Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




China And North Korea

It is a fat chance that China will admonish North Korea

to stop the latter’s missile and nuclear tests.

These tests would be for their mutual benefit.

Ask me later if you have not figured this out yet.


No Tapes

Donald Trump now admits that there were no tapes

of the man-to-man conversation between him and Comey.


Comey  thought there was one,

and this compelled him to tell the truth in the hearing!


this fence-straddler that is Comey


and testified on some particular items

that actually put him in hot water,

Along with some of the past administration officials.


Karen Handel Wins

Republican candidate Karen Handel wins

the Georgia special election.

This proves that this country

does not have a phobia

for voting in

female candidates.


The Birth of ISIS

From You Tube is lifted this video——

Start of ISIS.mp4


New ISIS Leader


becomes the new ISIS leader.



The Syrian Mistake

As in all the Middle Eastern Countries,

the US is making a mistake with Syria.

I keep saying that the rest of the world does not live

the same way Americans do,

Look here, the minute that US forces enter sovereign territory

without UN Sanctions,

and without prior invitation of the existing sovereign government,

the US military is considered invaders,

and the act in itself is considered an invasion.

Furthermore, if US military forces train and fight with

an army against the present sovereign government,

this US military forces will be considered as rebels,

and will be bombed as such.


Syria is unlike Vietnam, or Libya or Afghanistan and Iraq.

There is presently a functioning legitimate government in Syria.

And this is not a third world country, nor a banana republic.

The us military should modify its actions and its purpose

as regards to Syria and Assad.

If war comes out of this thing,

the US will be the provocateur.

One of these days, the Americans will learn a hard lesson

on not getting embroiled with all the troubles of the world.



This is an American cable network which,

against tv media network tradition,

has started fielding exceptionally attractive

lady anchors

and who are,

among other things,

far from being flat-chested.


I most probably will have to put up

some of their photos here

depending on how they look .


The Syrian Irritant

The US intruded into Syrian territory without consent

from Syria nor the UN.

This is in itself becomes an irritant on the US-Russia relations.

As was the case, the Americans bombed  Syrian National Forces,

or those forces under the army of the legitimate Syrian government.

The US-Russia agreement is to fight against the ISIS.

The US is complicating what could be a simple matter that requires  a simple solution.

Both the US and Russia should ask themselves

with whom is the ISIS fighting with

and against whom is the ISIS fighting.

The answer would simply be that the ISIS is fighting with the US/rebels

and the US is providing arms and support to the ISIS/rebels.

Furthermore, it has been an inherent fault of American pilots,

whether they fly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea,

that they bomb indiscriminately,

killing friendly forces.

My question would be—

why is the US fighting with the ISIS and rebels to bring down the

democratically elected government of Syria?

For oil, for money, for ICBM bases,

for security of Israel?

My solution would be—-build your ICBM bases in Israel

get out of Syria and let the Russians and Syria

fight the terrorists.

As regards to Syria, the US has made an aggressive act.

Bringing down the competition (Iran and Syria)

is not the way to make America great!

(disband the American mercenaries)

Mueller Recruits His Agents

It is reported that Special Counsel Mueller

is increasing his staff to an incredible army of lawyers

allegedly to prosecute President Trump.

If you ask me, Mueller is hiring agents to investigate and collect

a dossier of Trump.

As of now, Mueller still has no case against Trump

 for obstructing justice.

He is still fishing,

If he finds something, it will be a small fish

and very expensive at that,

One thing sure—

Mueller is HOPING

that Trump would yap himself into a trap.

After all this,

and Trump is still standing,

and the intelligence departments of the US, Russia, Israel, UK,

and the rest of Europe

have been synchronized,

how relevant will the FBI be?


Putin Interview Part 1


Putin Interview Part 1.mp4

Who really is supporting the terrorists?

Putin Interview Part 2


Putin Interview Part 2.mp4


AG Sessions in Session

Attorney general Jeff Sessions

face the Senate hearing

on Trump collusion with Russia

and his recusal from the investigation.


Sessions Hearing.mp4

Putin Interview Part 3


The Ukrainian Coup is discussed.

Putin Interview Part 3.mp4

Putin Interview Part 4


Did Russia hack the presidential elections?

Putin Interview Part 4.mp4

The Real Koran

The real Koran is toxic

and is poison to the other religions of the world.

Dare the Imams to deny these

and to teach their devotees something else.

Like LOVE.

toxic koran2a

Russian Hacking


Russian Hacking.mp4

Jacqueline Vouga

She looks much alike my first girlfriend.

I can’t forget my first girlfriend.

She taught me all I know

about the birds and the bees

and the flowers and the trees

and the preservation of the human race.

(mamma mia)



Comey Faces Senate.mp4

Come Together???

Impassioned speech by House Speaker Paul Ryan

was met with a standing applause at the House.

The theme “Come Together” was echoed by Democrat Pelosi.

Too late for the shallow response of the Democrats.

The damage has been done.

The Democrats have sown the seed of hate for Trump’s presidency.

The only group that will come together again

will be the Republicans

and the people that voted for them.

It would have been believable had Pelosi

voiced out “Mea Culpa” instead.


Danny Kaye Conducts

Danny Kaye conducts at the Lincoln center.


Danny Kaye Conducts.mp4

Fake News Law

There should be a law against the propagation of fake news.

The originator of fake news would be fined $1000

for every hour the fake news was propagated

up to the time it is recalled.

This law will benefit everybody.

The fine would be given to the one who spots

the fake news first.

The people will buy more papers 

in order to search for the fake news.

This law will increase subscribers.

It will also prevent fake news from being printed.

Left-wing Terrorist

And finally what I was afraid would happen has happened.

A left-wing Democrat gunned down

Republican lawmakers in a terrorist-style rampage.

Fueled by leftist propaganda,

Democrat-leaning Hodgkinson mowed down

several Republican members of Congress in baseball practice

and was proceeding to do more damage

had he not been shot down himself

by alert Capitol policemen.

And thereafter is initiated the change in the attitude

and disposition of the American people.

Their state of mind will now be at most

comparable only to that of a lowly

banana republic. 

Starting now, not all roads will lead to America,

 the land of the queer

and the home of the grave.

From Russia With Love


From Russia With Love.mp4

Comey’s Disobedience

Comey’s refusal to follow directions towards

the investigation of the Clinton emails

got him fired.

Sessions called him “undisciplined”.

I guessed right again, eh?


8 Billion Dollar Budget?

Holy Ca-Moley!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation,

or what is commonly known as,

the FBI

has an 8 Billion Dollar Budget

and 35,000 employees.

And they allowed two commercial planes

to bring down the Twin Towers on September 11

and a third one to attack the Pentagon?

What do these 35,000 employees do

aside from trying to impeach their President?

Shades of J. Edgar Hoover

whose name is emblazoned

on their own

less-than-8-billion-dollar building,



The Sessions Session

In about half an hour

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

will face the Intelligence inquiry

on the Russian meddling.

I am guessing that something like

President Trump’s concern

about the progress of Comey’s

investigation of the Clinton  email “matter”

and that Flynn’s investigation became the priority.