Herman Tiu Laurel, had earlier filed treason charges against President Aquino and some of his Cabinet members and MILF leaders for entering into a peace agreement with the Moro rebel group and for supporting an “unconstitutional” bill that seeks to create an autonomous Bangsamoro political entity that would benefit the MILF. The BBL, which is pending in Congress, violates several provisions of the Constitution, Adaza and Laurel said. The complainants stressed that “treason under our laws is committed by a Filipino citizen who gives aid or comfort to the enemies of the government.” They added the MILF is an insurgent group that has been waging war against the republic. Treason is among the four impeachable offenses under the Constitution. “BBL establishes a parliamentary as against a presidential system, and by its territory and power of sovereignty, it is a state within a state,” part of the six-page complaint stated. Aquino, meanwhile, also yesterday challenged critics of the BBL to read the full text of the draft measure first, then come up with a better alternative to the bill. “A lot has been complaining about the BBL but have yet to read it… Those who have nothing to offer have no clear goal,” he said during a prayer meeting in Malacañang. Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., for his part, said there is no pressure from the Palace for lawmakers to work on the BBL amid allegations that Aquino is rushing to enact the measure as soon as possible. “There is no pressure and no forcing. Let us understand that there is a schedule of sessions in Congress. The current session is up to March 18, they have a Holy Week break. After, they will resume on May 4. It is set to be up until June 11,” he said. “We are not the ones who set this up. So in a practical view, the talks can only continue on their own schedules. They cannot pass a law while in recess. That’s what is being talked about. No one is pressuring them,” Coloma said. The Palace official, however, said it is premature to immediately ask for a special session in case of lack of time. He said Malacañang cannot give answers to speculations. “We are giving lawmakers freedom to do their work. There might be talk again that we are pressuring them when it’s brought up. It is best that we should not discuss it, since it has not yet been tackled,” Coloma said.




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The Can of Worms

The Can of Worms


I am not about to talk about a can of beans. Worms wriggle and do not sizzle when thrown into a hot pot. Beans do sizzle and would taste exceptionally better when thrown in to make a dish called “pamplina’. A can of worms would be despicable to look at, more so when you touch the worms.  Fishermen use worms as bait. Nowadays, fishermen use flies, instead; not the ordinary buzzing flies that we know, but fabricated fish baits so named flies because when attached to fish hooks and pulled along the water, thy seem to fly.


The Can of Worms is therefore used here as a figure of speech to symbolize a trait or attitude which is despicable and yucky. But boy, that was a long intro. I must admit that I get so distracted that I never knew when I am supposed to stop.


The Can of worms may be present in the Philippine Government, its leaders, or in the army and its leaders. Let’s try the Army first. This is now a conglomeration of smart people dressed in smart uniforms who in the most inopportune of moments do not do smart things. Why? In this Army of the Philippines, there are too many chiefs and too few Indians. There are too many generals and too few soldiers. These generals get the shish-kebob while the soldiers get the skewers. The generals get the medals and the soldiers get the body bags. It is true, too, that when they get to be colonel, they practice more of political strategy than military strategy. It has never been different ever since, and nobody has ever tried to change this. Presidents come and Presidents go, but the worms wriggle on forever. It appears that the wriggles are not merely passed on as a practice, it is inherent to this army.


I did mention several times in this blog that the units go to the front as 5 o’clock warriors. I refer to their style of getting in by morning and getting out before dinnertime. Actually, the, problem is rations. They have to go back to camp by disengaging from the frontline. Not only this, equipment is hard to come by. I really hope the reason for this lack of equipment and military hardware is because the commander of the army, the C-in-C is simply paranoid and refuses to equip the army with some hardware that could provide further temptation to stage a coup.


With regards to the Mamasapano responsibility of command, the primary blame is pointing to the C-in-C. Whether he knows about the operation or not, whether he commanded it or not, whether he participated in the planning and execution or not, his is the responsibility. However, and this is the big however, the fact that the whole conglomeration of generals are at loggerheads with each other for one little reason or another. Pride, competition, struggle for favor, fight for extra remunerations and recruits, or for some petty little things as a larger ammunition depot , this army will never coalesce. To complicate matters, a unit, the PNP, or a police force which is national in scope and comprising similar numbers of units and men is treated as part of the army and is given field skirmish assignments. It would have helped if all the officers of the Army were trained in the same school. There would have been the spirit of camaraderie. Comes now the ever present jealousy and the consequent higher number of generals promoted to appease the different branches of the army. The strife for promotion and status has never been more apparent than when there are too many chiefs and too few Indians. Suxh a situation provides THE mitigating circumstance by which the blame of command responsibility shifts away from the C-in-C. In truth, the C-in-C does have little or none of the knowledge of planning a military operations much less get involved in them. He would be at the mercy of his generals who may, or may not, tell him exactly what the situation is. In other words, the C-in-C, this C-in-C, would not know what to do. He would have relied on his generals, instead.


There is nothing better to do for the generals. There is no war to keep their time and to speed up promotions. The Jebidah Force was an utter failure because of infidelity, and the Philippine government pertinently refrains from saturating Southern Mindanao with forts and camps. Such idle time is fatal to morale, and becomes a call to petty shenanigans.  Both soldiers and generals get into the act, whatever it is that they can make profit from. Weapons of all types suddenly disappear by theft or by selling or by smuggling. But there are other ways to secure profit from that region. BTW, have they ever publicized where the reward for Marwan’s killing went?


Who received the money?


Where from?


Was the pot shared?


The Skirmish

Command  Responsibility

 Part 2  The Skirmish



  1. The one thing going for Generals Purisima and Napenas in the planning stages of this operation is that they know exactly where the target is. And this knowledge virtually gave them 80% assurance that they will get their man. They had an informant who may have formed the habit of toying with his cell phone which was equipped with video capture. I presume that he is either a double agent, or he worked for both sides to favor the one side which had the advantage. And while he confirmed where Marwan was before the assault, I presume that he was also the one who sounded the alarm after he detached himself from the assault force. He may be also seen as the one with the MILF ambush group, and shooting over the heads of the SAF to keep up with appearances. He probably received his reward via “diplomatic” procedures.


  1. This man may be the source of the all-true narrative of the skirmish. This narrative of his regarding the skirmish all but debunks the results of the BOI and the MILFl investigations. His is a first-hand account of the skirmish, not only because he was a first-hand witness but he also participated in it.


  1. After Marwan was slain, all hell broke loose. The assault force decided to shoot it out with the band which they believed to be small and not the group that comprised the whole armed coalition of the Bangsamoro—-MILF, BIFF, kidnappers, terrorists, and what have you. The SAF now realizes the need for more protective cover than corn stalks, the need for mechanized extrication plans, the need for grenade launchers and inflatable rafts. The only way out could have been back through the river, but the SAF probably do not want to get wet or worse, they can’t swim. But where is the support? The mission has been kept secret even from those army units that could mount an effective relief.


  1. On the other hand, and this is a bigger hand than that which was laid down, with 44 people in the assault force, they don’t really need a support force had they brought heavier firepower. Four grenade launchers could have turned the tide. So with SAW’s and M-60’s. But the PNP clearly is not provided with weapons that are regular issues to soldiers. Who then decides what weapons are to be issued the SAF?


  1. Let me say again, the SAF that went in was meant to fend for itself. But then again this was a mistake because they do not have heavier firepower to fight a pitch battle against more than their number. Even the “blocking force” did not have any firepower that could spell the difference in the skirmish. And then again, if the force has to fend for itself, they could have done it differently.


  1. Were I to plan the operation, I would have augmented stealth with secrecy. In this case, I would have needed only a squad of 7 t0 10 really special force members and use the 34 to join the “blocking force”. If the distance from Marwan’s hut to the river is greater and offered no considerable cover, OK I would use more men. But let’s say that I am required to use 44 men this would be too large a force and would make more noise in advancing. I would then have 10 men cover the left flank and another 10 men to cover the right flank. The other 24 men would be enough to riddle Marwan’s hut. How do I get across the river? SWIM, or use siege ropes and wooden logs. The bridge is not to be used as it would silhouette the men against the sky. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t allow that informant to leave.


  1. If the skirmish is forced upon the men, I would start an orderly retreat. Form a rear guard while the others move back towards the river. Waiting for the “blocking force” is useless as they would have to cross the bridge which would have been under enemy control. If there still was no support coming, I would have the men fire flares. At the same time I would have raised hell to ask the other army units for help. Because it is now clear that the 44 men have to fend for themselves. They are as good as lost.


(next: The Can of Worms)


Command Responsibility

Command Responsibility

Part 1  The Drama Starts


  The Mamasapano encounter opened up a can of worms within the makeup of the Philippine Government, particularly in the configuration by which the Armed Forces work. More so because all the nuances, politics,  personal ambitions, pride, jealousy and other factors affecting the stability of Southern Mindanao converge on this little place called Mamasapano. Indeed the fate of the region is embroiled in this place as if the stage play started and will be finished here.

And as the stage opened, we see a situation wherein the rebels of Southern Mindanao seek to end the revolution by asking the Philippine Government the status of autonomous government for themselves amid the region that they presently occupy. The rebels have always been up in arms ever since. To provide urgency for their purpose, they kill and kidnap, and burn, and pillage, promptly calling these  acts as necessary to foster the revolution.

Thus was the situation that led to the Bangsamoro Basic Law, or BBL, as the requirement to form the autonomous Bangsamoro Region. This is now submitted to the Philippine Congress as a bill for debate. If and when approved, the Philippine Government hopes to attain peace in the region.

It should be noticed that the region in question would be in close proximity to the Federated Malaysia borders which, in due time, would be a good prospect for the Bangsamoro autonomous region to join it as its parliament may approve. This condition of autonomous region qualifies them to secede very much like Crimea did, and which Quebec tried to do. Curiously enough, Malaysian involvement in this BBL has been  notably instrumental, so far.

As the BBL play progresses, the following factors get into the act:

1. There is an existing truce between the armed elements of the Bangsamoro called the MILF and the Philippine Armed Forces while the BBL is being pursued. It appears that while the Bangsamoro negotiators know who they are dealing with, they have little idea of who they are dealing for. The territory in question is plastered with armed elements, some of whom have built a kind of fort complete with a Mosque and concrete defenses. This fact invalidates the mandate of the MILF negotiators. They are not in command of the territory and therefore they are not responsible for it.

2.  To the PNP, or Philippine national Police, is entrusted the mission to take down primary target Marwan and secondary target Usman, since it will be a police action and the undertaking will not break the truce. Formerly called the Philippine Constabulary, the unit has outgrown the equipment it is supplied with. The rule is that police units are not provided with heavy weapons as befitting a regular army unit. The SAF, or Special Action Force, is therefore formed that would perform as a pseudo regular army unit. The SAF, alas, still has not been provided with armaments such as grenade launchers, mortars, rpg’s and such. The SAF force that was involved in the Mamasapano encounter is actually more like an urban swat team, helpless in field skirmishes. The mission, therefore, had not that many chances of coming out with no casualties. Theirs is but to do and die.

3.   The greatest priority is given secrecy. There has been a rash of ambushes at each and every mission undertaken by military forces. The targets have almost always been forewarned. Curiously enough, the missions have been compromised by civilians sympathetic to the MILF, jealous military units, spies within the camp, and mostly by the amount of preparations that the missions are required to have. This particular mission, therefore, has been kept secret from almost everybody. This meticulousness has made the mission to get Marwan a success.  


 (next : The Skirmish)

The MILF Report

The MILF report on the Mamasapano encounter

actually did not vary much from the BOI report.

By the scheme of those who did the report,

the blame for the encounter and the lives lost

is on the Philippine National Police

which initiated the conflict.

The MILF report, however, is yet to explain to the

Philippine Government why the MILF

started shooting at the SAF who were clearly identified

as the police doing police action.

Explanation should also be provided as to the

reason why Marwan and Usman

have comfortably settled in Mamasapano,

therein described as Revolutionary Territory.

This is actual proof that the region which comprises

the purported autonomous region will just become

a haven for terrorists,

a haven which the Philippine Government

will subsidize from its own tax revenues

coming from the rest of the country.

Hah! The MILF should stay as revolutionaries

and raise their own crop.

Note that the Philippine Government has yet to realize

one sizable tax collection from the said

rebel territory.

The SAF Goat

General Getulio Napenas,

strategist and director of operations

for the elimination of Marwan,

internationally wanted bomb-maker,

now suffers for the success of the mission.


Da Goat.mpg

With the resulting collateral damage of 44 SAF soldiers,

his accomplishment of completing the mission

was overshadowed, and he has now been marked as

the one responsible for the massacre.

His plan was not defective as alleged in the reports,

but, if I might opine, it was a good plan

despite the lack of resources and armament at his disposal.

If one has to go back and read my first comments

immediately after the Mamasapano massacre came out

(specifically in the February 10 and 12 posts)

the prime requirement for the mission is SECRECY.

Napenas now confirms this paramanout importance of secrecy publicly.

 Past missions were ambushed when the mission was known to some particular

groups of people, including the military.

Such imposition of secrecy thus deprived the mission of

the needed support and backup from the rest of the Army.

But who is to blame for the massacre?

I would say that whole blasted kaboodle of people

who are entrusted to give orders and who could

have changed things around.

Yep, all those involved from the very top

to the very bottom of the command line.

General Napenas is,  of course,   given the blame

because he is the one who could have said “GO!”

Notice that his job of getting Marwan was successful

because there was complete secrecy imposed on the operation.

The plan was brilliant up to the minute that Marwan was slain.

And when the alert was sounded, it was too late,

and Marwan’s  camp  reacted only after Marwan was dead.

Now how could the SAF been detected?

How would I have planned it if I were Napenas?

Manila Protests


Manila Protest.mpg 

Manila Protest2.mpg

manila protest481

Manila Visit

Obama’s visit to the Manila earned him the reopening of the US bases in the Philippines. They were closed because the American servicemen flounted the laws in the Philippines, ever managing to escape before they get accused before the courts of law. Much anger was left behind to the Filipinos, notwithstanding the many unwed mothers unaccounted for. They lived up to the name “Ugly American”









The NFA Cartel


One does not use a language like the English language if one does not have much experience conversing with it nor have much access to it. Reading in English is not similar to slinging in English.

The word cartel means:

1. a combination of political groups for a common action; and

2. a combination of independent commercial enterprises designed to limit competition

There is no such thing as a rice carttel, particulatly if the product is grown legally all over the country. There are no commercial enterprises in the country which has, in effect, limit the competition; except of course the NFA which not only intend to limit the price of rice but also limit any competition to the selling of rice. Call the private enterprises a syndicate, if they work together. But what they do most is not to raise the price of rice but to ultimately provide a means of distribution without which there could be a false rice shortage.

These rice syndicates were present and alive ever since. The rice mills may have their own granaries to store the rice, but making the product available to the public is the problem. The Department of Interior could have worked over this problem seriously if it had the time. The local government could distribute this rice by establishing outlets but in so doing, this project would create more problems in bureaucracy that would overwhelm the government.

Private syndicates would be the answer but they also charge for the transportation of rice. They could be, however, under local government inspections. And then again these inspections may give rise to grease money tthat would slick the enterprise.

The answer again points to getting more people to produce or plant or work to plant rice. How? Create a policy of attraction to get the people to go back to agriculture away from urban life.

The NFA should do more than import rice. It should persuade people to produce rice. It is presently making a profit from the people’s woes by selling imported rice.