Off The Wall

I’ll give it to you off the bounce

‘Cause I am not able to make the rounds.

Tarry and hear, tarry and hear,

The wall has ears, the wall has ears.

You’ll rue the tears, in all those years,

The day you forgot what big ears it’s got.




Scrambled Eggs

The Injuns just snubbed PM Trudeau on their

appointed meeting.

And the PM said nothing

but left it to the Injuns

to move the ball.

It is clear now that Canada has a PM with no balls.

If he has, these are  for sure scrambled.  

He could have sent Custer with his 7th Cavalry

to clean up the blockades.


to gain leverage against the government,

the Jews mention the Holocaust;

the African Americans mention Slavery;

but these Canadian Injuns try to gain leverage

against the Canadian government

by mentioning Residential Schools events.

Residential Schools?

What a joke!


Russian Interference?

The US Intelligence,

whoever they may be,

claims that Russia is preparing

to help Trump get re-elected.


Putin knows

that if Trump gets re-elected,

whether with Russian interference

or none at all,

the Russia-Russia-Russia ignominy

will be pronounced louder than before.

Indigenous Parasites

A new excuse has been made by these Indians

to block railways and roads.

And that is :

Canada is still imposing colonization

procedures against them

and have not provided them

with the things that they ask for.

This is  a lame, if not stupid, excuse.

It is the indigenous peoples of Canada

who are the ones that persist in

living the colonial life.

They still are indolent up to now

not to have learned how to till the soil

and tend to the farm to grow their own food.

They insist on being too lazy to work

but rely instead on Canadian

welfare checks to live on.

Under these conditions,

the indigenous peoples can rightly

be called PARASITES.

And what do parasites become

when they turn against their hosts?

They become CANCER.

And cancerous they are

when they now ask for a cut in the profits

of the oil coming from ALL pipelines in Canada.

If these Indians insist on claiming sovereignty

over these lands

then by all means give it to them,

as long as they keep to themselves

and have nothing more to do with Canada.

They can form their own sovereign country

and fend for themselves.

Good Riddance!


Wowowee 1.mp4

Wowowee 1.mpg

Nevada Debates

Debate 1.mp4

Debate 1.mpg

Debate 2.mp4

Debate 2.mpg

Debate 3.mp4

Debate 3.mpg

Debate 4.mp4

Debate 4,mpg

Bloomberg should have brought an umbrella.

It was raining potshots!

The Omega Man

He is the last man on earth

who has not been affected by the virus

and has the serum in his blood

to immunize all the people on earth.

Omega Man.mp4

Omega Man.mpg

This maybe is the way to eliminate

the Covid 19.


(The thing is to produce a serum

from the blood of those who have recovered completely.)

(one question : will this virus thrive in an acidic environment?

if not, give the patients rice wine in drinks or doses

Brandy will, hic, do!)

Too Many Chiefs

Call them Aboriginal Indians

or Indigenous peoples,

they are all the same—

they have too many chiefs.

They have hereditary Chiefs

who did not deserve the position

if the fathers are discounted.

They have elected chiefs who were

bestowed the title as the winner of an election.

Whom do we talk to now.

These two groups are at loggerheads with

each other due to disparity in purpose.

But don’t look now.

The worst confusion is yet to come.

When comes the word “sovereignty”.

In that part of the Canada,

which holds dominion over the land,

Canada or the Indigenous?

If the Indians say they have sovereignty

over these lands, they will not be part

of Canada.

Instead they will be a separate nation,

a separate country, with a separate state

and defined borders and boundaries.

The rest of Canada will need visas to enter their

territory,much less lay down a pipeline.

The Indians will also need visas to enter Canada

and have their welfare and pension benefits cancelled.

Whatever they do then will be none of Canada’s business.

They should rely on their chiefs then,

or what is left of the too few Indians.



The Fight To Save Taxpayers’ Money


Negotiations with the indigenous protesters

necessarily mean giving them more money

coming from the taxpayers.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer fights to prevent this.

Remember that Quebec plane manufacturer Bombardier

is now having its annual need for another bailout.

This Trudeau spendthrift government is again on its plans

to spend taxpayers’s money for a bailout to Bombardier

and another handout to whomever leads the Indians.



Scheer explains.mp4

Scheer explains.mpg

(Trudeau officially snubbed Scheer today—he shoulod know better)

Indigenous People Crap

Indigenous Peoples are only good for

protest here, protest there,

complain here, complain there,

claim here, claim there,

handout here, handout there.

booze here, booze there,

They have plenty of time to do these

because they do no work,

much less get themselves employed.

With all the money that they have been getting

from the taxpayers of Canada,

such as money for babies,

money for runaway girls,

money for this and that,

what have they done to help the Canadians?

And the land they claim is theirs?

Not on yer life!

These Indians are a holdovers from the

migration to Canada due to Wounded Knee

and all those sort of events.

These protests are just the means

of getting money as rent

for some 2-meter wide of land that they

do not even own.

Indians just want a piece of the action.

They do not realize it

but with this kind of belligerent display

there is already a growing animosity against them.

Why don’t they give something back to Canada.

Something that is not disruptive.


One Smoldering Volcano

In one little archipelago called the Philippines

lies a small volcano

right smack in the middle of a lake

called Taal Lake which gave this little volcano

its name and is now called

Taal Volcano, naturally.

Volcanoes erupt after a time

and for Taal this is now the time

after some time

which was not a long time ago.

But the main thing is that this archipelago

called the Philippines

is very like that of Taal Volcano

in that it will explode

after a time

which may not be a long time

after today.


Taal Volcano.mp4

Taal Volcano.mpg

Taal 1.mp4

Taal 2.mp4

Taal 3.mp4

Taal 4.mp4

Taal 5.mp4

Taal 1.mpg

Taal 2.mpg

Taal 3.mpg

Taal 4.mpg

Taal 5.mpg

Best production Award

And the award for best production goes to

The Republicans

for producing the monster



The Girl In The Spider’s Web


Girl In Spider’s Web.mp4

Girl In Spider’s Web.mpg

Isle Of Dogs


Isle of Dogs.mp4

Isle of Dogs.mpg

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4.mp4

Toy Story 4.mpg

Carrie Lam

Embattled Carrie Lam

maintains the confidence of President Xi Jin Ping

and retains her position as Chief Executive

for the territory of Hong Kong.

She keeps her wits with her

and applies sobriety against all the provocations

that entice her to use force

upon the protesters.

Carrie Lam.mp4

Carrie Lam.mpg

Chinese-Canadian Relations

How many times do I have to say it:

the only way to bring the Canadian prisoners

back from China

is for the Justice Department to ignore

the American political maneuvers.

Foreign relations will never solve this problem.

Canada must refrain from doing whatever

the Americans say at every turn.

Canada must listen to China, not America.

Canada says it is following the rule of law.

But so does China.

Remember that not everybody lives the

same way we do.

Canada have laws, so does China.

Sad it is,

but these laws do not synchronize.

Bernie Sanders

The fatherly figure

of Bernie sanders still captures

the voters’ fancy,

what with his known concern

for the health and wealth of the poor.

Dubbed as a socialist by Trump who himself

is the worst socialist of all the presidents,

being a Robin The Hood who diverted the coffers

of the Treasury towards the “poor”

causing trillions in budget deficit.

The promise of Sanders is fairly simple,

and that is to pattern the American welfare

to that of the enviable Canadian motif.



Pete Buttigieg

Young and fresh,

Pete Buttigieg would take a longer time

for him to learn how to run the government

than how to steal from its coffers.

He is one who can relate easily

to the Republican base.






Joe Biden

Former US Vice-President Joe Biden

displays how much experience he has

that would make him eligible to

be nominated as Presidential candidate.




This may have been named corona

because of its ring-like shape?

Or it covers a body cell all over like a crown?

Transmission between humans is proven.

The source of the virus has not been bracketed.

I may guess that the virus started from

dried and seasoned meat of field rats.

These rats come out en masse at the time

when crops ripen.

Crops such as melons, watermelons, squash, etc.

These rats are then caught, dressed, seasoned ,

and dried or smoked.

There is danger from disease if the drying is not complete.

The field rats may not be the source.

Some animal or insect may have bitten the rats

to start the mutated virus.

(similar to bubonic plague)


(wash clothes in hot water

this virus does not thrive well in cold regions)

No Room In The Plane

The plane that is sent by Canada to bring back

Canadians from China does not have enough space

to fit the evacuees.

Its a shame.

We spend millions in foreign aid that do not provide

benefits to Canada

why can’t we provide another plane

to bring all the Canadians back?

Recently we sent millions t Venezuela to help

them bring down a government

why can’t we spend a million to bring back

all endangered Canadians from China.

Do we now understand why I call this government

a spendthrift government?

It wastes the taxpayers’ money.

Website Up Again

How long has it been?


Some people sure are mad about the

posts that I have been busy with.

My fault.

I should have had two desktops for backup.


Israel Peace Plan : The Carrot

Peace Plan.mp4

Peace Plan.mpg

Israel dangles the carrot in the Israel-Palestine problem

And the carrot is : A Palestinian state

From the Palestinian side, Israel is occupying Palestinian land

under the auspices of the UN Western nations.

There has been no borders defined within which Israel is

limited to establish settlements.

 Israel  manages to  evict  Palestinians from  their  land

so that Israeli settlements can be erected.

As a result, the Palestinians are scattered

away from the lands they had owned before.

Palestine must have an authority to reorganize its people.

A statehood is then dangled to the Palestinians to keep them quiet.

From the Israel side, the Palestinians have been troublesome

and that to prevent them from obliterating the Israelis

with an organized military force, the Palestinians must be

under Israeli control.

The proposed Peace Plan promises to get the Palestinian region

developed  BEFORE statehood is given.

The requirements laid down for statehood, however,

is too rigid and is considered impossible to achieve

even by other developed countries.

It has been concluded by the Arabs

that this promised statehood will

never be conferred and remains as the carrot.

I personally agree that this peace plan humiliates the Palestinians

and is devised to attain a status quo.

I would suggest that

first, borders should be defined under the auspices of the UN.

Second, Elections be made under the auspices of the UN.

Third, Statehood be confirmed under the auspices of the UN.

Fourth, negotiations be made between Israel and Palestine

under the auspixces of the UN for transfer of authority

and offices.

Fifth, Israel should treat Palestine a sovereign nation.

Never they mind about Palestinian progress as there will be

Iran, Turkey, China, and Russia to help the Palestinians.

As a final note : Israel has kept the statehood carrot dangling

over the Palestinians because Israel is scared that the Arabs

will rally to obliterate Israel.

This is mere Paranoia!


Brexit or Dunk-it?

The Brits finally got to quit the EU

in maybe the effort to reproduce the glory days of

Nelson and Montgomery.

They should be careful, though,

that they should not get another Dunkirk.


Separate hospitals are being built for these planes

which are infected by the coronavirus.