Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




Undue Pressure on Jody?

I did say I was to post again about this witch hunt.

And I also said that the former Justice minister is

shrewd and cunning.

She has actually kept everybody off-balanced

simply by keeping them guessing.

What really happened in the meetings?

What I am going to post now is pure guesswork.

You can either believe it or not.

Note that this is in its entirety,

a calculated guess.

Mind you, though, that I do not use math

to calculate my guesses.

I do not have to.

I have my crystal ball, this is why.

What everybody may believe is undue pressure

exerted upon Jody for the impending case

against SNC-Lavalin,

a veritably huge Quebec company

which the PM and co. exposed  much due affinity

for its continued success as a prestigious Canadian enterprise,

is in reality a casual reminder

or a hint that the country will

suffer should a case against the company proceed.

And thereafter, in a more intimate conversation,

the PM’s Grand Vizier, Gerald Butts did mention something

like a punishment for the company

in the form of a deferred fine

the said amount of which will then be donated

as another aid for the indigenous peoples of Canada

with Jody getting the credit

of handing it over.

With Jody failing to respond in a timely manner

towards this plan,

the events that happened afterwards had to happen.

The furor that the Globe and Mail caused

affected much of Jody’s exhibited indecision.

Consequently, she made her decision.

And that is, to keep everybody guessing

in her effort to out-maneuver

the true powers that be.

It is my crystal ball’s guess that

unless she gets what she wants,

she will still be undecided.

In truth, there is no reason for her

to be bound by solicitor-client-whatever

because there is no crime

and that nobody is being prosecuted.



Humanitarian Aid

Russian planes delivered aid right inside Venezuela.

This was allowed by Maduro

since Red Cross validates this as genuine humanitarian aid.

I agree.

But where the heck is the vodka?

Witch Hunt?

Jody Wilson-Raybould,

and the events which herself did not start,

is now the main protagonist as witness, defendant, prosecutor, and victim.

And rightly so since she was the former Minister of Justice

and Attorney General for Canada.

She has to know these functions.

Smart as she is, she is also shrewd and cunning,

having to bring down Gerald Butts to sit on his butt.

I have to pick up from this point sometime later

after I put things together in my mind.

Right now my crystal ball is somewhat restless

about the whole distracting kaboodle.

Shaking and humming and vibrating,

it does this whenever there is something afoot

which is not supposed to be afoot.

What I can discern from it is that what seems to be

a witch hunt going on

would be most probably be realigned

by making it a hunt-for-a witch instead.

As I said,

Jody is a woman, indigenous, smart, shrewd and cunning.

She may be true to power

but she should also realize

that there is such a thing

as the power of truth.

And as we progress about this deflecting case of

interference with justice by the PM,

we will have realized that we have everything wrong.

And we Canadians would be better of

going back to where we were

before this wrecking-ball run.

(I will have to explain later.)



Rhythm And Beat

Feel the Rhythm…..

Feel the Beat….

The combination mesmerizes

Rhythm and Beat.mpg

More Concertos?

If you want to watch and listen to more concertos

type “concerto” in the search box to your upper right hand corner.

If I find out that more of you like good music

I will add some more .

The Wall Obssession.

And so, President Trump continues to doggedly pursue

the building of the border wall that may in time carry his name.

Most probably he will divert funds from military projects to add

to what he needs for the wall.

He should be warned, though, that if he so much as divert funds

from the construction of the next aircraft carrier, he may end up

without his name on it.

By the way, the amount he asked for is now much greater than

$5.4 billion. What is the increase for?

Aid for Venezuela!

We can read the American Intelligence like a book, eh?

Gagging Jody

The Canadian public is not naïve.

By preventing the former Justice Minister to speak publicly,

the Federal government has something to hide.

What the Liberals are trying to portray in public is a farce

and the people can see through it like a looking glass.

The Liberals have been collecting nails for their coffins lately

and this one just may be the last they will collect.

Note that the former Justice Minister

is just aching to say what she wants to say.

Carbon Tax

And now the Federal government of Canada

propose that it can reduce the effects of climate change

simply by increasing the revenues from a tax on carbon.

The provinces made a loud outcry, of course,

since this will  just fad the coffers of the treasury.

This is unconstitutional, cries the provinces in the law courts,

adding that the provinces should decide on this.

This is to solve a national problem, declares the government,

and therefore this is a federal solution.

A compromise may come, however, if the provinces will agree on

that the federal government may declare a tax on carbon emissions

if the provinces may keep all the tax that is generated.

Come to think of it,

if fossilized fuel  causes the global warming,

and considering the recent cold attacks of the weather,

it may be better to use more fossilized fuel

to better fight the cold!

Dragon Dance


Dragon Dance

There Goes Another Rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty

OOPS there goes another rubber treaty–


Trump breaks another treaty.

This time the INF treaty.

Or that one that watches over nuclear missiles and such.

The act was probably meant to divert attention

from the Venezuela demolition project at hand.

Little does he realize that he has again publicized

that Russia is well ahead on missile development

and that the US missiles lie rotting in their silos.

Liquid propellants do lose volatility and may need “sweetening up”.

Solid propellants do dry up and may need restoration.

Sad it is to know that Russian short range missiles

may have bracketed the NATO countries

that  bear shorter

distances from Russia,

At any rate, missiles are of less concern now

than cargo planes

(or even converted passenger planes)

should there be an improvised  Caracas Airlift.


Van Cliburn At Moscow


Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2 in C Minor

Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2 .mpg

Clarifying Montezuma’s Revenge

From all these events in the making,

do we now have a better understanding

of the term Montezuma’s Revenge?

(the natives are restless tonight!)

Immunizing Venezuela

Venezuelan ports have the best access

to the Pacific and African countries.

To immunize Venezuela against American intervention,

it would be best to :

First—Imitate the Fidel Castro Method

Second—Use Venezuelan oil as collateral for trade

Third—Offer to selected oil companies the license to explore oil

Fourth—Offer oil shipping companies a piece of the action.

Fifth—Ensure Caracas airports can handle large cargo planes.

Sixth—Modernize ports in Caracas to handle containers.

Last resort=—offer a lease to build foreign missile silos in Venezuela.

Industrialization is the best insurance to be left alone.

(note that the Fidel Castro Method has its consequences, but it works)

Humanitarian Aid Blocked

Venezuelan soldiers put up insurmountable roadblocks

to roads coming from Colombia,

effectively blocking up trucks

bearing humanitarian aid.

It may be that the trucks

may contain Nuland cookies

and Pompeo tidbits

which collectively will not be enough

to feed the people

but will be enough only

for a media coverage.

Worse, the trucks may contain

Bolton sniper rifles

which may be used

to start disorder and confusion.

The roadblocks that were put up

may have actually blocked the CIA script

for the regime change.

$5000 of humanitarian aid

may not be enough to call it aid

much less humanitarian aid.

The street protest of Guaido

(pronounced Gway-do)

is fizzling out

making way for the option

 of  UN-sponsored



Maduro Fights Back

Nicolas Maduro,

President of Venezuela,

fights back against all movements

to oust him from his legitimacy.

His foe is unbelievably invincible

as Western Powers could be.

But he still has the advantage

in that he knows what his foes are after

and the sanctions that they use.

His followers are getting stronger

once they realize that this fight

is all about greed for oil

and that Maduro knows how to fight it.

Maduro Interview.mpg


Dangerous Vortex


This dangerous vortex

may instead cause

an appreciable


Dangerous Vortex.mpg

Maria Rezza, Li’l Champ

This is Maria Rezza,

the li’l Champ

writing with a big pen.

Li’l Champ.mpg

CBC Bear

It is so cold in Canada

that CBC News has started to use bears

to report the news,

This is one black bear disguised as Kyle Brittain.

CBC Bear.mpg

Canada Hosts Sinister Conference

Canada calls an emergency meeting of all

countries calling for the downfall of

President Maduro,

the legitimately elected President of Venezuela.

As wide as the support for Canada’s effort is,

this movement is still without any sanction

of the United Nations.

This emergency conference has now turned into

a ministers conference

for a sinister interference.

As for the constitutional legality of the

Guaido  takeover,

the Supreme Court of Venezuela

should have the last say on this,

and not the shouts

from any external meddler.

THAT is the democratic procedure.

Compared to Justin Trudeau’s government of Canada,

Pierre Trudeau’s government was a steamroller.

Justin Trudeau’s government is simply

keeping with appearances.

It has hypocritically gone against its

much-trumpeted  stickler-to-the rule-of law.

Regime change is NOT Canada’s rule of law.

The Canadian rule of law follows Canada’s law.

The Chinese rule of law follows China’s law.

Venezuela’s rule of law follows Venezuela’s law.

No ugly meddler should interfere.

There is no need for humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

The country has enough money to buy food.

Just lift the import restrictions to buy food.

Maduro is not the cause of the country’s sufferings.

He has restrained the police and the army

against shooting the protesters.

And he has asked Guaido for a dialogue

which the latter refused.

Venezuelans are suffering now

because the oil-greedy world

is ganging up on him.



(Yemen is the humanitarian problem, not Venezuela!)

34 hours To Fix A Hack

Yep, and 34 hours continuously, too.

It was a common internet browser

and a common anti-virus company combined

that brought down my Photoshop.

Without my Photoshop,

I never would have put up

nice pictures

like this one—

This was the worst attack I had in all the years.

Very subtle, got through my other Internet Security program.

Can’t tell you how I fixed it.

Military secret!

Venezuela’s Oil

The American oil companies now makes a beeline

for Venezuela’s very large oil reserves.

To get control pf this, however,

requires a regime change,

which is actually as ripe as the Americans could.

The foreign trade and commerce of Venezuela

has been blocked for years. resulting in

a much broken economy, so much so that

the starving Venezuelans could do no less

but cry for change.

Comes now the Americans with their scripted

regime change procedure which should include

Maidan-like snipers to accentuate the turmoil.

The purpose allegedly is to bring the country

back to Democracy.

Needless to say Venezuela IS A DEMOCRACY.

It has an elected National Assembly, a Supreme Court,

and a legitimately elected President.

Much more it has all freedom guaranteed.

Even freedom to protest.

Venezuela has a democratic government,

or more specifically,

a strangled democratic government.

Regime Change

The American squad,

using the scripted procedure for regime change,

should take their filthy hands off Venezuela.

Yellow Vests

These Yellow Vest protests have dragged on.

Ridiculously, they ask for neither Liberty,

Equality, Nor fraternity.

Ridiculously French, these

Yellow Vests

McCallum Fired

And so a good Canadian Diplomat

with that ability to make good and friendly negotiations

by deftly parrying hostile remarks

is fired by an overbearing Prime Minister.

McCallum was talking to a Chinese audience,

and as such, he talks in the language that they

understand and are susceptible to.

That is, he calmed them down by going 

to the other side of the fence.

By now the Chinese are susceptible, softened

 to what he is going to say.

After making such good incursions to the Chinese

McCallum was set to go to China,

a trip which the PM considered bad for Canada.

and he was fired.

As a consequence,

there will be more Canadians detained in China.

And this,

for the simple reason that Canada is unmoving

and worse,

Canada is adversarial to Chinese diplomacy.

Even if Meng Wangzhou is not extradited,

and she goes back to China,

China will not release any of the detained Canadians,

before Canada changes its tune in the talks with China.

(it should start singing la donna e mobile*)

649 Results

January 26, 2019 649 numbers :


Now this is odd (according to my programs)

The number 7 is a no show.

Numbers 3 and 14 is turned down

from 4 out of 6 stats programs.

And Number 10—-HAH!

Something was wrong in Denmark when

it came out in 4 successive draws.

This is now the fifth draw that it came out,

implying that the gravediggers

are  deader’n  Yorick.

Lotto balls that come out three times in succession

are checked for shape, weight and diameter.

it should be smoothly spherical

and not coarse in texture

and have no ridges

 to effect a golf-ball flying property.

I cannot accuse the gravediggers

for rigging, not just yet.

But maybe they themselves should prove that

the Canadian National 649 lottery is not rigged.

But I really would not approve of them

being able to read all the bets made

in all the terminals listed

before the draw is made.

For this end, I would suggest that the draws

be made in different cities at different times.

From all this, that lottery called POWERBALL

would have more affinity with my software.

The 69 numbers would have more vacant spaces

which my programs which I call AFTERNUMBERS,

Companion Numbers, Hit and Miss, and all the such

would be more applicable to pinpoint no-show numbers.

the problem is that there is still no agency in Canada

that accept powerball bets.


Choosing lottery Numbers

This post will blow your mind.

Consider this as tips in choosing lottery numbers.

Some tips you may have read are concerned

about picking the winning numbers.

This post will give you tips on picking the losing numbers.

By logic, if you know the losing numbers

you don’t have to bet on them.

The rest of the numbers will be the winning ones.

I have always quipped that

it is easier to choose a losing number than  a winning one.

You may even provide proof of this yourself

in that MOST of the numbers you chose

were losing ones.

I will then demonstrate what I am saying.

Consider the Canadian National 649 lottery

the next draw of which will be on Saturday,

January 26, 2019.

I pick as LOSING numbers these ones


How will this help you?

Ignore these numbers and choose others.

This will increase your chances

especially if you wheel your numbers.

These losing numbers are the result of the basic programs

which I created specifically for lotteries.

There are more numbers produced

but let us try these ones first for accuracy of the programs.

I might add more numbers later on as I proceed.

Remember that these numbers are for tomorrow’s

Canadian National 649 draw.

Next ; these numbers are unstable—




(50% chance)

Also, a number that is drawn three times

in five successive draws may not be drawn

on the sixth draw.

A number that is drawn in four successive draws

like the number 10

means that there is something rotten in Denmark!