Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




Factual Data

This is what Attorney General Sessions says he needs

to start an invstigation of what he is prodded to do.

He must mean the paper trail of money exchanges

or bank records, ledgers, statements,

deposits, withdrawals.

In other words, somebody should deliver these to him

or he subpoenas bank institutions

to fork these over.

Just name the banks.

Either that or Sessions

is just waiting for Mueller

to hang himself

by the facts  he is about to uncover.

Big Bird


Syrian Oil

Now that the Isis/Isil terrorists are getting eradicated

Syria can now continue to develop its oil resources

so much so that the United States

now scampers to get a piece of the action.

What it could not accomplish with motley groups of

mercenaries using American arms and supplies

it now attempts to apply the charges of

Assad gassing his own people.

This well-known ploy has already been used to such expediency

that it actually started the invasion of Iraq

and executed Hussein as a consequence.

This attempt to dislodge Assad and render Syria

as impotent as Libya may not push through

if Russia and Lebanon prevent it.

It is odd that the United States professes to be the

champion of human rights and international justice

when in fact it blatantly refuses to join

the International Court of Justice.


There were more atrocities committed

by American troops than any other

in their incursions to other countries

supposedly to promote human rights

and international justice.

The gassing of the Syrian people by Assad is not true,

as much as the gassing of the Kurds by Hussein.

If not,

then who did?

Chain Reaction

This reaction is the product

of the wrath

of a woman scorned.

chain reaction

The SHUSH Fund

Holy Camoley!

The US Congress has set up this fund

they now call the SHUSH Fund.

This holds the money that Congress use to pay

those girls who report that they

were sexually abused by some Congressman or another.

This fund forms part of the coffers

where the taxes go.

Money from this fund is supposed to pay the

abused girls to shut them up,

similar to what can be called

‘malpractice insurance fund’

What is more disturbing is

what the heck has the Congress accomplished

to merit this benefit?

And how long have the Congressmen been dipping

into this cookie jar?

The word has gone out to the public

about this shush fund.

The girls are now taking advantage of it!


The North American Problem

According to a man of the cloth,

a man belonging to the higher positions

of the clergy of the Christian denomination—-

Sexual abuses against children, girls,

and unsuspecting women alike–

happen only in north America.

I don’t make surveys,

but maybe there is some truth in that!

Go Judge Roy, Go!

Here is one anecdote for Judge Roy Moore,

accused of sexual abuses of some sort

close to the elections.——

After the results came in

of the First Democratic Election in Japan

sponsored by the United States,

the Adjutant of the Supreme Commander of

Allied Forces barged into the Headquarters

and frantically informed the General

that the Japanese elected a prostitute

to the Parliament.

The General simply straightened up

in his chair and declared musingly,


The General’s name–

Douglas MacArthur

So Go, Judge Roy, GO!

Your own party may not back you up.

As has been the case in these times.

That same party  has given very little support

to Donald Trump

before and after he was elected President.

Damn the Party, Judge Roy,

Full Speed Ahead!painter

The Foreign Agent

The Russian network of RT.Com

was forced to register as a foreign agent

by the Justice Department.

I don’t know about what you think

but I believe that

“foreign Agent”

actually denotes a spy.


This network must really be that effective a competitor

to the big US networks that it will now be under strict

rules and requirements that the Americans

impose on foreign athletic competitors,

such as steroid testing,

or heavier taxes and fines.

Actually, RT may connote either Russian Television,

or Real Truth.


Power of the Press

The Power of the Press is a myth.

It can only be empowered by the trust

that the readers have in it.

People may believe in the press if it prints the truth.

Truth, therefore, empowers the press.

But then again whether the people believe in the truth

is the only measure of its power.

Half the time,

half the people do not believe in the truth.

So whence then is the source of

the Power of the Press?

It is therefore, a myth!


Jeff Sessions

Attorney General,

THE Attorney General.

Good choice.

I am impressed

and am now a believer!

He is strictly a lawman’s lawman.

He abides by the law

and by nothing else.

What is more

he does not telegraph his punches

so his prey is unwary

and does not have a chance to escape.

He speaks with carefully minced words

and walks with soft-shod shoes.

He also has his wife

to mirror exactly what he feels.


Quo Vadis, Democrats?

Whither Thou Goest?

You shoulda stopped when you shoulda.

You still have your boxing gloves on.

You led with THE LEFT,

now that the counter punches come by the dozen

there seems to be no way to backpedal out of it.

Mueller will be your downfall.

He is not only trying to save face now

he actually is trying to save his neck.

And the more he does this

the more stink he will uncover.

Pandora’s Box is nothing compared,

especially if he unearths

the quagmire that is Ukraine

and the bedwetting of the CIA.


This should be fun watching.

better than an Ali Thriller.

Just to discover where all that money went.

And to think

all this because they could not accept

that they lost an election.

Whither Thou Goest Democrats?

It is foreseen

that you will not be able put up a veritable candidate

on the next Presidential elections,

much less a FEMALE candidate.


And just weather the storm.


Uranium Numero Uno

Uranium Numero Uno

or Uranium One for you

is most probably a middle man

to sell the Uranium,

that kind of a higher grade.

With such a refined uranium,

Iran does not need centrifuges anymore.

And therefore it can sign an agreement

to stop from refining uranium.


to pay for this uranium,

Iran must have its assets unfrozen by the US.

The US did remove its sanctions on Iran

which unfroze its bank assets.

But then again,

you do not have to believe this.

It is much too simple a plan.



I knew beforehand that Mueller’s first indictments could be a dud

because it is well known that he only have blanks to load.

However, he must put up something

to save face

and justify the huge amount of money spent by his minions.

He does know that what he is doing

may backfire.



If he does continue with this

he is liable to air out dirty laundry

from a whole lot of you-name-it

to Brennan’s War

and the MH17.

One big question is :

Are these Mueller’s Minions?

Or is Mueller actually a minion himself?




Catalonian Rebellion

The referendum by the Catalan-speaking peoples of Spain

is illegitimate

and is not binding.

Any referendum that seeks to change the configuration

and/or the sovereignty of the country

will require the vote of ALL the peoples of the country.

The whole Spanish nation should have voted for the Catalan

referendum before it is binding.

If the Catalonians  insist on breaking away from the country,

this act will be considered as a rebellion.

The Catalonians should have asked for a national referendum.

What they are now doing is forcing a unilateral secession,

not a bilateral one as should be.

Recall the example of Quebec.

And the decision of the Southern American States.

Right now, Italian referenda suggest

non-binding, informative call to the whole Italian Country.

Smart moves!


Jesus Campos and Paddock

The first thing I posted about the Las Vegas massacre was

Paddock had help with his food and his baggage.

Now think about it this way—-

Jesus Campos, the Security guard,

was the last person to see Paddock alive.

Now ask the questions—-

With all the rapid-fire rifles that Paddock had

and if he shot at Jesus Campos in the hallway,

why was there no STRAY bullets found in the wall

of the hallway?

If Jesus Campos was only coming in to investigate,

how would Paddock know that Campos was

walking down the hallway when paddock was busy

inside the room?

And if Paddock was to shoot Campos to kill,

why shoot him once on the leg?

Who really shot Campos, Paddock or Campos himself?

Don’t we blame the Sheriff now because he was made to see

only what he saw.

But if he were to be smarter….


The UN Mistake

Using the United Nations to curb North Korean belligerence

is a big mistake!

Remember that North Korea is in this screwed-up state

because of the UN Security Council’s decision

to stop Nokor “aggression” against South Korea.

This action will leave Kim Jong Un

in a much unpredictable and uncontrollable state of mind.

Now, who the heck attempted to stop the United States

from testing its missiles and nuclear bombs?


The Nafta Trap

Any changes to the Nafta will only benefit the Americans.

In fact, the ensuing negotiations with the United States

seek to entrap Mexico and Canada into what I will coin

as the circle of American Sanctions.

And while the United States is retreating into a cocoon of protectionism,

as I said before,

it will need something of a steady supply of nutrition

for this country to re-energize before it

bursts out as THE prominent power

in economics and military might.

After which I can now call this country  of the good ol’ USA

as the United Sanctions of America.

This is a warning for Canada and Mexico.

These unsuspecting countries are heading into a trap.

Little do they know that recent events have created a corner

with which Trump is knowingly painting himself into

if he does not get the upper hand against all the countries

that have signed agreements with the United States.

My next post will explain the reason for the warning.

After I have tested extensively my new lottery programs.


Before I forget I must say

that against all the crises and natural calamities

that have befallen the United States,

this guy Donald Trump,

unquestionably and legitimately elected

President of the United States,

has performed compassionately and beautifully

the duties of that respectful office.

So there!

I must again say

that I have a red line

and this has been reached.

“Belay that stand down!

Stand by to fire first salvo!”

Stubborn Protests

The black NFL players inxist on disrespecting the American Flag

reiterating that they are not disrespecting the National Anthem

and that they mean only to make protests

against something else!

Well, they coulda fooled the people!

No touchdown for them.


The Catalan Coffers

The Coffers of Catalan is empty,

This region might not even have one vault

to hold its treasury,

if ever it has a treasury.

If the region does not have funds to call its own

it would be impossible to be independent of Spain.

Which is probably the reason why the proclamation

of the Catalan Independence is postponed.

The Catalonians rushed into this independence thing.

Que Mala.

whatever that means.

There will be no budget to run the Catalan government.


Harvey Wolfstein

This sex predator is only one of the den of wolves.

There are lots of them in the movie business.

And while they do not come in a pack,

they do occur normally.

What is most disconcerting is that

the public ignores them

and does nothing about them.

What enables them to prey on the women?

More fortune, more fame, more shame!

These people are predators,

and they do not need doctors!

The Paddock Mow-Down

Now don’t guess, ANALYZE!

At first notion, I thought that this

merciless butchery of concert goers

is Paddock’s Farewell To Arms.

He planned to leave and live!

Think about it.

“Bump Stock” Ban

“Bump Stock” is a modification to a firearm

to disable the option to fire by the trigger activation,

causing the gun to fire without trigger control.

This results in the gun on rapid-fire.

This option is on  all military squad weapons.

If a semi-automatic weapon, or one that reloads

the rounds automatically after eject,

is modified to prevent the weapon from firing

is to be banned, this act will be ineffective.

Firstly, because there is no way to determine whether

a model has been modified or not.

And secondly, because the weapon has been modified

after purchase.

There will be no way to enforce this law.

The modification has been done by the owner.

Thirdly, The prospective law will not dfeter

people of unsound mind

to commit murderous act.

Old Guest


He gets a new, old guest today





NFL Mea Culpas


The NFL, composed incidentally by blacks mostly,

has been caught with their logic askew.

The NFL players did want to make a statement against police brutalities.

But they chose the wrong venue to do it.

Instead of standing for the National Anthem as all

nations do for respect they kneel.

There are other venues to do it

but why malign the symbol of a nation to do it.

They now say that it was not their intention to spite the American Flag.

But only now do they say so after they realize that they

incurred the wrath of the Americans.

 They do not want to be called Africans.

But now they do not want to be Americans.

If they say it was not their intention to spite the American Flag,

they sure have a clear expression of their intention

when they kneel for the National Anthem.

And now, as usual, they complain against racism

when they earn millions from American labor.

Ingrates, the blacks are, and maybe soon enough

the people will start scrutinizing the amount of money

that they receive from sports

and discriminate some more against them.

Trump’s statements, the blacks claim, is divisive.

IF SO, the blacks started it!





The intention may not be to disrespect

the American Flag,

but it is clear that the result is

the disrespect to the American Flag.