China’s Missile launch Fails

China’s Missile launch Fails.


These missiles come with Users Guides

written in Korean!


NOKOR Supply Trail

Does the American intelligence community

know of any “Ho Chi Minh” Trail

that connects North Korea

to either China or Russia

or both?


Such a trail would be immune to


and even bombing!

China And North Korea

It is a fat chance that China will admonish North Korea

to stop the¬†latter’s missile and nuclear tests.

These tests would be for their mutual benefit.

Ask me later if you have not figured this out yet.


Haochen Zhang

Tied for First Place in the Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is Haochen Zhang of China.

He plays here Three Movements from Igor Stravinsky’s Petrushka.


Haochen Zhang.mpg

(a treat for the Music Promotion Foundation)

The Gazprom Deal




$400 Billion Energy Deal

President Xi Jinping of China and President Vladimir Putin of Russia are about to sign a historic $400 billion energy deal that would see Russia supplying natural gas to China for 30 years. The deal has the makings of free trade, extraction fees are waived by Russia and tariff duties are waived by China.

honor guard



Chinese Hats

Now these are better distractions than hackers if you ask me.

chinese hats2

US Charges Chinese Hackers

America formally charges Chinese officials for computer hacking.

As if the Us does not hack Chinese computers regularly.

chinese hacking2

What do they want to do, charge these Chinese in court?

Dumping Cold Money

The Chinese are buying everything on sight.

This may not be because they want to buy everything in sight.

This may be because they are getting rid of cold money.

This may be because they are dumping the US dollars.

This may be because they are switching to a different currency.

Unless the US Federal Reserve Bank validates to the world

exactly how much gold it holds in their vaults

to guarantee the amount of cash that it has printed,

China and the rest of the world will dump their US dollars,

and/or convert the cash into gold.

And what I have said will come true—-

that the US dollars will be devalued to only a fraction of its value today.


Chinese Soldiers

More of these fierce, warlike, round knees.

chinese soldiers3a

Another Chinese Soldier

Another of those fierce, warlike, lovely Chinese soldiers.

chinese soldier2


Gong Li


Chinese Nuclear Sub

chinese nuclear sub2